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Small, smaller, smallest! Ready for our huge list of the hottest tiny and petite pornstars the adult film industry has to offer? It's about to get hot in here, because we all know; small girls love big cocks!

The Hottest Tiny and Petite Pornstars (Staff Picks)

While there are many petite and small girls active in the porn industry, some of them really stand out. Either because they are extremely hot or sexy, or simply because they are just a little bit more kinky compared to the other girls. So here's our own little list of our personal favorite tiny and petite pornstars. If there's one thing you can learn from this list, it's the fact that small girls really seem to enjoy an anal pounding. Let's get started...

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Holly Hendrix

She's one of the shortest actresses in the adult film industry. Also one of the cutest thanks to that big cute smile of hers. Better yet, besides being one of the smallest girls, Holly also seems to be one of the most kinky girls in porn. Boy, this babe likes it rough! Especially up her tight butt...

Ready to follow this anal loving tiny chick on social media? Hope you are ready for Holly Hendrix as she might come in a small package, this babe truely is a wild one! Don't believe me? Go watch some of her intense anal fucking scenes!

Elsa Jean

Surprise, surprise! Not mentioning the skinny and small blonde model and pornstar Else Jean was simply not an option. I mean, just look at her. She's like an angel with that perfect slim body, long blonde hair and that sweet smile. And well, that tight little booty or sexy small boobies make Elsa Jean the perfect wank material.

Emily Willis

Just 19 years old, but Emily Willis has already proven herself to be a new star in the making. Even though she might be really petite, Emily Willis already showed her fans she can take on any size cock. Even the ones that come in a monster size... And in every hole of her body.

Lexi Lore

With a fantastic tight and petite body like Lexi Lore, you'll be guaranteed to cum within a few seconds while watching her fuck on camera. Her porn scenes are amazing and you can really see Lexi's hunger for cock in her bright eyes while she's fucking. You can't go wrong with rising star: tiny Lexi!

Piper Perri

Because of her small size and youthful looks, Piper Perri is the ultimate teen pornstar. This tiny blonde is a true fan favorite and is known for making all your wild dreams come true on camera.

Somehow, it always seems the small ones are the wildest babes. Piper Perri loves to share nude selfies on social media, so better start following her right away. You won't find 'em any smaller as little Piper here!

Little Caprice

You can probably guess why Little Caprice is being called Little Caprice... But this little babe already has many years of porn experience and can be considered a porn veteran by now. Why she's on our list? Because this brunette is one of the prettiest girls the porn business has ever seen!

Tiny Sluts Broken by Monster Cocks

Have you checked out the Broken Teens website yet? No... Why not? Because if you love to watch small, petite or teen pornstars in hardcore action... You'll be loving this website. And man, does Broken Teens offer some truely hardcore porn!

What makes this website so great is the fact they really managed to find the most tiny and petite girls the porn business has ever seen. And bundle all these hot and horny scenes together on one premium tube website. Ofcourse, all in high definition.

The tagline on the website says; "Tiny Teens vs Big Cocks". And boy oh boy, these small sluts are about to get destroyed by these monster cocks. And we all know where a big cock likes to go in as well... Yup, even her most tightest hole isn't safe! Tiny or not, these girls also take it up the butt. And who doesn't enjoy seeing a tight little ass getting pounded?

In other words; as hardcore as it gets... And ofcourse, only with the smallest and most petite pornstars out there. Check out their amazing library right now!

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Block 699

Sia Siberia

Sia Siberia's social media accounts

Block 696


Her nickname might be ''Little Reislin'', her appetite for teasing her horny fans on social media on the other hand, is quite the opposite! This 2 times winner of a Pornhub Award loves teasing her fans online by flashing her sweet boobies, fine peach or pussy. What can we say? We sure enjoy all of t[...]

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Block 691

Megan Hughes

The dark-haired, petite, submissive ''pillow princess'' Megan Hughes (aka Marissa Morgan) has been entertaining us with her sizzing hot adult films, and of course with her lovely big smile and big juicy round booty, since 2019. If you aren't following this naughty chick on social media right now, yo[...]

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Block 683

Amber Nevada

Thanks to her her naughty curiosities, her sexuality and a friend (who happens to be ex-pornstar Amarna Miller), this dark haired petite babe from Madrid (Spain) got introduced to the adult industry.Seems like Amber is really enjoying her new career and she's having quite some fun while gett[...]

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Block 680

Mini Stallion

While Mini Stallion might have a huge craving for swallowing or riding big dicks, she herself however, comes in a real small package. With the height of only 4 feet and 4 inches (1.32M) tall, Mini Stallion is one of the shortest current active performers in the adult business.If tight and pe[...]

Mini Stallion's social media accounts

Block 677

Mia Split

Thanks to Mia's long legs, flexible and athletic body, her cute face with an adorable smile, it didn't take long before the all-natural porn starlet (and adult cam streamer) Mia Split got nominated for various adult business awards, even during the very first year she made made her debut to the adul[...]

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Block 676

Irene Rouse

Ever visited Colombia and stumbled upon an extremely sexy, exotic, gorgeous, petite goddess running around in nature or somewhere at the beach while stripped bare naked? If so, chances are likely you've spotted either an angel or the breathtaking adult model Irene Rouse over here. Because if there's[...]

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Block 673

Michelle Anthony

Think you can handle a naughty cutie like the barely legal, all natural, girl next door pornstar Michelle Anthony over here? You'd probably know this naughty cute chick from her spicy adult films at T[...]

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Block 668

Eveline Dellai

Eveline Dellai, debuted as a pornstar at the same time with her sister Silvia Dellai and are currently one of the few active pornstar twins active in the adult film industry. Eveline Dellai and her sister w[...]

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Block 666

Lily Larimar

This sexy blonde chick might come in a small package, she also comes with a lovely big smile and an even bigger appetite for wild sex. In case you aren't familiar with this tiny spinner just yet, meet the rising porn starlet and cam girl - Lily Larimar, who made her official porn debut just last yea[...]

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Block 664

Lady Dee

Lady Dee is a hot Czech stunner which year after year, always ends up on Santa's naughty list, that's for sure. Speaking of naughty lists, Lady Dee's long list of famous porn studios she has shot spicy scenes for is quite an impressive (and naughty) list as well. Ever since the very first time she w[...]

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Block 663

Cherry Crush

Some chicks like to scream and be real loud while they are getting ''down and dirty'', while others like the naughty ASMR Youtuber Cherry Crush over here, much rather whisper dirty words in your ear (that probably will make you cum instantly). Think you can handle this petite blonde stunner?[...]

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Block 662

Charlotte Sins

Who is a real sinner? Charlotte is! And what happens to be the type of hot gals we'd like to add and follow on social media most? Exactly, girls that like to sin, which makes the sexy blonde pornstar Charlotte Sins right here, the perfect candidate.Charlotte was born in 1996. During the summ[...]

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Block 661

Anya Krey

From softcore and glamour to hardcore, threesomes, anal sex and gangbangs, porn starlet Anya Krey does it all, and she does it all with passion! You can tell she enjoys all the fucking-and-sucking in front of the camera-lens, simply by the large amount of studios she has worked for. So far, [...]

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Block 657

Elisabeth Weir

This kinky Russian cosplay model has gained quite lot of internet-fame over the years. Not so surprising at all, considering she is literally all over the internet and uses several different aliases online - Elisabeth Weir (for most of her selfshot porn clips), BatsXlizard (live webcam, among others[...]

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Block 653

Eliza Ibarra

I'd bet you'll instantly become a new fan of this sexy (all natural) Latina babe, thanks to her dirty personality, cute looks and her perfect shaped booty. Not to mention that adorable smile. It's time for you to follow rising pornstar Eliza Ibarra on all of the social media apps and platforms she's[...]

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Block 652

Tana Waters

Miley Cyrus wasn't the only one that came in like a wrecking ball, ready to find out which pornstar I'm talking about? That's got to be the (naughty and wild) in 1999 born ''girl next door'', the one and only - cute, petite, inked and sexy tiny spinner Tana Waters. Ever since her debut in the adult [...]

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Block 639

Ellie Leen

All natural, the ultimate girl next door, a cutie with a booty... It simply doesn't matter how you'd like to call this Dutch beauty queen because we can all agree on one thing - this petite goddess has a fantastic sexy round booty, the looks of an angel and luckily for us, she loves to get naked! [...]

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