18 And Over: An Erotic, OnlyFans Slasher Movie (2022)

OnlyFans goes Horror in the "18 And Over" slasher movie! Now I don't know about you but to me, that sounds like just about the type of entertainment I consider to be a whole lot of fun. A bunch of half naked, hot girls combined with blood and guts, it's an intriguing concept, to say the least, and "it" has finally arrived.

The Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson takes on the role of an adult model who's actively posting on an adult platform similar to OnlyFans. So far so good, but I feel there's a big twist to it. Well, I guess these girls better start running because there appears to be a psycho killer on the loose.

Like any other slasher flick, that means we probably can expect a bloody axe, plenty bikini's, a few topless hooters, and of course, a cut-off body part or two.

Felt like it was only a matter of time before someone would be blending those two things together and turn it into a steamy movie experience, especially since we've already had the pleasure to watch the adult webcams inspired horror movie "Cam", which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Mainstream Film Meets Adult Entertainment

When mainstream meets adult entertainment, the type of crossover movies we didn't know we'd needed, but we do very much appreciate, now that we've got the chance to experience it.

Before the term "OnlyFans horror" was even a considered to be a thing, the closest thing we had to do it with was the "cam girl horror movie" with the title Cam, available on the Netflix streaming service.

Cam (2018)

The 2018 "Cam" movie, directed by Daniel Goldhaber, tells the story of the popular cam girl Alice Ackerman, who goes by her internet-persona Lola on a popular NSFW webcam site.

Lola who has spend the past months growing quite the large number of followers thanks to her creative, highly arousing, live webcam shows in which she treats her horny fans onto some daily entertainment, including her highly anticipated, Twitch-inspired, hot thub streaming sessions.

Lola suddenly comes face to face with her own demons as her worst nightmare just became a reality, when out of nowhere, her webcam profile suddenly got hacked. Her cam profile page has been taken over, from what appears to be, a mysterious doppelganger who looks eerie similar to Lola herself. And so the mystery begins.

Her lookalike even starts broadcasting on the fictional website FreeGirlsLive, which by the way, looks a whole lot like the real-life MyFreeCams.com website.

She's even using Lola's very own account name when impersonating her live on stream, while none of her loyal viewers seem to notice something strange is going on. Perhaps those poor horny fellas were simply a little bit distracted and too busy playing with their one-eyed snake to notice any small changes during the heat of the moment. I sure can't blame them.

Things are about to get really creepy from there on out, because after all, don't forget that this is a psychological horror flick.

The Nanny Incident - 10 Most Watched Taboo-Breaking Porn Videos at PureTaboo.com

Watch all nude scenes from Cam (2018)

The 2018 Netflix film "Cam" is quite entertaining and turned out to be a lot better than I initially expected. It had its moments, both in terms of creepy scenes, mystery elements, as well as some shining moments of nudity on display starring the main lead actress Madeline Brewer and her attractive appearance, fine body, as well as her small, but sexy, perky breasts.

Not entirely surprising, consider the movie's mature theme. It's more or less an unwritten law that topless shots in a movie about cam girls are an absolute must, ain't it?

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18 And Over (2022)

Since Netflix's "Cam" already tried mixing mainstream film with adult entertainment elements, one could only wonder if OnlyFans would be the next "adult industry" subject to join that list... And well, here you have your answer.

Enter "18 And Over", a film where horror meets OnlyFans girls, or to be more precisely, a film where OnlyFans models come eye to eye with a bat-swinging psychopath. I'd say - bring it on!

Ashley Benson nude in bath in movie still from the erotic, OnlyFans-inspired slasher film 18 And Over.

The latest hype in the world of adult entertainment since recent years, without a doubt, has got to be OnlyFans. Let's face it, if even your 60+ year old parents have heard about this phenomenon known as OnlyFans, it confirms that it's kind of a big deal. Like always, whenever something, no matter what "that thing" might be, suddenly becomes a big hit, it's only a matter of time before someone decides to turn it into a movie.

The obvious next big thing on that list would be OnlyFans!

For those unaware because they have been living under a rock for the past few years, OnlyFans is a platform which allows "content creators", both mainstream content, but the platform gained most popularity due to all the NSFW type of content creators which are actively selling their selfshot content using their platform.

The OnlyFans website makes it extremely easy for pornstars, models, pro or amateurs alike, to monetize their premium content, while fans can subscribe to their profile feed to gain access and enjoy all the exclusive pics and videos (for a monthly fee).

