Full List Of Chaturbate Adult Games (To Play Live on Cam)

Adult cam models playing video games while putting on an arousing show on adult webcam sites wasn't possible before, at least, not until very recently when Chaturbate announced their latest policy changes, which contains very good news for the kinky gamers among us!

With these new changes taking place, the popular adult cam platform Chaturbate.com might actually become a competitor to the famous game streaming website Twitch.TV, but more or less, offering its viewers a bit more of a "gamer girls gone wild" alternative.

That's likely going to sound like a wet dream come true to many horny gamers who have eagerly been waiting to enjoy the two things in life that matter the most simultaneously... Boobies and videogames! Both wrapped together into one single live stream. I mean, come on, what else does a man need, right? That's what I call entertainment!

Chaturbate is one of the largest, if not, the most popular adult cam site on the internet, always featuring hundreds of adult performers online at the same time, all putting on a steamy and sizzling hot live show while interacting with their fans in the chat!

From amateurs to the girl next door, full-blown pornstars or cam models, from blondes to brunettes, no matter what type of women you're into, you'll always catch that one total bombshell that matches all your personal preferences, while she's live and rubbing her clit at Chaturbate.com.

Chaturbate now allows adult performers to play video games on cam

Even though it's totally fine to participate in an orgy, have fun with sex toys, or cam models such as the anal queen Siswet like to do, putting a 17 inch dildo up the butt, this and much more wild stuff is perfectly fine to be shown live on cam. However, while playing with a hard dick on webcam might be all good, playing with a joystick on Chaturbate? Not allowed!

Gameplay footage was high on the list of forbidden content on Chaturbate, well, at least until very recently that used to be the case.

This has likely to do with streaming gameplay footage being considered somewhat of a grey legal area. Some game developer studios and distributors might encourage it as they see it as a free promotion and therefore allow it.

However, do you think "they" would feel the same way when suddenly, loud moaning, stripping girls are starting to spread their legs, squirt and orgasm live on webcam, while sharing the screen with their beloved company or videogame mascot? Yeah, probably not so much. Especially companies such as Nintendo are very protective of their family-friendly trademarked characters. 😉

That rule is now considered a thing of the past as Chaturbate announced cam models are now allowed to stream (adult) games on their platform too, on one condition - as long as that title can be found on their list of approved games, which are submitted by the respective game developers themselves.

What type of games can be played at Chaturbate.com?

In general, most of the current game titles on Chaturbate's list are mostly adult and erotic themed games, often made by indie game developers. Besides arcade, action and adult adventure games, you might also spot a few spicy hentai visual novels on there. In other words, games that contain nudity!

You won't see Mario or Luigi appearing live on stream any time soon. Same goes for all other popular mainstream video game titles. While still limited, with already 116 games being approved in just a matter of days, there's plenty of variety to choose from.

List Of All Chaturbate Approved Hentai & Porn Games

Wondering which games are allowed to be played on Chaturbate live streams? We've got good news, we've already did all the hard work for you by sharing the list featuring all the adult Chaturbate game titles.

Interesting info for both gamers, cam models and their fans, as this list gives you some great insights on what type of naughty games you can expect to watch being played by your favorite cam girls, or perhaps you are looking to play and stream live on Chaturbate yourself instead.

From HuniePop to 3DXChat, Wild Life, Crush Crush Moist Uncensored and many more. Interestingly enough, even the (bad taste) retro game classic Postal 2 is included... Ready to get some milk?

Quickly scroll down below to find out and check whether or not you'll be able to watch and enjoy your favorite porn game(s) being streamed by some of the most sexy and naughty adult performers.

Filter through all 116 Chaturbate Adult Games

Enter the name of the game in the form above to quickly filter through all 116 Chaturbate allowed porn games listed below.

