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Small, smaller, smallest! Ready for our huge list of the hottest tiny and petite pornstars the adult film industry has to offer? It's about to get hot in here, because we all know; small girls love big cocks!

The Hottest Tiny and Petite Pornstars (Staff Picks)

While there are many petite and small girls active in the porn industry, some of them really stand out. Either because they are extremely hot or sexy, or simply because they are just a little bit more kinky compared to the other girls. So here's our own little list of our personal favorite tiny and petite pornstars. If there's one thing you can learn from this list, it's the fact that small girls really seem to enjoy an anal pounding. Let's get started...

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Holly Hendrix

She's one of the shortest actresses in the adult film industry. Also one of the cutest thanks to that big cute smile of hers. Better yet, besides being one of the smallest girls, Holly also seems to be one of the most kinky girls in porn. Boy, this babe likes it rough! Especially up her tight butt...

Ready to follow this anal loving tiny chick on social media? Hope you are ready for Holly Hendrix as she might come in a small package, this babe truely is a wild one! Don't believe me? Go watch some of her intense anal fucking scenes!

Elsa Jean

Surprise, surprise! Not mentioning the skinny and small blonde model and pornstar Else Jean was simply not an option. I mean, just look at her. She's like an angel with that perfect slim body, long blonde hair and that sweet smile. And well, that tight little booty or sexy small boobies make Elsa Jean the perfect wank material.

Emily Willis

Just 19 years old, but Emily Willis has already proven herself to be a new star in the making. Even though she might be really petite, Emily Willis already showed her fans she can take on any size cock. Even the ones that come in a monster size... And in every hole of her body.

Lexi Lore

With a fantastic tight and petite body like Lexi Lore, you'll be guaranteed to cum within a few seconds while watching her fuck on camera. Her porn scenes are amazing and you can really see Lexi's hunger for cock in her bright eyes while she's fucking. You can't go wrong with rising star: tiny Lexi!

Piper Perri

Because of her small size and youthful looks, Piper Perri is the ultimate teen pornstar. This tiny blonde is a true fan favorite and is known for making all your wild dreams come true on camera.

Somehow, it always seems the small ones are the wildest babes. Piper Perri loves to share nude selfies on social media, so better start following her right away. You won't find 'em any smaller as little Piper here!

Little Caprice

You can probably guess why Little Caprice is being called Little Caprice... But this little babe already has many years of porn experience and can be considered a porn veteran by now. Why she's on our list? Because this brunette is one of the prettiest girls the porn business has ever seen!

Tiny Sluts Broken by Monster Cocks

Have you checked out the Broken Teens website yet? No... Why not? Because if you love to watch small, petite or teen pornstars in hardcore action... You'll be loving this website. And man, does Broken Teens offer some truely hardcore porn!

What makes this website so great is the fact they really managed to find the most tiny and petite girls the porn business has ever seen. And bundle all these hot and horny scenes together on one premium tube website. Ofcourse, all in high definition.

The tagline on the website says; "Tiny Teens vs Big Cocks". And boy oh boy, these small sluts are about to get destroyed by these monster cocks. And we all know where a big cock likes to go in as well... Yup, even her most tightest hole isn't safe! Tiny or not, these girls also take it up the butt. And who doesn't enjoy seeing a tight little ass getting pounded?

In other words; as hardcore as it gets... And ofcourse, only with the smallest and most petite pornstars out there. Check out their amazing library right now!

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Block 573

Aria Carson

Have you watched pornstar and sexy red vixen (with braces) Aria Carson in action yet? Aria started her career as a stripper, before making a career switch as a porn starlet. The 21 year old redhead loves getting naked and posting nudes of herself online on social media platforms, which makes[...]

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Block 569

Sasha Rose

Are you following the pitch black haired Russian beauty and full-time dirty babe Sasha Rose on all social media platforms already? If not, I'd suggest you better start following this petite cutie on all her accounts right away, because flaunting her naked body, sweet butt and titties is one of Sasha[...]

Sasha Rose's social media accounts

Block 566

Kiara Cole

This tiny dirty blonde is a must follow on social media, especially if you're into petite naughty girls. And naughty is quite an understatement, something you'll notice real quick when you start following this porn starlet and webcam model on her social media accounts. It's time to meet the lovely r[...]