A simple concept, yet, a concept which turned out become a massive financial success for both the owners of the platform, as well as the active models. With such success, a movie based or inspired on the OnlyFans platform was simply inevitable and now it has arrived.

Erotic OnlyFans Slasher Movie - 18 And Over - Ashley Benson movie stills compilation

But before we dive into the erotic, OnlyFans-inspired horror movie "18 And Over", let's refresh your memory a bit on the slasher genre as whole. More importantly, their "big selling points". It won't take long before you'll find out why the slasher horror genre seems like the best fit for this flick.

What Would A Slasher Movie Be Without T&A? (Tits And Ass)

What would any fun slasher movie be without at least a couple of total unnecessary boob shots, right?

Whatever the scenery of any random slasher film you're watching might be, no matter if it's a group of school girls camping in the woods, or perhaps horny cheerleaders hopping around on screen, in the end, you'll know that there's only one thing lurking right around the corner: a psycho killer waving its bloody knife or axe around.

Either that, or some heavenly, random camera close-up of a girl in bra and undies is about to pop-up on your screen next.

Talitha Luke Eardley having steamy sex in the woods in the slasher film Wrong Turn 6 (2014).

Hard not remember epic movie scene moments such as the busty blonde Kinsey Wolanski flashing her massive breasts in Slasher Party (2000), actress Katie Holmes stripping topless in The Gift (2000), that steamy sex scene in the woods from "Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort" (2014), Linnea Quigley in the Christmas slasher "Silent Night, Deadly Night" from 1984, just to list some examples. Each of those are Oscar-worthy moments, in my book.

Don't even get me started on all the nudity in horror movies such as Piranha 3D, which even go a bit further in terms of pleasing their audience, by including various pornstar cameos. I mean, it doesn't get any better than seeing a busty goddess like pornstar Ashlynn Brooke flashing her juicy, gigantic tits for no reason whatsoever.

Watch All Piranha 3D Nude Scenes (at MrSkin.com)

Point being, anyone who has seen a slasher movie or two is very much aware of the genre's traditions. Speaking of which, be sure to also check out our article covering all pornstars that starred in horror movies, for more fun facts and real spicy horror movie moments.

In my humble opinion, these are exactly the type of traditions that should be honored until the end of times. After all, isn't "don't try to fix things that ain't broken" something people often used to say?

The Perfect Flickbait

While I was refreshing my memories and browsing through the large library of slasher movie titles, it's easy to noticed how 9 out of 10 DVD covers all feature at least one, or sometimes even a group of girls in bikini.

Oh well, at least the genre is well aware of its "big selling points" here. But then again, what do you expect from titles such as Zomboobies, Zombeaver, Piranha 3D(D), or Big Tits Zombies anyway?

Slasher Horror Films with Bikini Babes on the DVD cover

If this isn't proof that the term "sex sells" is more than true. Slapping a busty hot chick on top of the DVD cover won't likely decrease the sales number, that's for sure. Whether you like to admit it or not, it grabs "our" attention. Men are somewhat predictable, I guess. Not entirely a big surprise because "great minds think alike", right?

The sex scenes in these horror, slasher or flickbait movies is often even the whole reason for the characters which leads them straight into the antagonist's bloody hands. Their own hormones got the best of them as it prevents them from making smart decisions, eventually, resulting in those poor guys and gals to get their heads cut off straight.

On the bright side, at least those poor fellas got "head" before they ended up getting beheaded, that's got to count for something, right?

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema. Two of the best moments from the classic slasher franchise - Friday the 13th.

Even if you look at one of, if not "the" most famous title in the slasher genre, aka the Friday the 13th film series, starring Jason Voorhees, the killer who's famous for wearing his iconic hockey mask, do you actually remember what made Jason turn into the blood-thirsty killer we all know him for today?

I can give you a little hint: it all had to do with sex...

You see, when poor Jason was still a kid, he got send off to Camp Crystal Lake by his mom. However, the horny, young camp leaders down at Camp Crystal Lake were suppose to be looking after the kids, but instead, got a little bit distracted while trying to get into each others panties, resulting in Jason drowning in the lake, only to get resurrected with a vengeance, wearing his favorite hockey mask and axe in hand.

