Around the world with busty Instagram model Val Cortez (Instagram model of the month)

If there's one babe you should follow on Instagram, who has so much to offer, that would be Val Cortez. Valeria Cortez is a Peruvian hottie who took the world by storm through social media. Her Instagram account is rapidly approaching a one million followers mark as this Latina shares her life, travels, and personal beauty with the world.

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

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Join the busty stunner Val Cortez on her travel adventures (all around the world)

Growing up, little Val used to spend her days watching fashion television and movies, and entering that world became her dream. She moved to Argentina when she was just 6 years old. However, Val is a passionate traveler. Having visited nearly 30 different countries, she loves it so much she doesn't even have a permanent residence. Instead, this ravishing brunette is living like a busty and beautiful nomad.

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

Gigantic boobs and a ton of bikini cleavage to enjoy on Val's Instagram

Instagram is the best place where you can catch up with this chick. The moment you get to her landing page, you'll realize why there are almost a million people closely following her every step. With a pair of massive, firm, and round breasts adorning one of the most curvaceous bodies anyone's ever seen, this girl is a sight to behold.

With more than 400 images in an ever-expanding gallery and a regular update schedule, Val is continuously showing off all the goodies that she has. With a bra size of 33DD and flawless figure measurements of 36-30-36, every picture this lady uploads is a masterpiece. She knows full well her huge rack is her main trump card and that is what you'll get the most.

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

Sometimes, you can expect her to act all nice and cute, wearing loose and colorful summer dresses with flowery patterns or you can check her out in a tight and classy dress that reveals more cleavage than it hides.

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

Of course, the real show starts once Val puts on a bikini or lingerie. With every new picture featuring a new piece of clothing and a new, exotic location, you'll never get bored with what this babe has to offer. Whether she's in a pool, with those huge melons begging to pop out, or relaxing at the beach in a tight swimsuit, her tits will always be there but so will those thick, wide hips, her long, luscious hair, and big, dark eyes. Valeria is open about plastic surgery and admits to having her nose done. On the other hand, she says nothing about her jugs, making them even more appealing.

Steaming and streaming hot video (on Youtube & TikTok)

Video killed the radio star", and for good reason. Let's face it, who wouldn't rather want to watch a hottie like Val Cortez on video instead of just hearing her voice?

Apart from Instagram, she's present in various other places all over the internet. She has a Youtube channel, which, though modest, with a handful of videos, does show this lass in a different way.

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

Then, there's Val Cortez's TikTok account. Like any other young and beautiful lady who wants to show off and connect with her audience in a particularly quirky way, the brunette creates all sorts of short clips while, as you would've already guessed, putting her huge boobs right in your face any time she gets. Something we all love to watch and enjoy, right? Look at those juicy melons bouncing up and down... Now that's hot!

Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

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At the end of the day, Val Cortez is unforgettable and Instagram is the best way to enjoy her content. Playful and cheerful, young and energetic, this 29-years-old captivates by her appearance. Add an impeccable body and stunning scenery to the mix, and you get a complete package. After all, who wouldn't want to travel around the globe with a hot and busty woman by his side?

OnlyFans - Around the world with sexy Instagram model Val Cortez

Stop wasting your time here and start enjoying some real steamy and spicy bikini candids (and some of the best tits on the planet) by following Val Cortez on her social media handles right away! So, what do you guys think of our monthly "Instagram Babe of the Month" pick? Val is quite the bombshell, right?

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