Instagram babe Emily Knight loves to get dirty and strip nude (Instagram model of the month)

The busty blonde babe Emily Knight has truly mastered the skills of showing off as much boobs and nudity on Instagram as possible, without breaking the rules. Emily Knight uses every trick in the book to provide her fans with as much skin as possible, and we love her for that.

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

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Her Istagram page is filled with candids showcasing her sideboobs, underboobs, hand-bra's, wet shirts, see-through bikini's, cleavage, to even rubbing her boobs to other boobs (girl on girl action, woohoo) just to barely cover up those nipples in a creative way (and thus making it Instagram proof).

Busty, blonde, dirty and highly skilled... Meet Emily Knight!

As you can see, Emily Knight is a true Jedi master when it comes to pushing it to the limit with sharing lewds on her Instagram page! You could almost call it an art form. By the way, that's not the only skill this babe has as Emily turns out to be quite a wild one. In case you've seen her explicit stuff, you'd know all about her blowjob skills as well, but we will get to that in a second. ;)

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

If you're looking for an Instagram sensation in the form of a hot blonde bimbo, look no further than Emily Knight. This girl has been on the platform for a long time, and she's known for her perky juicy big tits and success in the adult entertainment industry.

She doesn't work on all the popular & regular platforms you're used to, but rather prefers the more obscure website Nudiez TV, which features 100% exclusive girls you won't find anywhere else.

Some of these "Nudiez girls" include total hotties such as Layna Boo, Violet Summers, Ana Lorde and of course, the busty blonde Emily Knight over here.

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

She has a really tight body, and she enjoys working with other girls (often with a lot of sex toys involved) when she creates adult content. But that kind of content is exactly the type of content you won't find on Instagram.

If you are okay with just enjoying her lewd pictures and videos, you can always just go to her Instagram profile which offers a lot of eye candy as well. I mean, there's a good reason why we're listing her as the Instagram model of the month after all (as her Insta page is quite the turn on).

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A little bit of history of the sexy & naughty Barbie doll Emily Knight

Emily Knight was born on October 9th, 1996. She was born in Tennessee and grew up in the countryside. She was a real country girl and she loved the outdoors and working with animals. However, as time went on, she started getting many aspirations that would naturally lead her to move to the city where she can enter some kind of modeling industry to earn more money.

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

She moved to LA as soon as she got the money for it, and in 2016 she started working as a camgirl and as an adult performer on her Nudiez page. If you're already following her spicy Nudiez page, you've probably already noticed she seems to be really born for it! A natural talent that loves to get dirty on camera.

She's 23 now and she still lives in Los Angeles. She absolutely loves it there, and one of the things that she talks most about is the amazing weather that she's getting. And when it gets sunny, she'll be supplying us with even more eye candy such as wet bikini candids on her social media page!

Her Nudiez profile and venture into adult entertainment

When Emily Knight decided to get naughty on the internet in exchange for money, she decided that she wanted to do it in a very profitable way and she wanted to be exclusive for people who pay. That's why you'll only find her content on sites like Nudiez.

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

Watch Emily Knight's nudes & sex tapes (at Nudiez)

It's a bit peculiar why she isn't using OnlyFans, but she has managed to get a lot of success on the platform anyway.

But maybe that's exactly the key, unlike all hundreds and thousands other models creating an OnlyFans page, why not try to do things a bit more different? Why not try to think outside of the box and try to stand out from all the other babes looking to get a little dirty online.

And well, guess that really paid off for her, as she has over 170,000 followers and has posted over 620 videos that you can watch on her Nudiez account right now. Some of them are solo, others are with guys that she sucks off (she's quite the blowjob and deep throat talent) and fucks, and there are even threesomes and lesbian scenes with fellow exclusive female "co-workers" at Nudiez.

Oh, and let's not forget about her facials of course. From what it seems, she's getting quite turned on by receiving a fresh load of jizz on her face... I sure as hell wouldn't mind offering her a "helping hand".

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

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Emily Knight's rise to fame on Instagram

With an amazing body (that has been enhanced in terms of her breast size) it's easy to see how Emily got so popular on Instagram. She has been on the platform for several years and has amassed an impressive 800,000 followers already. She's got nearly 200 posts on there if you want to check her out.

Emily really likes going for her country girl aesthetic with all her photos, often putting on a show with her skimpy cowgirl outfit. Sometimes she even gets a pigtail haircut to really get her fans riled up and begging for her to do a video release of her with that innocent haircut.

Emily Knight physical characteristics

This babe is an absolute bombshell with her blonde hair, hazel eyes, and smooth tanned skin. She's also got plenty of small tattoos on her body, mostly on her waist and wrists. She loves showing off her tits with see-through lingerie, and it's obvious that she would want to do that since their size is an incredible 36D. Sure, they might be fake, but you can look at it like they're enhanced more than anything.

She's got a really beautiful and unique face. Even without makeup, she manages to light up a room. When she puts on makeup she looks like the sexiest starlet from your dreams. She's 5'4'' and weighs a light 112 pounds, making her quite petite and also adding to the list of things that her fans love about her.

Emily Knight, busty blonde Instagram babe lewds and nudes

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Make sure not to miss out Emily Knight in her summer season

We all love summer season, right? Sea, sex and sun, bikini girls at the beach, topless girls tanning outdoors, you name it. The same goes for the many Instagram bikini candids during the summer, we all love those, right? Especially bikini candids by hot gals like Emily Knight over here.

While we've mentioned her huge knockers a lot, it's not fair to NOT mention the fact, she's quite a PAWG too. I mean, just look at that big sexy white booty of Emily! Would love to take a bite out of that ass!

Right now is one of the best times to tune into Emily Knight's Instagram. There's a good reason why we decided to choose this time to put her as the Instagram model of the month, and it's because of her really sexy summer photos.

She just loves trying out all these different bikini outfits, and it's only a matter of time before you get hooked to her and her incredibly sexy body. You should check out her public accounts where she'll try to tease you as much as possible by flaunting her juggs, within the limits of Instagram's nudity policy.

All that teasing got you excited? Then you'd really want to go for "the real deal" which she offers on her Nudiez page. And man, the real deal is real spicy, I can tell you that... You've ain't seen nothing yet!

Her sex videos and fully uncensored nudes are top-notch as Emily Knight loves to show her die-hard fans exactly how much she enjoys being a naughty little slut (in a positive, hot and horny way, that is).

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Emily Knight is probably the wildest and most dirty "Instagram Model of the Month" so far, but definitely one you shouldn't miss out on! Go follow Emily Knight ASAP!

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