Best OnlyFans alternatives to discover even more hot girls

Best OnlyFans alternatives to discover hot girls

Looking for premium Snaps? Today we're going to check out three alternative websites that are similar to Only Fans. To be more precise, we're going to check out the following three alternative premium fanclub websites; Nudiez, Teddys Girls (aka Teddys XP) and Fan Centro.

But first things first, in case you have no clue on what Only Fans or a "premium fanclub" website exactly is, don't worry because we're here to provide all the answers in our little FAQ below.

What are premium fanclub websites?

The OnlyFans website is currently getting a lot of mainstream media coverage. But what is this hype all about? What exactly is OnlyFans? Or better yet; what are these so called "Premium Fanclub" websites?

These premium fanclub websites offer models (adult performers) a way to monetize their selfshot adult photo and video content, as well as selling access to their social media accounts (with Snapchat being the most popular app).

In short; for a small monthly fee, you as a fan can get access to exclusive daily content made by your favorite models in the porn industry or by naughty amateurs. But there's so much more included in a premium subscription, often including a live chat and even live webcam action! Who doesn't enjoy masturbating together live on cam, right?

Why subscribe to get premium access?
  • Never before seen (exclusive) adult scenes and tons of nude selfies
  • Chat with you favorite pornstars (or get to know naughty amateurs)
  • A close up look inside the private life of your favorite porn starlet
  • Daily new selfshot content (gone are the days of searching the entire web for porn)
  • You'll never run out of "wank material"... ever again!
What premium options are there & how does it work?
  • Access to model's feed (watch adult videos directly on fanclub based websites, such as FanCentro & OnlyFans)
  • Access to private social media accounts such as; Instagram
  • Access to private Snapchat account (premium Snap)
  • Access to private Dropbox account account (instant access to a ton of digital files)
  • Premium Snaps often include; live chat or live sex shows... and more!

How does it work?
Easy! After you've made your purchase, the model will grant you access to her social media accounts (or private feed).

"Once you subscribe for access, the model will add you to her account. Members enjoy boyfriend like privileges and receive exclusive behind-the-scenes premium content". - Quote from the TeddysXP website.

Three websites similar to OnlyFans

The world is full of hot and horny women all waiting for you to "come" and join in on the fun. If the three websites below aren't proof of that, I'd give up (as they offer a ton of models on their website)... Time for some dirty snaps!

Let's kick things off with our first OnlyFans alternative; Nudiez!

Nudiez.TV - 100% exclusive babes (and their premium snaps)
Nudiez naughty premium girls on Snapchat

Unlike OnlyFans (which offers hundreds and thousands of amateur models), Nudiez.TV is a website & service that only has a few models available. However, the models on their website are 100% exclusive girls that you won't find anywhere else.

In short; at Nudiez, you'll only find the cream of the crop. Especially if you're into busty ladies...

As a model to become a "Nudiez Model", you'll have to offer the perfect ten. Not just by looks and appearance (even though these chicks at Nudiez absolutely look freakin' stunning), but also when it comes down to personality and spicy entertainment value. You gotta flaunt that ass and those big round titties, girl!

Trust me, the amazing babes on the Nudiez website (such as; Viking Barbie, Ana Lorde, Violet Summers, Emily Knight and Layna Boo) will make your dick grow hard within a second. Ready to meet some of these hotties?

Nudiez girl: Ana Lorde
Ana Lorde - Exclusive premium girls at Nudiez

Probably because of her gigantic juggs, the busty Ana Lorde currently is (at the time of writing) our number one most searched pornstar in our database. Turns out, Ana Lorde is also one of the very few exclusive premium girls you'll find on the Nudiez website.

Currently, it's also the only option you'll have if you want to watch and enjoy this curvy beauty in hardcore action. Sounds like reason enough to subscribe to her premium account right away. I mean, who doesn't get a boner from watching Ana Lorde rubbing her clit, playing with sex toys or flaunting her big sexy knockers on camera, right?