Watch all sex scenes from the Friday the 13th franchise

Long story short, tits and ass go "hand to hand" with the horror movie genre, especially the slasher subgenre. This genre is known for being cheesy, often very low-budget, doesn't take itself too serious, but overall, will make up for a good night of entertainment. The amount of hooters on-screen and often "so bad, it's good" plot, totally make up for the lack of budget.

Since OnlyFans is also famous for its smut content similar to slasher flicks, on paper, stitching both together sounds entertaining, and hopefully also, resulting in quite a "sexy" final cut. The type of movie which also fits the description of the term "Flickbait" just about perfect.

The 18 And Over Movie Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

If the adult theme (OnlyFans) in combination with well-known nudity scenes in the slasher film genre somehow wasn't enough already, the creators of "18 & Above" even raised their stakes by doubling down and adding the word "erotic" in front of "slasher movie". A ballsy move, I got to admit, but also a promising one.

The cast, crew and director Jimmy Giannopoulos better make sure to deliver though! For now, go check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

18 And Over [Movie Trailer]

While we can't promise anything, but by looking at some of the cast members that are listed, I don't think we'll need to worry about the lack of titties one bit. Let's have a look at some of the celebrities who got casted for this film.

Sexy Celebrities To Join The "18 And Over" Cast

Finally it's time to meet the scream queens! We can only speculate on how much skin the movie will actually end up revealing. That said, if we look at the list of celebrities and actresses on the cast list, I'm pretty sure we're "up" for some "good times", if you know what I mean.

Meet the pretty babes, social media influencers, artists and Hollywood stars featured in the OnlyFans slasher flick "18 And Over".

Paris Hilton, The Queen Of Blowjobs

Paris Hilton, daughter of the Hilton Hotel CEO, has grown to become quite the media star over the years. Besides being famous for her reality TV series such as "The Simple Life" and "My New BFF", her celebrity status and rise to fame truly started to explode when she got caught on film while showing off her most valuable, hidden talent.

Watch One Night in Paris (Celeb Sex Tape)

What skill that would be, you'd wonder? Paris Hilton recorded herself while bending down on her knees, mouth wide open, as she starts moving her head up and down, ready to blow.

That's one way to kickstart your career. It also wouldn't be the first... *cough* The Kim Kardashian sex tape, anyone? *cough*

Sharing is caring. Personally, believe it's only fair to share such skill with the rest of the world rather than keeping it to yourself, but that's just my humble opinion. Well, Paris Hilton surely did share some of her greatest private moments with the rest of the world and we've got to watch it all on the celebrity sex tape called One Night in Paris. Want to join Paris Hilton during one of her handjob and blowjob parties? This celeb sex tape treats its viewer onto exactly just that.

We can't wait to find out what Paris has in store for us in her role on "18 And Over". Does Paris have a couple more hidden Jedi tricks up her sleeve panties? Let's hope for the best.

Pamela Anderson, The Busty Lifeguard

The famous blonde actress from the classic Baywatch TV series is responsible for turning bouncing boobs in slow motion, into its very own art form. It's what made her famous and that's what kept us boys off the streets during our younger days, so the speak.

We didn't have the luxury of having a quick fap online back in those days, because once upon a time folks, believe it or not, there used to a world without any internet connection... can you imagine that? But luckily, we did have sticky magazines, VHS tapes and of course the super hot, busty lifeguard Pamela Anderson to drool over as we watched her run in slow-motion on our TV screen during her Baywatch days. She sure did deliver, episode after episode.

While watching Pam running all over the beaches in slow motion can be fun and all, but she did double down on the entertainment factor quite a bit, only a few years later, during a period in which she dated rock and roll star Tommy Lee.

I'm talking about that infamous tape we've probably all have seen out of curiosity, or in my case "research" of course. I mean, hard to deny that we weren't all pretty curious about what Pam was hiding underneath all of her sexy swimsuits, right? Pam truly was every boy's favorite lifeguard back in the day and I don't think we need to explain why that was.

Their sex tape sure has its special moments as you'll get to join Pamela while she's stripping, taking a bath or watch her skinny-dippin', sucking Tommy Lee's dick and reveals even more of her wild side.

Watch Pamela Anderson sex tape at Vivid.com

Go watch the celebrity sex tape starring sex symbol Pamela Anderson and rock 'n roll star Tommy Lee, if you haven't already. The sex tape is available on the Vivid Celebrity website, and also comes included in the massive Adult Time library (60.000+ adult films), aka the Netflix of porn.

