Meet Italian Instagram cutie Bella Ramos & her big bubbly booty (Instagram model of the month)

Looking for a bubble butt beauty queen to follow on Instagram? Search no more, as it's time for you to meet Bella Ramos, a curvaceous and exotic babe that will get your blood racing the moment you lay your eyes on her.

Bella Ramos, big bubble butt Instagram cutie

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She is a striking American model with mixed ancestry. Being part Italian and part Mexican, she picked up the best of both worlds and features the perfect genes. Bella has the most beautiful, sweet, and innocent face that will make you fall in love with her immediately. However, underneath that adorable facade hides a true sex bomb that is ready to go off at moment's notice.

Who is the beautiful and curvy Bella Ramos?

Bella was born in California on April 17th, 2000. Fortunately for her modeling career, she quickly discovered just how stunning she looks. As a result, the Instagram account she had created had garnered her over 400 thousand followers. And there is a good reason for people to follow her.

She has the body of a goddess and surely loves showing it off. Apart from a gorgeous face, this young hottie has an ass to die for. That big, round, bubbly butt is also responsible for her breathtaking, hourglass figure.

Bella Ramos, big bubble butt Instagram cutie

Bella sports a pair of firm, natural, supple breasts on a narrow torso but her wide hips are out of this world. That is why you'll often see her turning back to the camera to put that amazing ass on full display. Not only that, but she often wears the tiniest and skimpiest panties, lingerie, or swimsuit in order to present herself in full glory.

Her spicy bikini, thong and lingerie candids make Bella Ramos the ultimate tease on Instagram

Bella Ramos is the ultimate tease. Being all young and playful, she's already an expert in the art of erotic seduction. Pictures and clips this beauty loves posting on the internet show almost everything, but leave just enough for you to long for more. She leaves you wondering what's behind that tiny bra and how her nipples look when she's horny, or how wet her tight holes get when she's all naked.

Bella Ramos, big bubble butt Instagram cutie

Unfortunately, Bella Ramos still isn't doing anything hardcore. Even her OnlyFans account doesn't contain nude stuff. So sadly, lewds only, no nudes. But that doesn't mean her lewd candids and clips aren't arousing. Quite the opposite!

You can, however, catch a glimpse of her naughty parts through thin underwear. Bella loves putting on the thinnest and tiniest lingerie, presenting her mesmerizing figure in the kinkiest way possible.

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Bella Ramos' Instagram videos are extremely sexy

At the end of the day, it's that big butt that gets her the most attention. Photos of this cutie on Instagram where she turns her back to the camera are the most liked. You can almost feel those cheeks under your fingers as she twerks and bounces up and down. Things get particularly hot and steamy when she posts a video. There, you can see her turning around and teasing with her panties barely covering anything.

For even more videos, you're free to check out her TikTok account (@BellaLovesCheetos) where she dances and lip-syncs to various songs. But, when Bella Ramos does it, it's inherently sexy and boner-inducing. We can only imagine what's in the future for this Mexican Italian babe who loves wearing the most erotic lingerie and, the way she moves forward, it's only going to get hotter and sexier.

Bella Ramos, big bubble butt Instagram cutie

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Don't miss out on our Instagram babe of the month, the lovely big booty beauty; Bella Ramos, especially if you're "an ass-man", because man, her juicy ass and sweet curvy body never disappoint. Besides TikTok, OnlyFans and Instagram, Bella can also be found on Facebook (@BellaRamosPage).

Bella Ramos, big bubble butt Instagram cutie

Follow Bella Ramos on Instagram

Have fun browsing through her large collection of spicy bikini, undies and lingerie pics and videos on her Insta account. That'll keep you occupied for the next coming days. Now can I get an AMEN for this fap-tastic big bubbly booty?

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