Which pornstars can be found on Facebook?

Curious to find out which pornstars can be found on Facebook? Well, lucky you as we did all the hard work for you and compiled a huge list of pornstars on Facebook so you won't have to manually search for each and every single pornstar yourself.

All pornstars on Facebook (2024) list

This list is directly linked to our blockchain database which means it gets updated on the fly once new models and porstars are added to the database. Be sure to bookmark this page and have a visit every once and a while to make sure you won't miss out on any new pornstars (fresh faces in the industry) that can be found on Facebook as well.

Time to find out if you're favorite naughty babe in the adult film industry has an account on the social media platform - Facebook.

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How come this list so much shorter compared to the Twitter or Snapchat lists?

If you compare this list of pornstars on Facebook to all the other lists we've compiled such as all pornstars on Twitter or Snapchat, what's the first thing you'll notice? That's right, the difference between the size of this list...

So how come there are so many less girls in the adult film industry still active on Facebook? For two main reasons! The first reason is the decline of popularity of Facebook itself. Combine that with all the negative news reports about Facebook on privacy issues and media giants such as Facebook making massive bank from collecting and selling the highly targeted, user's data to the highest bidder (for personalized ad campaigns).

The second reason is probably the most important reason - Facebook doesn't allow any form of nudity. Well, let's be honest, if there's one thing pornstars like to show... It's skin! While pornstars and nudity might go hand in hand, that same can't be said about Facebook and nudity.

Nope, Mark Zuckerberg is probably the only man (if he isn't a robot) on Earth that can refuse and say no to some of the best boobs and booty our planet has to offer. Well done, Mark. I'm not strong enough myself, as I personally, could never refuse all the free eye candy by all these sexy pornstars.

What are the more explicit social media alternatives?

Facebook isn't the only social media platform that doesn't allow any nude content. Instagram and Snapchat follow the same no-nudity rule now... Even Tumblr started banning porn related accounts. That leaves you up to Twitter, OnlyFans or Fancentro, if you want to enjoy full nudity!

However, there is an exception for Snapchat and it's called premium Snapchat accounts. Lucky you, since we've also made a list of all pornstars on Fancentro and that's exactly the place to find all the premium Snapchat accounts which allows you to enjoy all the naughty & famous stars in the business fully uncensored.

The social media network Fancentro offers two options. Number one is a premium Snapchat account like we've mentioned, but besides that, they also offer a Facebook and Instagram (clone) alternative as you'll get to sign up and follow your favorite girls in porn on your timeline. Who doesn't enjoy uncensored daily nudes on his timeline?

From sexy topless selfies to hot bare naked photos and many selfshot sex videos, Fancentro has it all.

Best part is, the biggest names in the adult film industry can be found on Fancentro, from Dani Daniels to Nicolette Shea, Lana Rhoades, Valentina Nappi and many more. Oh and by the way, Fancentro isn't just limited to pornstars only... You'll find a huge amount of horny amateurs there as well. Go check it out...

The most popular dirty girls on Facebook

Ready to discover which babes in the adult film industry have the most followers on Facebook? The five picks below are based on a social study provided by Pornhub and SotRender. Even though the article is a few years old, it's still relevant today as pretty much the same girls in porn dominate (in amount of fans) on Facebook. Ready to find out which pornstars are the most popular on Facebook?

Alexis Texas

The greatest ass in the history of porn? If there even was such an award, I'd bet the lovely big booty blonde pornstar Alexis Texas over here would easily win it. If you're an ass-man, you simply have to follow Alexis Texas on FB (as her 2 million Facebook fans would all agree with me).

Alexis Texas on Facebook

Lisa Ann

Pornstar Lisa Ann proofs that there really such a thing as the fountain of youth because man, this busty MILF is one of the sexiest babes alive today! And with that many years experience in hardcore sex, Lisa Ann knows exactly what makes your dick hard...

Lisa Ann on Facebook

Sophie Dee

Did someone order gigantic boobies? The English model and pornstar is known for her extremely sexy big juggs. But it's not just her big (34F) breasts, Sophie Dee also has one of the best sex skills you'll ever going to watch! Since she debuted in porn all the way back in 2005, Sophie has developed the perfect skills in taking care of a hard cock... and 2.6 million fans on Facebook love her for that.

Sophie Dee on Facebook
Sophie Dee on Fancentro (uncensored)

Sunny Leone

Pornstar turned Bollywood star Sunny Leone is highly popular on all social media platforms out there, not just on Facebook. She's even one of the few pornstars that have above 1 million followers on Twitter... Pretty impressive!

Want to know what's even more impressive? Her 28 million+ fans on Facebook! She's a true beauty queen so we totally understand her large amount of online fans.

Sunny Leone on Facebook

Christy Mack

Looking for an inked naughty babe to follow on Facebook? Search no more, because here's the stunning brunette; Christy Mack.

Christy Mack on Facebook

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