Speaking of rock and roll stars who decided to share their private sex life for the whole world to see, we've covered them all in our article on rock stars that starred in adult films, in case you're craving for more celebrity sex tapes.

Erotic Slasher Movie: 18 And Over - Pamela Anderson wearing Jason mask

Movie still from 18 And Over with Pamela Anderson holding the famous Jason Voorhees mask.

Pamela Anderson won't be returning as a lifeguard in the 18 And Over movie though. It appears she switched jobs, trading in her tight swimsuits for a tight uniform as she takes on the role of a female cop. Quite the busty female cop, that is.

Sky Ferreira Isn't Afraid To Pose Bare Naked

After Pamela and Paris, meet the third name on the cast list who happens to be yet again, another famous blonde chick that can be seen acting in the "18 And Over" movie. Not only that, Sky also happens to be the third blondine who can be seen in her Eve-costume on camera. In fact, more than once.

Camera shy? Nah, Sky prefers to go all-in by taking it all off. Her clothes, that is.

Screenshot of the 2018 film Lords of Chaos, which reveals Sky Ferreira fully topless.

Sky Ferreira started her rise to fame on the early days of social media, dating all the way back to the MySpace days. She grew most of her fan following through her music career. But besides her music records, the in 1992 born American singer and songwriter appears to be growing not just her number of fans, but also certain male body parts due to her many, spicy, arousing photoshoots, as well as some of her steamy movie roles.

Everything Sky Ferreira does seems to end up becoming gold, she even got featured on the cover of magazines such as Playboy and Dazed. Those wouldn't exactly be the type of printed media which I would consider small, unknown smut magazines, to say the least.

I don't know if you are familiar with any of her music videos, but she likes to push things to the limit. Speaking of her music career and pushing things to the limit, Sky also discovered a great marketing trick - posing topless for her album covers. This naughty blonde is the real deal.

Watch Sky Ferreira's nude scenes (at Mrskin.com)

While nudity on the big screen isn't something rare or anything like that, but you rarely get treated to such raw and uncensored sex scenes in mainstream films like in Lords of Chaos. In other words - take that as a movie tip. Best part of it all - they didn't even use some lame object placement in the foreground to hide any of the on-screen action either.

I'm no rocket scientist, but if one plus one equals two, I think it's safe to say that knowing that Sky Ferreira has joined the "18 And Over" cast, it heavily increases the chances of us getting to enjoy some sweet, full frontal nudity on our TV screen... Fingers crossed!

Ashley Benson, Actress And Co-producer Of "18 And Over"

Last but not least, and to make the four blondes band complete, there's the Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson, who is not only acting in "18 And Over" but she's also the co-producer of the film.

Unlike the previous girls, Ashley did not shot any full-blown nude or sex scenes for any motion picture or TV series, at least, not yet. We still love her anyway... Besides that, who knows what this slasher might bring us, right?

Ashley Benson actress bikini compilation

That said, Ashley can be seen on-camera flaunting a whole lot of skin though. Now that I think about it, I don't believe there hasn't been any of her past roles in which she didn't showcase her fabulous body or flaunt cleavage while wearing a bikini.

Let's see, was Ashley Benson wearing a bikini in "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal" film? Check!

What about her most famous role as Hannah in The long running TV series Pretty Little Liars? Again, check!

Watch the hottest Ashley Benson scenes at MrSkin.com

Ashley can be seen in various episodes rocking her body in bikini. If you got it, flaunt it, right? My personal favorite Pretty Little Liars scene has got to be that one scene in which she finally takes it off to hit the shower. Yeah I know, what can I say? I'm a predictable man. That leaves us to the rest of her acting resume, any more bikini shots left for us to judge?

Ashley Benson most sexy stills from Pretty Little Liars TV series

What about her roles on Bring it on: In It To Win It (2007), Bart Got a Room (2009) or perhaps her cameo on that one episode of CSI: Miami from back in 2002? You've guessed it - there she is again, popping up on screen only wearing her bikini.

Seems to be a clear case that the actress right here loves to please and tease. From her past roles, as well as the fact she's co-producing and starring in this brand new OnlyFans-inspired movie, confirms that once more. Either that, or she's just a huge fan of bikini's. Whatever the case might be, she sure seems to be wearing them a lot.

But wait... there's more!

