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With an impressive amount of over 4 million fans on Instagram alone, I think it's safe to say Violet Summers is quite the popular adult model. Well, what did you expect with the beautiful and sexy looks (and perfect shaped boobs) like Violet Summers over here has. Following Violet Summers on Instagram is a no-brainer simply because of all the many ultra hot bikini photos she likes to share on her page. And man, does this babe rock those swimsuits and bikini's.

Besides Violet's popular Instagram page, you can also find this sexy 20 year old brunette on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Go follow this beauty queen on all her social channels right away.

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Also known as: Violet Summers

Measurements & Wiki
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Measurements: 34-25-35
Birthday: 28 Nov 1999
Eyes: Hazel
Cup: 34C
Weight: 45 kg
Height: 152 cm
Hair: Brunette
Views: 38543
Pornstar Trivia
Did you know that... Violet Summers posted 1.520 Tweets in total and has updated her Instagram status 126 times, just last year alone? 2021 sure was a wild year for porn starlet Violet Summers! Now you know! 😉

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VIOLET SUMMERS's social media stats

Monthly comparison of social activity, ranking and growth (august 2022 vs july 2022)

Instagram Fans
12.967.277 total Instagram followers
Twitter Fans 0.94%
8747 followers (last month) 0.94% change

Monthly Twitter Activity

Total Twitter Followers: 932.798
Monthly New Followers: 8747
Monthly Change: 0.94%
Total Tweets: 3993
Tweets Last Month: 336

Monthly Instagram Activity

Total Instagram Followers: 12.967.277
Total Instagram Posts: 1008
Posts Last Month: 2


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Hot media tweets by @violetsummerss

Big topless hooters on social media? Count me in! Twitter is like heaven when it comes down to discovering busty, kinky girls like Violet Summers over here, teasing their fans by uncovering those sweet and juicy fun bags. I can stare at those knockers all day, everyday. Want more of that? I suggest you go and click that follow button on Twitter if you want to watch these titties fully uncensored! Follow pornstar @violetsummerss for more photos, videos, selfies and other naughty media shared on the social microblogging platform Twitter... The number one social media platform for nudity!

Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Porstar VIOLET SUMMERS's photo media shared on Twitter
Follow @violetsummerss on Twitter

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The 2021 Social Media Stats Year Report

Last year's social media activity of adult film star Violet Summers visualized (Monthly Posts vs Growth)

2021 Monthly Social Media Posts

Still actively updating her social media handles? In 2021, Violet Summers published 1520 new Tweets and a total of 126 times on Instagram.

2021 Monthly Followers Growth

More fans on the social media platform Twitter or Instagram? Comparison of monthly followers growth, between January and December of 2021.

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