Go follow the wild and busty Nudiez model Dakota James on Instagram (Instagram model of the month)

Here's an absolute must-follow busty brunette with a highly arousing Insta profile you'd probably want to check out today! The stunning Dakota James (and her mesmerizing big pair) is a true star on Instagram, having gathered over 2.1 million fans following her profile which is filled with spicy and skin-revealing selfshot candids.

You know the drill by now, I assume... The kind of selfies in which she showcases her tight curvy body, massive round breasts and sweet booty, all while wearing very little clothing. Sounds perfect, right? Well, Dakota's body truly is perfection.

Nudiez girl Dakota James is Instagram model of the month

Follow Dakota James on Instagram

I think it's safe to say that most of those 2.1 million followers are all following Dakota James on Instagram because of her delicious photos and well, let's face it - her 32F cup size knockers.

Want to learn more about Dakota James over here? Ready to find out who she is? I thought so! Meet our latest Instagram model of the month (March, 2021) - Dakota James.

The personal life of Dakota James

This is actually impossible to find! The starlet doesn't really share much of her personal info online at all, as she likes to keep her private life separate from her wild online (and social media) presence. So it's kinda hard, and no, I'm not talking about my penis right now, but it is kinda hard to find anything related on her past or private life on the web.

That being said, you can find a few things and info on Dakota James though, for example - like when she was born, which was in 1991. But again, it's hard to verify if this info is legit and correct. We also don't really know what her heritage is, where she grew up or what she studied when she went to college.

Nudiez girl Dakota James is Instagram model of the month

On the other hand, (yes, that "other hand" which isn't holding your hard cock right now) is that personal info any important to begin with? We are here for the eye-candy anyway, right?

What we do know, however, are her body measurements and the fact that she is successful at Insta modeling, and she sure looks ravishing on all the sexy photos she shares on her social media profiles such as Instagram. Oh and did we forgot to mention she likes to get dirty with girls? We'll get to that in a second. ;)

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Dakota James measurements
  • Dakota James currently lives in New York
  • Height: 5'6" (1.67 m)
  • Weight: 125lbs (56 kg)
  • Cup size: 32F
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eyes: Blue

Taking a walk on the wild side with Dakota James

Dakota has two Instagram profiles, and both of them are equally juicy! All her high-res photos are showing Dakota almost naked, basically, showing off as much skin as possible without breaking Instagram's (vague) rules in terms of nudity.

She shares pictures of herself where she's posing in her sexy lingerie, bikini and other arousing outfits, but always trying to give us a skimpy-clothed version of herself! Now that's my girl...

Nudiez girl Dakota James is Instagram model of the month

Dakota shares a lot of sexy moments on this social network, so you can see her make slutty poses, like spreading her legs just like she is about to receive a throbbing boner!

Even though this might not be the most explicit part of Instagram, Dakota is so hot you will need your tissues because you won't be able to hold up the explosion in your pants! She has a gorgeous cleavage, a delicious tiny waist and luscious butt cheeks... Some of the reasons why we've picked Dakota James as our Insta-model of the month.

Nudiez girl Dakota James is Instagram model of the month

Follow Dakota James on Instagram

This hottie has no flaws, with her caramel complexion, silky chocolate hair, gorgeous blue eyes and succulent pouty lips. She has an irressistible smile that might enchant you, but I guess this is not juicy enough for you...

Craving for more? You need nudity? Prefer uncensored action? Lucky you, just keep on reading and find out how to get to enjoy this busty beauty queen completely uncensored and bare naked. Oh, and of course, if you'd like to catch this stunner in some horny girl-on-girl action.

Dakota James strips naked and has lesbian sex on her Nudiez.TV profile

While there's a ton of hot girls and models to be found on Instagram, all of which sharing the hottest pictures of themselves, there's always the problem with Instagram that the platform doesn't allow nudity. Meaning, we won't be able to see any nipples, topless boobies, pussy, masturbation and of course - no actual sexual acts.

But luckily for us, Dakota James isn't just active on Instagram alone. Nah, far from it.

This babe is also one of the few exclusive models on the Nudiez.TV website and if you are familiar with that website or know any of the other girls on there such as Layna Boo, Viking Barbie, Heidi Grey, Ana Lorde etc, you'll know exactly what you can expect... Let me put it this way - things tend to get really wild on the Nudiez platform, to say the least.

So, if you want something more arousing then just lingerie and bikini snaps, Nudiez.TV is your go-to website, because there's where Dakota likes to strip bare naked, have fun with the other "Nudiez girls" while teasing and pleasing her viewers a lot. Trust me, her videos at Nudiez are quite the perfect jerk-off material.

Watch Dakota James' nudes & sex videos (at Nudiez)

At her Nudiez profile or by following her premium Snapchat (gain access by using the Nudiez website) she will entertain you by slowly taking off pieces of clothing, one by one. While other times, she tends to get real hardcore. Especially if her BFFs are around. One thing's for sure though, doesn't matter if she shares a hot video that's erotic and classy, or if she's sharing extremely kinky videos in which she's eating out pussy or playing with her favorite sex toys, all her content always turns out to be insanely steamy!

You will love her stunning performances, that include a lot of revealed private parts too! Dakota has a real nice wet pussy which she doesn't mind exposing to her fans by spreading her legs widely. If for any reason you're still not following her on either social media or at Nudiez, it's time you went to her profile and hit that follow button ASAP!

Why follow this sex bomb's profile?

Because she makes your desires come true! She is sexy, confident, bombastic, naughty, and she strips better than a professional stripper! When you visit her profile, you will want to stay there for a long time because there is so much great content to check out!

OnlyFans - Nudiez girl Dakota James is Instagram model of the month

This curvy and busty brunette simply never disappoints thanks to her wild personality, amazing figure, and always looks amazing on all the Instagram pictures in which she's wearing her (skimpy) head-turning costumes.

So follow her for even more goodies (or should we say - boobies) in the near future!

Follow Dakota James on Instagram
Watch Dakota James' nudes & sex videos (at Nudiez)

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