Top 20 Shortest Pornstars on OnlyFans (2024 list)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, reveal to us the sexiest, tiniest porn spinners of them all! Ready to meet the top 20 shortest pornstars that are active on the OnlyFans platform?

Everyone has its own personal preferences, some men like BBW girls while others can't get enough of drooling over short ladies. Especially the tiny, naughty, fun-sized babes of the most kinkiest kind, I'm talking about adult film stars obviously!

List of shortest pornstars on OnlyFans

What better way to take away all your cravings for fresh new adult content by enjoying a ton of spicy lewds, nude selfshot candids, uncensored videos, or even have a dirty little webcam chat with (short and sweet) pornstars online? By joining these porn starlets on their premium OnlyFans account, that is!

Just like my penis while doing research, the list of pornstars that are active on OnlyFans has grown quite large too. Luckily for the fans of small pornstars, we've already done all the "hard" work for you by compiling the list of the smallest girls in porn (who are also active on

For this article we won't be including midget porn starlets such as Bridget the Midget, since that would be more of an entire different category on its own. Rather today, we will focus on those adult film stars who just happen to be quite a bit shorter in body length compared to the average person, as well as most of their colleagues in the industry... Exactly the reason what makes these girls so damn irresistible.

But still, with the tiniest adult model on this list being only 132 cm (4'4'') in height, it shows that by "short pornstars", we do actually mean short pornstars. As a bonus, we've also included a top 100 ranking list of the smallest pornstars in our database, right after we've highlighted the top 20.

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Mini Stallion (132 cm / 4 ft 4 inches)

Ever seen a 4'4'' ft short chick stripping bare naked while waiting to take on any monster cock that she comes across on her path? Well, brace yourself for Mini Stallion, the tiniest pornstar on the list and perhaps also the "biggest" cock-slayer of 'em all!

Maybe not even that much of a surprise, I mean, this short one does have the most perfect size to be matching "dick height" exactly, after all. Watching Mini Stallion run wild on some lucky guy's massive pecker, reminds me of the old David vs Goliath tale, just different and whole lot dirtier.

Photo courtesy of

Besides producing her own content for her loyal fans on her premium fan page(s), you can also watch this tiny ebony spinner sucking cock, riding and grinding on top or getting rammed intensely in the sizzling hot porn scenes she shot for various popular brands in the industry.

For starters, the work she did for Reality Kings, Brazzers and is the perfect jerk-off material for porn fans with a fetish for short models.

Size doesn't matter? Not according to Mini Stallion over here. She'll literally take on any hard rod, no matter the size, even to the point which I start to wonder how the hell does that BBC even fit in such a tiny ebony chick? I guess her everlasting appetite for raw and steamy sex is what compensates for her short size.

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Haley Spades (142 cm / 4 ft 8 inches)

In desperate need of a small and horny cutie who just happens to have one sexy, juicy, massive booty? I've got good news for you because your treasure hunt ends here today! Meet the young, all-natural, rising porn starlet and totally cute, blonde stunner - Haley Spades.

As you probably noticed on Haley's picture above, for coming in such a short package, Haley does sure bring a large amount of eye-candy to the table though. Not just that, also in terms of meat on her backside. In case you haven't seen Haley Spades wiggle that fine, big, naked, bubbly-booty in one of the adult films she performed in yet, you definitely should, because Haley's ass alone is already Oscars award worthy.

You might recognize this small hottie from porn websites like Reality Kings for which she shot "The Maid and the Sex Kitten", a fantastic lesbian scene starring herself and Jewelz Blu. As well as her horny threesome scene called - Fucking Our Tiny Bratty Treat, together with Kendra Sunderland for Brazzers.

Photo courtesy of

Last but not least, the good folks at Team Skeet seem to love working with this fresh face in the porn industry too, considering Haley shot quite a bit of kinky scenes for various niche websites within the Team Skeet network. For example, she shot a couple of really steamy sex scenes for Sis Loves Me, eXXXtra Small, Sis Swap and more.

Besides performing in porn flicks, Haley Spades also shoots her own content (for her profiles on websites like OnlyFans), she's also a cosplayer, streamer, glamour model and has developed quite the sensual dance moves (as she even worked at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club as an exotic dancer, prior to becoming an adult film star in 2021).

Simply put, Haley Spades is one hell of a talented, creative, sexy, fun-sized beauty queen! Don't miss out on her sizzling hot performances, all-natural looks and again, that delicious big round ass.

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Jasmine Grey (144 cm / 4 ft 9 inches)

And the third spot, at 4 ft 9, goes to the Asian porn starlet Jasmine Grey! Now you go ahead and tell me this tight, petite, small chick isn't the cutest pornstar you've ever seen? We've been a fan of Jasmine over here, ever since she shot her debut porn scene back in 2016.

It might be hard to imagine that such an innocent looking girl would turn out to be quite the dirty type, but then again, you know what they say, right? Never judge a book by its cover and well, hot and horny girls like Jasmine Grey are the living proof of that.