  • 3DXChat
  • A House In The Rift
  • A Town Uncovered
  • Anal Masters
  • Apartment #69
  • Apostle
  • Bonecraft
  • Bonetown
  • Bonetown
  • Bite The Bullet
  • Book Of Korvald
  • Cage Of The Succubi
  • Carnal Coup
  • Cloud Meadow
  • Coffee Crisis
  • College Craze
  • Content Creator's Internet Adventure
  • Corruption Of Champions
  • Crisis Point: Extinction
  • Crush Crush Uncensored
  • Crush Crush Uncensored
  • Demons Rise Up!
  • Disillusions Manga Horror
  • Dreams Of Desire: Definitive Edition
  • Dreams Of Reality
  • Dungeon Coup
  • Euryale's Gambit
  • False Myth
  • Fantasy Dating
  • Fantasy Dating
  • Fappybunny
  • Femdomination 2
  • Fetish Locator Week One
  • Fetish Locator Week Two
  • Fleeting Iris
  • Future Fragments
  • Goop Troopers
  • Guild Project
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Hotpink's Spooky House Of Sexy Secrets
  • Harem Hotel
  • Hero's Descent
  • Hero's Descent
  • Honey Select Unlimited
  • Honey Select Unlimited Extend
  • House Party
  • Huniepop
  • Huniepop 2: Double Date
  • Hunt And Snare
  • Hunt And Snare
  • Irresistible
  • Irresistible
  • Island Saga
  • Juliet Sex Session
  • Karryn's Prison
  • Kinky Fight Club
  • Kisekimura
  • Koboldkare
  • Koikatsu Party
  • LOVE 3
  • Leanna's Slice Of Life
  • Lewd City Girls
  • Lisa And The Grimoire
  • Log Jammers
  • Lost Case: Monster Girl Takeover
  • Love Sucks: Night One
  • Love Vibe: Aria
  • Love Of Magic
  • Love Of Magic
  • Luna In The Tavern
  • Lust From Beyond
  • Magical Waifus Academy
  • Melting Point
  • Meltys Quest
  • Midnight Ride
  • Monster Girl Hunt
  • Monster Girl Hunt
  • Nemo's Whores
  • Night Party
  • Oral Lessons With Chii-chan
  • Postal 2
  • Postal 4: No Regerts
  • Postal Redux
  • Postal Redux
  • Paradise Lust
  • Perverse Incentives
  • Perverse Incentives
  • Pervert Action: Timelapse
  • Raiohgar: Asuka And The King Of Steel
  • Reign Of The Succubus
  • Rings Of Titeia
  • Scars Of Summer
  • Sex Or Treat
  • Shera And The Three Treasures
  • Spunkstock: Music Festival
  • Succubus Farm
  • Succubus Stories
  • Succumate
  • Summer Memories
  • Sunrise City
  • Swing & Miss
  • Tales From The Unending Void
  • Tear And The Library Of Labyrinths
  • The Adventures Of Kincaid
  • Third Crisis (free)
  • Tiny Talos
  • Trials In Tainted Space
  • True Love '95
  • Venus Hostage
  • Virt-a-mate (vam)
  • Virtual Succubus
  • Wild Life
  • Wwjk
  • Warlock And Boobs
  • Yareel3d
  • Zefira

Last updated: 3 November 2021

Game developers or studios that want to allow pornstars and webcam models to play their adult games during their Chaturbate live streams, can submit their works by clicking here.

NSFW gaming streams, a game changer for Chaturbate?

For the last few years, many Twitch visitors have been joking about how Twitch lately has become, well, more or less, an adult cam site, even creating memes by slapping Chaturbate's logo on top of screenshots of the Twitch website, for shits and giggles.

This has to do due to the growing amount of female Twitch streamers showing a ton of cleavage, while also getting more and more creative content-wise, bending the rules by trying to flaunt as much skin as possible, barely staying within the limits and rules of the Twitch platform (since it doesn't allow nudity). Not to mention, finding new ways to "work around" those rules.

From the infamous hot tub streams, to broadcasting bouncy boobies in skimpy bikini's at the beach, the many real spicy and erotic ASMR content, and of course, the various occasional "nipple slip by accident" moments. This, and much more lewd content seems to be on a rapid rise in popularity on the former home of famous game streamers like Dr Disrespect and Ninja, aka Twitch.TV!

Just chatting Twitch IRL girls - Full list of Chaturbate adult games

The IRL section on the biggest *cough* game streaming *cough* website is the category page where streamers are allowed to broadcast non-gaming related type of content, definitely has grown to become the wildest part of their website by far, treating its viewers on a whole lot of eye-candy.

Many of those female streamers at Twitch, by the community often referred to as "Twitch Thots", also use their live streams to lure their viewers towards their premium OnlyFans accounts in a similar way pornstars would promote their OnlyFans, because that's where the fans get to gain access to all of the "real good stuff", simply put, their lewd or even uncensored nude content. Because again, Twitch has a "no boobies rule" in place.

Whether the hardcore gamer crowd likes it or not, some of these fine looking ladies are currently among the most popular streamers on the entire Twitch platform. For example, the recent Twitch hack revealed that some of the top earners on the platform include models such as Pokimane and Amouranth (with earnings up to 1.5 million USD on Twitch alone, not counting additional sponsorships and income from external accounts).

The gaming market is booming and is no longer seen as just some hobby for a bunch of geeks. Everybody seems to be playing games these days, lately, even grandma got addicted to her mobile phone, pretty much playing casual games such as Candy Crush all day, every day. Personally, I prefer the bit more erotic Candy Crush alternatives such as the recent NSFW Match-3 game HuniePop 2.

The rise of video games is something that didn't went unnoticed among adult film stars neither. Heck, at the time of writing, over 60 pornstars are also streaming on Twitch occasionally, besides their regular and more kinky webcam shows.

In case you were looking to watch your favorite girls in the adult film industry play video games on cam, Twitch.TV used to be considered your "go to" website... Unless of course, pornstars decide to jump ship to a bit more of an adult-friendly website such as Chaturbate in the future, considering they now have a second option to choose from besides Twitch.

