List Of Pornstars Who Have Their Own Podcast (2023)

Recently, one particular type of media rapidly rose in popularity - a phenomenon known as podcasts. While there might be tons of different podcast shows covering all sorts of topics, but what about the hot and steamy ones? Today, we'll focus on podcasts hosted by adult film performers.

There are probably a lot more girls in porn hosting their own podcast as you would likely suspect...

From sexy adult film stars such as Lisa Ann, all the way to totally hot stunners like pornstar Asa Akira, Dani Daniels, Renee Gracie, Holly Randall and many more. So let's stop wasting any more time and dive right in! Ready to find out which pornstars are hosting their own weekly podcast episodes?

- Porn Stars Podcast List

These podcast episodes will surely got you entertained, whether it be due to porn starlets sharing some juicy and wild behind the scenes stories, or for getting to learn a bit more about your favorite adult film star's personality, not to mention, the healthy dose of humour these podcasts usually bring to the table.

Some of these pornstar-hosted podcasts might actually have a little bit more of a serious approach and cover more serious topics, while others are often more light-hearted, the type of shows that solely exist to entertain you and try to put a smile on your face.

Even though this blog post also features pornstars whispering into a microphone, however, this article isn't about pornstars doing ASMR... We've already covered that topic some different time before.

Pornstar Podcast: The Lisa Ann Experience

Lisa Ann is not just a talented porn actress but a fun woman with great humor. In The Lisa Ann Experience, everyone's favorite mom talks about various topics, and it is hard not to laugh. What you get in her shows are not just the things that happened behind the curtain during filming, but also different outlooks on the adult film industry's taboos and stigmas.

Lisa Ann Experience Podcast - - Porn Stars Podcast List

The Lisa Ann Experience episodes feature many of her colleagues as well as comedians or movie stars. The ex superstar opens up about the most intimate details while making the crowd cry with laughter. It sure seems that this fine lady can do it all.

Lisa Ann loves to take a look back in the past by sharing stories about her successful porn career, both the good and the bad parts. Born in the USA, the flirty, gorgeous and busty babe was always curious about her body and at the age of 16, she had her first stripping job. Lisa Ann seems to be one of those pretty girls that simply was born to entertain.

A few years later, the whole world knew exactly who the sizzling hot, busty, and gorgeous brunette, Lisa Ann was and what she was all about - making dicks grow all around the world, that is. The rest is history.

Many years later, yet, here we are and still find ourselves getting entertained by this stunning MILF and pornstar legend... Just in a different way and format. Go check out Lisa Ann's podcast, if you haven't already. Something you should definitely "experience" yourself 😜.

Listen to The Lisa Ann Experience Podcast (at Spotify)
The Lisa Ann Experience (at Youtube)

The Bombastic Lisa Ann is often being referred to as being an ex-pornstar, but that's not a 100% the case. After all, never say never, especially in the porn business, that doesn't mean she ultimately retired for good. We sure hope not, because porn starlet Lisa Ann is one of those babes that seems to be aging like a fine wine, after all those years, she's still rocking her amazing looks and never lost one bit of her sex appeal.

So yes! We want more!
Luckily for us, that's also what we've got!

In fact, not that long ago, pornstar Lisa Ann even did a few steamy webcam shows, in front of a live audience, at the adult webcam streaming platform

Watch Lisa Ann's steamy webcam shows at Camsoda

Pornstar Podcast: Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love

Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love gives you insight into being a worker in the sex industry during the digital age. The porn actress Rebecca Love puts in all the effort to be online and trending with so many social platforms popping up.

Rebecca Love gives an honest review of which content to share in her podcasts and where to share it. The redhead knows all the dirty tricks and she shares those in each of her episodes. Sexuality, sex cams, social media, porn industry - the lady knows it all and talks about the challenges of modern call girls and sex workers.

Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love - - Porn Stars Podcast List

Christina Coleman, better known as Rebecca Love started as an exotic dancer before she turned into an adult actress. She was born in the USA and she has always been interested in acting. One of Rebecca's career highlights was winning the award for the best oral scene, back in 2005.

Listen to Talking Dirty with Rebecca Love Podcast

Pornstar Podcast: The Prude And The Pornstar (with Madison Missina)

This podcast is a different kind of breed, as it provides an exotic mix of two totally different personalities. On one side you'll get Carla GS, a Christian mother, on the second hand microphone, we'll stumble upon a porn starlet from Australia, the chesty redhead - Madison Missina.

The one host of this podcast loves Jesus and the lord, while the other host loves her vibrator, eating pussy, or getting her pussy pounded by a hard rod, much more instead.

Still, that doesn't stop the two from sharing their experiences with each other in a fun, interesting and quite entertaining way on their very own podcast.

