Gloom-E-girl The Hottest Gamer Girls Team (on Twitch & OnlyFans)

What do you get when some of the hottest e-girls on the live-streaming platform Twitch.TV bundle their strength together? Or should we say - bundle their sexyness together? Enter Gloom-E-Girl, a team of attractive, totally sexy gamer girls and cosplay babes joining forces and they are taking over the internet by storm!

Meet Dessy, Elise, Alyri, Kya, Senya, Lauren and Julia - together they form the Twitch team of Gloom-E-Girl. Are you following these geeky hotties on their social media profiles already? If not, we've included all social handles in this article, including their OnlyFans profiles, just keep on reading!

- Member of Gloom-E-Girls, the hottest Twitch and OnlyFans gamer girls team

PS: Guys, don't forget to examine your zipper after you're done playing with your "joystick".

When beauties with a shared passion for gaming get together to form a team...

These fine female streamer like to get together for their Gloom-E-Girl Twitch.TV live streams and to have some fun together, with their viewers and of course, to play some of their favorite videogames. To quote their Twitch profile page: "We are a team of E-girls who absolutely adore gaming."

What can we say? Watching an attractive and totally seductive bombshell play your favorite videogames does already sound pretty exciting to me, but man, imagine watching multiple hot gamer girls having fun playing all the popular videogames... Now I don't know about you but that just sounds like heaven to me!

I mean, who doesn't remember the famous quote - "The more titties, the more joy", right?

- Member of Gloom-E-Girls, the hottest Twitch and OnlyFans gamer girls team

By the way, these streaming ladies aren't just rising in popularity on the Twitch website, these E-girls are literally taking over every social media network by storm. From Twitter to Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube channels, Discord servers and everything in between. Oh, and not to mention - they can all be found on OnlyFans too.

Time for a little introduction? I thought so! Let's meet the team members, shall we? It's play time!

Introducing the members of the Gloom-E-girl team

In total, the chicks on the Gloom-E-Girl team consist of 7 female Twitch streamers, all of which sharing their same passion for gaming, and of course, let's face it, they've also got the looks, providing their viewers with an additional layer of entertainment, or more like - eye candy.

seductive cosplay girls - Member of Gloom-E-Girls, the hottest Twitch and OnlyFans gamer girls team

Besides videogames, most of these e-girls also share another mutual passion, being - cosplay. Just follow any of the gamer girls listed below and you'll see that they sure like to share their fair share of spicy, skin-revealing cosplay candids on a regurlary base, just as well.

Ready to meet the first team member of the Gloom-E-Girl collective? Nevermind, skip that! Let's go for a duo straight off the bat!

We are going to kick things off with the lovely two blondes - the Burch twins. Time to say hello to Lauren and Julia, while trying not to drool and stare at their boobies.

I know, that's not fair, that's like Mission Impossible, pretty much a lost cause, especially considering the amount of cleavage these sisters like to reveal. Oh well, I'm not complaining one bit... I mean, even Albert Einstein already knew that videogames are even more fun to watch when there's tits involved.

Now I might not be exactly a rocket scientist, nor do I have Einstein's math skills, but at least I do know one thing, and that's the fact that two pairs are always better than one. You know it, I know it, so let's get started!

Meet the foxy Twitch streaming twins - Lauren & Julia Burch

What's better than one hot, busty girl gamer? Two hot busty gamers flaunting their cleavage, that is!

The gamer girl twins, the blonde Burch sisters - Member of Gloom-E-Girls, the hottest Twitch and OnlyFans gamer girls team

Brace yourself for the sexiest gamer girl twins from Canada, not just proud members, but both being the co-founders of the "Twitch streamers with an OnlyFans collective" known as the Gloom-E-Girl team. Without further ado, meet the "twins"... No, I'm not referring to their knockers this time around. By "twins" I literally mean the game streaming twin sisters - Lauren Burch and Julia Burch.

Now that looks like quite the attractive duo, don't they? Let's start with Julia Burch first, shall we?

Julia Burch does Dallas Videogames, Twitch and OnlyFans

Julia is a Canadian blonde bomshell that enjoys spending her time interacting with her loyal followers on social media, as well as playing and streaming her favorite games on Twitch (almost every single day).

Julia Burch (and her juicy melons) plays all sorts of games on her Twitch stream. For starters, in the past, on her Twitch account, Julia has streamed playing League of Legends, The Last of Us, Hotline Miami, Dark Souls, Among Us, Halo, Minecraft, the Dead Space trilogy and many more popular videogames.

But Julia isn't just active on Twitch alone, for example, she's also a content creator for her Youtube channel, and to top it all of, Julia even managed to grow a fanbase on pretty much every other social media platform out there. Where to follow this one half of the sultry e-girl Burch sisters? Don't worry, we've done all the dirty work and we've got you covered. You can find all of her social media profile links below!

What about the other half of the Burch sisters? We sure didn't forget about the second co-founder of the Gloom-E-Girl team aka Lauren Burch. That simply wouldn't be an option, especially considering, just like her sister, Lauren Burch is quite the stunner and naughty one too.

Twitch finest blonde e-girl Lauren Burch is a "must follow" on social media

From streaming Pokemon games like Diamond or Pearl, all the way up to playing League of Legends live on stream. Sometimes she streams solo, other times she lets her twin sister join in and more recently, she invites her friends from Gloom-E-Girl for a fun and sexy group stream.

And well, with so many hotties on one single stream, that's almost feels like a "gamer girl overdose", if you'd ask me... In a good way, that is.

Just like her sister Julia, Lauren is active on many social platforms too. Just add her to your followers list on any of her social media handles listed below.

Lauren and Julia Burch Gamer Girl Twins on OnlyFans

But now for the good parts... And by "good parts" we mean - the two sisters' OnlyFans accounts! Let's face it, Instagram is nice and all for bikini candids, perhaps some lewd cosplay and all that, but there's always going to be restrictions.

But there's a solution to that, and I'd bet you know where I'm getting at right now... It's called OnlyFans! And well, with double the boobs, it's double the fun!

All the real steamy content starring both Julia and her sister Lauren Burch might be locked away, but now you know where to find it and the good news is, you're only two clicks away in getting to join their OnlyFans fan clubs, completely free of charge.

The busty girl gamer Julia Burch has a free to join OnlyFans... Now that's an offer you can't refuse.

158 339 42

Follow gamer girl @julia.burch on OnlyFans (Free)

I guess it runs in the family because her sister Lauren Burch likes to get freaky on her free OnlyFans page too. Think you can handle all the lewd content posted by this blonde stunner on her free OF profile?

208 949 87

Follow gamer girl @laurenxburch on OnlyFans (Free)

Naughty gamer and cosplay kitten Alyri (treats fans on daily eye-candy)

She's tight, petite, shows off quite a lot of skin, often dresses up as a cute little kitten, she loves to tease (and please) her fans. Well, that's more or less Alyrii, the cute, sexy, Twitch streamer and member of the Gloom-E-Girl team, in a nutshell.

Knowing those facts mentioned above alone, seem like plenty enough reason to hit that follow button on all of Alyrii's social media handles right away, don't you agree? Speaking of which, this hot and spicy league of legends player can literally be followed all over the internet. So whatever social media platform you're active on or which one(s) you prefer, all you have to do is just pick your poison and enjoy all of her kinky candids while she showcases her many sexy outfits and skimpy bikini's.

But where to follow this cute and naughty little kitten, you'd ask? That's right, I said naughty! You see, this girl gamer right here, doesn't just limit herself to owning an Instagram, Twitter or TikTok account and all that, she also treats her die-hard fans on even spicier, exclusive content on her OnlyFans page.

Ready to follow the "gamer girl gone wild" Alyri on her social channels? If you're into petite girls that don't mind showing off the a bit more naughty side of their personality, you simply can't go wrong with the Gloom-E-Girl member Alyri over here.

We've listed all of Alyri's social media links below so you won't have to miss any of her sizzling hot, future timeline updates. She even publishes, seductive, (covered) topless selfies on Twitter. That sounds like the perfect reason to me to smash her buttons that follow button.

When Twitch and OnlyFans Collide (Lewds from Alyri)

I know what you perverts are looking for, fear not, we've included "those extra juicy profile links" as well. Even better, as we have some more good news for you in store - Alyri even has a free OnlyFans page.

Following her free OnlyFans page will provide you with a good taste and some real juicy samples so you'll know what the expect when you'll subscribe to the "real deal", being her premium OnlyFans fan club, that is!

33 161 8

Follow gamer girl @alyrifree on OnlyFans

Twitch gamer Dessy is the Waifu of your wet dreams

Meet Dessy, the next babe on our list. She's a member of the Gloom-E-Girl team, a Twitch partner, gamer and a cosplayer. Combined with her cute looks and massive jugs, Dessy almost sounds like "dream wife" material, or as she likes to say herself, and I quote - "the waifu of your dreams".

