Where to watch real pornstars in ASMR videos? (Best ASMR porn list of 2021)

Besides the many rapidly growing ASMR channels on Youtube and considering both the relaxing and arousing effect ASMR has upon the majority of its viewers, models and studios from the adult film industry seem to have picked up on the whole ASMR-trend as well. And pornstars being, well, pornstars... You'll simply know that they prefer to "go all in", which would be exactly the type of NSFW content which mainstream platforms such as Youtube won't allow. Luckily for the fans of erotic ASMR, there are other places online to get your kicks.

When you combine the intense feeling in your body which sounds can generate and combine those effects with erotic visuals, you're about to take your porn experience to a whole new level. It can get intense. In a good way, of course...

So, where does your hunt for the best erotic ASMR videos start? Where can you watch the best uncensored pornstars creating ASMR content?

The best ASMR porn - list with famous pornstars making ASMR videos

This article will answer all your questions as today, we'll be diving into the world of ASMR porn.

In case you're new to the whole ASMR phenomenon and never heard of "Autonomous sensory meridian response" ever before, you'd might want to check out some of the basic information below, or you can skip right to the good parts!

What is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or in short - ASMR.

To some it's just a weird fetish, while to others, it triggers a feeling of relaxation, but there's also a group of people for which those soft whispering sounds and noises drives them absolutely insane, in a bad way (it's even an official phobia).

While for the third group, ASMR completely knocks their socks off. For that last mentioned group of people, ASMR simply provides the best "brain orgasm" they can get. Or should we call it "Eargasm" instead?

The group of people consuming ASMR content online (and for the most part on platforms like Youtube) is a whole lot bigger as you'd might suspect in the first place. In fact, literally millions of people are watching (or listening) to their favorite content creator(s) whispering words or recording specific intens sounds into a microphone on daily base... And that's on Youtube alone!

Want to learn more about ASMR in general? We'd suggest you check out this in-depth informational article on ASMR.

Different niches of ASMR pornography?

Just like "normal" or mainstream ASMR content, the erotic ASMR genre also comes in a wide variety of sub-niches, all of which focussing on different types of intense sound recordings (combined with video visuals). Some of the most common and popular forms of ASMR porn are:

  • JOI (Jerk-off instructions)
  • With "Jerk-off instruction" ASMR videos, the girl in the video will guide you with her soft and whispering voice while your masturbating. Only SHE will decide when you're allowed to cum. Find out if you can last long enough! Dare to take on that challenge?

  • Sex and dirty-talk
  • Dirty talk is sexy, can't argue with that. But dirty talk recorded in ASMR-style is about 10 times more intense.

  • Roleplaying (combined with cosplay)
  • Thanks to cosplay and roleplaying, it's possible to watch, hear and masturbate to your favorite fictional characters in a way you've never experienced before.

  • ASMR porn focused on oral sex
  • From pussy-eating to a sloppy wet blowjob. Oral sex is popular among fans of erotic ASMR content.

  • Moaning
  • Now who doesn't get turned on from a sexy and horny girl moaning or screaming out loud from from pleasure, right?

  • The sound of silence pussy
  • Close-up microphone recordings of a soaking-wet and splashy pussy. In other words - the sound of girls masturbating (real close to the microphone).

Sexy ASMR Youtube Channels You Should Watch

Even though there's no adult content allowed on (the video streaming platform) Youtube, there are still quite some very "hot and spicy" ASMR channels to be found on Youtube, all of which still provide a whole lot of eye and ear-candy, to say the least (by pushing Youtube's rules and policy to its limit). Some of these arousing ASMR Youtube channels we'd recommend would be content creators such as Hungry Lips (she doesn't shy away from showing off plenty of cleavage or only wear a bra on camera), Pelagae and by far the sexiest ASMR cutie of the bunch - Jinx ASMR.

In the video above, you'll get to watch, hear and enjoy the ASMR Youtuber and adult content creator Cherry Crush in one of her Youtube videos.

Looking for more hot Youtubers? We'd suggest you'd check out our list of the most sexy ASMR Youtubers instead (coming soon). Because today, we'll be turning up the heat even further by checking out some real kinky and famous porn starlets that like to produce the best fap-worthy ASMR videos!

Where To Find The Best Adult ASMR Videos?

Obviously, this means that pornstars aren't very likely to upload their erotic ASMR clips to Youtube, considering all its restrictions and "no nudity-policy", but instead, would likely rather share their ASMR porn videos elsewhere online. I'd bet you'd like to find out where exactly, right?

AdultTime.com, should be your go-to website (and app) to get to see your hottest ASMR fantasies come to live. As a fan of ASMR (for adults), you should check out one of the latest exclusive Adult Time series called - ASMR Fantasy. Don't just take our words for it, just watch the little sneak preview below and see for yourself.

ASMR Fantasy Trailer [Video]

Watch ASMR Fantasy XXX serie

List Of Pornstars In ASMR Porn Videos

If the ASMR clips published on Youtube are considered to be too soft for you, the Adult Time platform offers the perfect and fully uncensored replacement by offering ASMR porn to its viewers. In essence, combining the best of both worlds - the sound intensity of ASMR combined with visuals of pornstars masturbating, sucking dick or having real sex. In short - providing you with an immersive roleplay series that will satisfy every fan (or soon to become new fan of this exciting new genre of adult films).

