Using blockchain technology as a database

Let's call it a blockchain experiment. One hell of a sexy blockchain experiment, that is. Not familiar with the term blockchain yet? Perhaps keywords such as crypto currencies, Bitcoin or Ethereum might ring a bell instead. Hard to have missed those buzz words in the past few years.

The reason for mentioning those terms is because the technology behind those crypto currencies and tokens is known as the blockchain.

In short, a blockchain is a chain of blocks, with each block storing a certain piece of data, usually in the case of crypto currencies, each block would hold data about the peer to peer transactions that have been made among different users/wallet addresses (in BTC or LTC, or ETH for example).

On the website we don't actually store any transaction information inside the blocks on our custom-made blockchain. Instead, each block holds all the data of an adult film star, with the most important part being all the known social media handles of that particular adult model. But also other metrics such as height, hair color, color of the eyes, aliases, and as mentioned, her social media accounts.

The main social media profile pages that we store on chain include Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Camsoda, with the latter being an ertoic, adult webcam platform.

Can a blockchain be used as a backend database for a website? The best way to find out is by giving it a try and the conclusion I've learned is: yes it can. The website you are visiting right now, is pretty much the proof of that.

What makes a database as a blockchain so unique or different in comparison to most other databases has to do with the way a blockchain uses hashing techniques to verify its data integrity. Basically, the chain verifies whether or not any data has been altered (see image above). Blockchains and similar hash-chaining mechanism are only suitable for storing immutable data, because any slight change made to the info stored inside a block after being applied to the chain, would break the chain sequence.

While blockchain can be used as a database storage for website, it definitely wouldn't fit most use cases due to the many cons and future scalability in mind. Reading and writing to the chain as the database keeps growing in size over time, might become quite an issue.

Long story short, blockchain integration simply started out as an experiment, but ended up still being in use on or website today, 2+ years after launch.

Without going too much in-depth here, for more information on hashing techniques in general and a far more detailed introduction to the blockchain technology, I suggest you'd click here.

API for developers

Webmasters that want to add the social media profile pages of all the adult models featured on our website onto their own websites, can call our public pornstars API.

You can use CURL to fetch the data of a model in Json format through our public API link. Just paste the hash after /api.php?hash=hash here.

Reminder: If you do use any of our provided datasets in json, plain text or any other format for your own non-commercial and commercial (web or offline) projects, we require you to credit us as the source of the data.

You are only allowed to make use of our API endpoints or datasets after including a link from your published work(s) to either this page directly or by providing a hyperlink to our main domain: Read our terms of service page at the bottom of the page for more info.

Example API url:

API output:

    "twitter": "mysexykiaramia",
"snapchat": "nunya7777",
"instagram": "theonlykiaramia",
"facebook": "only.kiara.mia",
"camsoda": "kiaramia",
"onlyfans": "theonlykiaramia",
"status": "200",
"message": "OK",
"exec_time": "0.1519s" }

A fully working PHP example on how to use the API can be found here on Github.

Our goal?

Our goal is to create the largest database of pornstars on social media. A simple to use and easy to navigate website which collects all social media handles of an adult model and bundles them all together onto a single page. One resource to rule them all, I guess...

Manually searching for all social media accounts of all your favorite porn starlets in the adult film industry can take up quite some time... At least, that's how it used to be. Our website changes that by combining all the social media accounts onto a single, easy to navigate page. While in the meantime, also experiment by integrating the latest web-tech.

Besides browsing our website, our visitors also have the opportunity to install our browser extension for both Google Chrome or the Firefox browser. More apps for various different devices, will follow soon.

Grab our free pornstar social media finder browser extension

New models will be added daily.

For any question(s), contact us at: