Sexy and flexible Lexi Rivera looks amazing in bikini (Instagram model of the month)

Our pick for the sexiest Instagram of the month is Lexi Rivera. This 19 year old blonde cutie is a Youtuber, TikTok sensation, an Instagram model, a social media influencer, a gymnast, and so much more, but above all - a gorgeous babe. All of that stems from the fact that she looks absolutely dashing.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

Born on June 7th, 2001, this 19-years-old has a gorgeous face and a petite body to match, exactly one of the many reasons why we've picked Lexi Rivera over here as our latest Instagram babe of the month.

Who is Lexi Rivera? (and why you should follow her Instagram profile)

Instagram is a gold mine when it comes to finding hot babes and Lexi Rivera is definitely at the top of the list. Alexa Brooke Rivera is a sweet and lovely young babe who comes with many talents. Coming from Huntington Beach, California, she is not just a pretty face, though that is definitely one of her strongest traits.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

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Lexi Brooke Rivera (or as we like to call her - Sexy Lexi), is a young and skinny blonde beauty with a pair of big, round, blue eyes. Her symmetric face only gets hotter once you spot those luscious lips. However, many people don't look at her cute face all that long because her body is something else.

Petite and fit, Lexi is that stunning teen everyone falls for. Being skinny, on the other hand, doesn't stop this beauty from having the most magnificent breasts. Firm, round, and natural, her tits fit her frame amazingly, making her the girl of everyone's dreams.

Lexi Rivera is completely aware of how breathtaking she looks, which is why she constantly posts various spicy, highly arousing, sometimes a bit provocative, erotic pictures of herself. Don't get me wrong though, Lexi is far from a full-blown pornstar. It's not all teasing and flaunting skin on her social media profiles, she can keep things classy too. However, if we had to choose between classy or her bikini beach candids, that would be an easy pick!

Her first post on Instagram was way back in 2012. Since then, she's garnered a following of more than 7 million people.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

That being said, the fact that her older brother Brent Rivera already was quite a famous Youtuber before Rivera joined various social media networks and started her very own Youtube channel, might have helped speed up her own rise to fame (as well as her Instagram's page followers count) quite a bit...

However, considering she has such natural beauty and has such flexible body, talent and simply loves to entertain people, I'm sure she would still have such huge following online even without a famous brother. I mean, who doesn't enjoy those sexy bikini selfies of her, right?

Lexi Rivera's sexy bikini candids and more (on her Instagram page)

Lexi has hundreds of photos on her feed featuring that incredible body in all sorts of tight clothes and skimpy lingerie. She loves wearing classy dresses that emphasize her tits and hips. Also, a huge number of pics has her in the thinnest, naughtiest bras and panties. Exactly that type of content we all love to watch on Instagram, right?

In addition to being a social media model, Lexi Rivera is always down with a little dress-up party during Halloween and such. Every now and then, she'll post a picture of such endeavors, giving her fans a look at her striking appearance in sexy costumes.

Halloween is her night because Lexi always does her best to look as racy as possible. One year, she went for that mischievous, devilish look. In a tight, black dress that was borderline lingerie and a pair of kinky horns, she was definitely the main girl at the party.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

Next time, she went the opposite way, dressing up as a dark angel. Black wings and a fluffy halo paired up with another racy dress were a pure win. On top of that, she put on a pair of most perverted thigh-high socks that turned her into a sex bomb. After all, there is a reason why more than seven million people follow her Instagram account where she posts on a regular basis.

Another thing she utilizes to garner even more attention and make herself even sexier is her gymnastics training. She does all kinds of inviting routines and posts them on one of her many social media platforms.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

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Sizzling hot stunner Lexi Rivera is also a famous Youtuber

While Instagram is the main thing for this lavish cutie, she's also present in various different places on the internet. Her YouTube account now has more than 6 million subscribers. She uploads a couple of videos every month and they all have millions of views each. Being a hottie and an entertainer, she focuses on funny videos, pranks, and lifestyle clips with her friends.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

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Besides Instagram, Lexi Rivera is taking over TikTok too

Naturally, it goes without saying that Lexi Rivera also has a TikTok account. With a whopping 15.7 million followers and more than 300 million likes, this babe is truly an internet goddess. The majority of her TikTok clips, though fun in nature, feature her killer body in all sorts of seductive situations.

Hot TikTok dance - Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

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If you thought those two female singers from Abba were the only "dancing queens" in town, think again! Lexi loves to dance and fool around while twisting and bending her hips and curves. And well, we're not complaining at all as we sure love to watch this arousing little chick swing those hips (while wearing a tight top) on her TikTok page.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

Time to follow Lexi Brooke Rivera on all her social media profiles

Lexi Rivera is a young and energetic chick who has all sorts of playful and naughty fun while giving her followers plenty to look at. There's a reason why she has millions of followers all over the web. People enjoy her mischievous personality and positive energy. More than that, many enjoy the way she looks, that delectable figure, and her lovely face.

Sexy blonde TikTok babe Lexi Rivera

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In other words - time to add this chick on Instagram. While you're at it, why don't you start following Lexi Rivera on all of her other social media channels as well:

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