Photo courtesy of

If you've already watched and jerked-off to all the wild scenes she performed in for the many adult film studios she worked with in the past and feel like you are still craving for more of little Jasmine over here? There's still plenty plenty more eye-candy to enjoy, such as all of her own spicy, selfshot content, which you'll find on her OnlyFans profile or sells on her ManyVids store.

If you've got a "thing" for Asian ladies and also happen to have a fetish for short chicks, Jasmine Grey's premium content, steamy adult films, as well as her live cam streams, would simply be 100% a perfect match.

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Piper Perri (144 cm / 4 ft 9 inches)

Let's face it, someone the size of Piper Perri isn't the kind of pornstar you're likely quick to forget and don't tell me you've haven't seen her all over the internet yet? You'll find her everywhere online, from social media to Reddit memes, but especially on all of your personal favorite adult websites. Literally, the list of premium porn sites Piper Perri shot rough, uncensored sex scenes for is just freakin' huge.

From Evil Angel to Kink, Girlsway, Naughty America, Nubiles, Reality Kings, Woodman Casting and about 50+ others! What does that tell you? This short blondie sure can't get enough of a large stiff cock (or two, for that matter).

Photo courtesy of (Interactive Porn Game).

As if all of those videos somehow didn't provide enough fap-worthy content to consume already, still, Piper Perri's OnlyFans page unlocks the door to Piper's personal world, giving you access to another huge library of steamy content for you to browse wank through, involving all sorts of Piper's own naughty, sexual adventures (caught on camera).

That's good news for the fans of the 144 cm porn starlet over here, because you won't be running out of jerk-off material any time soon.

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Holly Hendrix (147 cm / 4 ft 10 inches)

You wanted hardcore? We'll give it to you! This award-winning, fun-sized babe (4 ft 10 inches) over here, might be exactly what you're looking for if you happen to be both into tiny girls and also prefer to watch the rough type of porn videos. I'm talking about the lovely Holly Hendrix, someone that we like to refer to as being one of those true hardcore princesses in the adult film industry... But just in a bit more miniature size than usual, that is.

Holly Hendrix has been on a roll ever since she won the Best New Starlet award at the AVN Awards in 2017, and she doesn't show any signs of slowing down either. So don't worry, our little Holly over here, isn't going away any time soon... She's still bunny hoppin' from cock to cock, taking up plenty of dick up her tight, firm, little butt and flaunts her bare naked, petite body and small tits on a regular base, just like usual.

Photo courtesy of

Her cute face combined with her length, or more like the lack thereof, might deceive you easily, but trust me, Holly Hendrix isn't exactly the innocent type even though she looks that way. In fact, Holly might as well be the definition of a "wild thing". Consider yourself "wild" enough to be able to handle her? Go check out her OnlyFans page!

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Kenzie Reeves (147 cm / 4 ft 10 inches)

Coming in at the same size as Holly Hendrix, being only 4'10'', here's the next porn starlet who barely needs to bend over when she's about to give some head - the naughty blonde known as Kenzie Reeves.

While this blonde babe might be short-sized to say the least, the size of her fan-base on the other hand, is exactly the opposite of small. Fans love Kenzie because they know what to expect when they're about to view an adult film in which she performs and that's non-stop hardcore action.

Whether she's shooting a lesbian scene, joins in on an orgy or stretches her butthole, the tiny pornstar Kenzie Reeves always puts on an amazing, highly arousing performance. In fact, some of her scenes were so damn good, her performances even got her to win 6 adult film industry awards in her porn career (so far).

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Kimmy Kimm (147 cm / 4 ft 10 inches)

Say hello to tiny Kimmy Kimm, an extremely sexy Asian pornstar, streamer (at Twitch) and content creator. While Kimmy Kimm might be quite a big multi-talent, in terms of size however, she's sharing the same body length as her two predecessors on this list of shortest girls in the porn industry.

Again, like all the porn starlets on today's list so far, Kimmy Kimm also has that perfect short, slim, petite body, complete with small breasts (32A cup) that match her tight figure. Not to mention, Kimmy's cute, exotic and pretty face. The icing on the cake however? That's when Kimmy Kimm is getting pounded in her soaking wet pussy and she starts revealing her true naughty and dirty looks on her face. Like McDonalds, you can tell that Kimmy Kimm is simply just "loving it".

Photo courtesy of

From Mile High Media to Exxtra Small, Little Asians, Team Skeet, Reality Kings, New Sensations, Cherry Pimps, Blowpass, Girlsway, True Amateurs and the list goes on and on. As you can see, this Asian starlet has been quite the busy bee and she's literally taking over the adult business by storm.

Her OnlyFans profile adds an additional flood of spicy content to her resume. At the time of writing, fans get access to 303 posts, 336 photos and 54 videos after joining her.

