Meet Desiree Schlotz, a sexy and petite blonde Instagram star (Instagram model of the month)

It seems as if every day a new, breathtaking female model appears on Instagram and sweeps the world by storm. However, not many of them come close to the sheer radiant beauty that is Desiree Schlotz. Born on July 18, 1997, in California, USA, this young blonde will leave you speechless the moment you lay your eyes on her.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

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Whether you're into a pretty face or a striking figure, Desiree has it all. Being a slim and attractive hottie of a 5 ft 4 in and weighing 110 lbs, there's a reason why she ended up being on the cover of numerous magazines such as Sixty6 or Maxim.

Sexy, busty, blonde hair, Desiree Schlotz is the total package

Desiree Schlotz is a complete package. Though she is mostly caucasian, she does have a mixed background which can be seen in her exotic appearance.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

With a thin waist, wide hips, and a pair of perfect, supple, natural breasts, her body looks out of this world. On top of that, Desiree has the most beautiful, symmetric face with big, round, brown eyes and plump, luscious lips. Proud of what she has, she often wears nothing but the skimpiest and most erotic lingerie or bikini, putting her youthful curves on display in their full glory.

She does plenty of modeling, mainly for FashionNova, ShagMag (see image below) and OhPolly, but also did work with professional photographers or swimsuit brands like Beach Bunny Swimwear.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

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What do we know about Instagram star Desiree Schlotz? [Wiki]

Not much is known of Desiree Schlotz before she posted her first pic on her Instagram account. She was born in Alabama and raised in Minnesota where she went to college, in Bloomington.

In early 2019, she started working with Ignite CBD and is currently doing so as well, which can be seen on some of her Instagram photos. Somewhere in 2020, she started a relationship with Dan Bilzerian, a professional gambler and internet celebrity. He posted a pic of her first and she confirmed by posting a picture of him as well.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

Desiree quickly rose to fame through her Instagram account so it is only natural that she is most active there.

Desiree Schlotz's rise to (internet) fame

With over 400 pictures, this young blonde currently has more than 600 thousand followers. That large number is only going to go up considering that every picture Desiree posts is hotter than the next. She doesn't shy away from being as sexy as possible.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

On the vast majority of her Instagram posts, this young cutie wears nothing but the most erotic bikini or lingerie.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

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Here and there, she loves to put on a classy, tight dress and show off how good she looks with regular clothes on though, in some pictures, she's completely naked, testing the limits of Instagram guidelines by barely covering her naughtiest parts.

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Desiree Schlotz most spicy, topless and nude content can be found on her OnlyFans

Desiree's online presence and overall influence only keep growing as time goes by. She has a Twitter account with more than three thousand followers. And, even though she wasn't particularly active there, it seems as if she started posting more regularly. Another particularly interesting place that the admirers of this chick can visit is her OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans - Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

Desiree's OnlyFans account is closing in on two hundred posts and those are radiating kinky, naughty nudity.

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At the end of the day, Instagram is still the best place to enjoy this young babe. She posts on an almost daily basis and, whether you're looking to follow her along as she travels, explores, and enjoys her life or you're simply looking to admire the perfection of those godlike genes, look no further than her Instagram page.

Each new post comes with a new set of colorful and erotic lingerie or new bikini, whether she's on a beach, in the bedroom, taking a bath, or being all glam and classy.

Desiree Schlotz - the busty blonde Instagram star

And, every now and then, she'll post a video of her exercising, having a good time, or simply flaunting those incredible attributes and teasing to no end.

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