Busty blonde Snapchat Babe of the Month: Kayla Kayden

Looking to add a big titted, blonde bomshell on Snapchat? If so, you'll be loving our latest Snapchat babe of the month as she's not only a sexy blonde bombshell with massive knockers, she also likes to take bare naked selfies... a lot!

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Some girls are just too sexy to be hidden from the world, so we are lucky they are doing porn, or they have an insanely hot Snapchat profile! That's right, the Snap of the month for April is an adult film star... Have you heard of the total stunner - Kayla Kayden?

She is one of these delicious ladies that more people must know about because this jewel has to be shared with the rest of the world. In fact, you are missing out if you don't follow Kayla Kayden on her wild premium Snapchat account and after reading this article, you will learn why that is.

Does her name not ring any bells? When Kayla first started out in the adult business, she used the alias Lacy Spice instead, so maybe you'll even know her by that name. If not, this article will bring you up to speed on all the spicy things you'd likely want to know about this kinky porn starlet! ;)

Who is the highly popular pornstar Kayla Kayden and what is all the fuzz about?

This Italian-American heritage stunner comes from New York, and she was born in 1988. Because of her body measurements, which were always stunning and exceptional, she was always a perfect candidate for the porn industry. The sex appeal of this star is pretty obvious and she is simply magnetic, and only girls with such sexual charisma have a future doing porn. So, this is clearly something which she was born to do so.

Well, we're glad she did, I mean - let's face it, not showcasing that terrific and extremely arousing curvy body of hers, as well as that sweet round butt, gigantic tits, cute face and lovely smile, would almost be a real criminal felony, hihi. Kayla's body is simply put - that freakin' hot!

Follow Kayla Kayden's Premium Snap (via Fancentro.com)

While this blondie looks amazing during her photo shoots, nothing beats watching this horny chick riding or titty-fucking a hard cock.

Slim and petite, big-titted and blonde, this head turner caught the eye of the tycoons of this industry, so they immediately wanted to work with her. Even though her tits are not natural, this doesn't make her less iconic! Even though she officially started doing porn in 2014, her real debut was actually in 2011, but this was a one-time thing and she still wasn't serious about her new career path just yet.

So far, the diva has already worked with behemoth studios, like Digital Playground, Brazzers, Adam & Eve. Oh, and in case you are wondering - yes, she also takes it up her ass!

Watch Kayla Kayden's wild porn scenes @ Brazzers

Even though she is a fan-favorite in the adult business, she doesn't reveal much about her personal life. But in the end, does that even matter? I mean, aren't we all more interested in that kinky side of her personality anyways?

Also, she has an adorable navel piercing and a nice tattoo.

Being naughty runs in the family (The Kendall Sisters)

Kayla has a sister, Kendall Kayden, who is also a porn actress. Just like her sister, Kendall is a beauty as well, with a lovely body and undeniable charisma. The sisters are quite the lookalikes, both having long sexy blonde hair and a killer-body, hence the reason people often confuse their names.

Busty blonde Snapchat babe of the month: Pornstar Kayla Kayden - hot sister Kendall Kayden

In case you're interested in her horny younger sister too, here you can find all of pornstar Kendall Kayden's social media handles.

And no, asking the infamous "Would You Rather" question here is simply not an option, as it's pretty obvious both these two blonde stunners share the same genes. Meaning, both Kayden sisters look absolutely amazing and having to pick just one would simply be impossible.

That being said, sisters and twins can come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and flavors... same goes for pornstar sisters and twins. So if pornstar sisters float your boat, be sure to click the link to check out that "list of sisters in porn" as well.

* Photo courtesy of Digital Playground.

From 0 to 10, how hot & horny is Kayla's premium Snapchat account?

We are talking about a serious player here! Kayla is a professional porn actress who has been doing this for a while now, and she has loads of experience. If there is something she is good at, that is seducing people, teasing them, pleasing them and helping them get off! Kayla has a premium Snapchat account you don't see every day!

First of all, this stunner is extremely gorgeous, so she looks perfect in all her photos. Second of all, you can count on tons of explicit photos, where you will see everything you need to see!

She is not shy to put her private parts out in the open (what did you expect from a popular pornstar, right?) and with her tits exposed topless and her legs spread wide open, Kayla loves to takes fully nude selfshot candids which she eagerly shares with the world (on her premium Snapchat account).

Follow Kayla Kayden's Snapchat (via Fancentro.com)

There is a reason why this pornstar is so popular. You don't even need to see her video to deduce how sexually open this girl is. A photo is enough. She is very confident and proud of her body and its proportions. Therefore, she is not shy to show it off. But there is just something about Kayla that doesn't even have to do anything with her beauty to make her this successful... She is passionate and driven, and you can feel this energy whenever you are fapping to her nudes.

Got all excited? Good! So now you're probably wondering what to expect when you join Kayla on Snapchat, right? Here's what you'll get:

  • Sexy selfies
  • Nudes and lewds
  • Kinky videos

And one amazing bonus for the die-hard fans of Kayla over here:
  • The ability to start messaging Kayla Kayden (live chat)

Haha, let's not forget about the countless boners and orgasms either. ;)

Accessing Kayla's steaming hot (exclusive) Snapchat pics and videos

Just like most other great things in life, nothing is entirely free of charge. Luckily again, just like many other great things in life, the best "things" don't have to cost a fortune and a small fee will result in a ton of joy. First thing that would come to mind, for example, would be: a hamburger. Always delicious and will only cost you a few dollar...

