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Small, smaller, smallest! Ready for our huge list of the hottest, tiny and petite pornstars the adult film industry has to offer? It's about to get hot in here, because we all know for a fact what small girls are craving for the most... large cocks, that is!

While there are many petite and small girls active in the porn industry, a few of those tiny spinners do seem to really stand out from the crowd. Either because they love to get extremely dirty, both on camera as well as on various social media platforms, or simply because they are hot as hell.

Here's our own little list of our personal favorite, tiny and petite pornstars you get to follow online right away. Warning though, because if there's one thing you will find out soon, is the fact that small girls like to get real freaky!

Holly Hendrix

She's one of the shortest actresses in the adult film industry. Also one of the cutest thanks to that big and cute smile of hers. Better yet, besides being among of the smallest pornstars in the business, Holly Hendrix also seems to be one of the most hardcore, kinky girls in porn ever. Man, this tiny cutie surely prefers it rough, especially up her tight, little butt.

Ready to follow this anal-lovin' short babe on all her social media accounts? I hope you are ready for Holly Hendrix, as she might come in a small package, this babe truly is a wild one and doesn't mind taking on a hard cock or two, no matter how monstrous proportions or large sized pecker you feed her with! Don't believe me? Go watch some of her intense anal fucking scenes at Brazzers.

Elsa Jean

Surprise, surprise! Not mentioning the skinny, small, blonde, model and pornstar Else Jean, simply wouldn't be an option here. I mean, just look at her - she's like an angel with that perfect slim body, long blonde hair and that sweet, adorable smile. And well, that tight booty make Elsa Jean even more of an irresistible, tiny spinner.

And well, we haven't even mentioned her naughty personality yet. She's quite out there. Just read some of her Tweets and you'll understand what I mean. In summary, Elsa Jean delivers the perfect jerk-off material.

Emily Willis

Just 19 years young, but Emily Willis has already proven herself to be a future top star in the making. Even though she might be really petite herself, Emily Willis already has shown to her fans she can handle any size hard rod. Not only that, but she doesn't mind getting pounded deep in every tight hole of her body. That's right, a little bit of anal is fine by Emily over here. Go follow this small pornstar cutie on her social profiles and never miss her latest, sizzling hot porn scenes ever again.

Lexi Lore

With a fantastic tight and petite body like Lexi Lore, you'll be guaranteed to cum within a few seconds while watching her fuck on camera. Her porn scenes are amazing and you can really notice Lexi's hunger for cock by that sparkle in her bright eyes when she's getting her brains fucked out during one of her many porn shoots. You just can't go wrong with adding the social media accounts of the tiny, rising porn starlet Lexi Lore over here.

Piper Perri

Because of her small size and youthful looks, Piper Perri is like the ultimate "teen" pornstar. No surprise that the tiny blonde quickly became a true fan-favorite and is now known for making all of her fan's wildest dreams come true with her steamy performances on camera. Somehow, it always seems the small ones turn out to be the most dirty babes in the business, for some strange reason.

Piper Perri loves to share nude selfies on social media, so better start following her right away. You won't find 'em any smaller as little Piper here!

Little Caprice

You can probably guess why Little Caprice is being called Little Caprice, right? She comes in quite the small package. This little naughty babe from Czech Republic already has quite the lengthy porn career and a whoppin' 13 years experience performing in porn. She stars in a large number of steamy scenes produced by many popular adult film studios, both in Europe and the USA, therefore, Caprice can even be considered a true pornstar veteran by now.

Why she's made our favorites list? Because this brunette is one of the prettiest girls the porn business has ever seen and let's not forget - also one of the smallest ones.

All Tiny Petite Pornstars (you should follow)

Browse all of the tiny and petite babes included in our blockchain based pornstar database. This page gets updated regularly, so be sure to come back every once and a while to discover the latest, sexiest, tiny and petite models entering the adult film industry. Your social media feed is about to get a lot dirtier thanks to these hot, naughty, tiny spinners...😍


Carmen Rae

As tight and petite as it gets? Carmen Rae, the tiny, sexy spinner and rising porn starlet who made her adult film debut back in 2018, might just be the perfect candidate. At the very least, Carmen has got to be in the top 5 of the sexiest, cutest, most... [Read More]

Carmen Rae's social media accounts


Ivi Rein

Ivi Rein also known as Ivy Rein, isn't the kind of kinky redhead you should be sleeping on. Instead, it's more like the kind of redhead you'd be dying to sleep with instead. Considering it's likely that this hot and horny, petite, Russian porn starlet might not be... [Read More]

Ivi Rein's social media accounts


Britt Blair

All alone and feeling horny? Forget about Clark Kent, let's face it - who needs Superman when there's a sexy, slender, blonde, pornstar cutie like Britt Blair ready to come to your rescue. Rescue in what way? By making sure her viewers will get their well deserved orgasm(... [Read More]

Britt Blair's social media accounts


Demi Hawks

After already having a successful career as an adult cam model, gathering quite the large, loyal group of horny fans along the ride, Demi is ready for her next moves. Demi's fans follow her all around the interwebs, both on her social media channels, and of course, they... [Read More]

Demi Hawks's social media accounts


Lumi Ray

If horny redheads make you drool, or even better - make your dick hard? In such case, I suggest you go and follow one of the latest, brand new, fresh industry faces that entered the world of porn just recently - aka Lumi Ray! But here's the catch...... [Read More]

Lumi Ray's social media accounts


Riley Star

The year 1996, on some random, casual day in the middle of the month October, in an unknown location somewhere in Florida, USA, and without any warning - suddenly, a future star was born... Pornstar, that is! Her name? Meet the tiny spinner - Riley Star. With her slim... [Read More]

Riley Star's social media accounts


Bernie Svintis

Looking to follow porn starlet Bernie Svintis on her social media channels? You came to the right place since this page is listing all her social handles. In other words - time to follow one of the hottest ''girl next door'' types from Latvia... Well, the ''girl next... [Read More]

Bernie Svintis's social media accounts


Reese Robbins

Ready to follow the fresh industry face and full-time naughty girl, the all-natural, tiny spinner that goes by the name of Reese Robbins? Trust me, you won't regret the decision to add this petite cutie (and her sweet and juicy booty) from Lauderdale, United States on her Twitter... [Read More]

Reese Robbins's social media accounts


Megane Lopez

''Vive la France'', is what the people in France must have been yelling out loud during the hot summer of 2019. How come? Well, it was during that particular summer back in 2019 in which the France stunner Megane Lopez shot her very first sex tape and thus, France and... [Read More]

Megane Lopez's social media accounts


Honey Hayes

Back in 2020, the lovely porn starlet Honey Hayes launched her career in porn at the age of only 19 and has been actively performing in adult films ever since. In her short career so far, Honey Hayes has already starred in over 60+ sizzling hot scenes and even received a... [Read More]

Honey Hayes's social media accounts


Nadia Noja

While born in Romania, since 2021, Nadia Noja has moved to California, hoping it would be taking her career in porn to the next level and well, that sure did. Her moving to the US, resulted in more and more naughty shoots, including bookings from some of the biggest... [Read More]

Nadia Noja's social media accounts


Emelie Crystal

Not every fresh face in the adult film industry earns herself a nomination for the prestigious ''Best New International Starlet'' title at the AVN Awards, but guess who managed to do just that this year? That honor goes to the rising (German) pornstar, the sexy, petite and one... [Read More]

Emelie Crystal's social media accounts


Emma Sirus

It's the sexy blonde Emma Sirus for ya! Aka your favorite nerdy girl next door... Well, make that your favorite, fetish-friendly girl next door that happens to also record her own sex tapes and stars in adult films produced by some of the biggest porn studios in the... [Read More]

Emma Sirus's social media accounts


Angeline Red

Ever since the pornstar Angeline Red stepped in front of the camera-lens of an adult film shoot back in 2020, she has been quite in demand by both fans and adult film studios alike. From starring in sizzling hot porn scenes by Devil's Film (... [Read More]

Angeline Red's social media accounts


Alya Stark

With an adorable and incredible cute smile like this Russian porn starlet has, not to mention - her petite, killer-body, her mesmerizing dance moves while she's slowly stripping out of her clothes, revealing her heavenly breasts, tight ass and sexy body, I think it's safe to say that... [Read More]

Alya Stark's social media accounts


Tina Night

She's naughty, loves to strip naked on camera and she's all over the internet, especially in terms of social media platforms! This blonde stunner over here is active on many social media apps, from Reddit to Tiktok, from Youtube to Pornhub, from Twitter to Instagram and from LoyalFans... [Read More]

Tina Night's social media accounts


Minxx Marley

From Phoenix, Arizona, meet the new chick on the block, having made her official debut in the porn industry, the tight and petite, fun-sized, tiny hot spinner (1.52m), the sexy and all-natural, playful blonde with small breasts (32A) and a tight butt, the one and only rising pornstar... [Read More]

Minxx Marley's social media accounts

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