Chat With Pornstars on Telegram Groups (2024)

Happen to be both a pornstar fanatic and an avid user of the Telegram messenger application either on your smart phone or laptop, or even both, for that matter? Well, in that case, this one's for you!

Curious to find out which 37 pornstars are inviting their fans to come and join them on their own, official, Telegram group chat? I bet you do, so keep on reading!

In this article we will share all the hot girls in the adult film industry who have launched their own official Telegram chat group which you'll get to join for free, so you'll never have to miss out on any future updates from that particular pornstar ever again.

On top of that, you'll get the chance to chat with your favorite girls in the porn industry. Perhaps you have a few questions you'd like to ask her something or compliment her on some of her recent, steamy content. Why not give it a shot?

List of pornstars on Telegram chat app 2022

The Telegram instant messaging app offers a great way for adult models and fans to connect with each other through Telegram's servers and software, which can be used entirely free of charge.

Pornstars get to notify fans each time they've posted an update (such as a brand new video or any other piece of content) on third party platforms, while fans can make sure they'll never going to miss out on any of their favorite adult content creator's latest works, fresh teasers or arousing uploads on various social media platforms, like ever again. Now that sounds like quite the win-win situation to me.

Somehow the usage of Telegram hasn't really been picked up by most of the girls working in the adult business (yet). However, there are some real solid reasons and benefits to why more models in the porn industry might want to reconsider launching their own Telegram channel after all, somewhere in the future.

In short, the main reason being the ease of use for creating and thus, sharing, automated updates among fans that joined their chat room. More on that subject later, but first things first - a quick FAQ about Telegram for those not familiar with the software yet.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Telegram

Let's dive into some of Telegram's unique selling points and basic, but frequently asked questions about the app. Feel free to skip the questions listed in the FAQ below, in case you'd rather skip right to the "good parts", aka the spicy parts. Yes, I'm talking about the part involving all the ass 'n titties, that is!

What exactly is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the most widely used and beloved instant messaging applications in the current day and age, both among desktop and mobile users. Its massive, 700+ million active users pretty much say it all. The app was launched back in August 14, 2013.

On top of that, Telegram's users count seem to be growing at a rapid rate, according to this source, even as high as 40% every 12 months. So what made this piece of software grow into such a large and global success?

Telegram is often the number one choice as messaging app for those among us which value privacy features the most. Due to its unique features and privacy first approach, as well as the app's open-source nature, Telegram offers a perfect, with "privacy-first" in mind, alternative instant messaging application compared to some of its main competitors such as the Facebook owned and operated - WhatsApp Messenger, but also Microsoft's Skype can be added to that list.

Due to Facebook's bad reputation in terms of privacy and being infamous for its data collection, the choice between using Telegram over WhatsApp to communicate with peers is likely an easy pick and pretty much a no-brainer for users that don't feel like they want to have to worry about their messaging app also having all sorts of privacy issues, potential spying or unwanted forms of data collection.

The differences between Telegram and its competition?

There are quite a few differences between Telegram and other similar messaging applications (such as the widely used chat apps WhatsApp or Skype). One of its biggest selling point over its competitors? Telegram offering a privacy-oriented user experience and custom build, encryption features. That, plus the feature to build your own chat bots.

The final feature is also important in today's case, since it provides lots of customizable options for automation for Telegram users (while maintaining their own group channel).

In summary, Telegram's two main unique selling points are:

  • Security and privacy oriented
  • Automation features (by creating custom bots)

Telegram uses its own encryption method and ways of connecting its users with one another through their servers, by blending the usage of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman tech to securely exchange keys between participants in the chat.

Telegram bots (for automated tasks)

The creation and freedom to build auto-updating and auto-posting bots for a Telegram chat group owner, is one of the most easy to use and most user-friendly "bot creation" features we've ever seen compared to other social media platforms or similar apps we've stumbled upon in the past.

Literally all it takes in order to create your own custom bot is by starting a chat with another Telegram bot known as the @Botfather. Say hello to the Botfather, follow the instructions on screen, go register your new bot's name, all of this should take only around one or two minutes of your time.

Telegram allows for quite the freedom in terms of setting up some of the bot's rules as well, which by the way, can all be done through an easy to use interface within the app it self.

Now your bot is almost ready to go, what's left is linking any type of public API endpoint to pull fresh data and automatically send the updates to your very own pornstar group chat (through your newly created bot).

All is left is spending 30 minutes digging through the developers instructions on the Telegram website to find out how to programatically publish new chat messages (updates) by pulling live data from third party services such as social media networks or cam sites.

Example services which can send automated data, by leveraging their API endpoint:

  • Twitter feed updates (post a new message for every new Tweet).
  • Share an update with fans each time new content gets uploaded to clip stores such as ManyVids.
  • Notify users in the chat room all at once, whenever the model (owner of the Telegram group) is about to go live on adult webcam websites like Chaturbate, Camsoda or any other adult webcam platform of choice. As long as they provide an API, which 99% of modern platforms do.
  • The sky is the limit basically, consdering most modern platforms these days offer some sort of API features and therefore, can be linked directly to the Telegram group bot. Remember to keep it discreet. Sharing uncensored, hardcore content is asking for a ban.

As mentioned earlier, fans won't have to worry about missing any of their favorite pornstar's brand new, freshly squeezed "wank-materials", while pornstars get to notify and send out updates from all sorts of different platforms which they are active on, and share the news among their fans directly and again, on full auto-pilot.

That win-win situation alone makes Telegram an interesting app for models to interact with fans, because of course, besides the automated update notifications, adult models also get to actually join the chat themselves and have an actual real chat with fans instead, whenever they've got the time and are in the mood to do so.

The learning curve for bot development is surprisingly easy. For reference, we were able to put out a working Telegram bot of our own in less than an hour or two! Yes, it's coming soon by the way... Hang in tight!

By the way, if the idea of building and adding your own Telegram bot to your group chat got you intrigued? All the developer information can be found here and will get you started in no-time.

Should you join official pornstar Telegram groups?

Come on, you already know the answer to this question - Hell yeah!

If for some odd reason you're somehow still not yet convinced to check out these wild girls on Telegram, let's give you a quick overview on why you actually should join these adult film stars, and no, not just on social media, but also on Telegram:

  • Never miss out on any of her social media updates ever again.
  • Never miss out on any of her steamy, soaking wet, live cam shows ever again.
  • Did your favorite porn starlet just shot a brand new porn scene? You'll be the first to know for which website.
  • Live interaction in the chat - go ask her about all of your dirty little questions but remember, keep it respectful. *Not all adult models might join in live. If she does, she also won't be online 24/7, so chill out.
  • Freebies! From exclusive lingerie candids to topless hand-bra photos, exclusive eye-candy is pretty much another damn good reason on why to join these porn starlets on Telegram. A no-brainer even, if you'd ask me.
  • The latest and greatest selfshot clips now available on her OnlyFans or Fancentro profile? What are you waiting for? Pull your pants down, let the fap-marathon begin!

Where to download the app?

Entirely new to the messaging app called Telegram? Still, already can't wait to try and test it yourself? We've got you covered. Just go and click on one of the buttons below, which will take you directly to the app store, where you can grab and install the latest version for your device right away... Cheers!

Quick reminder: for security reasons, always make sure to download the latest software version for PC or mobile apps, always from its verified, original source.

With that out of the way, it's finally time to flaunt some skin. Hooray for boobies, indeed! And well, we'll be adding quite the amount of juicy, wigglin' asses into the mix as well for the ass-worshippin' freaks among us too. Fair is fair, right?

List of pornstars on Telegram chat app 2022 - screenshot Sonya Blaze Telegram group

Ladies and gents, without further ado - meet the famous porn starlets that you can join on their official Telegram groups. Brace yourself for some real hot and spicy, instant messaging time!