The Prude And The Pornstar - - Porn Stars Podcast List

Madison Missina is a busty Australian cutie who became interested in the sex business from an early age. She tried everything there is, but it has become pretty obvious she prefers to film adult movies for a living. And when she isn't shooting a new porn flick, the fiery redhead often gets on the mic for her podcast, talking about sex, sharing her experience on the set and in general, how it really is like behind the scenes.

The ladies discuss anal, male obsessions, sex rituals, experimenting, monogamy and other juicy details. Madison had sex with thousands of people, while her friend only slept with one man. Both ladies have different views of carnal pleasure and experience with porn.

Episodes feature clashes of two different backgrounds and their attitudes towards the world they live in. With explicit topics and different views both girls have, the episodes never fail to entertain.

Listen to The Prude And The Pornstar Podcast

But in the end, shooting pornography remains her ultimate passion. Which shows, the minute the camera's start rolling and Madison Missina starts performing, she lets everything go and starts revealing her true wild side. Give her some toys to play with or a pussy to eat and this red vixen will take care of it passionately.

Redhead pornstar Madison Missina big topless boobs in sex scene from porn series Red

Not convinced yet? I suggest you check out the Lightsouthern Cinema series called Red, which features porn starlet Madison Missina in the lead role (of all 6 episodes), and then try and tell me I'm wrong.

The "Red" adult series has that road movie vibe and is shot entirely from a point of view perspective. We get to follow Madison Missina while she's on a road trip. The story continues with Madison staying in a cheap hotel, horny and bored out of her mind. She decides to put an ad on Craigslist, hoping for some adventure time. The steamy, hot and wet kind of adventures, that is.

In the six episodes that follow, we'll find out exactly just how dirty things can get when you hook up with strangers online... A must watch! The Red series is available at Adult Time.

Watch the adult series Red (+55.000 more vids)

Pornstar Podcast: Holly Randall Unfiltered

American photographer Holly Randall shares pieces of her rich history around porn in her Unfiltered show. The podcast is all about sex and all things connected to it. With many porn guests and people outside of adult careers, Holly gives a different view on pornography and its stigma. With burning subjects and social analysis, Unfiltered may shake the cage of those that have been locked for a long time. It all comes with a perfect dose of comedy and intrigue.

Holly Randall Unfiltered - - Porn Stars Podcast List

With around 230 episodes so far, expect an honest review of porn trends and happenings over the years. For your weekly dose of adult film industry news, Holly Randall's podcast is a great source for your latest adult film industry news, as well as providing you with your weekly podcast entertainment.

Holly Randall is a big name in the porn world and for good reason, as this blonde lady always seem to be having an endless supply of creativity. She expressed them all through the camera lenses, rarely putting herself in front of the lens, instead, Holly Randall likes to take control of the photo camera, directing all of her wildest ideas and fantasies and make them come to life. And she's pretty freakin' good at it too!

In fact, she's so good at it, that the adult industry magazine AVN named Holly Randall as being one of the most influential women in the adult film industry.

Holly is a hard working industry veteran who always had a goal to enrich pornography and shake things up whenever needed. Even after all those years, with so much kinky ideas still floating through her creative mind, she keeps rocking still. When Holly Randall over here isn't holding a camera in her hand, she's probably working hard on the next podcast episode of Holly Randall Unfiltered.

Listen to Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast (at
Holly Randall Unfiltered (at Youtube)

Pornstar Podcast: The Two Onions Podcast (with Dani Daniels)

Brunette star Dani Daniels leads this exciting show with her husband. Every week there is another guest and the three of them sit down and talk about literally everything - from how to film squirting scenes and do the most challenging sex positions, all the way up to parenting, Instagram, or social media trolls.

The Two Onions Podcast with Dani Daniels - - Porn Stars Podcast List

Dani invites colleagues from the pornverse and every week, something different happens. But there are also guest coming on the show from completely other branches, like famous photographers or actors. Variety keeps things fresh, right?

This fan-favorite porn starlet and her partner in crime (aka husband Vic) first started in 2019, and they have been on a roll ever since. Episodes last around one hour and every week brings another dose of fun with various people. The show is available on Youtube as well.

Before Dani Daniels transformed into a full-blown adult film star, she started her journey by modeling for nude and glamour shoots. That being said, this American beauty started to gain a real big fan-following the minute she started putting on wet and wild, live shows on webcam.

Pornstar Dani Daniels loves sports, but her passion for sex and fast rising porn career, took away all her free time, leaving little time left for any of her other hobbies. And well, we're kind of glad it did because, in a way, imagine we had to miss out on all the hot and horny porn videos she's performing in? That would "suck hard", right?

