17 Sexy Female Wrestlers You Can Follow On OnlyFans (For Hot Content)

I think it's safe to say that most of the wrestling fans among us, all had a wet dream featuring one of the many sexy female wrestlers in pro-wrestling, a bit too more often than we would likely want to admit. But don't worry, we've all been there.

In fact, as it turns out, there's actually many girls on the current roster of all the different wrestling promotions out there, that are well aware of their special "selling points", some of which even decided to capitalize on it by launching their own OnlyFans page. Well, why not? It's a win for everyone.

- Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

From ROH to Impact Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and the WWE, meet the female wrestlers which share their extra saucy, exclusive content, only with their die-hard fans on the OnlyFans platform. I'd bet even the biggest wrestling marks didn't know that over 17 babes in wrestling could be found on OnlyFans.com.

But hey, now you do, so let's get ready to rumble, meet the girls in the wrestling business with an OF page, from Scarlett Bordeaux to Sunny, Katie Forbes, Chelsea Green, Sadie Gibbs, Kiera Hogan, all the way up to ECW's Francine, Zelina Vega, Cheerleader Melissa, the "Impact Knockout" Jordynne Grace and more.

The bombshell blonde Scarlett Bordeaux reveals all her curves (@realscarlettbordeaux on OnlyFans)

Now here's a blonde, curvy, goddess with a fantastic bubbly-booty and a big, sexy rack, which I love to wrestle with all day, everyday. 😀

Thanks to her breathtaking looks, Scarlett Bordeaux is not just quite the in-ring performer, she's also a natural talent in front of the camera-lens. And best part of it all? Scarlett isn't exactly shying away from flaunting some skin, to say the least. Well, if you got it... flaunt it, right?

21 20 2

While Scarlett Bordeaux and her amazing, delicious, big-sized ass had already caught the eye of many indie-wrestling fans ever since she set her first steps between the ropes on various wrestling promotions such as ROH, triple A, as well as Impact wrestling. However, when she got signed to WWE, that's when her fanbase really exploded (and many boners started to rise as soon as she appeared on the television screen).

Sadly though, her role in WWE as the manager of wrestler Karrion Kross didn't last long, as both just got fired by the company recently. Like many fans were hoping for, now that Scarlett Bordeaux no longer being under contract by WWE, would she launch her very own OnlyFans page? I guess you'll already know the answer by now... Yes, she very much did so!

If you're an "ass-man" like Billy Gunn, you can't go wrong with a big booty stunner like the sizzling hot blonde wrestling diva, Scarlett Bordeaux over here! Hooray for OnlyFans... let's just leave it at that.

Follow wrestling diva @realscarlettbordeaux on OnlyFans

"One of a kind" pro wrestling star Katie Forbes strips bare naked on OF (@katieforbes on OnlyFans)

Speaking of big asses, here's yet another wrestling diva with an ass which Billy Gunn would totally approve. Oh, and not just Billy Gunn by the way, as the rising wrestling starlet Katie Forbes is being coached by her lover, non other than the ECW original, hardcore legend, the "whole f'cking show" himself - Rob van Dam!

While I can't judge her in-ring talent as I've never seen any of her matches in Impact wrestling, however, what I can tell is that Katie Forbes over here, sure has some "ASSets", to say the least.

891 262 652

Turns out, this bubble-butt wrestling babe also loves to get freaky with her fans online. Either by producing her own, fully uncensored photo and video content or by getting down and dirty live on webcam (at Camsoda). Yup, this babe sure has a wild side and isn't trying to hide that at all.

To be honest, that doesn't surprise us one bit. I mean, the Impact Wrestling promotion even got banned on Twitch after airing a bit of a too spicy video segment involving Rob van Dam, herself and her girlfriend (yeah, it gets complicated). Not long after that "incident", the married wrestling couple got released by Impact Wrestling.

Katie Forbes, RVD banned from Twitch - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

Fans of Katie Forbes however, don't have to worry about having to miss her appearance on screen. In fact, quite the opposite... the only thing that would be missing, would be her clothes. Go check out Katie's OnlyFans for some real spicy entertainment!

By the way, while speaking of Twitch, we've also compiled a list of all pornstars that are streaming on Twitch as well, for those interested.

Follow wrestling diva @katieforbes on OnlyFans
Watch Katie Forbes' kinky webcam shows (at Camsoda)

AEW's Kiera Hogan flaunts that perfect ass on OnlyFans (@thekierahogan_)

Yeah, I know, I sounds like a broken record as it feels like I'm repeating myself over and over again by now, but damn, I mean, have you seen Kiera Hogan's ass? Now that's the kind of booty that makes my jaw drop (and a certain body part grow).

