All pornstars that starred in horror movies

Today we're going to have a look at all the wild & sexy babes in porn that got theirselves covered in blood and guts by starring in a horror movie. And I can tell you right away, the list of pornstars that can be seen in a horror flick is quite a bit longer as you might think... You can't count them on two hands (assuming they aren't cut off by an evil man running around with an axe).

Pornstars moving on to mainstream media is nothing new. It always felt like there's just a thin line between porn and mainstream cross-overs. Guess which movie genre most often casts pornstars for a role? That's right... Horror! Porn and horror seems like a match made in heaven. I guess, every horror flick needs a hot scream queen, right?

Let's find out which famous pornstars can be seen on the big screen...

Sasha Grey in "Would You Rather" and "Smash Cut"

The petite and sexy wild ex pornstar Sasha Grey quickly made her mainstream debut following her retirement. Starring in mainstream TV shows such as the popular TV hit Entourage. But that's not all. The cute and hot Sasha Grey also starred in two horror movies. Let's start with the bad one first, "Smash Cut" from 2009.

Sadly, the first horror flick role for the former hardcore pornstar Sasha Grey wasn't a really good one. It's not like she did a bad job, it's just that the movie itself isn't all that great. So what is it about?

In the movie, Sasha Grey plays the celebrity news reporter character April Carson. April's sister is missing and it's up to April to find her. On her way, she meets a deranged horror movie director who offers her a role in his film. What follows is guts and gore.

Sasha Grey had another role in the psychological horror-thriller "Would You Rather" from 2012. And this flick is arguably the best on the list. Quite an underrated movie with an awesome role for the horror icon Jeffrey Combs.

A young woman, desperate to help her sick brother who is in need for a donor, accepts an invitation to play a game of Would You Rather with the hopes of winning the big prize money. As soon as she arrives, she realizes that this game is quite a deadly one and the only way to survive (and win) is when the other contestants die.

Best part is; the always sexy looking Sasha Grey makes it quite far in the "game" even though she doesn't have much lines in this movie.

Now there's only one question remaining; "Would You Rather" watch Sasha Grey's horror flicks or her amazing hardcore porn scenes?

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Lizzy Borden in bizarre horror comedy "Terror Toons" (2002)

Oh Terror Toons... What can we say? Terror Toons is something special for sure. In fact, when the movie came out I freakin' loved it. Is it good? Hell no! Does it have the budget like the other movies on this list? Far from it! Is it fun? Damn right, it is!

Terror Toons is a low budget horror comedy movie from 2002, directed by Joe Castro.

The plot: The parents decide to the two sisters (Cindy and Candy) home alone for the first time, and is it turns out, that wasn't a great idea after all. The two sisters receive a mysterious DVD send from the devil himself and well, once the youngest sister Cindy (played by pornstar Lizzy Borden) decides to play the DVD, that's when the splatter fun starts. After playing the evil DVD, two killer cartoon characters Dr. Carnage and Max Assasin suddenly came to live with only one thing on their mind; to start a bloodbath.

Basically, they gave the role of a 8 year old girl to a freakin' pornstar. An pretty controversial one as well. I'm still not sure if that's an awful decision or simply brilliant. For those that don't know pornstar Lizzy Borden (Janet Romano), she's quite an infamous babe, starring in and directing extreme porn movies such as "Forced Entry", "Cocktails" and "Fossil Fuckers". Lizzy and former husband Rob Zicari (Rob Black) were sentenced to one year and one day in prison for distributing extreme pornography.

For anyone that's interested, they've even made two sequels. You can get this movie on DVD or you can watch the full movie Terror Toons (2002) on Youtube for free.

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In case you do want to get this one on DVD, I must warn you; you might summon Dr. Carnage and Max Assasin and before you'll know it they start to raise havoc in your living room... You are warned!

The two blondes Alexis Texas & Jenna Jameson fight off zombies!

Pornstars vs Zombies? Why not, right? Alexis Texas starred in Bloodlust Zombies (2011) and Jenna Jameson can be seen in Zombie Strippers (2008).

Let's start things off with our favorite big bubble butt beauty Alexis Texas. Even though Alexis is a true fan favorite, especially for the guys that love a sweet big juicy white ass, but not much people seem to remember she starred in a horror movie as well... with an axe in hand, ready to slash some zombies! Well, sort of...

Alexis Texas still manages to look cute and kinda sexy, even though she's covered in ketchup... Now that makes her perfect for the role as a scream queen!

Bloodlust Zombies is a 2011 low budget horror movie starring the lovely pornstar Alexis Texas. In the movie, an office building is under attack by mutants and the people left inside need to fight to survive. Yes, mutants... Not zombies.

But why is the movie called "Bloodlust Zombies" then? You'd might ask. I don't know. I really don't know. I Guess "Bloodlust Mutants" sounds a bit too cringy. But hey, atleast it has the sexy blonde Alexis in it for some eye candy.

The queen of porn herself; Jenna Jameson! I don't think this busty blonde even needs an introduction. She has been named the world's most famous adult entertainment performer. As you can see, Jenna's porn carreer made her quite the celebrity.

So, what's next to add to her carreer? Getting naked in a horror movie of course!

