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Pornstar STELLA CARDO Biography

Stella Cardo is an adult model, cam girl and pornstar from Ukraine (since 2017). With her incredibly sexy long legs, natural looks, natural big juggs (34D cup) and amazing smile, Stella will easily seduce any man. Think you can handle this young pornstar cutie on social media?

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It's like every time Stella Cardo puts on that sweet smile on her face, my heart just skips a beat... She offers the perfect blend of being arousing and seductive while super cute at the same time.

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Also known as: Stella Cardo

Measurements & Wiki
Country: Ukraine
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Measurements: 37-24-36
Birthday: 19 May 1998
Eyes: Blue
Cup: 34D
Height: 171 cm
Hair: Brunette
Views: 6741
pornhub rank Rank: 14388
Pornstar Trivia
Did you know that... At the end of 2021, Stella Cardo's global Pornhub rank was positioned at number 12214 while starting that year at rank 4110? Looks like the competition is getting tougher every year! Now you know! 😉

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STELLA CARDO's social media stats

Monthly comparison of social activity, ranking and growth (june 2022 vs may 2022)

Instagram Fans 1.93%
1137 followers (last month) 1.93% change
Twitter Fans 1.14%
1330 followers (last month) 1.14% change

Monthly Twitter Activity

Total Twitter Followers: 116.602
Monthly New Followers: 1330
Monthly Change: 1.14%

Total Tweets: 5396
Tweets Last Month: 96

Monthly Instagram Activity

Total Instagram Followers: 58.861
Monthly New Followers: 1137
Monthly Change: 1.93%

Total Instagram Posts: 167
Posts Last Month: 3


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The 2021 Social Media Stats Year Report

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2021 Monthly Social Media Posts

Still actively updating her social media handles? In 2021, Stella Cardo published 1378 new Tweets and a total of 50 times on Instagram.

2021 Monthly Followers Growth

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STELLA CARDO|Also known as: Stella Cardo|Country: Ukraine|Ethnicity: Caucasian|Measurements: 37-24-36|Birthday: 19 May 1998|Eyes: Blue|Cup: 34D|Weight: |Height: 171 cm|Hair: Brunette|StellaStephan69|mysweetykitty|stella_cardo_official|None|None

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