Using blockchain technology as a database...

Let's call it a blockchain experiment. One hell of a sexy blockchain experiment! Not familiar with the term blockchain? Maybe crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum might ring a bell. The technology behind those crypto currencies is known as the blockchain.

In short: a blockchain is pretty much a chain of blocks. Each block holds data. In the case of crypto currencies, each block would hold data about transactions being made (in Bitcoin or Litecoin for example). On this website we don't store transaction info in these blocks. Instead, each block holds all the data of one pornstar. Data like height, hair color, color of the eyes, aliases, but most importantly: her social media accounts. Social pages including: Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Camsoda.

Can a blockchain be used as a backend database for a website? Yes it can! Our website; is pretty much proof of that.

What makes a database on a blockchain so unique is the way it uses hashing techniques to verify data hasn't been changed nor altered (see image above). For more information on hashes and a more detailed introduction to the blockchain technology, click here.

API for developers

Webmasters that want to add the social media pages of pornstars on their own websites can call our public API.

You can use CURL to fetch the data of a model in Json format. Just paste the hash after api.php?hash=hash here.

Example url:


    "twitter": "mysexykiaramia",
"snapchat": "nunya7777",
"instagram": "theonlykiaramia",
"facebook": "only.kiara.mia",
"camsoda": "kiaramia",
"onlyfans": "theonlykiaramia",
"status": "200",
"message": "OK" }

A fully working PHP example on how to use the API can be found here on Github.

Our goal?

Our goal is to create the largest database of pornstars on social media. A simple to use website that collects all social media accounts of one model and bundles them on a single page. Manually searching for all social media accounts can take up quite some time... Our goal is to change that by combining them all on a single (easy to navigate) page!

New models will be added daily.

Contact us at: