Cutie with a booty - The fitness model Isabela Fernandez (Instagram model of the month)

Meet Isabela, a sweet Instagram star who is only 22 years old. She is our top pick this month as she is an attractive and hard-working gal. This young girl made a big name for herself in just a few years. Ready to meet our monthly pick for the "Instagram model of the Month", here's the cutie with a booty - Isabela Fernandez.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

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The early days of the stunning British social media influcencer Isabela Fernandez

She was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and she lived there for 3 years before she moved to the United Kingdom with her sister and mom. She had a tough time in school. The kids would tease her because she was from another country and they gave her a really hard time. She didn’t make many friends in school and she had a hard time adjusting.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

When she became popular on Instagram and YouTube, she reported being bullied again, but now that she has grown up, she knows how to deal with mean people. And now she has friends and fans that support her, so she is more satisfied with her life when true friends surround her.

She managed to find motivation in all the negative experiences she had, so she channeled that bad energy into work and now you can see her beautiful smile in all her photos.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

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Isabela's rise to internet fame

Isabela started posting her life ideas and workout session on her social media a few years ago. She gained many followers, and today she has over 1 million people following her on Instagram. She loves to share photos of her daily activities. You can see her in shorts and tight yoga pants most often.

Looking at her perfect body makes everyone motivated to start shaping their bodies. She is into fashion and she loves to share her sexy outfits. All her posts express her beauty and good looks. She loves to wear skirts and dresses, and she usually captures her daily looks so that she can share them with her devoted fans.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

Isabela became interested in fitness in 2014. She was unhappy with her looks, so she decided to make a big change. She now has a killer body that every girl dreams of having. She started working out and she has found herself in that. Today, she is one of the major fitness models in the UK.

A fitness model was born

She combines fitness with a planned diet and she works out a few times a week. She worked out her diet herself, and she follows her eating plans, with the right amount of calories and proteins she takes on a daily basis. When she wants to build her muscles, she reduces fats and carbs' intake by selecting the right food to eat. That is why her body makes anyone moan the second they look at it. But she never reduces the protein intake, as they are essential to her fitness routines.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

Working out makes her happy and she states that everyone should do what makes them feel great in order to be fully satisfied with their life.

She shares fitness routines, and everyone can follow her motivational posts that will get the people to become active. She is a very famous model and she knows how to deal with it. She makes her living from her social media and she is doing very well.

Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

She was always motivated to work hard as she wanted to help out her mom, who raised her sister and Isabela by herself. She wants her mom to live an easy life, so she helps her out whenever she can.

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Besides Instagram, where can we find Isabela Fernandez on social media as well?

This girl is also very active on Twitter (@BelaFernandezz) and TikTok (@belafernandez), where she has over 240K fans following her funny and stimulating posts. She likes to interact with fans and she feels the happiest when she inspires people to do something big and make positive changes.

OnlyFans - Isabela Fernandez - 22 year old sexy Instagram fitness model

Her YouTube channel is full of videos with tips on fitness, fashion and make-up ideas, the typical girly channel. But, thanks to her sexy looks and fun personality, she does really stand out.

She is funny as well and she has videos doing some crazy pranks. A daily dose of Bela makes everyone’s day much better.

What are you waiting for? Go follow this cutie with a booty, the lovely fitness model from the UK and a rising Instagram star - Isabela Fernandez.

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