ASMR Fantasy is also starring some of the most famous and most popular pornstars in the adult film industry today, from Angela White to Kira Noir. There's even a big chance your favorite pornstar(s) can be found starring in ASMR videos on AdultTime.com as well.

In case you're not familiar with Adult Time yet, you can read all about it right here. In short - it's kinda like the adult alternative for streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max or Amazon Prime. Adult Time gives you access to over 52.000 porn movies (including plenty of "whisper porn") from 250+ different porn studios, all bundled into one app, offering unlimited porn films for a really low monthly fee... Quite the deal-breaker!

Famous and busty pornstar Angela White in role-playing ASMR porn video

When the current record holder of winning the most adult film industry awards in history is starring in an ASMR porn video, you'll just know it's going to be good. And trust me, it is that good! Ready to watch the busty Australian porn starlet Angela White perform a yearly doctor's check-up on you, in this steaming hot roleplaying ASMR adult scene? "Sounds" pretty exciting to me!

Angela White is ready to do your yearly check-up. Slowly, she will move on to your next "check-up", and yes, eventually, Angela also needs to "test" if everything still works fine down your pants, if you know what I mean. How it all ends? Balls-deep inside doctor Angela's tight pussy.

Watch Angela White's ASMR porn at AdultTime.com

Petite pornstar Alina Lopez body to body massage ASMR

Always wondered how a body to body massage between two totally hot and oiled up girls would sound like? Well, it generates that kind of sound which makes your cock point to heaven within a second. Add the visuals of petite beauty and famous pornstar Alina Lopez rubbing her naked body against another cute chick, and you'll get the perfect fap-material.

Watch ASMR Fantasy at AdultTime.com

The naughty duo Kira Noir & Eliza Ibarra shooting a POV ASMR video

Two girls, one lucky cock... The perfect start of every story. And that's also exactly how this ASMR porn scene starts. Things get even better - what if I told you it involves the tight and petite pornstar duo doing a full-blown ASMR video and all of it has been shot in point of view (POV) perspective? That sure "sounds" hot to me! And of course, you can't go wrong with these two stunners over here.

Watch ASMR Fantasy at AdultTime.com

The all-natural girl next door (porn starlet) Lizzie Love will tingle all your senses

Lizzie Love is proving us with some "love" for our ears. Both erotic, but most of the time - really dirty. In this spicy episode of Adult Time's Fantasy ASMR, Lizzie Loe will roleplay your horny and cock-craving girlfriend and well, after watching this video, I'm sure Lizzie Love has got to be the most perfect girlfriend... like ever! Probably the most horny one too, hihi.

In the mood to start masturbating together with the cute and naughty Lizzie Love over here?

Watch ASMR Fantasy at AdultTime.com

Pornstar and Youtuber Cherry Crush (has a real sexy ASMR channel)

Why not record sexy mainstream ASMR videos for Youtube and sell your completely uncensored adult recordings to your loyal fans? That's what the ASMR Youtube-star (and pornstar) Cherry Crush must have been thinking. And she's right! Why wouldn't you create both types of videos? Cherry happens to be one of the kinkiest girls of the bunch you'll come across on Youtube, that's for sure.

Cherry Crush's channel is definitely worth checking out, which also explains her almost 900K followers. At the time of writing, she has uploaded almost 250 ASMR clips onto her channel. That's a whole lotta content for you to go through... Enjoy!

Whisper Porn... The Next Best Thing in Porn?

ASMR doesn't have to sexual at all and can be pretty much any sound generated close to a microphone, ranging from crinkling papers, playing with scissors, singing wine glasses, drinking a can of Pepsi to role-playing entire fictional stories or themes, and of course - a lot of whispering.

That being said, a lot of people that enjoy ASMR videos describe their feeling as a "tingly sensation", and yes, for quite a few of ASMR-fans, it also gets them pretty freakin' horny.

Real pornstars doing ASMR porn videos - Sexy Babes

Content creators on Youtube noticed this as well and slowly started to upload as arousing content as possible, barely not breaking Youtube's rules in terms of sexual content. A lot of these ASMR channels featured highly attractive women, and often, wearing as sexy clothing or as little clothing as possible and of course - show plenty of cleavage. In essence, pretty much creating Youtube-safe porn.

Well, that was until Youtube noticed this kind of content was getting a little bit "too spicy" lately and decided to purge a lot of the ASMR content by banning various Youtubers within the ASMR niche (which really pushed it to the limits in terms of sexually arousing materials).

To sum it all up, even though there's a ton of ASMR videos to watch at Youtube, if you really want to enjoy uncensored ASMR videos and get that ultimate erotic ASMR experience, your best bet is to check out the entire ASMR Fantasy series at AdultTime.com, starring some of the hottest chicks in the current porn business.

ASMR mixed with erotic elements sure adds an extra layer of intensity compared to regular adult films.

That's also why ASMR, just like adult virtual reality content, could might as well be "the next best thing" the porn business has to offer these days, simply because it's refreshing, it feels new, and it makes you feel horny as hell... Something you'll have to experience yourself.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed in our database!

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