Curvy Fitness model Anastasiya Kvitko's best tits & ass on Instagram (Instagram model of the month)

When you first stumble upon Anastasiya Kvitko and her social media pages, you'll instantly understand why so many guys are drooling over her. You'll also understand why we're putting her as our Instagram model of the month. She's a beauty from eastern Europe unlike any other you've seen.

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

You're used to seeing Russian girls with big boobs, it's just the way it is. However, Anastasiya Kvitko doesn't just have big boobs. Her boobs are as real as they get and they're absolutely massive. On top of that, she's curvy as hell and has a huge ass too!

Not gonna lie, ever since following this beauty queen on her Instagram account, I have a huge crush on this sexy curved brunette. I mean, it's hard (just like my boner) to resist a stunner like Anastasiya Kvitko over here. The only downside I can think of is her name, which is quite hard to pronounce. But who cares, right? We're here to enjoy her amazing looks after all!

Does Anastasiya Kvitko stick to her lewds only or does she strips nude as well?

Oh don't worry, we're going to answer your biggest (and yes, quite an important) question too. The BIG question obviously is; does Anastasiya Kvitko strip fully nude on camera?

To give you the short answer; yes, she does... We'll get to that in a second. ;)

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Modeling and traveling around the world

Anastasiya Kvitko was born in Kaliningrad, which is an enclave of the Russian Federation on the Baltic coast between Poland and Lithuania. Not only is she a real Russian beauty, but she has a body that even Russian girls can only dream of. She now lives in Miami, Florida, and enjoys her career as a Fitness model.

Having been born in Eastern Europe, Anastasiya Kvitko has been blessed with beauty that is unheard of in the west. She has used this gift to infiltrate the modeling scene, where she has become a huge sensation. Because of this, she has had the opportunity to travel all around the world, including the USA.

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

Outside of Florida and Miami, Anastasiya Kvitko has traveled across the US including Aspen, New York City, New Vegas, and others. She really seems to like the country since it has been treating her so well with her career and all.

An eleven million-follower success story on Instagram

If you're cursed with looks like myself, you'd might get lucky and get a Tinder date every once in a decade (story of my life). However, if you ain't an ugly bastard like me, you'd probably grow a fanbase much quicker! And well, this month's "Instagram model of the month" truly proofs that.

Anastasiya Kvitko began her Instagram journey when she was quite young. She was born in 1994, on November the 25th, which makes her 25 years old and still at the beginning of her journey. However, the following she has today wasn't made overnight. She has worked for years to establish such a large fan base that she has on Instagram.

Right now she sports a whopping 11.1 million followers on the platform. All 1s, probably because she's number one in many people's eyes.

Anastasiya is a 100% natural beauty

One of the main reasons why she has become so popular here is not only her amazing body but also because of the fact that she has had no plastic surgery done to her body. It almost seems surreal when you see what she looks like, yet it's 100% true.

She's nearing her 1000th post, and it might be something that we were never expecting. She doesn't do nude content, but who knows what she might think of for her thousandth post on Instagram. Perhaps we'll get a peek into what she's hiding underneath all that skimpy clothing.

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

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A fitness model with a love for bikinis and lingerie

If you were hoping to see Anastasiya Kvitko nude, you're in for a rough one. She doesn't post anything that shows any of her private parts (not on her Instagram account, that is). However, she does show off cleavage in pretty much every photo she posts (excluding the ones where she wears sweaters, but those also accentuate her massive tits quite well).

On top of her cleavage, she often shows off her tiny waist, as well as her big ass, that she isn't shy to show off. Some people have questioned how it is possible for a woman to have such amazing breasts and ass at the same time, but Anastasiya Kvitko just seems to have that kind of gift and she's using it to its fullest potential.

And the kind of content she posts comes in many varieties. There's plenty of bikini shots on the beach, but there are plenty of city pictures too, as well as some photos from all the photoshoots that she has been doing across America. These photo sets are probably the best thing about her Instagram profile.

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

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As you can tell, we're quite the fan of this curvy goddess. And yes, don't worry, we're still going to share where to find her most "naughty" stuff, and like you've might expected, that ain't going to be on her Instagram page... Just hold on a little longer! ;)

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Physical characteristics and bra cup size

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

Got your penis measuring tape in hand? We need to talk about sizes... Cup sizes, that is! Finally the stuff that truly matters; let's talk numbers!

Anastasiya Kvitko might be a brunette, but she's in no way boring. Her hazelnut eyes are mesmerizing, and her face is absolutely stunning. She's 5'9'' and she weighs 140 pounds. Her waist is quite small, but what you're really hoping to read about is probably her cup size.

* drumroll *... She wears a stunning 38F cup size for her natural tits. Seems like God did an excellent job crafting those juicy hooters. Can I get an amen?

It's almost unimaginable to think of such big tits as being completely natural, and yet Anastasiya seems to prove all our conceptions wrong the more we look into her. With this in mind, it's easy to see why she got the title of the Instagram model of the month.

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But wait... Aren't we forgetting something? Oh yes, her nudes!

Anastasiya's most spicy and nude content can be found on FanCentro (Premium Snap)

Instagram Model Anastasiya Kvitko lewds and nude photos

Surprise, surprise! It's always either OnlyFans, FanCentro or Premium Snapchat accounts that offer "the real deal". And that's the case today as well, as you'll get to follow Anastasiya Kvitko on either her FanCentro feed or Premium Snap account for her uncensored content.

Want titties? Well, now you know where to find them! Swimsuit and bikini candids satisfying enough for you? Then her Instagram profile will probably be enough eye candy for you.

Personally, not knowing what's underneath those clothes, makes her quite arousing doesn't it? Kinda frustrating too. Almost as if you're totally ready to unwrap your Christmas gifts, but you still have to wait a bit longer. Patience can be a real bitch haha.

I mean, nobody would watch the movie Titanic if the ship didn't sank near the end, right? That would make the film quite boring. So we as viewers or fans simply need that extra excitement or thrills and of course, a climax (or happy ending hihi) at the end to feel truly satisfied. While her premium Snap might not be free, I'd rather go for that feeling of full satisfaction anyway. It's totally worth it.

Can't wait to enjoy those huge knockers while she's in her Eve costume? Snap her for nudes!

Well then... What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a hot and nice little present by checking out Anastasiya Kvitko's premium Snap. It's going to be wild for sure!

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