The Most Active And Popular Pornstar Subreddits (2023)

Ready to find out which pornstars have the most active fanpage or highest amount of subscribers on Reddit? With Reddit being one of the very few mainstream platforms which allow adult content to be posted, porn and Reddit really seem to go hand in hand which makes it one of those perfect platforms for porn starlets to interact with fans and to promote their latest content. Which means, we as fans, get to enjoy a ton of sexy photos and clips or share your found "porn treasures" with like-minded individuals.

If you are an avid porn viewer like myself and you aren't currently active on the Reddit platform yet, you should definitely be creating an account right now to enjoy all the free NSFW content available on the thousands of subreddits you'll get to explore on! Doesn't matter if you're new to Reddit or already a fanatic Reddit user (aka a Redditor), this article will help you to discover the cream of the crop among the must-follow pages on Reddit (aka subreddits).

Top 50 pornstars on Reddit - horny Snoo - Lana Rhoades and Sabrina Nichole reddit porn queens

Today, we're about to discover which girls in the porn industry are the true queens of Reddit (all made possible thanks to the public data provided through the official Reddit API's).

Fun with public Reddit data, numbers & statistics

While numbers, data or statistics might sound rather boring instead of actual being considered "fun", that's definitely not the case today as these statistics provide us with some great insights on which pornstar subreddits are most active and have the largest amount of followers. In other words, exactly the kind of adult fan-pages on Reddit you shouldn't miss out on.

We've collected all the data and compiled various top lists based on the following criteria:

  • Top 50 pornstar subreddits with the most subscribers
  • Top 50 pornstar subreddits with the most amount of posts (and most comments)

And as a little bonus, we'll top it off by including some more interesting data:

  • Top 25 pornstar subreddits with the highest engagement rate
  • Top 25 pornstar subreddits with highest amount of comments per post

Which pornstar is the most popular on Reddit? Who is the ultimate Reddit Porn Queen?

Time to reveal the results after days of pulling and collecting data from Reddit! We're finally ready to share the top 10 adult film stars which happen to have the most popular subreddit pages (in terms of largest amount of subscribed fans). Nice to see such a variety of different adult film stars on this list, from double D's to small breasts, blondes to brunettes, cosplay babes, veterans and fresh faces in the porn industry, these sexy stunners all seem to have a their own rapidly growing fan-base on their fanclub-subreddit.

One small thing to note though, somehow all the MILFS in the business seem to be missing in the top 10, something I didn't expected at all! Interesting, right? Now who ever claimed numbers and data were boring?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to reveal the one and only true Reddit porn queen... and her name is...

*drum roll*

/r/LanaRhoades - The number one pornstar subreddit with the the largest fan-following

Congratulations to porn starlet Lana Rhoades and of course, all of Lana's 526.303 loyal fans on her /r/LanaRhoades subreddit page who have contributed over 19.744 posts and 55.658 comments together, ever since Lana's subreddit was created back in 2016. The exact timestamp of which her subreddit was launched would be May 14, 2016 (for those that speak "geek language", the unix timestamp would be 1463186711).

The most popular pornstars on Reddit - Lana Rhoades hot and nude

Surprised? Not really, to be honest. Lana Rhoades is the perfect example of a porn starlet who knows how to "rock the internet" with her mesmerizing looks, body and fun personality and knows how to attract fans both on adult platforms, as well as mainstream websites. In other words - Lana Rhoades is literally all over the interwebs, from Pornhub to Youtube and from Snapchat to Instagram.

Whatever online platform this hot and naughty brunette decides to join, she'll be dominating the charts. Lana always manages to gather hordes of fans faster than a zombie apocalypses could ever spread... Or well, maybe more like - faster than Lana would be able to spread her legs in front of the camera-lens hihi, which is something we can all agree on - such a hot thing to watch!

Just like her juicy booty, Lana Rhoades' online popularity is massive! Her being the number one most-followed porn starlet on Reddit is yet another unofficial award she could add onto her list of many adult industry achievements such as being the number one ranked pornstar on Pornhub, and having a whoppin' 14.182.099 followers on Instagram alone (at the time of writing).

While only being 24 years of age, Lana Rhoades has already proven to be a porn legend. All praise the queen (and go subscribe to her Reddit page, if you haven't already been fapping about 100 times on that page already).

The most popular pornstars on Reddit - Lana Rhoades

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Little spoiler alert up front because just like Britney Spears - oops, she did it again! Lana Rhoades, that is. Besides having the most subs on her subreddit, Lana also holds the record for the highest post count as well. Congratulations to Lana... once again.

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/r/RileyReid is your go-to place if you're looking for sizzling hot Riley Reid content

So, what about lucky pornstar number two, you'd might ask? That would be the total cutie and fan-favorite - Riley Reid!

Can't get enough of the petite cutie and naughty babe Riley Reid and looking for more horny clips and candids to consume? We feel ya. Well, the good news is, in terms of Riley Reid content, her subreddit page is filled with tons of wild stuff for you to enjoy. And "filled" being quite an understatement.

The most popular pornstars on Reddit - Riley Reid hot and nude

With a total of 18356 posts on /r/RileyReid, you've just found yourself a hidden treasure which will provide you with enough Riley Reid selfies and clips to jerk-off to (for the next few upcoming years or so).

It also shouldn't come as a big surprise, that there even is such a large amount of Riley Reid content out there on the interwebs to begin with... Considering it has been over an entire decade since Riley made her porn debut, all the way back to 2011 (at the age of 19). One can produce a whole lot of eye-candy in 10 years, and Riley proofs just that. This horny, tiny spinner and winner of 42 adult industry awards knows exactly how to get us all excited when she starts stripping and flirting with the camera-lens.

All of Riley Reid's scenes are top-notch, but we love her interactive porn scenes even more, simply because it makes one of my wildest fantasies come to life, and that would be - getting lucky while spending an entire day with the dirty little Ms Reid over here.

Play This Interactive Porn Game

The coolest part of it all is that interactive porn allows you to make your own decisions which will determine the outcome on how this spicy erotic story will unfold. Start the day by taking a shower with Riley, or rather skip the shower and go with a nice early-morning blowjob instead? Interactive porn is just a ton of a fun, even more when Riley gets involved.

Speaking of having fun, ready to start exploring Riley's subreddit and browse through all the tons and tons of steaming hot freebies you'll likely to stumble upon on her Reddit page? Trust me, it's gonna get hot in here!

The most popular pornstars on Reddit - Riley Reid

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Top 50 pornstar subreddits with the most subscribers

Now that we know who's the number one pornstar on Reddit, aren't you curious about number two and three? Or what about the entire top 50 list? Check out the table below to find out if your favorite naughty girls in the sex business have managed to make it onto the top 50 pornstar subreddits ranked in order of subscribers count.

Hint: if you are browsing this page on mobile, holding your phone in landscape mode will highly improve your user experience when reading the data from these tables.

Reddit statistics last updated: 18 March 2021.

Rank Pornstar /r/ Subscribers Since
1Lana Rhoadesr/lanarhoades526.3032016-05-14
2Riley Reidr/RileyReid420.3782012-09-01
3Mia Malkovar/MiaMalkova334.6092012-12-04
4Gabbie Carterr/GabbieCarter278.3512019-04-07
5Abella Dangerr/abelladanger277.0392015-02-26
7Angela Whiter/AngelaWhite269.7712011-11-30
8Autumn Fallsr/AutumnFalls267.8042018-10-13
9Adriana Chechikr/AdrianaChechik227.7722014-04-27
10Lena Paulr/LenaPaul225.2812016-08-20
11Eva Elfier/EvaElfie222.2782019-02-16
12Remy Lacroixr/RemyLaCroix220.4292012-11-14
13Liya Silverr/LiyaSilver202.3522018-07-25
14Ava Addamsr/AvaAddams199.5502013-12-30
15Eva Loviar/Evalovia196.6402013-12-03
16Elsa Jeanr/ElsaJean191.1032015-09-29
17Dani Danielsr/DaniDaniels189.5752012-10-31
18Jessica Nigrir/JessicaNigri188.9022012-04-20
19Mia Melanor/MiaMelano181.7102018-08-06
20Ellie Leenr/EllieLeen178.4832018-03-23
21Sasha Greyr/Sashagrey165.6782010-05-28
22Emily Bloomr/EmilyBloom161.8142013-04-28
23Kimmy Grangerr/KimmyGranger160.3252015-11-30
24Alexis Texasr/AlexisTexas158.4022011-07-13
25Emily Willisr/EmilyWillis157.0992018-03-15
26Anri Okitar/anriokita154.8202013-07-25
27Little Capricer/LittleCaprice154.6322011-06-19
28Gianna Michaelsr/GiannaMichaels154.4262012-03-01
29Nicole Anistonr/nicoleaniston151.2042013-02-08
30Leah Gottir/leahgotti146.6872015-12-24
31Janice Griffithr/janicegriffith143.6972014-03-09
32Brandi Lover/BrandiLove139.9802013-11-04
33Kelsi Monroer/KelsiMonroe139.5842014-09-23
34Sophie Deer/sophiedee133.7242012-09-11
35Ashley Albanr/AshleyAlban133.0692016-09-02
36Asa Akirar/asaakira131.3512012-02-26
37Demi Rose Mawbyr/DemiRoseMawby129.7852014-03-02
38Lisa Annr/LisaAnn127.2952012-04-22
39Megan Rainr/MeganRain126.0372014-12-06
40Nadya Nabakovar/NadyaNabakova122.4832017-11-06
41Lily Ivyr/LilyIvy117.5772015-10-16
42Jada Stevensr/JadaStevens115.9482012-11-01
43Kendra Lustr/KendraLust115.7602014-04-01
44Valentina Nappir/valentinanappi115.2162014-04-24
45Piper Perrir/PiperPerri114.8972015-01-19
46Karlee Greyr/karleegrey111.8252015-10-25
47Mandy Muser/MandyMuse110.6752015-05-10
48Kylie Pager/KyliePage109.4082016-08-10
49Katya Cloverr/KatyaClover107.1562013-09-19
50Gina Valentinar/GinaValentina102.0182015-11-21

Top 50 pornstar Reddit fan-pages with the largest post count

Curious about which babes in the porn industry have the best subreddit pages in terms of providing the biggest chunk of steaming hot clips, selfies, nude pictures, links and more wild content? The following 50 subreddits are 100% worth following if you'd like to consume a whole lot of free porn. Enjoy folks!

Rank Pornstar /r/ Posts Comments Since
1Lana Rhoadesr/lanarhoades19744556582016-05-14
2Riley Reidr/RileyReid18356456152012-09-01
3Angela Whiter/AngelaWhite16961408562011-11-30
4Jessica Nigrir/JessicaNigri15181956492012-04-20
5Gianna Michaelsr/GiannaMichaels14242388642012-03-01
6Abella Dangerr/abelladanger11919224312015-02-26
7Alexis Texasr/AlexisTexas11601218962011-07-13
8Ava Addamsr/AvaAddams11055308322013-12-30
9Adriana Chechikr/AdrianaChechik10784269532014-04-27
10Janice Griffithr/janicegriffith1023488362014-03-09
11Mia Malkovar/MiaMalkova9782289312012-12-04
12Demi Rose Mawbyr/DemiRoseMawby9757233952014-03-02
13Remy Lacroixr/RemyLaCroix9342294182012-11-14
14Lisa Annr/LisaAnn9017213712012-04-22
15Ashley Albanr/AshleyAlban868957562016-09-02
16Rachel Starrr/RachelStarr8562122332012-04-22
17Piper Perrir/PiperPerri764595042015-01-19
18Lindsey Pelasr/lindseypelas7320144602015-03-19
19Gabbie Carterr/GabbieCarter7241280222019-04-07
20Dani Danielsr/DaniDaniels7134144812012-10-31
21Autumn Fallsr/AutumnFalls6921239392018-10-13
22Elsa Jeanr/ElsaJean6817180632015-09-29
23Eva Loviar/Evalovia6805140222013-12-03
24Lena Paulr/LenaPaul6720155982016-08-20
25Aletta Oceanr/AlettaOcean6631108732012-04-25
26Asa Akirar/asaakira6477111022012-02-26
27Little Capricer/LittleCaprice615880162011-06-19
28Kendra Lustr/KendraLust6136123322014-04-01
29Kimmy Grangerr/KimmyGranger6136130822015-11-30
30Sophie Deer/sophiedee6073129802012-09-11
31Brandi Lover/BrandiLove5969132492013-11-04
32Leah Gottir/leahgotti5531116912015-12-24
33Sara Jayr/SaraJay5384109312012-04-17
34Emily Bloomr/EmilyBloom5308156742013-04-28
35Kelsi Monroer/KelsiMonroe509099992014-09-23
36Nicole Anistonr/nicoleaniston4995144712013-02-08
37Aj Applegater/AJAPPLEGATE495466762014-06-30
38Sasha Greyr/Sashagrey4948133462010-05-28
39Emily Willisr/EmilyWillis478088822018-03-15
40Lexi Beller/LexiBelle4678113802010-08-08
41Jada Stevensr/JadaStevens4563127542012-11-01
42Jenna Hazer/jennahaze442474232011-04-29
43Katerina Hartlovar/katerinahartlova42488972014-07-05
44Katya Cloverr/KatyaClover421983312013-09-19
45Bridgette Br/BridgetteB414878062015-04-13
46Valentina Nappir/valentinanappi409860942014-04-24
47Mia Melanor/MiaMelano4078131972018-08-06
48Mandy Muser/MandyMuse403185592015-05-10
49Megan Rainr/MeganRain3844101992014-12-06
50Nicolette Shear/NicoletteShea383274982016-11-21

Top 25 pornstar subreddits with the highest number of comments

Which famous girls in the porn business have gathered the largest number of comments on their Reddit fan-page? Which pornstar has such a fanatic and loyal fans which contributed more textual content combined than about 100 times the size of the entire Harry Potter books series? Which naughty chick has that kind of loyal Redditors which like to publish more comments on average than the amount of different sex positions you'll find in the Kamasutra?

Only one way to find out. You'll find all the answers in the results listed in the table below.

Rank Pornstar /r/ Comments Since
1Jessica Nigrir/JessicaNigri956492012-04-20
2Lana Rhoadesr/lanarhoades556582016-05-14
3Riley Reidr/RileyReid456152012-09-01
4Angela Whiter/AngelaWhite408562011-11-30
5Gianna Michaelsr/GiannaMichaels388642012-03-01
6Ava Addamsr/AvaAddams308322013-12-30
7Remy Lacroixr/RemyLaCroix294182012-11-14
8Mia Malkovar/MiaMalkova289312012-12-04
9Gabbie Carterr/GabbieCarter280222019-04-07
11Adriana Chechikr/AdrianaChechik269532014-04-27
12Autumn Fallsr/AutumnFalls239392018-10-13
13Demi Rose Mawbyr/DemiRoseMawby233952014-03-02
14Abella Dangerr/abelladanger224312015-02-26
15Alexis Texasr/AlexisTexas218962011-07-13
16Lisa Annr/LisaAnn213712012-04-22
17Elsa Jeanr/ElsaJean180632015-09-29
18Emily Bloomr/EmilyBloom156742013-04-28
19Lena Paulr/LenaPaul155982016-08-20
20Dani Danielsr/DaniDaniels144812012-10-31
21Nicole Anistonr/nicoleaniston144712013-02-08
22Lindsey Pelasr/lindseypelas144602015-03-19
23Eva Loviar/Evalovia140222013-12-03
24Sasha Greyr/Sashagrey133462010-05-28
25Brandi Lover/BrandiLove132492013-11-04

Pornstar subreddits with the highest engagement rate

Interested in finding out which porn starlet has the most dedicated fans in terms of replying to all the hot nudes and video content shared on their favorite adult model's Reddit page? Or in other words - who has the kindest fan-base which never seems to forget to "thank his wank" afterwards? We've got you covered by sharing all of our statistics.

Fans of adult films and models aren't always in the mood for jerking off, sometimes they prefer a good old fashioned discussion online... even if it is a discussion about ass and titties. You know, those intellectual kinda types.

