Your favourite childhood Disney characters played by pornstars (Disney porn parodies)

Hakuna Matata? Not today! Today we'll be singing "Hot cum on my Tatta's". Time to look at all our favourite childhood Disney films turned into a porn parody movie. From Aladdin to the Lion King, Frozen, Mulan, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and much more... Just like my penis is growing watching all these pornstars in action, so does the list of Disney-based porn parodies. Let's get right into it, shall we?

List of all Disney porn parodies

List of all Disney porn parodies

Everyone knows "If it exists, there is porn of it.", otherwise known as the infamous Rule 34. I mean, there's dozen of porn flicks based on the Harley Quinn character, the force is also strong when it comes down to adult Star Wars films, porn parodies based on video games seem to be quite popular too, for example; Street Fighter cosplay porn, so I understand one might assume there's probably an adult alternative to any of our favourite childhood Disney cartoon movies as well, right?

And to answer that question; yes there is! But I'd bet you had no clue that list would actually be this long. Let's kick things off with our first entry; The Lion King.

Woodrocket presents; The Lion King porn parody

Let's kick things off with arguably one of my favourite childhood Disney films; The Lion King. Man, I've sure watched that VHS probably thousands and thousands of times as kid. Not that strange, since it's just a really well made film. From the story, the characters and the best part; the music. Thanks to the music by Elton John, The Lion King really became a masterpiece.

So what do you do when you decide to make a porn parody of such a film? You turn it into a porn-musical. Yes, I didn't knew it either, but I guess that's a "thing" now. Hell, this one is even starring an Elton John-look a like character, now that's an eye for detail, I'd give 'em that!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Lion King

The Lion King porn parody was produced by WoodRocket, a company known for its many adult porn parodies. Nothing is safe for Woodrocket, as they manage to turn anything into a porn. And this one, would be the perfect example of that. What can I say? Watching topless pornstars (in lion suits and such) singing dirty versions of all those popular & classic songs from the original Disney flick is something "special", to say the least.

And sure, all those goofy costumes and funny songs (with titles such as; The Circle Jerk of Life) are just meant to make you laugh, hence the "porn parody" label, but that doesn't mean there isn't some good old fashioned fucking to be enjoyed as well. I mean, don't forget that this is still a porn movie after all.

Note that the trailer above is heavily censored, because, well, it's on Youtube. And I assume we all know about the "no-titties policy" Youtube has in place, right?

This porn parody is actually called; The Loin King, and is starring pornstars Daisy Ducati, Kira Noir, Leya Falcon, Adora Bell, Alyce, Felicia Fisher, Mocha Menage, Nikki Sequoia and more. However, you're only getting to enjoy Kira Noir in actual "fucking and sucking" action. And to be honest, she really delivers in terms of eye candy and while watching this hot scene, I almost forget I was watching a dude in a lion suit fucking the lovely Kira Noir over here.

I loved watching Kira on her knees, going "all in" while she's sucking his BBC. Same can be said about her moaning loadly as she's jumping up and down his hard cock.

The total running time is about 25 minutes. This porn parody was released in 2019, and can be watched for free on Pornhub.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Lion King

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Aladdick, the version of Aladdin that Disney don't want you to see (or jerk off to)

And we move on from one 90s Disney classic to the next! How could we ever forget about Aladdin, and of course, the lovely princess Jasmine? Unfortunately, in the original Disney flick, Aladdin doesn't receive that well earned "happy ending" he should have gotten. But fear not, in this dirty little version by (once again) Woodrocket, Aladdin does get lucky with the princess... Hooray!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Aladdin

If you're familiar with any of the Woodrocket productions, you're probably familiar with the busty and sexy pornstar April O' Neil as well, since she's starring in quite a lot of their porn parody productions. And guess what? April also stars as princess Jasmine in this adult parody called; Aladdick.

You can't really go wrong with April O' Neil, she just has those natural and girl-next-door looks, combined with a highly arousing curvy body. In other words; she doesn't look like your typical Barbie-doll pornstar. Besides that, she really seems to know how to pleasure a cock (on camera).

Besides a great porn scene between princess Jasmine and Aladdin, all the other famous characters from the Disney film are having a cameo as well. That includes the evil villain Jafar and his parrot (Iago). Will Smith, eat your heart out, because even that friendly blue genie makes his presence known in this 2019 porn parody called Aladdick.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Aladdin

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The Little Mermaid XXX Parody in virtual reality (VR)

Are the two Woodrocket parodies mentioned above a little too "Goofy" (get it? Goofy... Hihi) for you? Do you simply prefer a bit more sex on your screen, and less comedy mixed in? In that case, you'd probably love the (VR) Disney cosplay scenes by VRcosplayX. The first on our list; The Little Mermaid.

List of all Disney porn parodies: The Little Mermaid

The most famous redhead coming from the Walt Disney studios? That's got to be Ariel, from the Little Mermaid. So of course, only a redhead could portray such a role in an adult alternative, right? And that's exactly the case with this VR porn parody as it's starring the lovely red vixen; Charli Red. And boy, this chick is such a hottie, especially when she's all wet and horny!

