Layna Boo, the wildest busty blonde on Instagram (Instagram model of the month)

Did anyone order Canada's dirtiest blonde? Well, we've found her for you as our Insta model of the month is the sexy and busty Layna Boo. We must warn you, she sure loves to get dirty!

Instagram Model of the Month: Layna Boo

Instagram is a fantastic social media application, where people can share images and stories, and socialize with others around the world. For beautiful babes, Instagram became a valuable platform where they could share their pictures and become full-on beauty models.

So, many men follow and compete for the attention of these babes, and they have a tough job ahead of them. Luckily, some of them gain a huge, loyal following, and they post regularly. If you want to see the best Instagram model of this month, you should check this fantastic blonde babe out.

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What does Layna Boo do? Pose as naked as possible (on Instagram) of course!

Layna Boo is a fantastic Instagram model, and she's also present on different platforms, like Snapchat, for example. There, she shares her wildest photos and videos, and they simply always look fantastic. What do you expect with a steaming hot body like that?

That's also the reason why over four million people follow her on Instagram, and many more do on her other accounts online. And, her success didn't come without anything to offer.

She has silky, gorgeous blonde hair, with a thin, stunning face. She also has a nice pair of plump lips, and they always look beautiful, especially when she's blowing kisses to her audience. She also has a mesmerizing body, with massive boobs and a gentle, thin waist. That, of course, doesn't stop her from having curvy spaces on her. For example, she has a fantastic pair of thick thighs and a big, round, bubbly, and juicy ass.

Instagram Model of the Month: Layna Boo

Overall, her whole body is incredible! She always takes care of herself by looking pretty, with subtle makeup, and impressive clothes and excellent image locations. She has something that every online Instagram model should have, and that's glamour and beauty. Also, she often communicates with her fans and takes care of her career and audience.

Private facts about Layna Boo

First of all, believe it or not, but Layna Boo is a reasonably young, bright woman. She's only twenty-five years old! She was born on the 14th of June, in the year 1995. She's also a native Canadian beauty, as she was born and raised there for her whole life. She's also somewhat short and stands at only 5'3, which is around 160 cm. To take care of her body, she's always maintaining her eating and fitness habits, so she only has about 53 kilos, which is around 117 lbs.

Layna is also naturally blonde and has a pair of stunning, bright blue eyes. She's like that perfect doll that all other men love! As far as her body type goes, she has an average body. The only reason why she looks so stunning is the amount of care that she puts into herself. Also, her boobs are massive, and they are enhanced.

Currently, her cup size is 34 D. And to be honest, I think those big knockers fit her spicy body perfectly! Overall, she has all the necessary elements for an Instagram model, and she's doing a great job at keeping her fans happy and satisfied as well.

Instagram Model of the Month: Layna Boo

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Who do people follow Layna Boo (and why you should too)

Well, most people follow her because she is gorgeous, entertaining and she loves to turn you on.

But she also regularly posts on both Instagram and Snapchat too. Something I sure as hell don't want to miss out on. Her spicy candids are a real treat. She displays new images almost every single day, so her fans never feel bored with her content.

She always finds new clothes and ways to surprise them, making their days brighter every day. Plus, when she feels like making something funny or sweet, she sometimes even posts on TikTok (@laynatv).

Overall, she has a wide range of content that she uploads consistently, and many fans worldwide appreciate her efforts. As you already know, she has over four million fans on Instagram only, which isn't for nothing. It means she's doing something right, and that's surely the case. In other words; be sure to check out her freebies on Insta.

Layna Boo will make your day when she's sharing her daily dose of sexyness on her Insta profile. Also, of course, you can admire all her content she shares on Instagram without paying anything... 100% Free treats for her fans!

Instagram Model of the Month: Layna Boo

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If you're looking for a fantastic woman to follow or a new model to look at every day, then Layna Boo should be your first choice. She's incredible, mesmerizing, and a young, bright chick, always looking for an adventure. If you follow her, you'll only see the most excellent content every day, and that's pretty much it!

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