Zombie Strippers is a fun exploitation/horror comedy movie from 2008. Besides starring the famous pornstar Jenna Jameson as a stripper, the movie also features the horror legend Robert Englund (who played Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street films). What to expect from a film like this? Lots of blood and lots of titties. Sounds like a lot of fun to me...

Riley Steele, Gianna Michaels & Ashlynn Brooke in "Piranha 3D"

Not one, but three pornstars in a single horror (comedy) film. That's got to be; Piranha 3D! And this one is pretty fun as well as long if you don't take it too seriously. It has all the ingredients for a great movie; lots of bikini girls, topless busty babes and of course, plenty of gore and yes, killer fish!

The plot according to Rotten Tomatoes: After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area's new razor-toothed residents.

Besides all the pornstars flaunting their boobies in this fun B-movie, there are plenty of other cool and fun little cameos (such as horror writer & director Eli Roth) to be found as well. In other words, just go watch this fun little horror parody.

Let's kick things off with the beautiful busty cutie Ashlynn Brooke. I mean, just look at the screenshot above. Ashlynn truely steals the show in Piranha 3D by flashing her perfect shaped boobies.

And with boobs like that, we've even included Ashlynn Brooke (and her amazing juggs) on our list of ex pornstars that we truely miss, go check it out.

If you are looking for a pornstar with extremely big hooters, you've just found her. Her name is Gianna Michaels. And I assume we can all guess why Gianna got this role in the first place, right? Yup, because of her huge melons.

And last but not least, we also get to enjoy the cute blonde porn actress Riley Steele swimming while buck naked.

By the way, did you know they've made a sequel in 2012 called Piranha 3DD? Get it... Double D? ;)

More cameos and big roles for pornstars in mainstream horror?

But wait... there's more!

The curvy Bollywood actress and former pornstar Sunny Leone starred in the first erotic horror movie from India; "Ragini MMS 2". Released in 2014. The movie is a sequel to the found footage film "Ragini MMS", shot in a similar style as the well known Blair Witch Project.

In the movie "Half Moon" from 2010, our favorite webcam babe and sexy pornstar Tori Black takes on dangerous werewolves.

Porn actress Liza Del Sierra has a role in the horror flick "Villa Captive" from 2011.

If you thought the movie Terror Toons (which we've mentioned earlier) was bad already, wait until you've seen this no-budget splatter movie called "Theatre of the Deranged" from 2012. The quote on the DVD box says; "Murderous Mayhem, Blood, Gore and Nudity Galore".

Well, that might sound like a good thing, but I can assure you... it isn't! The highlight of this trash? Busty pornstar Sophie Dee has a small role in it.

Little fun fact... The highly popular pornstar (during the 80's) Ginger Lynn starred in two Rob Zombie horror cult films; "31" as well as in "The Devil’s Rejects".

Veronica Hart can be seen in Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (1991).

Ginger Lynn Allen, Chasey Lain, Taylor Hayes, and Jenna Jameson all had a role in the 2003 movie Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain.

Pornstar Michelle Bauer can be seen in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1981), Monique Gabrielle in Hard to Die (1991) and Marilyn Chamber in the 1977 film Rabid.

By the way, did you know pornstar Traci Lords had a role in the popular 1998 vampire movie "Blade"?

Busty MILF Priya Rai in "Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy"

Cheap special effects, bad acting and lots of busty ladies... all set in ancient Egypt. Is it bad? Yes! But hey, atleast it has the sexy exotic Indian pornstar Priya Rai starring in it.

Priya Rai plays the role of Isis in this 2003 horror/softcore flick and the filmmakers made sure her busty rack is pretty good visible at all times through out the film. Which is something I can only encourage of course!

The plot, according to In ancient Egypt, Isis and Osiris ruled the land. All were happy for the couple except one, Set, a jealous man who killed Osiris in order to take over his kingdom. Isis snuck into Osiris' tomb and tried to raise him from the dead using her black magic. Set caught Isis in the act and had Osiris cut to pieces, with each piece buried in a different part of the land, so Isis could never again raise her husband. Isis vowed to avenge Osiris' death and return with him to rule over all the worlds.

Our favorite porn Barbie; Bree Olson in "The Human Centipede 3"

Thank god, the total cutie and ex pornstar Bree Olson is here for some eye candy. And well, that eye candy sure as hell is needed when it comes down to a shock movie such as "The Human Centipede 3". Bree's appearance brings in some sweetness between all the filthy stuff.

In case you've been living under a rock and missed all the buzz about the first movie in the series, here's the plot of the first Human Centipede film; a madman sews unsuspecting tourists together, ass to mouth, to form a single digestive tract and claims it is 100% medical accurate. If that wasn't enough, they've made two sequels. And in this 3th and final entry in the series, we're going to see one giant centipede of 500 convicts. And it's gross... I can tell you that.

The former girlfriend of famous actor Charlie Sheen plays the role of Daisy in The Human Centipede 3. Daisy is the secretary of Bill Boss, the prison's director.

I must say, even years after being retired, Bree Olson still looks as pretty darn sexy as she used to back in the day, if you'd ask me.

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As you can see, the list of pornstars that made the leap to mainstream horror movies is quite big and keeps on growing... Oh well, it's nice to see something else grow besides my sausage for once!