Things gets even better, or should we say hotter? Because Kiera Hogan loves to wiggle that booty on her OnlyFans profile too, woohoo!

125 58 67

While currently being signed to All Elite Wrestling, Kiera Hogan gained most of her fame during her time in Impact Wrestling. Combine her in-ring skills with that fine, big, round and perfectly shaped butt of hers, the former two-time Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champion truly steals the show!

Not going to lie, Kiera Hogan might have been getting jobbed out to Jade Cargill on the All Elite Wrestling TV shows lately, I would do "the job" and lay down for this bubble-butt beauty any time of the day.

Craving for more of booty? Her OnlyFans page got what you're looking for!

Follow wrestling diva @thekierahogan_ on OnlyFans

The ECW original Francine has a wild side (@ecwdivafrancine on OnlyFans)

Remember the exciting times during the Extreme Championship Wrestling era from the good old wrestling days? Hardcore wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer, RVD, The Dudleys and The Sandman putting each other through tables while jumping off ladders? That, and of course, ECW featuring totally hot babes like Francine over here.

Fans of the extreme style of wrestling got introduced to Francine back in 1995, during the ECW "Barbed Wire, Hoodies & Chokeslams" pay per view. During her time in ECW, Francine appeared on TV episodes, as well as pay per view shows regularly, both in a manager role, as well as "wrestler", well, more like cat fights (against Beulah McGillicutty). Oh, and let's not forget about the various bikini contests.

You see, back in the 90's, women's wrestling wasn't really much a of a thing yet. Women on those shows were mostly featured to provide eye-candy, and that's something that Francine surely brings to the table (well, as long as those damn Dudley Boys didn't break them all, that is).

She did so back then, and she does so right now, but only this time around, not on a wrestling show but brings the eye-candy to the OnlyFans platform instead!

Follow wrestling diva @ecwdivafrancine on OnlyFans

Impact Knockout Jordynne Grace leaves an impact on her OnlyFans (@barbellsxbikinis)

Guys that are into a bit bigger ladies would probably get an instant boner from staring at the sexy and gigantic ass of Impact Knockout star (and powerlifter) Jorydynne Grace.

452 240 212

Strong and sexy, that's Jordynne Grace in a nutshell and well, if you'd like to see more of her sexy side, joining her OnlyFans profile is the perfect opportunity to access her mesmerizing bikini content.

Ok, here's one more bonus preview image to satisfy all of you ass-worshipping freaks that are reading this article right now and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm being one of them. I mean, if this curvy babe ever wants to wrestle me, I wouldn't refuse ever! In fact, I would likely challenge her to try and powerlift these "nuts" down my pants, all day, everyday.

Want more? You'll know where to find it.

Follow wrestling diva @barbellsxbikinis on OnlyFans

Former WWE diva Chelsea Green loves to share spicy candids (@chelseaagreen on OnlyFans)

The former Ring of Honor wrestler, WWE diva and currently Impact Knockout star Chelsea Green, has admitted that she's always been obsessing over Playboy Magazine. After being released by WWE back in April 2021, Chelsea now finally had the opportunity to cross some of those modeling goals of her bucket list by starting posing in front of the camera-lens.

Especially, and most importantly, the more spicy type of candids, that is!

518 488 30

This 30 year old professional wrestler from Canada definitely has the looks and the body to be posing for sexy, arousing, Playboy-style, glamour photos or spicy bikini photo shoots, so why not create an OnlyFans accounts, right? That's exactly what she must have been thinking and luckily for her fans, that's also exactly what she end up doing.

For those that are looking for Chelsea Green's nudes, I hate to disappoint you because her OnlyFans profile clearly states - "No nudes". So, there's that. Rest assured, there's still a ton of arousing content featuring Chelsea Green to enjoy though.

Follow wrestling diva @chelseaagreen on OnlyFans

WWE valet Sunny aka Tammy Lynn Sytch does porn... and anal

For the long-time wrestling fanatics among us that used to watch WWE back in the day when it was still called the World Wrestling Federation, must remember that one hot blonde, right? Nah, I'm not talking about Sable, I'm talking about Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known as Sunny!

847 783 106

It's been a while since Sunny appeared on WWE television back in the 90's, still, even today, Sunny still does plenty of on-camera "things" and is still actively creating her own "entertainment". Just different type of content, if you know what I mean.