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Aiden Starr (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

Been a naughty boy lately? Watch out, because we're about to get freaky ladies and gentlemen, time to bring out the good old fashioned whip. The 5 time award winning pornstar Aiden Starr is the type that enjoys to be in charge, that's also why BDSM fetishist will likely recognize Aiden Starr over here under her dominatrix pseudonym, being Mistress Lolita.

Aiden might not have the most intimidating size (149 cm or 4'11''), she isn't afraid to punish anyone that doesn't follow up on her commands and wishes. Even though she performed in plenty of regular (non-fetish) adult films, if you'll join her OnlyFans, you'll get to know and see all the 50 shades of Aiden Starr. Trust me, she likes to take the definition of kinky to a whole new level.

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Amber Deen (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

Next up on our list is Amber Deen, UK's finest, hot blonde pornstar and webcam model, who has been treating us to some really hot and spicy adult entertainment ever since she made her debut in 2016.

Short but sexy, exactly what the doctor ordered, right? And well, sexy she sure is. Besides that, she also enjoys getting really dirty, both on set of a porn shoot, as well as on her premium OnlyFans page and of course, when she's spreading her legs live on webcam while she lets her viewers control her interactive Lovense sex toys.

Who needs a tall babe anyway, when you can have a dirty blonde stunner with a curvy body and D cup tits like Amber Deen over here?

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Angie Lynx (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

Hopping on from one dirty little blonde to the next, almost just as fast as Angie Lynx can make any man cum by riding and grinding on top of his hard rod, which is always a compliment by the way. In other words, porn starlet Angie Lynx is quite the talent when it comes down to having raw and steamy sex! So how long do you think you can last watching this short blonde porn starlet in action in one of the many porn scenes she starred in? Better prepare yourself and get your tissues ready!

At 4'11'', Angie Lynx is still considered to be among the shortest girls in porn, on the other hand, she can also be considered to be on top of the list of being one of the largest cock-craving sluts on the internet. Again, which is a compliment!

Photo courtesy of (Access over 55.000 adult films).

Angie Lynx just always seems to look sexy as hell, hungry for cum, likes it hard and deep inside all of her fuck-holes, which are probably one of the many reasons she has grown such an impressive fan-following.

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Avery Black (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

To quote - "In many parts of Asia the average woman's height is about 5 feet", which explains why it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that quite a large number of Asian porn starlets ended up on this list of shortest pornstars. At a height of 4'11'' or 149 cm, the next on our list is the short, Asian stunner Avery Black.

Before she became the pornstar we all know and love today, Avery Black's first steps into the world of adult entertainment was the day she signed up to MyFreeCams and she started streaming live on webcam, before deciding to take things to the next level by shooting porn videos. And well, the rest is history. Avery Black ended up shooting scenes for some of the biggest companies in the entire adult film industry, ranging from Team Skeet to, plus you'll find her featured on about 25+ more premium adult websites.

And that's even far from all of it! You'll even get to join her OnlyFans page for as little as $5 a month so you'll never run out of fresh, brand new, photos and videos to jerk off to.

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Jerk off together with Avery Black

Ember Snow (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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Lulu Chu (149 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

The cutest looking babe on this list? That's got to be the pornstar and cam girl (@asianbabygirlxxx on Chaturbate), the one and only - Lulu Chu!

With cute looks like that, combined with a perverted mind, her short size, firm and petite body, tiny tits, a sexy little ass, and the fact she has an OnlyFans, the Asian pornstar Lulu Chu is one of those girls in porn that 100% meets all the requirements to fit our list.

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Alona Bloom (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

Give it up for Alona Bloom, also known as @sapphicsinss on OnlyFans. One thing is for sure, porn fans with an appetite for Asian girls surely are in for a real treat today, because here's yet another horny babe in the porn business which has Asian roots (and loves to show off her curvy, naked body).

The first time we've got to watch Alona Bloom getting down and dirty in front of the camera, was back in 2020. Ever since, she has been providing men all around the world with orgasms due to her great, fap-worthy performances. She's a real tease and she loves to make her fans cum, which sounds to me like the perfect reason to be joining her on OnlyFans.

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Cassie Curses (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

Hello there boobies! Here's an adult model and social media star that's likely going to grab any guy's attention quickly with her amazing curves, sexy voluptuous body, and well, let's face it, those massive knockers. Cassie Curses over here might be small, her tits surely ain't and that's an understatement.

Like a sneak preview of this curvy babe's hot candids and clips? We've got good news for ya! Cassie Curses even has a free to join account on OnlyFans. Even though it's free and more or less a preview of the "real deal", even her free OnlyFans page rocks an impressive 881 spicy photos and 73 videos, and we haven't even talked about her real premium account yet... Enjoy!

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Cindy Starfall (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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Kaiia Eve (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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Lexi Lee (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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Macy Kennedy (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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Yumi Sin (150 cm / 4 ft 11 inches)

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