Doesn't matter if she's giving a sensual and wet blowjob or if she's getting banged doggystyle or riding and grinding this lucky guy's dick while on top, the redhead beauty Charli Red is just such a joy to watch. Pure eye candy, indeed! Who knew Disney characters could be so freakin' damn sexy? Well, now you know!

List of all Disney porn parodies: The Little Mermaid

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Eva Elfie as Elsa in this fap-worthy adult parody of Disney's Frozen

We were already a fan of the blonde, cute, Russian pornstar Eva Elfie. I mean, just look at her! She's got those innocent and totally cute looks, but underneath; she's a real beast between the bed sheets. Not to mention her fantastic petite body. And wait until she slowly and sensually takes off her top and reveals her gigantic juicy knockers... That's the moment you simply can't hide your boner any longer... Her titties are like perfection!

And guess who has the lead role in the next Disney porn parody? That's right, the spicy blondie; Eva Elfie in the role of Elsa, of course, from the huge box office hit, the 2010 Disney film; Frozen!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Eva Elfie frozen

Frozen is like that one huge Disney classic for the later generation. While the 90s generation had classics cartoons like Aladdin and The Lion King, Frozen is like that one major hit for the generation of kids that were born in the early 2000s. And since the movie Frozen was such a success, you'll know that sooner or later an adult version will follow. And that's exactly the case with this 2020 porn parody by Team Skeet.

Eva Elfie cosplaying Elsa, complete with long blonde tail and the blue dress, makes the perfect wank-material, if you'd ask me. We'll get to enjoy Elsa giving all her best in a fantastic blowjob sequence, but we also get to watch her getting a rough doggy style pounding. The best part of this scene? Eva Elfie, or should we say; Elsa, just keeps on begging and begging to get her soaking wet pussy pleasured more and more, harder and harder. Elsa is loving that magic stick sliding in and out of her dripping wet beaver.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Eva Elfie frozen

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Frozen XXX Parody (FFM threesome sex in VR)

As it turns out, Eva Elfie isn't the only pornstar that did an Elsa cosplay porn scene as in this VR porn scene right here, the two sisters Anna and Elsa (played by Hadley Mason and Addison Ryder) team up for a wild threesome! Man, that dude sure is one hell of a lucky bastard!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Frozen Anna and Elsa VR sex

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Mary Pops In – The Magical Nanny (The Mary Poppins porn parody)

Mary Poppins is also one of those feel-good classics coming from the Walt Disney studios, however, this "a bit more" naughty version called "Mary Pops In" by Combat Zone features even more "feel good" moments compared to its original release.

After all those years, the adult film studio Combat Zone felt it was time for a little reboot of the classic Mary Poppins film, and thus, in 2011 they've produced and distributed their own vision of Mary Poppins, which turned out to become; Mary Pops In. This adult parody is starring pornstars; Roxanne Hall, Joclyn Stone, Shay Golden and Bebe Mendes.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Mary Poppins

Disney's most iconic character Snow White does a porn (in VR)

Speaking of iconic Disney characters, a list of porn parodies based on Disney classics without mentioning the famous classic "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", would simply not be an option. It's one of those classics that everyone knows, even if you hate Disney films. Today, Snow White isn't surrounded by seven dwarfs, instead she takes on seven dildo's... How about that?

List of all Disney porn parodies: Snow White

In this VR porn parody produced by RealityLovers back in 2017, we'll get to watch and enjoy pornstar Heather Vahn cosplaying Snow White. The movie starts out with Snow White having a little "quality time" on her own, playing with her seven favourite sex toys, and in the heat of the moment, just when she's about to cum, her man walks in to finish the job.

Put on your VR headset and go watch Snow White's horny and epic face while she's having her orgasm... It's just as iconic as the original movie itself, I can tell you that. While it might sound a bit weird jerking off to Disney-characters, trust me, with a total stunner like Heather Vahn, not masturbating is simply not an option!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Snow White

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Princess Jasmine makes her (anal) cumback in this VR cosplay porn scene

If you thought Aladdick was the only porn parody based on Aladdin, you were wrong. The virtual reality porn studio VRcosplayX released a porn parody starring the tight and petite pornstar Amirah Adara as Princess Jasmine in this fantastic VR porn scene.

Also, if you've actually seen some of Amirah Adara's other porn scenes, you can probably guess in which hole Aladdin's cock is going to disappear, that's right, balls deep up her tight ass. Looking for anal action in VR? This one's a must watch for you!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Princess Jasmine anal sex

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Little Red Riding Whore (by Brazzers)

Steaming hot sex in the woods? Leave that up to our bald buddy Johnny Sins and of course, the cute and ultra hot redhead pornstar Nikki Rhodes. Both these two love to get rough and strip bare naked outdoors, in this "special remake" by Brazzers, based on the 1922 Disney classic; Little Red Riding Hood.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Little Red Riding Hood

With her fiery red hair, perfect sized natural 34C cup size breasts, silky white skin, sexy sweet hips and beautiful looks, the amazing pornstar Nikki Rhodes always steals the show... No matter what role she's playing. I must say though, she does make one hell of a sexy red riding hood. But boy, she does look even better when she's slowly taking her outfit off. Wanna watch this beauty queen getting fucked against a tree? Here's your chance!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Little Red Riding Hood

Watch this porn parody at Brazzers

Mulan XXX Parody (in virtual reality)

Just recently, Disney decided to produce a life action version of their classic 90s cartoon adaptation of Mulan. Well, we all know this didn't quite turn out that well for our beloved friends at the Disney studios. Besides that, we all know how awful these real life action "remakes" (of their classic cartoon films) are.

