Pornstar MILFS are taking over social media platforms by storm

Planet of the MILFS? MILF World Order? Revenge of the MILFS? The biggest (mature) stars in the adult film industry are taking over all social media platforms in terms of fan following numbers, on either Instagram or Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and many others. No online platform is safe from the rapid rise in popularity of all these sexy (and highly experienced) ladies in the adult business!

Let's find out which MILFS are the most popular on social media...

And if you thought the TikTok app was just for the youngsters and all the "cool kids", think again! Still believe all men would always pick a hot young chick over a sexy mature babe? All the naughty MILFS featured in today's article, will proof you all wrong. The invasion of the MILFS is upon us, and there's no turning back!

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

Goodbye Facebook, Hello Instagram

Your mom is probably one of those people that is still active on Facebook. You know, the type of person that just recently switched from a landline telephone to a smartphone. While there's nothing wrong with that, probably just a generation gap, but that doesn't change the fact that most people (including pornstars) quickly jumped ship from Facebook to (the more "trendy" social media platform) Instagram.

Both Facebook and Instagram pretty much offer the exact same functionality, both have the same no nudity policy and in the end, both platforms are even owned an operated by the same company... Facebook Inc.

The only real big difference is, that all the porns starlets are only active on Instagram.

We should mention though, that Instagram's user policy is kinda vague, considering the number of adult models seeing their accounts getting banned for unknown reasons is quite large. While on the other hand, celebrities can get away by posing way more explicit photos in which they pose almost completely bare naked. Oh well, I guess they'll just have to "suck it up". ;)

Especially during the hot summer days, Instagram offers a whole lot of arousing bikini selfies by sexy (semi-topless) tanning celebrities, hot influencers, models and of course, all the amazing MILFS in porn.

While the beautiful blue eyed beauty queen Lana Rhoades might be wearing the crown as the most popular pornstar on Instagram with her impressive 10.4M loyal fans, the number two spot is actually captured by the British pornstar MILF Sophie Dee (with 7.5+ Million followers).

Sophie Dee, the MILF queen on Instagram

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

It isn't exactly rocket science to discover why this busty and big booty babe from the United Kingdom became such a popular MILF amongst fans. Besides her curvy body, sparkling eyes, DD+ cup size rack and being one of the hottest bubblebutt pornstars in the entire adult film industry, she's also quite the on-camera talent. I mean, have you've ever seen any of her amazing hardcore porn scenes? Sophie Dee is wild!

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Top 5 Most Popular MILFS on Instagram

Rank Milf Followers
1 Sophie Dee7.8 Million
2 Kendra Lust5.64 Million
3 Nicolette Shea5.16 Million
4Nikki Benz4.54 Million
5Lisa Ann3.66 Million

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MILFS are tweeting nudes 24/7 and fans can't get enough of all the free porn snacks

If there's one online social platform that makes pornstars feel like home, it's going to be Twitter, and that's for one good reason; it's more or less the only big mainstream social media platform out there that still allows nudity. And not just nudity, but even hardcore adult entertainment.

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

Two thumbs up to Twitter for providing a social platform that is accessible to anyone, even those working in the adult film industry.

But then again, does Twitter even have much of a choice? I mean, considering what happened as soon as Tumblr decided to ban adult content and as a result pretty much lost their entire user base. Nope, I think we can all agree that banning porn didn't quite work out for them.

For those that can't get any satisfaction from bikini photos on Instagram, Twitter would probably be the best alternative. With the huge amount of active pornstars on Twitter, and considering the amount of nude selfies, clips, porn teasers and trailers being shared every single minute, I don't think any porn surfer should miss out on all these free porn snacks available on Twitter.

Nicolette Shea is the most popular MILF goddess on Twitter

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

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While the retired pornstar Sunny Leone might have a Twitter fan base of 5.5 million followers, in this article we are going to focus on current active porn MILFS only.

And since the beautiful Indian babe Sunny Leone left the adult film industry to make a name for herself in the Bollywood film industry many years ago, the next in line would be the stunning busty MILF; Nicolette Shea, with an impressive total amount of 2.288.137 Twitter fans... Hail to the queen, baby!

Top 5 Most Popular MILFS on Twitter

Rank Milf Followers
1 Nicolette Shea2.288.137
2 Esperanza Gomez1.908.571
3 Nikki Delano1.374.354
4Sara Jay1.189.630
5Lisa Ann1.177.467

For the most recent up to date statistics, you'd might have a look at the top 500 most popular pornstars on Twitter.

More interested in which pornstars or MILFS are most active on Twitter? In that case, I'd suggest you follow the current record holder and the number one most active adult film star on Twitter of all time; the gorgeous MILF Kendra Lust, with an impressive (or should we say obsessive) amount of 211K+ shared Tweets.

Famous pornstar MILFS on Youtube

It probably wouldn't surprise you to find out many adult film actresses are active on the world's largest adult tube website; Pornhub. However, you may not be aware of the fact that there are quite a large amount of girls in porn that also have their own Youtube account.

This might seem like an odd choice, considering Youtube's very strict user terms and policy, something we've discovered ourselves, not that long ago. After uploading a sexy compilation video of Brandi Love to our Youtube channel, we've received a notification about the removal of the video thumbnail. As it turns out, even the pokies (hard nipples) of the gorgeous Brandi Love are considered to be "Too hot for Youtube" according to Youtube's moderators staff.

Fair is fair, Brandi Love sure has a sexy pair... That rhymes.

The point is, don't expect any "spicy" content from pornstars (or MILFS for that matter) being shared on Youtube. The spiciest thing you'd might get to watch on Youtube is probably Moriah Mills in the kitchen making hot taco's. We'd must say, just because you'll won't find any titties on Youtube, doesn't mean these dirty girls can't be entertaining though!

Top 5 Most Popular MILFS on Youtube

Rank Milf Followers

List of all MILFS on Youtube

Ready for some naughty Snaps? MILFS are highly active on Snapchat too

With 398M monthly users, Snapchat is one of the most used chat apps worldwide. Snapchat is also highly popular amongst pornstars as many models from the adult film industry are selling "premium access" to their Snapchat account, known as "Premium Snaps".

For a small fee, you'll either get lifetime access or one month access to exclusive premium content (that you won't find anywhere else) from your favorite pornstar. Think of content such as; selfshot porn videos, nudes and lewds, and even live shows. Some models also allow you to send them direct messages or offer a live chat.

We won't go into full details here, simply because we've already published hundreds of Snapchat related articles in the past. However, we do recommend you'd check out our top 20 list of the most naughty pornstar MILFS on Snapchat, as it truly features some of the hottest MILFS the adult business has ever seen.

Think of horny and stunning mature babes like Phoenix Marie, Brandi Love, Kiara Mia, Lisa Daniels, Kit Mercer, Tanya Tate and many others. In other words; just the kind of babes you've been jerking off to for the past couple of years. ;)

Cherie DeVille has the most fans on her Premium Snap

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

While it's really hard to share the exact numbers here, since models have the option to sell their premium Snapchat subscriptions using multiple websites, including; Nudiez, TeddysXP, FanCentro, Just4Fans and other OnlyFans alternatives.

According to the statistics by FanCentro, the MILF with the current highest number of fans on her Snapchat account is none other than the incredible Cherie DeVille. That doesn't surprise us one bit as we've picked Cherie DeVille as our Snapchat babe of the month for a damn good reason... Cherie simply really stands out! The videos she shares on her Snap are the kind of content that you'll never forget. Hot as hell... and 100% the best wank-material for hardcore MILF fans.

TikTok isn't just for the "cool kids" in school

Another odd choice is TikTok, considering it's (in general) younger audience, but there are in fact a small amount of girls from the porn business to be found on TikTok, even pissing off the anti porn fanclubs on Reddit. I guess these (anti porn) parents apparently are clueless of what their own kids are sharing on TikTok and social media themselves these days, but that's a completely different topic which we'll won't be diving into today.

I admit, TikTok is a controversial one. There are a few pornstars that are actually creating funny, short, creative and lighthearted clips on TikTok that will probably put a smile on your face. A good example would be the content made by adult model Dani Daniels.

On the other hand, there are others like Angela White or Sophie Dee that make quite less innocent videos and have no problem wigglin' those big hooters and showing off as much cleavage as possible in front of the camera lens.

LOL, oh well, nobody really ever got hurt from watching some cleavage or booty twerking, right?

Top 3 Most Popular MILFS on TikTok

Rank Milf Followers
1 Sophie Dee28.4K
2 Marina Valmont3.2K
3 Romi Rain2.1K

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Most searched MILFS on Pornhub & Xhamster

What about the "big tubes" you'd might ask? Good question! We've checked the public data on both Pornhub and Xhamster and compiled them together in the table below. Let's find out which MILFS in the business are the best fap-material according to the visitors of Pornhub and Xhamster.

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

Watch free Brandi Love HD scenes at Pornhub

With a total of 820+ million views for the chesty blonde babe Brandi Love on Pornhub alone, Brandi has been responsible for tons of gallons of jizz going to waste throughout her successful career in the adult film industry. Well done, Brandi... Well done! Still can't get enough of Brandi Love over here? Be sure to add her on Snapchat, her premium Snap is lit!

Pornstar Cory Chase is not only the most searched and most watched MILF, but even the number one most popular pornstar in general on as well (with 161.9 million total views).

Top 5 Most popular MILFS at Pornhub & Xhamster

The most searched pornstar MILFS in our own database

Let's compare the amount of searches for all the social media usernames of famous MILFS in our own database with all the previous mentioned statistics above, to see if there's a matching pattern. The search count in the table below gets updated live.

* You must refresh this page to see any changes in the stats below.

Rank Milf Searches
1 Kendra Lust7891
2 Phoenix Marie6253
3 Rachel Steele6183
4 Alura Jenson4088
5 Eva Notty3646
6 Cherie Deville3403
7 Brandi Love3312
8 Lisa Ann3064
9 Julia Ann3018
10 Sara Jay3018

How to discover the hottest MILF scenes and best mature porn websites?

With so many premium porn website to choose from on the internet, it can be quite overwhelming to make a decision on which premium porn website to sign up for.

A great way to start your search for the best MILF porn and to find your perfect match is to visit Banging Reviews, an awesome website that has been reviewing all the big premium adult websites since 2006.

You'd probably want to check out some of the finest MILF website reviews to learn everything you'll need to know about that website (both the pros and the cons) before deciding to purchase a subscription. If the final score for that website is kinda low, you'd might want reconsider your decision and check out a few more different adult website reviews (to be sure you're going for the best option).

Popular Pornstar MILFS on social media platforms

For example, if you'll take a look at this review of Pure Mature, besides the review of the video content and the website functionality, the team of writers at Banging Reviews even list all other details such as the video format (HD or 4K), total amount of video and photo content, average length of the videos, file type and bitrate, how often the site gets updated with fresh new MILF scenes, and which models to be found.

In other words; pretty much all the detailed info you're probably searching for... Good luck finding the hottest and best MILF porn on the web!

Statistics don't lie, MILFS are taking over the internet. And to be honest, we every bit of it.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database or filter by MILFS only.

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