Sunny goes all in, by taking it all off. Not just that, she even takes it up her butt. That's right, Sunny does anal sex, and yes, all of that while the camera is rolling. She's a full-blown pornstar now these days. Fans of Sunny must be really happy lately.

Follow wrestling diva @WWEhoferSunny on OnlyFans

It's not just her spicy content on OnlyFans though. Writing an article on wrestling diva's and not mentioning the fact that Sunny has shot a couple of adult films for the popular Vivid Entertainment studio, would be a "no go".

Enter Sunny's Side Up, Tammy Lynn's official debut as a porn starlet and part of Vivid's celebrity brand, which also featured plenty of other celebs starring in porn flicks.

Watch Sunny's porn videos at Vivid Celeb

Redhead hottie Priscilla Kelly used to have an OnlyFans

Don't shoot the messenger as I hate to disappoint the (horny) fans of the rising WWE star Priscilla Kelly (better known under her ring name Gigi Dolin), as it turns out that Priscilla Kelly has disabled her public OnlyFans account since 12-03-2020, likely around the time when WWE was about to offer her a contract deal to join their NXT brand.

WWE NXT Priscilla Kelly - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

So what does that mean? No more lewds or naughty skin-revealing photos starring this young, hot, tight and petite, rising star in the world of professional wrestling? Nah!

She might no longer have an OnlyFans account, there's still plenty of lewds to enjoy on her other social media channels such as Instagram.

Follow wrestling diva @gigidolin_wwe on Instagram

Getting naked with Shelly Martinez (@ShellysSelfies on OnlyFans)

Shelly Martinez might not ring any bells, but what if I drop her two aliases Salinas and Ariel?

During her days in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Shelly Martinez used to be the valet of the wrestling stable The Latin American Xchange (LAX), which featured pro-wrestlers like Konnan, Hernandez, Homicide and later also the current AEW wrestlers - Diamante, Santana and Ortiz.

Shelly also wrestled for WWE back in 2016, joining the roster of the revived ECW brand, debuting with a fresh new gimmick as a fortune teller.

Outside of the wrestling business, Shelly has made plenty of mainstream television appearances too, from starring on horror flicks such as "Dead Things", starring on music videos by artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, Motley Crue, and could be watched on TV as a contestant on various reality shows such as - The Search for the Next Elvira, as well as season 4 of "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too".

Shelly Martinez - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

Now having left her wrestling days behind her, what has Shelly Martinez been up to lately?

Turns out she switched to a different kind of entertainment, something which wrestling fans all over the globe were craving for all along - she launched her own OnlyFans account! Trust me, it's about to get real hot in here because Shelly Martinez is about to bring out the "big guns".

Follow wrestling diva @ShellysSelfies on OnlyFans

Bikini booty & boobies by the exotic AEW wrestler Christi Jaynes (@ChristiJaynes on OnlyFans)

Ever wondered "who is this exotic cutie?", while watching the gorgeous Christi Jaynes dancing around during her entrance towards the All Elite Wrestling ring? I sure did, and so I started fapping a quick Google search and while doing "research" came to learn not just her name, but also her OnlyFans handle... Life is good!

4 3 1

While the female Brazilian wrestler Christi Jaynes might not be featured on the two flagship shows by AEW (Dynamite and Rampage) on national television that often, that being said, she does get featured as a competitor on a regular base on AEW's Youtube shows like "Dark".

There, you'll get to see her wrestle matches and not to mention, watch her wiggle her sexy Brazilian booty and her damn fine, hot body, while she dances her way towards the ring.

AEW Christi Jaynes - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

Come on Tony, go book Christi Jaynes versus Tay Conti in a dance-off match. That'll bring butts in the seats, "you gotta give the people what they want", right?

While performing between the ropes, Christi Jaynes keeps quite a lot of clothes on. She isn't the type to wear a bit "too much" skin-revealing outfits during her wrestling matches. That being said, on her OnlyFans page on the other hand, she likes to wear as little as possible. And boy, does this chick look fine while showing off her body while wearing just a tiny bikini. Hot stuff, guaranteed! Just wish she would publish more content more often.

Follow wrestling diva @ChristiJaynes on OnlyFans

Ex WWE star Zelina Vega shares arousing cosplay exclusively on her OnlyFans (@meganminx)

From Catwoman to D.Va and Mortal Kombat characters, the former WWE star Zelina Vega, also known as Thea Megan Trinidad (and her new cosplay alias Megan Minx), simply manages to turn every fictional character into a sexy cosplay photo series.