But luckily for us, we'd still get to enjoy a life action version of Mulan anyway, thanks to VRcosplayX and their cosplay porn scene starring Mulan, played by asian pornstar; Katana. Watching this exotic beauty getting fucked in all possible sex positions, and in VR, is just pure lust for the eye. Don't miss out on watching Mulan going at it, in a way you've never seen her before...

And damn, the rumor about Mulan turns out to be 100% true, as Mulan sure knows how to handle a "sword".

List of all Disney porn parodies: Mulan VR

Watch this VR scene at

Peter Pan's very own fairy named Tinker Bell, turns out to be quite the sex goddess (VR cosplay porn)

Tinker Bell is another one of those classic Disney characters that doesn't need an introduction. I mean, we've all seen the Peter Pan movies, right? But we haven't seen Tinker Bell in such a dirty way, like ever before. She's quite the sex goddess, and this VR porn scene proofs just that!

In this 2018 VR scene by VRcosplayX, the breathtaking pornstar Carmel Anderson shows off her sucking and fucking-skills while cosplaying the iconic Tinker Bell character. Not gonna lie, Tinker Bell knows exactly how to tingle my balls.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Tinker Bell

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Alice in Wonderland X (the vintage porn musical film from 1976)

A list isn't complete without mentioning some of the classic porn parodies from the early days, right? Time to get a little vintage up in here, as we're going to have a quick look at the (retro) porn musical film; Alice in Wonderland X, released in 1976.

List of all Disney porn parodies: Alice in Wonderland X 1976

Technically speaking, Alice in Wonderland isn't a Disney creation, since Walt Disney Studios wasn't the first studio to produce their own version of the (in)famous children's book by Lewis Caroll. They also weren't the last to produce an Alice in Wonderland-inspired movie or TV show, as many book adaptations would follow.

This one right here, is one of the many films based on the Alice in Wonderland book. And probably also is one of the most kinky versions too. It features all the legendary characters of the famous book, and well, you've guessed it... They are all fucking each other's brains out too. Kristine DeBell plays the role of Alice.

And in between all the sex? There's still some room left for a bunch of naughty sing-a-long scenes too. Gotta love those campy classics!

Toy Story porn? Time to get "Woody"...

Oh boy, I think this porn title pretty much proofs that you can basically turn any mainstream movie or TV show into an adult parody or cosplay porn scene. I mean, Toy Story? Who would have thought we'd get a porn parody of that one, right? But we did, and it's a real hot and horny one too. And even better... it's shot in VR!

List of all Disney porn parodies: Toy Story

When Disney released Toy Story in 1995, the world was blown away by its fantastic 3D animations. Up until Toy Story, we've had never seen a 3D animated film with such high production value and such breathtaking 3D animations. So it shouldn't come as a big surprise, Toy Story quickly became an instant hit and yet again, a cult classic at the hands of the Walt Disney film studios.

Must say, it did take a while though, as this VR cosplay porn parody based on Toy Story got released in 2018 (and was produced by VRcosplayX). You're probably wondering... So... Who's the lucky guy that gets to bang pornstar Lindsey Cruz? Who's getting lucky today? Will it be Buzz Lightyear or our beloved wooden cowboy; Sheriff Woody? Turns out our sheriff got the honour. But who knows? Maybe in the sequel, Buzz finally gets a piece of the action as well?

List of all Disney porn parodies: Toy Story

Watch this VR scene at

That's all folks? Not really. But the list of porn adaptations of Disney stories and characters is simply way too long to list every single one of them. For example, just the Snow White and the seven Dwarfs film already has over 10+ porn parodies being created throughout the years.

Seems like Disney characters are quite popular in the adult film industry. Or maybe it's just an easy way to make a quick buck, simply because these characters are so well known amongst the mainstream audience (and became a huge part of our pop culture). Who knows, right? Anyway, this list features more then enough Disney-based eye candy to enjoy, so go ahead and watch any of the XXX parodies mentioned above, and you'll be having a blast watching your favorite Disney babes getting all kinky on your screen!

Let's all take this moment to thank the "Adult Film Industry" for ruining my childhood forever by producing all these spicy adult films based on our beloved Disney classics. And thank you WoodRocket, for producing these Oscar-worthy masterpieces. I mean, I don't think I am ever be able to get that catchy "Hot cum on my tatta's" song out of my head ever again. Oh well...

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