Watch Dani Daniels' Best Porn Videos (+55.000 more)

After many years of experience in the adult film industry, winning several awards in the process, Dani boosted her career even further now that she also found time to do other things that interest her, such as launching her own podcast. Time to put on your headphones, sit back, relax and enjoy listening to The Two Onions Podcast.

Listen to The Two Onions Podcast (at Spotify)
The Two Onions Podcast (Official Website)

Pornstar Podcast: Breastmilk & BJ's Podcast (with Renee Gracie)

A podcast hosted by two complete opposite personalities? Now that formula sounds familiar! Even though this podcast is called Breastmilk and Blowjobs (or in short - BJ's) and erotic lactation might be a serious fetish to some, that's certainly not what this podcast is about... Far from it!

This podcast is hosted by one of Australia's biggest names in the adult business, the former supercar racer turned pornstar, aka Renee Gracie. Together with her partner in crime, as well as being Renee Gracie's BFF since childhood, the co-host of the show; Jess Arden.

Renee Gracie hosts Breastmilk and BJ's podcast - - Porn Stars Podcast List

While this podcast host duo might have been best friends since forever, there's quite the difference in current lifestyle. A lot can change over the years. That's also the case with these two over here.

One being a mother, hence the "breastmilk" part in the title of the show, and the other lady, well... she likes to treat her horny fans on some steamy adult entertainment, by showing off her delicious curvy body, flaunting her gigantic hooters and of course that juicy bubble-butt of hers, and by showcasing plenty of skin on her OnlyFans profile (and various other premium adult subscription websites).

I don't think we have to explain why Renee Gracie has gotten so popular online, I mean, look at her stunning curvy body, I would surely crash and burn in those curves. But then again, who wouldn't, right? Which is also the reason why we picked this busty bombshell as our Instagram model of the Month, a while back.

In fact, that was around the time when this former supercars driver decided to go for a career switch, ditching her fast cars to pursue a bit of a more spicier "way of life". And well, Renee Gracie did so with success, even ending up in the top 0.1% of all OnlyFans accounts. Considering her killer-body, that doesn't surprise me one bit.

Speaking of OnlyFans, did you know this Australian goddess also happens to be part of the list of pornstars with a free to join OnlyFans account? What are you waiting for? Time to enjoy that delicious, massive booty and jigglin' juggs, fully uncensored, and the best part - completely free of charge! Damn, life is good!

Follow @reneegraciefree on OnlyFans

This podcast is all about the dynamics between the two BFF's and is presented in a fun, easy going way. Just two chicks discussing all things in life, from the serious parts to the kinky moments... Kinda like Yin and Yang.

Got you curious about the difference in terms of lifestyle between Australian adult model Renee Gracie and Jess Arden? You can listen to the Breastmilk & BJ's Podcast on various platforms including Spotify. Rather watch and listen simultaneously? Check out the mom and the pornstar's very own Youtube channel.

So, what's it going to be? Sucking tits for milk or erotic pleasures?

Listen to The Breastmilk And BJ's Podcast
Breastmilk And BJ's (Youtube channel)

The Pornhub Podcast (hosted by Asian pornstar Asa Akira)

The anal queen Asa Akira started her podcast career as the host of Pornhub's very own podcast, since 2018. With over 60 episodes so far, she discusses sex, pop culture, cryptocurrency and tech, porn trends, relationships and everything in between.

The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira - - Porn Stars Podcast List

Asa invites colleagues from the porn world, but also other non-porn friends. The popular dark haired beauty manages to get her guests to open up and discuss all the funny or awkward moments and encounters. They reminisce about the inside jokes and wicked things that happened on sets over the years. The episodes can give the listeners a first-hand insight into what it takes to be a great star and how to handle personal life and relationships along the way.

Foxy Asa Akira is one of the most famous Asian-American stars at the moment. Her exotic looks and exquisite sex skills make her so desirable. The brunette launched her porn career in 2006 and has been rising to the top since. But it seems that anything she does works out well.

As an actress and a director, she somehow still found time to manage to become the host of the official Pornhub channel podcast and provide loyal listeners to weekly entertainment and industry insight.

Listen to The Pornhub Podcast (at

Not much of a listener? Happen to be more the type that prefers visuals? You can't go wrong watching this award-winning Asian goddess in anal squirting action on one of the many premium porn websites she has shot kinky adult videos for.

Asia Akira isn't a porn legend for no reason, her resume includes over 840 porn scenes she recorded for various adult film studios and producers, including big industry names like Evil Angel, Adam & Eve, Penthouse, Wicked, Girlfriends Films, Brazzers and many more.

For those that like to get a "taste" of this wild Asian babe themselves, there's even an Asa Akira Fleshlight sex toy (replica pussy or ass) on the market.