Top 5 Official Pornstar Telegram Chats (You Should Join)

Let's kick things off with our personal recommendations - meet the staff picks! In other words, joining any of these 5 official pornstar Telegram groups listed below is something you won't going to regret. What better way to start with one of the hottest, fresh faces in the porn industry - the stunning Sonya Blaze.

Pornstar Sonya Blaze (@SonyaBlazeOfficial Telegram Group)

Her name says it all - Sonya Blaze, the spicy brunette that will set your imagination on fire. This raunchy bomb was born on December 1, 1999, in Russia.

Tall and slender, she has always attracted naughty views, which gave her enough confidence to start stripping online. One look at her stunning striptease performance for iStripper will be enough to understand the magnetism that this hottie boasts. This bomb is more than happy to show her 33-23-34 body while the cameras keep rolling.

Watch Sonya strip nude on your desktop (via

The belle won't stop shooting porn any time soon, and so far, she has starred for Blacked, Rocco Siffredi Productions, and LetsDoIt. Although still new to the business, Sonya Blaze has already made a name for herself as a versatile pornstar. She's done it all, from pussy licking, fingering, and solo shows, to crude anal sex scenes.

All natural and beautiful, Sonya Blaze easily fits into all sorts of roles. She looks stunning in lacy lingerie but rocks pin-up and schoolgirls style with ease.

The temptress has her official account on Telegram, where she shares exciting details about her life, as well as hot photos. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to check this hottie out!

Join @SonyaBlazeOfficial Telegram chat

Pornstar Anastasia Brokelyn (@AnastasiaBrokelynGroup Telegram Group)

Mysterious and tantalizing at the same time, Anastasia Brokelyn is recognizable for her petite frame and a naughty tattoo above her pussy saying Mine and Yours. And well, of course the fact that she's shooting porn.

This divine brunette was born on March 16, 1995, in Madrid, Spain. Instead of being like all other teenagers, Anastasia decided to break free and confess her dirty secret to the world - this vixen is a sex addict who licks pussies as eagerly as she slurps on cocks.

She popped her porn cherry in 2019 and has shot over forty adult movies so far. At first, Anastasia Brokelyn felt more comfortable doing lesbian scenes, but the desire to go hardcore soon overwhelmed her.

Photo courtesy of

Although petite, the insatiable chick takes two cocks up her orifices like a champ and enjoys raw gangbangs. So far, Anastasia Brokelyn has been featured in X-rated movies coming from Mofos, 21 Sextury Network, Nubile Films, Reality Kings, and so on. The raunchy brunette likes to share her immense fucking talent with her fans, but she doesn't stop there.

She communicates with her fans on her official Telegram page, which she uses to draw more inspiration for her upcoming hardcore scenes. Visit her Telegram page and make sure to feast your eyes on Anastasia's flawless, 34B-25-36 body.

Join @AnastasiaBrokelynGroup Telegram chat

Pornstar Claudia Bavel

That's a pair of tits you'll never forget! Pouty lips, a floral tattoo, long black hair - meet Claudia Bavel, the inspiration for your next wet dream! The busty spinner was born on March 21, 1996, in Barcelona, Spain. And finally, now you'll have to chance to join her own Telegram group, woohoo!

The artistic bombshell has always been the party animal, swaying her hips on beaches, flirting with dudes. She was a part of a TV show during her teen years, where she discovered her love for cameras. Soon enough, the burning desire in her panties pushed her towards webcam joints, where she teased her little pussy, treating both herself and her fans with mind-blowing orgasms.

Claudia Bavel tested the slut waters for the first time in 2016, and her Spanish beauty, flawless curves, and always-wet pussy skyrocketed her to the stars. Today, the brunette boasts an official Telegram page, millions of fans, and over thirty porn movies under her belt, as well as various sizzling hot stripper shows for the iStripper PC software.

Watch Claudia strip nude on your desktop (via

The coquette does it all, showing to the audience that she loves tasting pussy juices as much as she loves extreme fisting. There is nothing in this world that Claudia wouldn't do for an orgasm.

The fun-loving chick became recognizable over the years by her supreme cock-gobbling skills, superb knockers, and a 34C-25-35 body embellished with a couple of feminine, intricate tattoos. Make sure to join her Telegram chat!

Join Claudia Bavel's Telegram Group

Pornstar Lika Star (@LikaStar_official Telegram Group)

Lika Star, a Ukrainian pornstar, was born in Kyiv on December 01, 1997. Don't let her gentle look fool you! This kitten is anything but cuddly! Lika looks like a delicate flower with her pale skin, green eyes, small titties, and blonde hair, but she is a devil in disguise... in a hot and horny, good way, that is!

Lika feels the best when a cock penetrates her narrow asshole, sending shivers down her spine, all the way down to her pussy. When did it all start? It's not clear whether Lika Star tried webcam shows or striptease before venturing into the hardcore world. Her first adult movie was shown to the world in 2017.

The angelic blonde has been a part of over sixty XXX movies in her career. She's licked pussies of Amirah Adara, Evelina Darling, Jia Lissa, Marilyn Crystal, and many others, turning every scene into a masterpiece. Lika has always excelled at seductive lesbian scenes, but her true passion has always been hardcore porn (such as her anal sex scenes for the Evil Angel studio).

Photo courtesy of

The light-haired spinner adores anal sex, especially in positions where she can show her flexible body in all its glory. She collaborated with many renowned European and American adult studios like Blacked, 21 Sextury, Virtual Taboo, Vixen, and Tushy.

Visit Lika Star's official Telegram page to find out more about her lifestyle while enjoying her naughty pictures and of course - be the first to get the news about her latest kinky updates and brand new porn releases.

Join @LikaStar_official Telegram chat

Pornstar Freya Mayer (@FreyaMayer Telegram Group)

Here's another pornstar that's active on Telegram for ya and boy, she's quite the blonde hottie, don't you agree? Freya Mayer was born on the 28th of July, 2000, in Russia.

The world doesn't know much about her teenage years, hobbies, or personal life, but all worshippers of porn know that this beauty is exceptionally talented. Freya is a gorgeous, all-natural blonde with blue eyes, perky boobies, and a 34C-24-35 figure.

This all-around talent has been mesmerizing the masses since 2020, spinning their worlds with seductive scenes that Freya produces by herself.

Photo courtesy of

Talented and gorgeous, Freya Mayer has it all, a beautiful body, gorgeous face, and a dirty mind. She is a great stripper that throws her shows on iStripper and is one of the most popular content creators on OnlyFans.

While these scenes revolve around stripping, teasing, and masturbating, her hardcore scenes show the other side of this wild tigress. LetsDoIt, Vixen, and Blacked had the privilege to cooperate with Freya and capture her beauty with their superb cameras. Open-minded and bubbly, the naughty blonde loves interacting with her fans on a number of social media platforms, including Telegram.

Why not check her Telegram group out? It is packed with steamy photos of the young seductress who knows how to please men.

Join @FreyaMayer Telegram chat

List Of All 37 Pornstars on Telegram (2024)

While the total number of names on this list might be considered small, with total hotties like the tight beauty Sonya Blaze or the fan-favorite porn MILF Sara Jay being featured on that list, who cares, right?

It gets better, I mean, what about the busty blonde pornstars Blondie Bombshell and Katerina Hartlova? Perhaps more into an Asian goddess like the exotic and full-time naughty babe Katana here? Well, there's also the all-natural, naughty and petite types to be found in the adult film industry, such as Emelie Crystal or the kinky cosplayers Yukki Amey or Alice Bong.

Did we really just forgot to mention the gorgeous porn starlet Mary Rock? Oops! How could we ever forget about Mary Rock and her seductive, sensual looks, while knowing how she will satisfy literally any man's hard cock. Both on-camera as well as the thousands of horny viewers from all around the globe.

Mary Rock does anal - Photo courtesy of

With total stunners like the ones listed above, all popping up on our pornstars on Telegram list, you'll simply know you're up for a real treat anyway, even if the list is sort of on the shorter side. Then again, so is the size of my dick and I don't hear anyone complain about that either... but that could also be due to the fact I also never get laid... Oh well, moving on!

Introducing all 37 pornstars which offer fans to cum and join them on their official Telegram group and get notifications on every latest, juicy update by that adult model. If you're lucky, you might even end up catching her live in the chat.

Filter Pornstar Telegram Chat Groups

Enter the name of the adult model in the form above to quickly filter through all pornstars which are actively chatting with their fans using the Telegram messenger app (and find the Telegram chat group links below).

Alternative Methods To Chat With Adult Film Stars Online?

I get it, and as mentioned earlier, the list of pornstars with a Telegram group chat is about the same size as my penis, meaning, it's relatively small. So again, if you're looking for more adult models or if your favorite industry names aren't listed above, we've might have a solution for that too.

In other words - fear not! Because just like those magical blue pills, we are here to save the day, by sharing some alternative methods which allow you to have a naughty little chat with your favorite porn starlets, that is!

Join pornstars live on XXX cam websites

One way to do so would be to join any of those famous girls from the adult film industry which are also actively streaming live on one of the many popular adult cam websites such as Chaturbate, Camsoda or MyFreeCams.

That being said, there might be another option that's highly interesting to you. Yes, we've got another alternative up our sleeve. Dying to find out what that alternative solution might be? Well, what about the Skype messenger app?

Forget Telegram group chats and go private using Skype instead

Skype would be a Telegram app alternative which allows you as a fan, to have a steamy, hot, one on one, private (video) chat with some of those horny girls from your wet dreams, or in other words - the models you like to jerk off to all the time.

We don't blame you one bit. Look, a group chat is fun and all, but going for a private chat with your favorite pornstars using the Skype application, that's some next-level experience. What are you waiting for? Go and have some fun by scheduling a Skype date with the available pornstars on the SkyPrivate platform.

Don't let kinky sluts such as the big titted blonde goddess and porn veteran Loulou Petite wait too long. I mean, now that they are all in the mood, pussy all soaking wet, horny as fuck, dying to start masturbating with you live on webcam, while slowly reaching an orgasm simultaneously. You don't want to disappoint a horny lady in need, right?

Skype with LouLou Petite

Not much into blondines? No worries, there's plenty more fish in the sea left to catch at the SkyPrivate platform, including more famous pornstar names.

For starters, there's the "Latina cutie with a booty", aka Luscious Lopez and her fap-worthy bubble-butt! Or let me guess... What about the famous, red porn vixen Lauren Phillips and her fine jugs? Does she have what it takes to make your balls tingle?

Plenty of different flavours to choose from. Install Skype, register a free account at, browse through all girls and pick that one babe you can hardly resist. Next up, go for a 100% private, real pornstar (video) chat. Now that's an one on one live experience, you'll never going to forget.

Live chat with pornstars on OnlyFans

Alternatively, there's also! Does this site even need an introduction, really? I don't think so. Besides enjoying or jerking off to sexy photos and selfshot sex tapes from your favorite babes on OnlyFans, some pornstars on the platform also like to chat with their loyal fans using their OnlyFans accounts too. Some models like to chat through messaging, others might rather through a live webcam chat.

But there's more! Quite a few adult models on OnlyFans even do "dick ratings", if that's your cup of tea.

If that all sounds exciting to you, we'd suggest you try your luck continuing your search for pornstars to chat with online, by browsing through our large and full list of all pornstars on OnlyFans, which contains over 700+ popular porn starlets (complete with their OnlyFans profile names and links).

But wait! There's more! What about freebies? You like free stuff, right? Visit our monthly updated list of free trial deals by pornstars on OnlyFans.

That's enough pornstar chatter for today, have fun joining these hot adult models on their very own official Telegram groups. Don't forget to browse our website to discover even more pornstars on social media... You're welcome! 😉

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database!

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