We haven't even mentioned our absolute number one Ashley Benson bikini moment. That obvious choice would be the Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo) directed film Spring Breakers (2012), which features Ashley Benson along side another Hollywood hottie and bikini bandit - Selena Gomez.

Watch the most sexy Spring Breakers moments at MrSkin.com

Spring Breakers is the type of film that some might even consider to be a a bit of a bikini-overdose. But not me, you won't be hearing me complaining one bit.

Even though she might not be the type to spread her legs in front of the camera-lens, that doesn't mean Ashley Benson doesn't always say "no" to things like sharing a good old fashioned cleavage candid to treat her social media following (@AshleyBenson on Instagram) on some sweet eye-candy.

You know, pretty much the biggest reason why we love to follow pornstars and social media influencers in the first place. That, and funny cat videos of course.

Erotic Slasher Movie: 18 And Over - Winnie Harlow

Movie still from 18 And Over featuring a stripping Winnie Harlow.

Besides Ashley Benson, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Sky Ferreira, the cast list also reveals some additional star power has been added. For starters, you can also expect to see a cameo in 18 And Over from social media stars like Lindsey Pelas or Janice Blue, but also the Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow, A$AP Nast, G-Eazy and more.

Where To Watch 18 And Over?

The crew behind the OnlyFans inspired, erotic slasher movie "18 And Over" tries to shake up the film industry a little bit in terms of how the movie got its first release.

Instead of the usual cinema, direct to DVD or public streaming release, 18 And Over decided to go with an alternative method instead, being a limited NFT sale.

For the non crypto-nerds reading this, the term "NFT" stands for non fungible token and is arguably the biggest and latest trend in the blockchain space. NFT's exploded in popularity last year (2021), and still manage to gain more and more public interest.

In short, NFT's allow any type of digital art or media, or rather the ownership thereof, to be distributed as a crypto token. The ownership of the NFT gets verified using blockchain technology and can be traded freely among the highest bidders in a decentralized way.

Buy The Ticket NFT, Take The Ride

Since there's only a limited supply (read tickets) for sale, only those who purchased the NFT can get early access to the streaming video and therefore, will be the only audience to be able to watch this OnlyFans themed horror flick, at least for the time being.

Without going too deep into the technical details here, in today's case, the NFT can be seen as a virtual ticket to watch the movie. Upon purchase, that digital ticket (NFT) gets transfered directly into your digital wallet and the transaction will get verified by adding a stamp as proof of ownership to an immutable blockchain, which is essentially one large transaction log.

Selling exclusive access to digital media by making use of cryptographic assets on the blockchain, is still a relatively new way of distributing streaming media such as movies. That said, "18 And Over" is not the first film that was made available in the shape of a NFT.

In fact, it isn't even the very first erotic or adult film that got distributed as a non fungible token either.
That honor would go to the adult film studio Wasteland.com and their award-winning adult film: Succubus ( source).

The Succubus NFT is available on OpenSea.

Wasteland.com Succubus, the first adult film NFT

Interestingly enough, the very first adult film that got released as a NFT, also happens to be a crossover to the horror genre, complete with gallons of bloods, gore and guts, evil looking creatures, more than enough bare naked women, and sex, lots of sex, including demonic orgies. Hell, there's even a cameo from the man with the moustache himself, aka Ron Jeremy.

With the alternative distribution method for the 18 And Over flick, the "ticket" also doesn't seem to come at the average pricing of that of a ticket at the local cinema. The NFT comes at a $263 price tag.

Starting August 12, owners of an NFT will be able to receive 2 months exclusive access to the streaming link. Those who decide to keep the token in their wallet and "hodl", will be enjoying some future bonus perks which are solely available to the token holders. Special rewards for token holders include perks like accessing virtual hangouts, chats or a Q&A with cast and crew.

The NFT's are for sale at: https://www.18andovermovienft.com.

The "Theatrical Cut" is expected to be released two months after the initial NFT sale. Bare in mind that the this is a different edit of the film compared to its original "Director's Cut" release, the version which will only be made available through the purchase of the official NFT.

Whatever these different cuts might end up like, I sure hope they don't cut out any of the "good parts", if you know what I mean.

While the price of the NFT is a little over my budget, considering there's no money in porn and all, so it might take a while before I get to watch the OnlyFans-inspired slasher movie over here. But once I do get the chance to watch "18 And Over", I'll try my best to be taking notes of the final body count titty count and share all of it, plus more juicy details, in the upcoming movie review.

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