On top of that, she also looks equally, if not more stunning, as soon as she starts showing off her latest lingerie due to her killer-body.

Zelina Vega's role in WWE was being the manager of (the now signed to AEW) wrestler Andrade El Idolo.

Besides playing her part as a manager, Zelina Vega is also quite familiar with competing inside the ring herself. In 2021, Zelina even won WWE's inaugural Queen's Crown tournament, but has also won various tag team titles, including the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship and one-time winner of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship belt.

So, got you curious? I bet you can probably guess where you'll be able to find those pictures, right? Yes, on her OnlyFans handle, that is!

Follow wrestling diva @ShellysSelfies on OnlyFans

Update: it appears that Zelina Vega has taken down her OnlyFans account. Oh well, there's still plenty of hot photos, short clips, and spicy cosplay content to be found on her Instagram page @theatrinidad.

Curvy goddess Allysin Kay (@allysinkay on OnlyFans)

The curvy beauty, professional wrestler and MMA enthusiast Allysin Kay is absolutely no stranger to the wrestling industry as she has been active as a wrestler all the way back since 2008.

For many years, Allysin Kay has been entertaining wrestling fans world wide, all the way from the USA to Europe and Japan, by performing inside the ring, showing off all of her fancy wrestling moves. But that's not the only entertainment she brings to the table...

189 399 23

Besides entertaining fans world wide with her wrestling capabilities, Allysin Kay also manages to entertain her loyal fans by showcasing her extremely sexy curves, treating her followers on her OnlyFans page to some of the sexiest lewds you can imagine.

And well, who doesn't get aroused by staring at a totally hot body, those curves, a nice pair of juicy knockers and a sweet ass like Allysin Kay has? If you got it, flaunt it... We're really glad that the female wrestler Allysin Kay seems to agree on that part.

Curvy Allysin Kay - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

If you're done drooling over Allysin's matches in Ring of Honor, Lucha Libre AAA, AIW, WSU, Shine Wrestling, WWWD, Impact Wrestling, NWA or any other promotion she wrestled for in the past, there's still a lot more eye-candy waiting for you once you sign up to her profile page at OnlyFans.com!

Follow wrestling diva @allysinkay on OnlyFans

Former NXT star Taya Valkyrie shares quite the sexy candids

Enter the busty Canadian blonde (female wrestler) Taya Valkyrie, you'd might recognize this wrestling veteran from her past appearances in both TNA and NXT (as Franky Monet).

The bad news? She doesn't actually happen to have an OnlyFans account. However, the good news though, Taya does share quite a lot of sexy candids on her Instagram page instead. That's why we decided to include Taya Valkyrie (and her massive rack) on this list anyway... #YOLO!

Busty Taya Valkyrie - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

The former Impact Knockouts champion and 3 times AAA women's champion, has more talents besides beating up other female competitors in the squared circle. For starters, Taya Valkyrie also does fitness modeling, and used to train in gymnastics and is a trained ballerina.

To top it off, there's of course also her appearance. Let's face it, it's hard to deny those massive knockers, right? Luckily for us perverts, she's well aware of her big jugs and treats her fans to some eye-candy on her Instagram profile from time to time (definitely worth checking out).

Busty Taya Valkyrie - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

Follow wrestling diva @thetayavalkyrie on Instagram

AEW's finest blonde babe Sadie Gibbs loves to tease her fans on OnlyFans (@TheSadieGibbs)

It's not some old hidden secret that the All Elite Wrestling roster features a lot of hot girls, and if for some odd reason you have been living under a rock and weren't aware of that fact just yet, meet the mesmerizing blonde AEW wrestler Sadie Gibbs. Now you'll know exactly what I mean, right?

This wrestling chick from England, not only has an extremely fap-worthy body, she also has lots of sex appeal!

199 142 77

Sadly, we didn't get to watch Sadie Gibbs shine live on our television screen on any of the AEW shows that often, but when she did, she always managed to get me hooked (insert "Hook" joke here) to the TV screen thanks to those perfect shaped body and amazing curves. Yummy down on that!

No wonder she has been focusing on her gymnast career lately (rather than her wrestling career). That's right, at the time of writing, it seems like Sadie Gibbs has been retired.

Sadie Gibbs - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

But you know how retirement works in the wrestling business right? It simply doesn't say that much. A "cumback" could be right around the corner.

Speaking of "cum", here's some content you could unload your jizz on. Yes, I'm talking about Sadie Gibbs' content on OnlyFans. With that naughty look in her eyes and her killer-body while flaunting as much skin as possible, she'll make sure to drain your balls till the very last drop.