Well, in all honesty, Dessy sure reached the high score on the leaderboard today in terms of sexyness.

Thanks to her amazing, teasing looks, personality and talent, Dessy not only has some serious gaming skills and fast reflections, she also manages to turn all of your favorite fictional characters into some of the sexiest erotic cosplays you've ever seen.

For example, Dessy's cosplay version of Overwatch's very own D.Va, Sub 2B from Nier:Automata, Tifa Lockhart from the Final Fantasy franchise, but also characters such as ZeroTwo, Velma from Scooby Doo, Princess Zelda or Rem, a sexy bunny, dressed up as a cute little kitten, fairy, or even sailor girl cosplay, will all surely make any man drool over her amazing cosplay photos.

And yes, her cosplay picture sets sure tend to get a little lewd, to say the least. Even more reason to be following this Gloom-E-Girl team member on all social media networks.

Alternatively, you can also purchase some of her more exclusive cosplay works, directly from her digital shop:

On her Twitch streams, Dessy often showcases some of her latest, desirable cosplay outifts, which one by one, all seem to fit her just perfectly. Let's be honest here, watching a gorgeous chick like Dessy playing Overwatch, makes the entire gameplay a whole lot more exciting.

Besides playing her favorite game - Overwatch, you can expect to see plenty of Dessy's streams in the "just chatting" category, or expect all sorts of random, fun things to appear on your screen.

Every once and a while, Dessy even likes to show off some of her dance moves live on Twitch.TV, sometimes dressed as a schoolgirl, wearing a short skirt, other times she's might be wearing a full-blown D.Va cosplay costume. She likes to shake things up every once and a while to keep her fans entertained. By the way, she isn't just showing off her dance moves on Twitch alone either...

Knock, knock? Who's there? That's e-girl Dessy letting her great tits bounce up and down on TikTok.

Follow @Dessyyc for more sexy TikToks

As you can see, Dessy isn't just busy streaming 24/7 on her Twitch channel, she loves to tease, please and entertain her followers on all other social platforms too. Not just TikTok by the way. From Instagram to Twitter, just like her collegues, she can be found all over the interwebs. Click the button to let those sweet hooters hypnotize you or to enjoy some of her alluring cosplay clips and pictures.

What's included on Dessy's (@dessyyc) OnlyFans profile?

Looking for her lewdest of the lewdest cosplay content instead? Simply put - If you want Dessy to "make your waifu dreams come true", you'd simply have to check out her OnlyFans page.

Being a beauty queen with such a horny, playful, teasing, look on her face, complete with an adorable smile and the fact she's being the proud owner of a perfect set of juicy milk cans makes Dessy herself, as well as her OnlyFans content, absolutely 100% worth checking out.

What's includes on her OnlyFans page? Exclusive never before seen cosplay content and videos, everyday selfies and behind the scenes footage, polls and early access to cosplays, and last but not least, extremely sexy TikToks!

95 292 31

Follow gamer girl @dessyyc on OnlyFans (Free)

Twitch streamer @eliseuchan will blow you away with her seductive cosplays (and cleavage shots)

Here's the Twitch streamer, girl gamer and cosplay for ya and her name is Elise or better known as @eliseuchan on Twitch and her various other social media pages. Elise is yet another blonde cutie that joined the Gloom-E-Girl team, and one that you shouldn't miss on either.

Elise likes to play a wide range of different videogames on her live streams - from Minecraft to Animal Crossings, all the way up to Halo and much more.

Twitter and Instagram are a great place to be enjoying Elise's half naked body, from cleavage candids while she's in bikini, all the way up to Elise flaunting her sweet, sexy, big and bubbly-booty while showing off her latest cosplay outfit.

Speaking of which, streaming and gaming aren't Elise's only passions either... Whether her hair is blonde, bleached white, pink or ginger, and no matter what tight cosplay costume she's wearing, Elise and her fine body always manage to completely rock all of her cosplay outfits. Boy, does she look foxy in some of her sizzling hot costumes.

From dressing up as Spidergwen, D.Va, ZeroTwo, Pikachu, Harley Quinn to a highly arousing version of a cleaning maid, Elise always nails it by looking hot as hell in the process. Her Tiktok page gives you a quick and nice little overview of some of her wide variety of cosplays she has done so far.

Dare to follow this teasing cosplayer on all her social media accounts? You can find Elise's social media handles, all listed below.

While it's fun and all to be joining Elise on Twitter and Tiktok and such, but nothing beats stroking your lightsaber while scrolling through all the arousing media on her OnlyFans! Take a walk on the wild side and be sure to join @eliseowo on her free OnlyFans account too.

184 222 14

Follow gamer girl @eliseowo on OnlyFans (Free)

Senya Hardin makes you want to play with your "joystick"

Senya Hardin is one of the final two members of the Gloom-E-Girl group and follows the same passions as all the previous e-girls on the list so far - gaming and cosplay.

If you got a soft spot for long haired brunettes, I'd bet you won't be able to resist this goddess over here, especially when she just transformed into one of your favorite fictional gaming, anime or TV show characters. Make sure you won't let your personal "joystick" short circuit by over-using it while researching this total stunner and social media sensation over here... Remember to "play nice".

By the way, Senya doesn't limit herself to just and only publishing cosplay pictures, nah! She prefers to keep things fresh by mixing it up by posing in lingerie and bikini, just as often. Basically, providing her followers with the best of both worlds. What can we say? With a killer-body like she has, that's all fine by me. If you've got it, flaunt it... right?

Where to follow this chick on social media? That's easy! Just click on any of the buttons below to add her to your personal favorite social networks.

Sadly though, Senya Hardin doesn't appear to be anywhere near as actively streaming on Twitch in comparison to all of her team-mates. That being said, she surely makes up for all of that with all the exclusive eye-candy that she posts on her OnlyFans (@hiitssenya) page though.

136 180 14

Follow gamer girl @hiitssenya on OnlyFans (Free)

Kya aka Bludnymph, the lewdest gamer on the team?

Still craving for more arousing cosplay? You've got it! Save the best for last? Mirror, mirror on the wall? Who is the lewdest gamer girl of them all? Well, that's hard to tell, but she doesn't dissapoint, I can tell you that.

Last but not least, meet the final member of this new group of foxy e-girls known as Gloom-E-Girl, give it up for non other than the gorgeous babe Kya, better known on Twitch as @bludnymph_ where you'll get to watch her cosplay various different characters or play her favorite PC game - Sims 4.

Trust me, go and try to look away when Kya's presenting her jugs wrapped in a push-up bra... This chick knows how to get a man hooked, that's pretty damn obvious. And well, that's exactly the kind of babe I'd like to follow on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram... Kya, Keep those lewds coming!

Does e-girl Kya have an OnlyFans? You're damn right, she does! But hey, what did you expect? Besides OnlyFans, you can also support Kya and gain access to her most naughty content, through her Patreon Page

27 71 6

Follow gamer girl @bludnymph on OnlyFans (Free)
Support @blud on

Twitch streamer Kya (@bludnymph) also does live cam shows at

Interestingly enough, Kya is the only member of the group that also performs live on webcam on the highly popular, adult webcam platform

Does that mean Kya truly is the dirtiest of the bunch? I wouldn't know since I haven't seen any of her cam shows yet. Meaning, it's kinda like my dick right now, it's "hard" to tell. Only one way to find out and that's by making sure to be joining her in the chat, during one of her upcoming, steamy, live webcam shows at MyFreeCams.

Watch @bludnymph live on webcam at

Actually, I was kinda surprised to find out that Kya has picked MyFreeCams over their main competitor, considering the fact that Kya's a gamer and that unlike MyFreeCams, the adult cam platform Chaturbate on the other hand, just recently announced that they now allow models to play adult videogames on their live broadcasts.

Speaking of Chaturbate now allowing adult games to be played live on stream, we've recently wrote an entire article on that subject. you can read more on that topic right here (that article also includes the full list of adult games that are allowed).

Where to find the social media handles of the Gloom-E-Girl team?

Did all these luscious photos in this blog post got you all excited? Hard to resist an all-girl team consisting of totally hot gamer and cosplay gals like these naughty bunch over here, right? I feel ya!

So if you'd like to learn more about these e-girls, I'd suggest you go follow their team accounts on social media as well to get the latest news and info about their brand. And of course, enjoy watching their live streams on the @Gloomegirl Twitch channel.

@Gloomegirl @gloomegirl @Gloomegirl

E-girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As mentioned, the girls on this team share lewds, not nudes, sadly... However, if you consider nudes an absolute must, we've got a couple of more articles for you which you will likely be very interested in, and yes, those articles do feature girls that strip completely bare naked on their OnlyFans profiles... Hooray!

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That's enough gamer action for today! Well, at least for me... I think I'll be busy having a little bit of private "play time" with my own little "joystick" for a couple of minutes now. It's play time for daddy, baby!

In other words, that's it for today folks, see you next time with even more and latest news updates on all the social media stars.

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