That being said, of course there isn't a way to calculate the exact number of engagement percentage because there's just so many factors that come into play. However, after doing some more research, we've found out that many other websites use the following formula to calculate a real good estimate of the engagement rate in percentages: (total posts + comments) / total subscribers * 100.

An additional rule we've added is that the subreddit must have a minimum of 500 subscribers. Based on that formula, these are the results for the top 25 pornstar subreddits with the highest average engagement rate.

Rank Pornstar /r/ Engagement Subscribers
1Jessica Nigrir/JessicaNigri58.67%188.902
2Alex Greyr/AlexGrey42.04%2.971
3Anisa Jomhar/AnisaJomha36.96%1.085
4Gianna Michaelsr/GiannaMichaels34.39%154.426
5Aletta Oceanr/AlettaOcean31.82%55.004
6Kenzie Taylorr/KenzieTaylor27.58%9.431
7Gina Lynnr/ginalynn26.48%5.604
8Rachel Starrr/RachelStarr25.95%80.124
9Demi Rose Mawbyr/DemiRoseMawby25.54%129.785
10Jenna Hazer/jennahaze24.67%48.014
11Celestia Vegar/CelestiaVega24.15%46.858
12Lisa Annr/LisaAnn23.87%127.295
13Ryan Connerr/RyanConner23.81%33.259
14Lindsey Pelasr/lindseypelas23.36%93.249
15Ariel Rebelr/arielrebel22.92%38.609
16Sienna Westr/SiennaWest22.43%10.659
17Sara Jayr/SaraJay21.76%74.985
18Angela Whiter/AngelaWhite21.43%269.771
19Amy Anderssenr/AmyAnderssen21.25%34.494
20Alexis Texasr/AlexisTexas21.15%158.402
21Ava Addamsr/AvaAddams20.99%199.550
22Vicki Lir/vickili20.87%43.504
23Alix Lynxr/AlixLynx20.85%15.867
24Val Doddsr/ValDodds20.56%647
25Nikki Benzr/NikkiBenz20.37%43.183

Top 25 Largest number of comments per post (on average)

Last but not least - here are the top 25 best ranking adult film actresses' subreddits based on the largest number of comments (on average) per post.

The simple formula used for the results in the table below = total comments / total posts. From high to low, here we go! That rhymes...

Rank Pornstar /r/ Average
Per Post
2Jessica Nigrir/JessicaNigri6.3095649
3Riley Summersr/RileySummers5.62736
4Celestia Vegar/CelestiaVega4.269166
5Gabbie Carterr/GabbieCarter3.8728022
6Ryan Connerr/RyanConner3.676224
7Harley Deanr/HarleyDean3.585100
8Anri Okitar/anriokita3.5612252
9Autumn Fallsr/AutumnFalls3.4623939
10Nadya Nabakovar/NadyaNabakova3.353683
11Mia Melanor/MiaMelano3.2413197
12Remy Lacroixr/RemyLaCroix3.1529418
13Codi Vorer/CodiVore3.053989
14Anisa Jomhar/AnisaJomha3.01301
15Vicki Lir/vickili2.996801
16Mia Malkovar/MiaMalkova2.9628931
17Ellie Leenr/EllieLeen2.957715
18Emily Bloomr/EmilyBloom2.9515674
19Lily Ivyr/LilyIvy2.943930
20Nicole Anistonr/nicoleaniston2.9014471
21Ariel Rebelr/arielrebel2.826532
22Lana Rhoadesr/lanarhoades2.8255658
23Jada Stevensr/JadaStevens2.8012754
24Ava Addamsr/AvaAddams2.7930832
25Gianna Michaelsr/GiannaMichaels2.7338864


Statistics are obtained from the original source: Similar to Twitter, Reddit also has its own public API endpoint(s) which provide pretty much every bit of info you're looking for. From user info to latest posts based on keywords or per subreddit page. And of course, data such as the amount of posts and comments (which we used for this article).

You can get all the Reddit data yourself by appending several json outputs at the end of the url. For example, to get the latest top post of a certain subreddit, one could append top.json?limit=1 to the end of the url.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed in our database!

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