Play (Virtual) Strip Poker Against Real-life Porn Stars

Sure, a good old fashioned game of poker with your buddies is fun and all, but let's face it – playing that popular alternative version of poker, also known as "strip poker", with a bunch of attractive babes taking off their bra and panties will surely double up the fun, doesn't it?

Well, of course, that's assuming you've actually practiced your poker face and know how to win a game of strip poker. Obviously, you'll need to know all the rules and tricks of the game in order to win and therefore, making sure it's your eyes that end up enjoying an arousing show (while watching those hot girls take off their bra and panties).

Strip poker is just that perfect opportunity to make such a magical moment happen. But what if there's yet another way to play strip poker? What if there is an alternative way which truly turns up the heat to its fullest? What if your opponents turned out to be adult film stars?

Pornstars flashing their titties during gameplay of a strip poker session? I don't know about you but I'd say – count me in! Ready to play some virtual strip poker against real-life porn starlets? What a great time to be alive now, ain't it? Time to put on those shades and your poker face, because it's show time! 😎

Play strip poker against the busty pornstar cutie Stella Cardo

Big breasts, a tight body and to top it off – an adorable smile... That's the pornstar Stella Cardo for you in a nutshell. Sounds like the perfect candidate to kick things off with.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Stella Cardo

Stella Cardo knows how to grab your attention when she's putting on a sizzling hot striptease show. She's got the looks and she's got the moves, what else do we need? Like I said before, what a great time to be alive!

Sure, we've seen her strip out of her clothes before, not just in one of the many adult films she performed in, but also for another piece of software for desktop computers, being the legendary iStripper application (which is a Windows tool which transforms your PC into a full-blown strip club).

Watch Stella's stripper shows (via

That being said, I never got the chance before to play a card game with this naughty stunner over here, but I'm surely all up for it. Today, we finally have that opportunity and we owe it all to a bunch of horny developers from Poland known as Torquemada Games.

These guys have been producing and releasing strip poker videogames since 2002 and especially with their later game titles, the Torquemada team really delivers, both in terms of gameplay and of course – in terms of the steamy visual presentation!

But hey, let's not forget to give credit to the adult models starring in Torquemada's strip poker games. After all, these girls are the ones that made the actual striptease content of the games as exciting as it turned out to be.

Torquemada Games' debut game Video Strip Poker Classic ( web archive) was released back in 2002, while still relatively bare-bones in comparison to their later titles, still the game already came packed with a whoppin' 90 different girls to choose as your strip poker partner. Over the years, the game had grown its own fan following.

Video Strip Poker HD (PC Game)

But where things really got interesting is when the developers finally switched to 1080P HD video with the release of the third title in their naughty poker game series, the 2013 PC release of Video Strip Poker HD, which was a huge improvement in video quality, especially compared to its predecessors.

It gets even better – this game features over 150 babes to play against, offering more than enough variety to make sure every player will find someone that matches his personal taste. From busty blondes to sexy ebony and Asian girls and yes, that would also include full-blown pornstars like Lady Dee and Angelika Grays.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Stella Cardo

That being said and even with that many sexy girls to choose from, due to her amazing, massive tits, cute looks and just overall natural beauty, Stella Cardo has definitely earned my number one spot as my opponent for a game of strip poker first. Stella, show us what you've got! 😍

Play Strip Poker with Stella Cardo
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Hardcore play with Henessy?

Let's get a little bit more hardcore, shall we? Enter Alina Henessy, a ravishing brunette that doesn't mind getting a bit more hardcore when the camera's are rolling, especially compared to the other pornstars on this list.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Henessy

From giving sloppy deep-throat blowjobs to anal sex or getting freaky in a group sex scene, Henessy is down with it all.

Not just that, she also has been in the adult business for quite some time by now, making her pornstar debut in 2008 at the age of 19. Probably also one of the reasons she has been growing such a large fan-following throughout her career so far.

Photo courtesy of (link includes 20% discount).

Don't believe me on my word? You can see for yourself how wild this brunette likes to get when she's shaggin' on-camera. For starters, you could do so by checking out her butt-tastic anal videos on Henessy's own official website at or at premium porn websites like Evil Angel or Rocco Siffredi, just to give a few examples.

The thing is, there really isn't any need for Henessy to do all that hardcore stuff though, simply because she's already such an extremely attractive babe. Still, she chooses to go "balls-deep" in all holes and take things to the next level anyway... Now that's dedication ladies and gentlemen.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Henessy

I just hope she isn't as dedicated when it comes down to card games because, well, as you can imagine, that could ruin my chances of getting to worship Henessy's fine naked body, curves, boobs and that delicious booty after beating her in a game of strip poker.

Play Strip Poker with Henessy
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Play strip poker against fan-favorite pornstar Sybil (aka Sybil A)

Sybil, often credited as Sybil A on various websites, is no stranger to the world of adult entertainment. In fact, more the complete opposite. This pretty one is literally all over the internet and in most cases – she can be found all over the interwebs while flaunting her 5 star knockers!

Play strip poker with real life porn star Sybil A

The fan-favorite pornstar Sybil absolutely has a fine rack. I mean, just look at those hooters – they are big, juicy, just perfect, and luckily for us horny fans, Sybil isn't the type of girl that seems to be shying away from showing "them" off in public neither...

Well, ain't that a really sweet gesture? You know what "they" say about sharing is caring, right? Or what about - If you've got it, flaunt it? Well, Sybil sure has been listening because she flaunts it all and she flaunts "them" a lot!

Watch Sybil's stripper shows (via

There's one big but though, because for whatever reason, Sybil does indeed strip bare naked during the game, but sadly and surprisingly enough, she has most of her skin, especially the good parts, covered with body-paint.

There is a logical explanation for all of this. You see, Torquemada also released a fourth game in their strip poker PC game series, and guess what the final entry from 2018 is called? It's called Art Strip Poker.

So I assume you can connect the dots yourself on why they ended up slapping paint on top of such a beautiful pair of hooters.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Sybil A

She might have a pretty face and we already know she's hot as hell, has great tits and knows how to spread her legs in front of the camera-lens and all that, but the million dollar question remains – but what about Sybil's actual poker face? Can this pornstar play a good game of (strip) poker or not?

Only one way to find out and just like the lyrics from Triple H's iconic entrance music by Motörhead say – "Time to play the game".

Play Strip Poker with Sybil A
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By the way, Sybil isn't the only famous pornstar appearing in the Art Strip Poker PC game and it's absolutely worth mentioning that the blonde goddess Nancy Ace is available as your poker player opponent in the same game too.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Nancy A

Play Strip Poker with Nancy Ace
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Play strip poker against the blonde Czech pornstar Angel Wicky

Wicked, blonde, busty and wild - here's yet another adult film star I wouldn't pass on the opportunity to have a sizzling hot strip poker face-off with. On top of that, with a killer-body like that, as well as her long golden locks, the Czechia born porn starlet Angel Wicky, surely brings quite the eye-candy to the table.

Even more so the minute she starts dropping her all of her clothing one by one and right in front of your eyes.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Angel Wicky

This entry on the list might be a little bit more of a lesser known candidate among porn fans living outside of Europe, however, she's far from a stranger to the adult film industry (and has been around since 2009).

To those that aren't familiar with the talented Angel Wicky yet, I guess this makes the perfect time for me to let me introduce this busty model, former Playboy Playmate and adult film star to you guys...

I've got a better idea! Perhaps we should let this Czech bombshell introduce herself to you instead, by simply having you pick Angel Wicky as your very first opponent in the Video Strip Poker HD game! How about that?

Play Strip Poker with Angel Wicky
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Blonde starlet Katerina Hartlova (and her massive tits) like to challenge you to a steamy card game

Men from Poland seem to be digging girls with "big guns" a whole lot, if you know what I mean. Or at least, the Polish developers at Torquemada Games sure did, considering they hand-picked a whole lot of busty bombshells to be featured in their strip poker game series.

Oh don't get me wrong, we're not complaining. In all honesty, I actually believe those guys have a real great taste, but that's just my personal observation. But I can't be the only one spotting a bit of a pattern here, right?

Play strip poker with real life porn star Katerina Hartlova

The devs seem to understand that content is king! And well, since you can't go wrong with presenting massive hooters bouncing up and down the player's screen, that means the content provided by fine, busty ladies such as the porn starlet Katerina Hartlova over here, definitely is the type of content I consider to be 100% king.

Torquemada's fine choice for big-titted models actually makes a lot of sense when you come to think about it. It's almost as if they want the player to feel as excited as they would get when they are about to unwrap that giant mystery present sitting underneath the Christmas tree.

Fair enough, I just made that last part up, but still, playing a strip poker match against someone like pornstar Katerina Hartlova, it kinda makes the player's final reward for winning the poker game, aka that "big reveal", just seem to feel more like an actual "big reveal", like literally, if you know what I'm saying.

Photo courtesy of

Hold on though, time to hit the brakes here as I'm getting way too far ahead of myself again. Before we get treated to that final magical "big reveal", that heavenly moment in which Katerina finally drops her bra and undies, her last pieces of clothing, we still need to accept her challenge first.

Better cross our fingers that we're going to draw the lucky cards during our strip poker competition today because the reward is going to be massive. Again, like literally - massive!

Play Strip Poker with Katerina Hartlova
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Play strip poker against the tiny porn starlet Little Caprice

I'm glad that we finally are seeing some variety on today's list, time meet another pretty face performing in porn that's awaiting your answer whether or not you dare to accept their naughty little challenge.

While she's being credited as Lucy on the official Video Strip Poker HD website, as well as in-game, every guy that's has been a fan of watching a hot and steamy porn flick every once and a while, is definitely going to recognize this sexy tiny spinner, knowing that this tight brunette starlet over here, isn't called Lucy.

Play strip poker with real life porn star Little Caprice

You can call her Lucy if you'd like, this game can name her whatever they want really, I don't mind, but she's always going to be Little Caprice to us. And by us, I mean, being the perverted, avid porn viewers, that we are.

Let's be honest here, didn't we all got very excited that very first time you've got to watch Caprice "in action", just to be amazed to see such an innocent and cute looking small girl, making out with other bare naked gals, taking care of hard cocks, while performing all sorts of kinky things on-screen?

Not going to lie, it sure caught me by surprise! These would definitely fall under the kind of pleasant surprises which I don't mind experiencing all day, everyday!

Play strip poker with real life porn star Little Caprice

She likes to take care of business and she likes to take care of hard cocks, that's something you'll quickly learn the minute you've seen her starring in one of her porn movies. Now guess what? There's also something we really like... challenging Little Caprice for a little strip poker battle, that is.

I simply can't wait to watch her slowly undress and start revealing that sweet, sexy, tight and petite body of hers while she's in her Eve-costume.

Play Strip Poker with Little Caprice
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In desperate need of a racy rival to play blackjack with? Fear not, Chrissy Marie is here to be your stripping dealer!

Torquemada isn't the only software developers team which hires adult film stars to have them featured in their adult games, far from it! That's right, turns out that Torquemada Games has a rival... a very racy rival, that is!

Play strip poker with real life porn star Chrissy Marie

Enter, a website which offers two erotic PC games – strip poker and a stripper version of blackjack. Both games include a wide variety of opponents and dealers to play against, most of which all have their own theme (and involve all sorts of different cosplays), so both are definitely worth checking out.

One of the girls featured on Racy Rivals Strip Blackjack? That would be porn starlet Chrissy Marie taking on the role of "beach girl" Ellie.

Photo courtesy of

Well, it's hard to refuse an offer to play a little game of strip blackjack coming from someone as hot (and having such lovely big breasts) as Chrissy Marie, especially when she's already trying to lure me in to come and play while only wearing a tiny bikini...

She's giving me some serious summer vibes! That, and a boner. 😛

Play strip poker with real life porn star Chrissy Marie

Play Strip Poker with Chrissy Marie (at

The cosplayer, cam girl and rising porn starlet Yukki Amey wants to challenge you to a game

Just like Little Caprice, the fresh industry face Yukki Amey is quite the smaller chick as well. You might not have heard of Yukki over here and that's not that strange to be honest because she has been in the adult business for only a relatively short period of time.

Yukki's career in porn might be short so far, however, she doesn't appear to have any problems making that "thing" inside my pants grow incredibly large hihi.

She does seem to be the type that wants to do it all – from erotic cosplay sessions to masturbating live on webcam, shooting fap-worthy porn scenes for popular studios, as well as producing horny selfies and hot videos for her followers on her own premium fan club pages (such as her Fancentro profile).

Play strip poker with real life porn star Yukki Amey

And top of it all, fans now finally have the chance to pick her as their opponent in the Video Strip Poker HD game! Sometimes life just tends to get a little wild... I'd bet that the rising pornstar Yukki Amey knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Play Strip Poker with Yukki Amey
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Dare to challenge the Asian model Li Moon for some strip poker fun?

Stil keeping it fun-sized over here so it seems. The next pornstar on our list who's up for a naughty game of strip poker? That would be yet another tight and petite beauty queen, not just that, also a total cutie, one who even mixes in some spicy Asian ingredients to today's list as well.

I'm talking about the one and only adult Asian model and virtual stripper, the lovely exotic babe - Li Moon!

Play strip poker with real life porn star Li Moon

Users which have the iStripper app installed on their PC are likely already familiar with Li Moon's dancing and striptease skills, since she has a wide variety of stripper shows available for fans to watch and enjoy.

This small chick knows how to hypnotize you and making you drool, thanks to the sexy and mesmerizing ways she manages to make her tight body move while showing off her dance moves.

Not only that, but Li Moon also has that fun and naughty sparkle in her eye when she's putting on her arousing performance, making every man feel all excited in the process.

Watch Li Moon's stripper shows (via

Her stripper shows involve all sorts of different themes, lingerie or cosplay outifts but in the end, they all end up the very same – Li Moon hopping around bare naked on your computer screen. Long story short, users of the iStripper software already know that Li Moon has quite the stripper skills. But does that also mean that she's automatically a pro at being a poker player?

Who knows, right? I surely like to find out! Just like Tequila, that sounds to me like it's worth a shot.

Play Strip Poker with Li Moon
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Don't let Mila Azul's gigantic jugs distract you while playing strip poker

If you thought the other adult film stars had a big rack already, I think it's safe to say that we've unintentionally just saved the best for last. Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you, another familiar face among fans of porn movies and total beauty queen - the one and only Mila Azul!

Photo courtesy of MetArt Network.

That's right, if you guys are ready to look up, you might notice that there's actually quite the pretty face to be found, right above those humongous milk cans.

You see, that's the thing... How can this be fair? Mila Azul's boobs are just that damn freakin' massive that just like my own penis when I'm staring at this stunner, it's "hard" not to get distracted by those "twins".

One way or another, it gives pornstar Mila Azul quite the advantage over her male opponents. I guess this is the way for the developers, besides treating its players onto a ton of arousing entertainment, to make sure the game also offers an actual challenge.

Something tells me that playing Video Strip Poker HD against Mila Azul is kinda like taking on the final end-boss of pretty much any other videogame out there.

But man, imagine you'll get lucky, end up having all the right cards in your hand and eventually end up being rewarded to a steaming hot striptease by this brunette goddess and her wonderful rack... It's going to give you a real good taste of what heaven must be like.

I'm not going to deny the fact that it's going to be challenging taking on a game of strip poker while having such a big and perfect shaped juicy melons sitting in front of me, but I've sure as hell got the balls to at least try to keep focussed during our game...

I must and I shall resist getting distracted by those evil hypnotizing boobs. You think you are up for that task too?

Play strip poker with real life porn star Mila Azul

Play Strip Poker with Mila Azul
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Sex sells? The history of Strip Poker in gaming

So that's it then? Nope, far from it. It would simply be impossible to list all strip poker games which feature adult film stars because there are simply too many released throughout the years. Even dating all the way back to the very early days of videogames.

Pretty much every retro console and era had its own fair share of strip poker game releases, whether it be on cartridges, floppy-disks, CD-ROM, DVD or in modern times – as a digital download for PC, Android or as a browser game.

We are literally talking about hundreds of game titles here, dating back from the Commodore 64 days, to the ZX Spectrum, Atari ST consoles and custom made arcade cabinets. Even the original NES had its own naughty poker title: Peek-A-Boo Poker.

Other franchises wanted to get their piece of the pie too, resulting in games such as Leisure Suit Larry's Casino being released (back in 1999). It gives me the impression that pretty much every developer from back in the day wanted to cash in on this phenomenon known as virtual strippers.

Don't even get me started on the many web-based strip poker games. It's just a lot, and that's an understatement! I guess it's safe to say that strip poker games have always been popular.

Adult models featuring in Strip Poker games (since the 80's)

Using famous adult models to promote poker games isn't exactly something new either. For starters, during the late 80's, the highly popular British pin-up model Maria Whittaker was also featured as the star of her own strip poker game series (Maria's Christmas Box and Cover Girl Strip Poker).

Play strip poker with real life porn star All Star Strip Poker Trilogy PC Games

Other PC CD-ROM games would include the All Star Strip Poker trilogy from 2006 (and the third game in 2008), which featured European models and pornstars such as: Maria Bellucci, Nikky Blond, Katalin Kiraly, Mandy Bright, Angel Dark, Suzie Diamond, Kelly Norton,Vanessa Cooper, Veronica Vanoza, Valentine Rush, Christina Lee and more.

Hell, there's even one of those classic Plug 'n Play TV games manufactured by Jakks Pacific which features the legendary porn icon Jenna Jameson... How about that, ha?

Play strip poker with real life porn star Jenna Jameson Strip Poker Plug 'n Play TV Game

Let's end it here with Jenna Jameson's Plug & Play TV Game, because I feel like I've seen and played far too much strip poker for a single day. In other words - I leave it up to you to pick a hot and horny opponent from our list of pornstars above to have some fun with during a spicy game of poker... Enjoy!

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database!

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