Follow wrestling diva @thesadiegibbs on OnlyFans

Drooling over the bikini selfies by combat fighter Paige Vanzant

Yes I know, technically speaking, this tough blonde chick isn't a wrestler, however, Paige Vanzant did make quite a name for herself in combat sports and on top of that, she recently appeared on a TV broadcast of AEW Dynamite during an angle involving Chris Jericho's inner circle feuding with a group of fighters from American Top Team (including this blonde bombshell over here).

Oh, did we forgot to mention she is also smoking hot, publishes plenty of bikini candids on social media and also happen to offer her exclusive, premium, most spicy photos and videos as a monthly subscription similar to OnlyFans? Well, there you go.

UFC Paige Vanzant - - Hot female wrestlers on OnlyFans

Chances are likely this blonde stunner caught your eye while you were either watching her matches in Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, or from her appearances on AEW's Dynamite episodes, perhaps even from being a contestant on the television series Dancing with the Stars. Either way, I think we would all have come to the same conclusion - Paige Vanzant is hot as hell.

Paige Vanzant decided to not make use of the OnlyFans platform but instead, she went the DIY route and now offers her exclusive content directly from her own official website right here. While joining her exclusive fan page ain't free, one thing is sure though, her content is pretty freakin' hot... Enjoy!

Topless action with wrestling babe Cheerleader Melissa on OnlyFans (@cheerleadermelissa)

Time to take a walk on the wild side, last but not least, here's another gorgeous female wrestler with an account on OnlyFans.com which you definitely shouldn't be missing out on, give it up for the one and only - Cheerleader Melissa.

Have you ever fell in love with a bunch of titties? You will after you've seen the topless, gigantic boobs of the pro-wrestler Cheerleader Melissa right here, trust me on that. In search of the perfect breasts? Congratulations, you've just found them.

370 230 156

With a whopping 370 posts, containing over 230 photos and 156 videos, getting access to Cheerleader Melissa's OnlyFans page feels like discovering a long lost treasure, or well, let's be honest here - browsing through her spicy content also feels like a never-ending fap marathon.

Follow wrestling diva @cheerleadermelissa on OnlyFans

To make the list of female wrestlers on OnlyFans complete; SoCal Val (@socalval), as well as the two Impact Wrestling babes Deonna Purrazzo (@deonnapurrazzo) and Rachael Ellering (@rachaelellering) can be spotted on the OnlyFans platform too.

345 346 71

For some bonus trivia, did you know that the two former WWE male performers Enzo Amore and Lio Rush also opened up an OF account? Well, now you do!

That's enough wrestling babes in "raw" action for this Monday folks! But that doesn't mean we don't have more sizzling hot content for you left in store. For starters, in case you are more in search for famous and highly popular adult film stars on OnlyFans instead, I suggest you take a look at our massive list of all pornstar OnlyFans usernames right there.

Speaking of pornstar lists, if you're looking for some freebies, we also provide an weekly updated list of porn starlets which offer a free to join OnlyFans account, in case you're interested in free trials.😉

WWE's Toni Storm launched her brand new OnlyFans (March, 2022)

Remember how Orange Cassidy surprisingly entered the ring as the number 21 contestant during the "20-Man Casino Battle Royale" match at AEW's first ever PPV "All Out" event?

The reason I bring that up, is because this is kinda the same situation, well sorta, as we're adding number 18 to our list of "17 hottest female wrestlers with an OnlyFans account", because guess who decided to hop onto the OnlyFans train just recently?

That would be WWE's very own blonde hottie Toni Storm and her amazing, tight and sexy body. Now that's the kind of news every pro-wrestling fan is likely very excited to hear!

We sure got excited after hearing the good news about the 1995 born, Australian, WWE starlet Toni Storm just created her own OnlyFans page for her fans to join.

I mean, let's be honest here, when Toni shows up in the ring for a match, male wrestling fans from all around the world (including myself), weren't just admiring her in-ring wrestling skills, right? I think it's safe to say we've all been drooling over her sweet butt once or twice (while she's wearing that tight wrestling gear during her TV matches).

Wondering if we finally get to view a "bit more", or should we say - a bit less, in such case? Less clothing, I mean, obviously! Only one way to find out and that's by checking out Toni Storm's brand new OF profile. Eventually, time will tell. So, let's pray for nudity, folks... Fingers crossed!

Follow wrestling diva @realtonistorm on OnlyFans

Right now and just like Bill Goldberg, we are left wondering about just a single thing... "Who's next?"

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