Leah & Mimi Perkins - Sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram (Instagram model of the month)

Where can one even begin to describe the awesomeness (and sexiness) that is Leah & Mimi Perkins? There are so many gorgeous girls in the world today, who share their beauty on various social networks, that it is virtually impossible to check out, or even hear about all of them. However, this time we have not one, but two breathtaking hotties who will knock you off your feet and leave you begging for more.

And not just that but, as you would've already guessed, they are sisters. Each hotter than the next, one just can't know what babe is more deserving of their undivided attention which is why it is best not to separate them at all. They even look so strikingly similar they might as well be twins. Many mistake them for being so and, considering hot twins are practically a fetish to the majority of people, Leah & Mimi aren't quick to correct their fans and, instead, reap the rewards of their popularity.

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

The world's most sexy Australian sisters on the entire Instagram platform?

While having Asian roots, both these sexy sisters are born in Australia. It's difficult to say whether these two hotties would garner so much attention so quickly if it wasn't for the "twice the fun" factor. Nevertheless, each young babe is absolutely stunning on her own and deserves even more than she has at the moment. Yet, together, this pair is far from being just a couple of models. Blessed with godlike genes, it's impossible to single out one of the sisters as the prettier or the hotter one.

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

Both of them are dashing brunettes with slender body frames and, given a set of pictures, you wouldn't be able to tell who is who without looking up their names somewhere in description.

Mimi Perkins is an Asian goddess you should be following on Instagram right now

Mimi Perkins was born on July 6, 1997, in Australia. She has mostly Instagram to thank for her fame as it allowed her to gain a massive following by simply posting pictures of herself. Playful and energetic, Mimi likes to pose with a seductive and adorable smile that only adds to her overall, natural beauty and of course, that fantastic petite body of hers. Jerk off material? 100%...

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

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With a body to die for, it should come as no surprise she loves showing off and posting tons of photos where she wears nothing but skimpy bikinis or sexy lingerie. Whether she's at the beach or fooling around in the comfort of her bedroom, Mimi always makes sure to give her followers amazing shots of that lavish body and beautiful face.

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

With a narrow waist and wide hips, one doesn't know whether to stare at her thighs or breasts with hard nipples often poking through thin bras. And the ass on Mimi is out of this world. It is firm, round, and just the right size and, while Mimi often poses front facing the camera for her Instagram profile, when she turns around to show her backside likes start raining.

After all, nearly 250 thousand followers can't be wrong.

Follow the attractive sister of Mimi on IG... the steaming hot; Leah Perkins!

And then there's her equally gorgeous sister, Leah Perkins. With almost the same amount of followers, Leah takes a bit of a different approach to her Instagram modeling.

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

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For starters, she's nothing short of breathtaking and, as mentioned, it's impossible to tell which sister is hotter. It all boils down to personal taste and preferences. Though, why even choose when one can have both, which is precisely why they have a similar amount of followers considering people usually enjoy both of the Perkins sisters. However, while Mimi is cheerful and whimsical, Leah radiates a more sensual and erotic aura. Often posing all strong and serious, Leah will sweep you off your feet with a seductive gaze.

Being a master in the art of teasing, when this brunette isn't wearing bikinis or lingerie, she loves putting on tight, classy dresses and sexy, formal outfits.

She looks just as stunning all dolled up and looking sharp in a suit, as she does wearing the tiniest bra and panties in her repertoire of perverted clothes.

Leah Perkins is also well above 200 thousand followers on her official Instagram account.

Leah & Mimi Perkins - The most stunning, sexy and petite Asian sisters on Instagram

If you're into girls who rose to fame on social media organically and due to nothing but their flawless, natural beauty, then these two will be the easiest follow of your life. With more than 600 photos on each sister's account, there's plenty to look at. Naturally, the fun doesn't stop there as you can only expect that number to grow.

Both of these stunning Sydney babes regularly post new pictures of their perfect bodies and lovely face in new locations and scenery. Being epitomes of Instagram models, they love traveling, and what better way to put those flat bellies and firm boobs on display to their viewers than while visiting exotic destinations. Join the Perkins sisters for loads of sexy fun and, apart from those mesmerizing looks, you can enjoy various food, Maldives, Bahamas, Mexico, music festivals, professional photo sessions, and so much more.

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What are you waiting for? Go follow these two ultra sexy sisters on their Instagram pages as soon as possible, I mean, just look at these two total hotties... They both look breathtaking, and the best part, they love to show off their horny bodies on social media. Basically, giving away free eye candy. What's not to like about that, right?

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