The fact that a big industry player such as Chaturbate.com finally decided to allow video games to be aired live on stream, is a huge opportunity for those cam girls that have affinity towards gaming as it could potentially allow them to grow their fanbase beyond their regular porn audience.

Game Over for PlexStorm & Goohshi, Chaturbate levels up!

That bring us to the question whether or not the NSFW gaming live streams at Chaturbate finally will be able to fill that gap between some of the more spicier (but non-nude) content on Twitch and uncensored adult entertainment? The timing seems just about perfect and here's why.

In the past, other websites have tried to take that same spot by mixing the two highly popular markets, being - adult live cams and gaming, and combine those together to launch their very own niche webcam website. While on paper, lewd or even nude gaming featuring half naked or topless gamer girls playing video games online, might appear to be a match made in heaven.

However, so far, those NSFW live gaming platforms which tried to grab that spot in the past, all have failed.

NSFW Game Streams at Plexstorm.com -- Full list of Chaturbate adult games

Naked gameplay must be a "cash cow", that's probably what many people would like to believe, that same thing goes for the founders of the Plexstorm.com platform during the time their pet project went live.

The reality though, whenever I would sign in on the Plexstorm website, there usually were less than 10 live streams available to choose from at any time of the day, sometimes even less, even half of which were male streamers.

Since a few weeks ago, the Plexstorm website appears to be taken offline, which suggests that the owners might have pulled the plug on the project. Whether or not they are planning a return is unsure at the moment. Well, at least Plexstorm managed to "survive" 3 years since its launch back in 2018.

That same thing can't be said about an even shorter lived NSFW game streaming website called Goohshi.com, which looked very promising, offering much more live cam streams and user interaction in comparison to Plexstorm.

Lewd Gamer Streams at Goohshi.com -- Full list of Chaturbate adult games

Sadly though, the Goohshi website only lasted for a few months and suddenly went dark after one of their largest investors decided to "pull out".

Why Chaturbate might succeed where others failed

Where other platforms tried and failed, Chaturbate might actually be able to pull it off. How so? The one major difference between Chaturbate and sites like Plexstorm is simply this - a much larger audience.

For reference, according to Similarweb, Plexstorm got around 1M to 1.2M monthly visitors, while Chaturbate.com on "the other hand", has a whoppin' average audience of 374M monthly unique visitors. Now that's quite the difference!

With other adult game streaming websites Plexstorm and Goohshi out of the way, Chaturbate trying to grab this market by its balls seems like the perfect timing, leaving them with basically no competition left (except for mainstream sites like Twitch).

Ready to chat with hot girls on webcam at Chaturbate.com?

With Chaturbate working hard behind the scenes on slowly rolling out their new adult game streaming feature, in the meantime, let's have a look at all the other awesome features this massive erotic webcam website has to offer, shall we? Here's some of the other top features you can expect.

View all live webcams at Chaturbate.com

More Chaturbate features

  • Chat and masturbate live with hot solo girls
  • With hundreds of webcam models online at the same time, there's literally a Jack for every Jill, petite or BBW, big or small boobs, you name it. The large majority of live shows are solo cam girls, often masturbating or allowing their viewers to control the vibration of their Lovense vibrator sex toy! Go have some fun and join the video chat with one of the many horny babes that are now online.

  • Couples having sex on cam
  • While most live cams airing on Chaturbate are solo girls, that doesn't mean there isn't some steamy and raw sex to be enjoyed on the Chaturbate live shows, far from it. Quite a few couples are active as well. Tip a few tokens and they'll might end up providing you with the eye-candy you wish to see. From blowjobs to doggystyle, all the way up to anal or facials. These webcam couples are wild, for sure!

  • Webcam orgies
  • One dick and one pussy not enough for you? You're more up for a full-blown live sex party? It might surprise you, but there's live orgies available to watch at Chaturbate, even entirely free of charge, every single day! How about that? Girls gone wild, indeed.

  • Pornstars streaming live on webcam
  • In the current day and age of social media, porn starlets no longer need to rely on being booked by adult film studios and producers. Pornstars often shoot their own content which they offer to their fans on premium subscription websites such as OnlyFans, AVN Stars or LoyalFans.com, just to name a few.

    But besides creating regular porn photo and video content, quite a few pornstars also like to get down and dirty in front of a live audience too. You can find popular pornstars streaming on adult webcam sites like Chaturbate, but also various others such as Camsoda, Jerkmate, Stripchat and more.

Will every adult film star and cam model eventually hop on the train and make every gamer out there stroking his "joystick" thanks to their hot and horny live cam shows? Does Twitch have a serious new competitor on its hand?

A lot of questions that only time will tell. For now, we'll be keeping an eye out. I must say though, for once, it would be nice to finally see a platform succeed in connecting the gamer-audience to steaming hot models and let them get entertained by wild, uncensored and highly erotic, live webcam shows.

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