Most sexy AEW divas (wrestlers) on Instagram

Time to discover the sexiest girls on the AEW divas roster. If you're a wrestling fan and not know All Elite Wrestling by now, you've must been living under a rock! It's a brand new wrestling company that has some of the world's most talented wrestlers on the roster. Think of wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, John Moxley, Christopher Daniels, Pac and many more.

But today, we're not looking at the male talent on the roster. Today we're going to check out all the fine ladies on the AEW roster (and share some sexy Instagram photos). We are not ranking this list based on wrestling skills or talent, we're going to rank these wrestling babes based on sex appeal. Ready to discover the hottest AEW divas? Who's going to win the Miss AEW contest?

Let's check out some sweet boobs and booty!

Meet the sexy AEW divas


sexy AEW diva Riho

The wrestling princess from Stardom Joshi Pro Wrestling has signed with All Elite Wrestling. The Japanese wrestling diva Riho has arrived and she's even the number one contender for the AEW women's championship. Will this wrestling princess become the first AEW women's champion?

Yuka Sakazaki

sexy AEW diva Yuka Sakazaki

Without a doubt, by far the cutest girl (and most likely the smallest) on the AEW roster... Yuka Sakazaki! Warning: this young and petite high flying Japanese chick might steal your heart and cause cuteness overload! By the way, doesn't she look hot in bra and undies (see photo above)? If you're into tiny petite chicks, you'll be loving little Yuka over here.

Penelope Ford

sexy AEW diva Penelope Ford

The busty blonde bombshell of the bunch. Let's be honest here, who doesn't like to watch a real life Barbie-doll go wild in the ring? Sexy and tough, busty and blonde... a deadly sexy combination!

Britt Baker

sexy AEW diva Britt Baker

Besides being one of the most skilled female wrestlers in the wrestling business today, Britt Baker also has one of the most sexy bodies in the business. "Eye candy" might just be Britt's middle name! Be sure to follow Britt on Instagram if you don't want to miss out on all those delicious bikini photos she loves to share with her fans.


sexy AEW diva Allie

A cute face and a great pair of juicy big juggs. Without a doubt, AEW's Allie is a total hottie! Before signing with AEW, Allie's rise to fame started at TNA Impact. I'm going to be honest here, if it was up to me I'd wrestle Allie any time of the week. :)

Teal Piper

sexy AEW diva Teal Piper

Genetics can work in mysterious ways because who would have thought that the daughter of the famous and legendary wrestler Roddy Piper would be so damn sexy? Teal Piper made her debut at "All Out" in the casino battle royale match and stunned the world with her sexy appearance. At this point it's not sure if Teal Piper is coming back to the ring in the future for more matches. Hopefully she does return because we would all love to see some more of this dark haired beauty! Besides, I don't think Teal Piper has shown enough skin already at this point...

Hikaru Shida

sexy AEW diva Hikaru Shida

Another Asian cutie that signed with All Elite Wrestling; Hikaru Shida! In our opinion Hikaru Shida is the hottest chick of the Stardom Joshi Pro Wrestling wrestlers that signed a contract with AEW, mostly because of her athletic body and because of the fact she looks damn delicious in all of her cosplay outfits.

By the way, if you have a soft spot for hot Asian girls, be sure to check out our huge list of Asian pornstars on social media as well (for more exotic viewing pleasure).

Sadie Gibbs

sexy AEW diva Sadie Gibbs

If there' somebody on this list that has sex appeal it's Sadie Gibbs. There's just something about Sadie that makes her so damn attractive. Maybe it's that naughty look on her face or those bright blue shining eyes? Either way, in case you haven't watched this blondie wrestle yet, better go check out one of her matches and be prepared to fall in love.

Tenille Dashwood

sexy AEW diva Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood, the hot babe formely known as Emma (in the WWE). Well, I don't think this beauty needs an introduction at all, right? We've all seen her amazing body dozen of times in the ring and we hope she will continue show off her sweet body for many years to come. If I had to pick which wrestling diva I would like to see strip nude for Playboy Magazine the most, I'd pick Tenille Dashwood for sure.

By the way, if this was a "best booty" contest, there's a big chance Tenille would be the winner. Have you seen her booty? Her ass is so perfectly round, just like her boobies! God delivered some great work here...

Bea Priestley

sexy AEW diva Bea Priestley

Now I get it... The whole goth themed gimmick of Bea Priestley might not be everybody's favorite cup of tea, but that doesn't mean the British beauty Bea Priestley doesn't have an amazing steaming hot body. Just look at the photo she shared on her Instagram (below)... If that doesn't excite you, I'd give up!

If only she wasn't in a relationship with professional wrestler Will Ospreay, otherwise I would love to drink a nice cup of tea with Bea in the morning. And maybe wrestle a bit together afterwards?


sexy AEW diva Ivelisse

The hot Puerto Rican babe Ivelisse Velez steals the show with her well trained body. She's no stranger to the business as Ivelisse starred on WWE's Tough Enough and worked for many other companies in the past, such as: NXT and Lucha Underground. This babe can seduce you within a second with her amazing smile alone!

Brandi Rhodes

sexy AEW diva Brandi Rhodes

I got to be careful here because I don't want husband Cody Rhodes to come knock on my door and beat me up... But I have to admit; Brandi Rhodes offers the real total package to the show.

Brandi has an amazing body, sweet round breasts, a sexy tight butt, seducing big eyes and a sweet smile. I've got a little crush on Brandi ever since her first AEW show, simply because she looks so damn hot in all of those wrestling outfits. But hey, what do you expect with a body like that?

Leva Bates

sexy AEW diva Leva Bates

I'm not always in love with a librarian, but when I do... It's because of Leva Bates.

sexy AEW diva Leva Bates

I think I just discovered my new fetish thanks to Leva Bates... Because I have to say; she looks extremely sexy in her librarian outfit, showing off her hot white booty combined with those big glasses. Some folks claim they don't like Leva's librarian wrestling gimmick, but fuck 'em, I love it, simply because it's sexy as hell! She's rocking those hot shorts and sexy glasses!

Don't agree with me? Sssssssssh!

So far our list of the most sexy AEW divas on the current roster. We will be updating this blog post once more female talent get signed to the new wrestling company All Elite Wrestling. We'll keep you updated. For now, enjoy following these hot wrestling babes on social media!

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AEW on TNT debuts Wednesday, Oct. 2, from 8 p.m. ET to 10 p.m.

Update December 2019:
Just like my own sausage, the women's division of AEW is growing hard! Time for an update...

Jamie Hayter

sexy AEW diva Jamie Hayter

Jamie Hayter recently made her debut in AEW and man, this babe is simply beautiful and has one of the best big asses in wrestling today. Billy Gunn would be proud of that booty!

Big Swole

Kris Statlander

sexy AEW diva Kris Statlander

Kris Statlander is not just an alien from another galaxy, she's also thicc as fuck... Which we all love!