Follow Ana Lorde @ Nudiez (or premium Snap)

Nudiez girl: Viking Barbie (aka Kayleigh Swenson)
Viking Barbie - Exclusive premium girls at Nudiez

Kayleigh Swenson, better known as Viking Barbie, is the daughter of the professional wrestler and actor Robert Alexander Swenson.

Viking Barbie became famous thanks to Instagram and even ended up modeling for Playboy Magazine twice. And now, after a couple years of modeling, she's finally ready for "the real work" (show the world the dirty side of her personality). I'd bet you can't wait to check out the hot and perfect shaped nude body and hooters of Viking Barbie over here!

Follow Viking Barbie @ Nudiez (or premium Snap)

Nudiez girl: Violet Summer
Violet Summer - Exclusive premium girls at Nudiez

Petite with big titties in a tiny bikini... That's the young and spicy Violet Summer for you guys! Ain't she a natural hottie? Violet became quite popular thanks to TikTok and Instagram, simply by sharing bikini candids or exotic dance clips. But if you want to see what's underneath... You gotta go premium. ;)

Follow Violet Summers @ Nudiez (or premium Snap)

Discover horny amateurs at (aka TeddysXP) is a bit of a lesser known "premium fanclub" based website. At least, in terms of being as widely known as competitor sites such as OnlyFans and FanCentro. But that doesn't mean, you won't find any hotties looking for some steaming hot interaction on Teddys Girls.

TeddysGirls - horny girls on Snapchat

If you're only interested or only looking to follow well known or popular adult film stars on Snapchat, Teddys Girls might not be the best option for you, as Teddys Girls is mostly amateur focussed.

Which basically means, at Teddys Girls you're most likely to discover that sexy, wet and naughty girl next door type. In other words; all natural amateurs (looking to spend some dirty & fun time online with you). Ranging from gamer girls to BBW chicks, cosplay cuties, barely legal students to mature babes (MILFS).

Teddys Girls offers girls in all shapes & sizes, all kinds of different personalities and fetishes, so there's always going to be that one ultimate sexy babe on their website that will 100% be your perfect match (aka the girl of your "wet" dreams).

TeddysXP offers the following options:

  • Premium Snapchat accounts
  • Access model's private feed (on the Teddys Girls website)
  • Access model's Dropbox account (filled with many gigabytes of selfshot adult content)

Browse all models at

Teddys Girls might offer mostly amateur models, however, we did manage to find a couple of pornstars on the Teddys Girls website... Go and check them out below!

Follow pornstar Kit Mercer (@ TeddysXP)
Find pornstars & amateur girls at (premium snapchat)

It's really hard not to fall for one of the most hottest MILFS in the entire porn industry; Kit Mercer. She has the looks and the personality. And she can make any man cum within a snap of her fingers... But only if she wants you to cum.

"Making you cum makes me cum". - Kit Mercer

Répondez s’il vous plait? Well, that sounds like one hell of an invitation to me... One that's very welcome!

Follow Kit Mercer @ TeddysXP (or premium Snap)

Busty blonde pornstar Alix Lynx (@ TeddysXP)
Find pornstars & amateur girls at (premium snapchat)

The busty rising porn starlet Alix Lynx is the kind of babe that has "sex" written all over her. The type of girl that gets you instantly horny and makes you feel like a horny little school boy again.

Alix likes to invite you to her own personal wonderland. A very special and most importantly; a very wild and sexual version of wonderland. "We're all a little dirty in here"... Dare to "cum" join Alix Lynx on her wild personal adventures?

Follow Alix Lynx @ TeddysXP (or premium Snap)
Follow Alix Lynx @ FanCentro

Petite pornstar cutie Apolonia Lapiedra (@ TeddysXP)

I have to admit, I got a soft spot for cute looking gals. That means, I've might have jerked off (at least) a few times to this total Spanish cutie; Apolonia Lapiedra. One thing is sure, Apolonia is quite the talented adult film actress as she has even won 2 awards for her performences; Best Actress of the Year (2015 Nymphs Awards) and the award for best scene (which was also Apolonia's first anal scene).

