Pornstars that play video games on Twitch

We've noticed other websites only show a few pornstars that play games on Twitch, so we've decided to list all pornstars! With a lot of free time on their hands, more and more pornstars seem to be starting to stream live while playing video games on the Twitch streaming platform. From being fully nude and having sex on camera to having fun with a game console controller while being fully clothed. Even though both can be done live, it's something completely different...

The trend amongst pornstars to join the live gaming website Twitch isn't just for the semi-famous adult actresses, even some of the world's biggest names in the adult entertainment industry have recently signed up and started playing games in front of a live audience. Big names include; the busty Mia Khalifa, the award winning Mia Rose, young star Riley Reid and the beautiful Mia Malkova, just to name a few.

Can we still say that gaming is for nerds now that even the hottest and most naughty babes on earth love to take their hands on the controller? I don't think so. Times sure have changed.

From playing with sex toys to playing World of Warcraft or Fortnite

Ready to find out which girls in the porn industry joined the popular multi billion dollar gaming industry? Let's find out which pornstars are actively broadcasting live on Twitch these days and to see which games they are playing. Can busty blondes be geeky enough to play World of Warcraft or will they rather be playing some retro girly games? Let's dive right in...

List of Popular Pornstars on Twitch

Sasha Grey

Let's kick things off with the dirtiest of the bunch. Who doesn't remember that petite small naughty girl that would take the porn business by storm? That's got to be Sasha Grey. Besides her talent as a performer in some of the best porn scenes in history, this sexy babe has gaming skills as well. She's now retired from porn, but she does get in front of the webcam on Twitch regularly. Sasha loves to play League of Legends.

Watch Sasha Grey on Twitch

Harriet Sugarcookie

This young and sexy exotic asian pornstar babe is known for her amazing girl on girl (lesbian) scenes, but she's also a very popular Twitch streamer and long-time gaming fan. Beauty and skills! She often plays; Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 and Overwatch. Besides playing games, she also does random (non gaming) broadcasts as well... In which you can watch her do her make-up, for example.

Watch Harriet Sugarcookie on Twitch

Mia Rose

One of the very first ex pornstars that started their Twitch adventure was Mia Rose. She started streaming video games all the way back in 2011. She used to play a lot of World of Warcraft and multiple first person shooters, but lately she seems to be playing a lot of League of Legends. She's online atleast once or twice a week.

Watch Mia Rose on Twitch

Chloe Foster

The tiny and totally cute porn actress Chloe Foster can be found on Twitch too. Maybe there's a little (inner) geek in all of us. Cool to see this anal lovin' petite girl showing a different side of herself. Chloe mostly plays the game Dead Space.

Watch Chloe Foster on Twitch
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Alana Evans (PwnedByGirls)

Never underestimate a busty blonde bomshell because you might get powned by a girl (when it comes down to gaming). Try beating this naughty gamer. Alana is one of those streamers that doesn't stick to just one game. Instead she plays a huge variety of different games. Most games she plays are 2D and pixel art/retro games. Some games on the list include; Loot Hero DX, Zombie Party, Overture but also Mortal Kombat and The Witcher games.

Watch Alana Evans on Twitch

Valentina Nappi

Who would ever thought this stunning georgeous Italian godess was into video games? Well, apparently she is as she often shows off her skills live on stream. Miss Nappi seems to be playing a lot of Final Fantasy and Bayonetta 2 these days.

Watch Valentina Nappi on Twitch
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Rahyndee James

The 28 years old curvy and busty brunette pornstar Rahyndee James is now an actively (Twitch) Fortnite player.

Watch Rahyndee James on Twitch

Anny Aurora

The cute, young, spicy redhead with a silky white skin (from Germany) loves to show off her geeky side on Twitch as well. Rather want to watch her strip naked on webcam instead of playing games? No problem! She loves to go naked on Camsoda too.

Watch Anny Aurora on Twitch
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Annie Cruz

If asian porn is your 'thing', you're probably familiar with the kinky pornstar Annie Cruz. Annie takes it up the butt like no one else does. But besides being kinky, Annie Cruz also has a more geeky side as she loves anything Batman related, comic books and she's a fanatic gamer chick. She loves to play Call of Duty and the ever popular Fortnite on her Twitch channel.

Watch Annie Cruz on Twitch

April O'Neil

The girl with the big natural juggs and the sexy glasses! The stunning brunette pornstar April O'Neil recently played a couple of games on the 'Naughty America' Twitch channel (along side a couple other pornstars such as Aubrey Sinclair). You can re-watch her streams in which she plays PUBG. Let's get ready to rumble!

Watch April O'Neil on Twitch

The IRL Girls

Even though Twitch is a live streaming platform aimed at gaming, there is an off topic category called IRL, which stands for "In Real Life". Here you can pretty much stream anything you'd like (within the rules of Twitch), from having a simple chat to broadcasting your personal life or hobbies. Since not all pornstars are interested in video games, you can find some pornstars in this section of the website as well.

Mia Malkova

The lovely and highly popular blonde Mia Malkova can often be seen just chatting while streaming. Sometimes she invites some of her friends in porn, such as the petite hot babe Riley Reid. However, if she does play games during her live streams, she's playing Fortnite. Let's go for that victory royale baby!

Watch Mia Malkova on Twitch
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Mia Khalifa

The big titted Mia Khalifa doesn't play many games on Twitch. She does play some VR shooter games every once and a while. Instead she mostly shares a look inside her personal life as she goes shopping, cooking, and pretty much streams a lot of random stuff. If you're a fan of this popular pornstar, watching her during her every day life might be very interesting.

Watch Mia Khalifa on Twitch

Eva Lovia

If you've ever watched a porn scene starring Eva Lovia you'll know what her talents are. For one; she's extremely beautiful. Second, she has the talent to make you cum really fast. But, this beauty has another talent... Cooking!

On Eva Lovia's Twitch account you can watch our beloved pornstar make cakes and cooking meals. If you love cooking channels and big boobs (or hard nipples), then watching this channel is a no-brainer!

Watch Eva Lovia on Twitch
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Sophie Mudd

Fair is fair, Sophie Mudd isn't a pornstar but with such an amazing pair of tits she sure as hell deserves a spot on our list. The youngest on our list and probably the one with the biggest pair of hooters. When the young and petite glamour and bikini model Sophie Mudd isn't busy doing a photoshoot, she likes to broadcast on Twitch as well.

Watch Sophie Mudd on Twitch
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Twitch girls that turned pornstar

So far, we've only been looking at pornstars that decided to start live streaming video games on Twitch. But what about the other way around this time? What about fanatic gamer chicks that decided it was time to show the world their hot naked body? And yes, that happends as well! Here is our little list of Twitch babes turned pornstar!

Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is the perfect example of a gamer girl gone bad. She went from streaming video games on Twitch to stripping nude and giving extremely hot live (sex) cam shows. But it didn't stop there. The petite cutie (with a delicious tight sexy body) decided to shoot hardcore porn as well. And what can we say? We're glad she did, because Celestia Vega is of one the cutest girls in porn at the moment. You go girl!

Celestia Vega is the kind of girl that doesn't stick to just playing one single game. She plays lots of games, including: League of Legends, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, House Flipper, The Walking Dead and more.

Watch Celestia Vega on Twitch
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Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher got banned on Twitch for showing too much nudity. And guess what? The naughty, busty blonde never returned to the platform but instead decided to go all in. And by all in, I mean; get buck naked! And man, her nude body and amazing big breasts don't disappoint at all! Zoie is one of those girls that simply loves sharing nudes with her fans, and we love her for that as well...

Zoie used to play a lot of Call of Duty before getting banned on Twitch for twerking and stripping (half) naked each stream.

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Did we forget to mention any pornstar that plays video games on Twitch? In case our list still isn't complete... Let us know on our Twitter account: @socialmediapor1 so we can add that pornstar to our list as well...

We want to provide a full and complete list of pornstars on Twitch. So, we can always use your help! Are we missing any info? Let us know on Twitter.

What about the male talent in porn?

One of the biggest names of male actors in the porn business has to be Manuel Ferrara. The man has been acting in porn movies for so long, he's become a living legend in the biz. Ferrara has won 64 adult industry awards and has performed in over 2200 pornographic scenes through out his carreer. That's impressive and a whole lot of fucking... Who said porn wasn't top sport?!

With such a long and successful carreer in porn, what would be the next logical step? Join Twitch and play games ofcourse! And to be fair Manuel seems to be quite good (and succesful) at this as well. Maybe he just has some kind of quick magical fingers that can make girls squirt just as fast as they can defeat end bosses...

Manuel Ferrara

Watch Manuel Ferrara on Twitch

Valentina Nappi & Harriet Sugarcookie talking about gaming (interview)

Interesting video on Youtube in which these two pornstars talk about their life on Twitch and their favorite video games.

Super Mario, Fortnite or Overwatch porn?

Game characters in porn? Porn and gaming both have become big mainstream niches, but what if you combine these two? Guess what... That happends all the time. Think of cosplay, but there are plenty of gaming porn parodies out there as well.

Ever wanted to see your favorite game hero have steaming hot sex on your screen? That's totally possible. Ever heard of the infamous rule #34? Well, this is what it means: "If it exists there is porn of it". And that rule is 100% true, doesn't matter how strange it might sound! Somehow... Somewhere... It exists.

Li Moon striptease show as game character Dva (from Overwatch)

The beautiful young babe Li Moon is always a joy to watch. But things get even hotter as soon as she shows off her sexy moves, naked body and best of all; boobs... in an amazing striptease show. During her latest show for iStrippers she was dressed as the game character from the gaming hit Overwatch, and what can we say? It's freaking hot!

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Lexi Belle as Bowsette (Super Mario) live sex webcam show

Lexi Belle is one of our favorite pornstars and cam girls simply because she loves and knows exactly how to tease her audience and because of her great (nude) body and amazing big butt! Lexi also loves to have some fun with cosplaying game and anime characters during her live webcam shows. A little while back she had some fun with her sex toys while dressed as the Super Mario character; Bowsette.

Watch Lexibelle's cosplay cam show

Mario and Luigi having a threesome with the princess (Porn Scene)

Yup, it's rule #34 again. I remember playing Super Mario for months on the classic Nintendo as a kid. However, I've never ever would have thought I would see the two plummer brothers banging the shit out of the princess in a wild threesome. But now I did and my life feels complete now.

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