The exact same thing goes for accessing Kayla Kayden's Snapchat feed - delicious, and will only cost you a few dollars. Or even better - an one time fee only. But we'll get to the pricing part in a second.

If you visit this site called Fancentro.com, here you will get a glimpse of Kayla's wild sex life, something that she is happy to share with us all. On the FanCentro website, you can purchase access to her premium Snapchat account, which include a ton of photos, as well as spicy videos, and you will quickly find out that this stunner is bisexual (sorry for the spoiler, haha), which is of course, really great news for the fans of "girl on girl" action!

Even if you prefer watching a babe getting dicked down balls deep, trust me, watching Kayla sensually kissing and making out with another sexy girl or watching her getting her pussy eaten, will surely make you cum... Probably even twice, ha!

Like I've mentioned before, Kayla is bisexual. And well, that's quite a win/win for everybody, right? To be honest, that fact makes Kayla even more of a tempting goddess as she fully knows how to satisfy everyone... guys and chicks. How about that?

Follow Kayla Kayden's Premium Snap (via Fancentro.com)

Knowing that Kayla likes to fuck both men and women definitely makes her sex life more exotic, offer more diversity, and luckily for us, we can all see and enjoy it thanks to modern day apps like Snapchat and smart phones with ultra-sharp, full HD camera-lenses! If you like to read a thing or two about pornstars you like, here you have a short text about Kayla's profile. Just like any other porn diva, she also likes sucking dicks, having mouthfuls of cum, having her face and body creamed after an intense pussy drilling session... Because Kayla is so sexually open, she likes to experiment in bed and always try new things with different fuck pals.

Boobs of perfection - The perfect reason to follow Kayla's Snap

Another great reason to start following Kayla Kayden over here on her Snap profile is for those sweet, big and round, 32E cup size breasts. As if God crafted this pair by his own hands... Like perfection! Staring at those massive juggs never gets boring, that's for sure.

When this sex bomb wants to reach her climax, nothing will stop her accomplish this, and she will use toys, dicks, pussies, tongues, her fingers - whatever she finds handy at that moment. Heck, she might even toy her tight asshole a bit in the process just to encounter that extra bit of (anal) pleasure, while she's moaning out loud as she's about to reach her orgasm.

And just like every other porn diva, we expect a lot of sexy, steamy, delicious moments from wonderful Kayla!

What does it cost? [Pricing]

If you want to get a taste of Kayla Kayden's wild adventures and private life, checking out her premium Snapchat is your best bet to watch all of her exclusive stuff. It gets even better - even if you aren't convinced this busty porn Barbie will satisfy all your urges, you can sign up to her Snapchat profile for free to try it out (for a day or two).

So if you're curious about what kind of hot content she likes to share on her Snapchat feed, this would be the perfect opportunity. Try before you buy!

Kayla gives you two options;

  • You can either go with the monthly subscription fee ($5.10 /month)
  • Or choose the lifetime access option instead (for a one time payment of $100)

Obviously, the second option gives you a huge discount, as well as some really sweet bonus perks. But you can always give it a try for a month or two first, before you decide to upgrade at a later stage.

Lifetime access to Kayla Kayden's Premium Snapchat

A little bonus - if you scroll through her public profile on the Fancentro website, you'll also find a few of her stories that are publicly accessible, which also includes a free to watch HD clip (click the "clips" button). Even though, she also shares freebies, it doesn't hurt to tip Kayla every once and a while for all the hard work she puts in... all while trying to entertain you and to make sure your cum will be squirting out of your cock, till the very last drop... every single day again.

Now if all the hard work from this cock-pleaser isn't worth tipping every once and a while, I'd give up. Remember guys, never forget to thank your wank (after your wank and after washing your hands, hihi), it's the right thing to do. ;)

If you are willing to tip your brand new favorite smut girl, you can choose the price that is adequate for you. Of course, it's never a must, if you can't miss it, no need to do so, since Kayla is a real sweet chick, she will never push her fans to do so.

It's time to grab your tissues... and enjoy all the adult entertainment brought to you by Kayla Kayden

Kayla is an American hottie who is partly Italian, so we understand the sex appeal and magneticism. This sexually open lady has a gorgeous Snapchat profile where you can see her sexiest moments! Not every babe is brave enough to share this, but Kayla is. If you feel generous, you can treat this cutie with a few bucks, or you can enjoy the content where she appears in for free.

Ready to stroke your cock as often as you'd like while staring at the mesmerizing topless breasts and amazing curves of this big titted porn goddess? Not gonna lie, I sure am! Masturbating together with a true porn-Barbie like Kayla is one of the hottest thing's you're likely gonna experience in the entire biz... Enjoy!

Follow Kayla Kayden's Premium Snap (via Fancentro.com)

Time to follow porn starlet Kayla Kayden on her premium Snap ASAP. If you're looking for her other social media handles such as Instagram and Twitter, click here to view all her social media usernames.

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