Asa Akira's replica pussy (Fleshlight)

Pornstar Podcast: Pillow talk with Beverly Lynne

Pillow Talk with Beverly Lynne features various themes that revolve around porn and many things that don't seem to connect with it at first glance. Beverly is a brilliant hostess covering uncommon topics, from youth, early beginnings, and something that got people into the porn business to the most exquisite sex toys or psychic reading.

Pillow Talk with blonde porn star Beverly Lynne - - Porn Stars Podcast List

She is unafraid to ask any questions and her guest eagerly answer them all. Every episode welcomes another guest and together, they laugh and talk about serious and silly things at the same time. How to handle personal life and a porn career, the podcast explains it all.

For those that aren't familiar with the name Beverly Lynne, she's an American blonde bombshell that has always struck to become an (adult film) actress. This lady has it all, stunning looks, sex appeal, talent and thus, ended up having quite an "exotic" career.

blonde porn star Beverly Lynne - - Porn Stars Podcast List

Besides spicy film titles, Beverly also landed herself some mainstream gigs, from a few horror flicks to commercials, but porn seems to be her one forever love. Her erotic instincts and a look to kill make her the perfect porn princess who always manages to steal the show. That being said, this podcast proofs she's isn't exactly a one trick pony, and in fact, a woman of many talents.

Listen to Pillow talk with Beverly Lynne Podcast

Are there even more pornstars hosting their own podcast?

While we've already covered a fair share of porn starlets that are podcast hostst, yet, there's still more! And likely, just like my penis while I'm watching my favorite adult performers in action on my screen, that list is also going to grow quickly.

Some examples? Ok, what about the curvy, busty and sexy pornstar MILF Kendra Lust? While everyone already knows that she provides quite the amount of eye-candy as soon as she appears in front of the camera-lens, but as it turns out, she's also quite a joy to listen too. Kendra Lust is the co-host of the Beauty and the Beast podcast, together with UFC fighter Julian Marquez.

Another porn starlet that's co-hosting her very own podcast is Melody Cummings. Together with porn colleague Brittni Kloey, the two naughty chicks just recently launched their own podcast called "The Industry Gone Wild".

The rapid rise of the podcast medium...

Brand new podcast shows are starting to pop up almost every single day. According to Podcast Insights, in 2021, there are over 48 million podcast episodes published online. It's safe to say that more and more people seem to switch from classical radio and television talk shows to this new(er) media format known as podcasts, a format which gained quite some attraction after the famous comedian and commentator Joe Rogan started doing his regularly podcast shows. It didn't take long before many celebrities started following this trend.

And now, the whole podcast-craze has also turned over to the world of pornography, in which many starlets started their own weekly show. Their podcast episodes help them connect with fans while having more space to talk about personal interests as well, and of course, share those little insider details by revealing all the dirty or weird things that once happened behind the camera.

Many listeners love to hear about all the juicy stuff that goes around behind the scenes, as well as enjoying the live conversations between various industry co-stars or to get to know more of a pornstar's personality.

So now we have shared some of the most famous adult film industry names doing their own podcast shows, and for the most part, you'll get to listen to all these episodes, entirely free of charge.

Not sure where to listen or where to start? Keep on reading!

Where to listen to these adult themed podcasts?

The great thing about podcasts is, unlike traditional radio or TV shows, is that you can listen back previous podcast episodes in case you've missed listening to them while airing live. In other words, one can listen whenever they wish to, whether it be on a lazy Sunday while chilling on the couch, while you're in bed at night, or with your headphones on during your work shift.

But where exactly can you listen to these spicy podcast shows hosted by famous girls in the porn industry? You've got various options to choose from, depending on the device you use.

Apple Podcasts

Perfect for Apple users, whether you like to listen to podcasts on your iOS phone, Macbook, or Apple TV device, the Apple Podcasts app is a great pick to listen to your favorite adult podcasts.

Google Podcasts

What Appple Podcasts is for Mac-users, Google Podcasts seems to be the perfect solution for the Android users among us (with over 700.000 podcasts to choose from).

Spotify and Deezer

Already have a subscription to arguably the largest online music library? Lucky you! Because besides music from your favorite artists, you'll also be able to find tons of podcasts on Spotify as well. Including ones that are hosted by pornstars (which we've listed above).

A similar subscription based product such as Spotify would be Deezer. In case you are using Deezer instead, you're in luck too, because Deezer also has plenty of podcast shows available on their (mobile and desktop) app.


While not all podcasts are being uploaded to Youtube, but still a large amount of content creators often also like to publish highlights, short clips, compilations and even full episodes of their podcast on their Youtube channel.

Soundcloud and other websites

No need to install an app at all if you don't feel like it. Instead, you can even listen to these podcasts directly inside your web browser (both on mobile and desktop). Some great online resources to find a large library of podcasts are SoundCloud, Podchaser and Stitcher.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed in our database!

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