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Block 564

Naomi Swann

A tiny chick with the biggest smile; the barely legal (born in 1999) pornstar Naomi Swann! Arguably one of the cutest fresh faces in the adult film industry! Naomi Swann started out in the world of adult entertainment by shooting and selling her own foot fetish videos on Clips4Sale, after quiting he[...]

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Block 563

Mackenzie Moss

She's slim, tender, vegan, a pornstar, and she's been on a roll so far in 2020! Give it up for the lovely Mackenzie Moss aka ''That Blonde Brat'' (on social media). Mackenzie Moss made her debut in the adult film industry last year (in 2019). With less then a year experience as a porn starle[...]

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Block 559

Cassidy Klein

Looking for some California Love? Well, the sexy Californian brunette pornstar Cassidy Klein most likely will end up stealing your heart. Cassidy made her debut in porn at the age of 22. Her favorite sex positions are; doggystyle and reversed cowgirl. Cassidy Klein was nominated for the ''Best New S[...]

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Block 558

Talia Mint

Talia Mint's social media accounts

Block 557

Zoey Foxx

Zoey Foxx is like one those perfect stereotypical teen pornstars. Zoey has a cute face, she's innocent looking, has a tight and petite body, a nice little booty and a small but sweet pair of (B cup) boobs. The perfect example of a teen pornstar and a barely legal fresh face in the porn indus[...]

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Block 555

Blyss Steele

Blyss Steele is a fanatic gamer girl and quite a naughty one as she's the one ''who tickles your funnybone(r)'', according to her own Twitter bio. Gamer and cam girl, quite a sexy combination.The 30 year old cam girl Blyss Steele is the brand ambassador for the Plexstorm streaming platform. [...]

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Block 551

Harmony Wonder

Young, petite, cute, and always ready for some steaming hot sex... Oh, and let's not forget about the fact, she likes to play a lot of video games too. Horny and geeky! I'm talking about the (born in 1999) pornstar and gamer girl; Harmony Wonder. Harmony's BFF in the porn business is the hot[...]

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Block 548

Vanna Bardot

The petite little brunette hottie Vanna Bardot decided to become an adult film star at the age of 19, back in 2018. However, one year prior, Vanna already made her first steps into the world of adult entertainment as she started out as a webcam babe (at the barely legal age of 18). Vanna Bardot's li[...]

Vanna Bardot's social media accounts

Block 547

Riley Summers

''I'm really excited to meet new people and explore my wild side''. Well, we'd love to get to know this total hot babe Riley Summers a bit more as well. However, there's not much information to be found on Riley Summers as she likes to keep her private life to herself, and we totally respect[...]

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Block 546

Stacy Cruz

Ready to get down and dirty with Little Pia (aka Stacy Cruz) from the Czech Republic? If there's one thing this young and stunning Czech pornstar truly loves... It's a hard cock, which makes her the perfect candidate for the adult film industry.Little Stacy Cruz made her adult film debut at[...]

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Block 537

Lilu Moon

Lilu Moon is another stunning, sexy and extremely wild babe from Russia. And with wild we mean, Lilu really has the ''no holds barred'' attitude when it comes down to shooting porn scenes. Double anal? No problem for this petite Russian beauty.Lilu Moon has done shoots for many big names in [...]

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Block 534

Mackenzie Mace

It's time to start following the young, (born in 2000) petite and sexy rising pornstar Mackenzie Mace on her social media accounts. Why? Simply look at this stunning brunette, she's such a cute looking babe (that also loves to get dirty on camera).Mackenzie Mace started her porn career at th[...]

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Block 524

Melody Marks

Melody Marks is like the ultimate girl next door chick... But with an extra dirty mind. A blend of cute and sweet and simultaneously extremely naughty and spicy. Sounds like the golden combination to me! The petite and all natural young pornstar Melody Marks likes to refer to herself as the [...]

Melody Marks's social media accounts

Block 521

Scarlett Sage

To quote Scarlett Sage herself; ''Tiny tits but I suck dick pretty good''. That's pornstar Scarlett Sage for you. A naughty and dirty minded personality mixed with totally cute and adorable (girl next door) looks. Like in most case[...]

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Block 518

Ginger Banks

Natural born nudist? Well, if you follow the pornstar and cam girl Ginger Banks on any of her social media accounts you'll notice just how many times a day she walks around bare naked taking selfies. Not that we're complaining. I mean, you know what they say; "A nude selfie a day, keeps the pain awa[...]

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