Love teens? Love petite chicks? Love dirty girls with cute looks? Well, that can mean only one thing; pornstar Apolonia Lapiedra is exactly the girl you've been looking for!

Follow Apolonia @ TeddysXP (or premium Snap)

FanCentro - the most popular OnlyFans alternative
FanCentro - the most popular OnlyFans alternative

Our favorite OnlyFans alternative website? Save the best for last? That's right... That can only be; FanCentro!

OnlyFans and FanCentro both offer the most similar services. As both websites showcase a huge library of both horny amateurs, as well as a huge amount of famous adult film stars... All ready to get down and dirty with you (the fans).

Either get instant access to your favorite pornstars on Snapchat (so called "Premium Snap") or subscribe to their "FanCentro feed" (hot selfshot videos and photos directly shared on their FanCentro profile). And that even includes live sex shows!

FanCentro - pornstar Sophie Dee premium snap

We've written plenty of blog posts on FanCentro in the past. Hell, we've even compiled a huge (auto-updating) list of all pornstars that can be found on FanCentro.

In case you're here because you're looking for your favorite girls in porn, that list might be a great start, as it provides you with direct profile links to over 150+ famous girls from the adult film industry on FanCentro! But don't leave just yet, we still like to share a couple of our recommendations with you guys...

Here are a few staff picks, a couple of total bombshells that you shouldn't miss out on!

Lifetime access to the popular pornstar Lana Rhoades on Snapchat
Pornstar Lana Rhoades on FanCentro & Premium Snap

Famous on Youtube with her sexy Try-on haul videos, and an even bigger star in the porn industry. Lana Rhoades is also one of those girls that always ends up in the most popular babes section on FanCentro. She's just that popular.

But then again, with such an amazing body, boobies, and big white ass, what else do you expect? Lana likes to get really dirty on her premium Snapchat account by the way...

"My shows include boy/girl sex, public nudity, lesbian shows, BJ’s, creampies, Facials, Interactive show( you tell me what to do), ass worship and a ton more". - Lana Rhoades

Get lifetime access to Lana Rhoades' premium Snap

Follow MILF pornstar Cherie DeVille on FanCentro or Snapchat
Pornstar MILF Cherie DeVille on FanCentro & Premium Snap

When we're speaking of highly popular porn MILFs, there's no way we can leave Cherie DeVille's name unmentioned. Everybody loves Cherie thanks to her amazing personality and of course, her dirty mind and constant hunger for cock. Cherie showing off her pure sexuality is such a turn on.

Follow Cherie DeVille @ FanCentro (or premium Snap)

Follow pornstar Lela Star on FanCentro or Snapchat
Pornstar Lela Star on FanCentro & Premium Snap

Meet one of the most popular adult film stars on the FanCentro platform (with currently 14815 premium fans), the big ass Cuban pornstar; Lela Star.

Arguably, Lela Star has the best juicy butt in the entire porn business. The kind of ass that reminds me of Kim Kardashian, in other words; ultra big. And Lela Star knows that exactly, as she sure enjoys to show it off or to tease her fans with her fap-worthy ass.

Looking for exclusive hardcore content, made for Lela's die-hard fans only? Well, in that case; her Premium Snap or following her FanCentro account is simply a must! Now go wiggle that ass, girl!

"Subscribe and let me get that cock hard and drain those balls papi. Chat with me too! Don’t miss out..." - Lela Star

I don't know about you, but man, I'm totally down with that! Big booty pornstar Lela Star may drain my balls any time of the day! Don't miss out and become part of her premium fanclub.

Follow Lela Star @ FanCentro (or premium Snap)

With the three websites listed above, you'll get to choose between hundreds and thousands of models that all want to get a little down and dirty. You won't be bored for the next couple of months, I can tell you that! What are you waiting for? Let the big model search begin!

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database!

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