CumRocket introduces adult NFTs and the "OnlyFans of Crypto"

You knew this was "cumming" all along, sooner or later someone or some team of developers would be building their own OnlyFans alternative on the blockchain. That's exactly what CumRocket is trying to achieve - "disrupting the adult industry" by leveraging the blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform for both pornstars, models, cam models, adult content creators and of course - the fans, like you and me, which get to enjoy all the digitally stored eye-candy.

CumRocket and Cummies - Adult NFT market place - OnlyFans crypto alternative - OnlyChance parody logo

Seems like CumRocket has been off to a great start so far, to say the least.

Ever since the original founder and creator known as Lydia, a British software engineer (with quite a following on TikTok), announced her latest NSFW project coming to "the blocks", which turned out to be the birth of CumRocket!

One thing's for sure, Lydia deserves some extra kudos for picking the right name for her new decentralized project, because at the time of writing, the charts sure seem to be sky-rocketing for the past few days. Since its launch on April 4th, its value has been blasting all the way up to the moon and beyond to the current total market value of over $140 million USD.

CumRocket and Cummies developing an OnlyFans of crypto - CoinMarketCap screenshot of the charts

A CoinMarketCap screenshot of the charts during time of writing is shown above. For the actual live charts, click here.

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. Think of the crypto market as your own penis, it isn't always up, all the time. Always do your own research before investing into any project or product, especially in such a young market. Be aware, trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

So, what's "cumming" to the blocks?

CumRocket (and its very own token known as $Cummies) have a lot more plans in store for us, and I quote - "to disrupt the adult industry". Besides developing a decentralized OnlyFans-like platform, "they" didn't forget about the "art" of boobies either.

In the future, to sum it all up - the $Cummies token can be used for:

  • Sexting
  • Fans tipping their favorite adult models
  • Private messaging
  • Requesting customs
  • CumSwap (a decentralized exchange
  • A premium adult subscription platform (similar to OnlyFans and other alternatives)
  • NFT market place (for adult content creators to buy, sell and trade non-fungible tokens)

Cummies, the token?

All the upcoming platforms and services currently being developed by CumRocket as mentioned above, will all be using CumRocket's very own token called - Cummies.

CumRocket and Cummies developing an OnlyFans of crypto - preview user interface

One "smart" move by the CumRocket team is to launch the $Cummies token on the Binance Smart Chain instead of creating an Ethereum-based token, considering the transaction costs on Ethereum chain, just like every other previous bull runs, are ridiculously high.

By launching the $Cummies token on the Binance Smart Chain, blockchain transaction costs became really low, making it more suitable for micro-transactions such as for usage of "tipping" models.

That being said, bare in mind that there are 5% transaction costs involved:

  • 2.5% of every transaction is burnt (reducing the total supply of $Cummies)
  • The other 2.5% gets redistributed (to current $Cummies holders)

Non-fungible tokens titties? NFT market place for adult content!

During a massive bull run like in the current day and age, the entire crypto and blockchain space truly feels like the Wild West again, as every day it seems as if there's another brand new hype being launched in "Blockchain-land". Do NFTs ring any bells? Well, NFTs sure seem to be the latest cool "new kid on the block", during this 2021 bull market so far.

So it shouldn't come as a big surprise that the folks over at the CumRocket team are also "balls-deep" into NFTs with their new project, providing a decentralized market place for users to share and trade a bit more NSFW kind of digital art. In other words, yes that's right - non-fungible porn!

What is a non-fungible token?

Unfamiliar with the term non-fungible token, short for - NFT? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Unlike regular blockchain assets (tokens or coins), a non-fungible token contains an unique piece of content which is stored as hashed data onto a blockchain. Thus, every token being "one of a kind" and different from one another. This could be any kind of unique digital asset and the ownership of this unique token (the NFT) can be verified on the blockchain itself, which is a public available ledger.

Since each transaction on the blockchain is being stored and the data being immutable, it serves as a great way to verify ownership of assets, like in today's case - NFTs! The same goes for original art-works offered by pornstars or adult models in the shape of non-fungible tokens.

Forget about OnlyFans, this might be your "Only Chance" (NSFW digital collectors items)

CumRocket and Cummies developing an OnlyFans of crypto - preview user interface

NFTs can be traded or sold from one wallet to another similar to any other ordinary cryptocurrency. But since each of these NFTs represent an unique piece of content, there will only be one current owner at the time (unless there are multiple releases of the same NFT token at the same time, making it more of a limited edition).

These NFTs can represent all sorts of digital content - from nude photos to full length porn films, hentai art and waifus or any other type of erotic arts, the only difference being the fact that only the current owner of the NFT is able to watch that digital file in its full glory, and thus, in the process creating scarcity.

The CumRocket market place connects models with fans and allows for the trading and selling of these NFTs. Bare in mind though, if you've missed out on the first sale of an unique NFT (by one of your favorite babes in the adult industry) and the current owner decides he (or she) doesn't want to sell off his NFT to anyone else, you might have missed out on your "Only Chance" to ever watch that spicy piece of content.

Which also explains why some NFTs have been growing rapidly in value. After all, these NFTs are (digital) collectors items.

The early public version of the adult NFT market place is already online and can be found at

CumRocket and Cummies - Adult NFT market place - Exclusive pornstar NFTs

Some porn starlets currently offering their exclusive digital naughty goods (NFTs) include hot stunners such as redhead Lauren Philips, Paris Knight, Christine Lewis (@Christinelewisx) and more.

The OnlyFans of Crypto (premium subscription platform for adults)

Curious about this brand new "decentralized" OnlyFans alternative? I hate to disappoint you, but for now, it doesn't seem to be ready... just yet.

According to the official roadmap available on their website (, the platform for adult content creators is scheduled to go live in Q3 of 2021, meaning that development currently is still in progress.

Similar to all other premium fanclub websites such as Qrush, OnlyFans, Fancentro, Just For Fans, TeddysXP and all the others, adult content creators (on the upcoming platform by CumRocket) will be able to sell their private videos and photos, as well as other digital media files to their fans for a monthly or a yearly fee.

Difference being that payments will be peer to peer, cutting out "the middle man". In other words - direct payments between the buyers to the content creators.

Want more details about all of the future CumRocket plans but somehow missed the live CumRocket AMA on Youtube? You can still re-watch it above.

Have you been swapping cum lately? (Where to get some $Cummies?)

The easiest way to trade Binance Smart Chain tokens for some $Cummies is by swapping Smart Chain tokens on Pancake Swap, a decentralized exchange.

Also mentioned on the CumRocket roadmap is their own official decentralized exchange with the working title - "CumSwap". I have to admit, that's a fap-tastic name right there, ladies and gentlemen!

Want to get the latest updates on $Cummies and CumRocket? You can follow the developers team on social media.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest updates on the official website -

So guys, that leaves us with one final question - where do you think the CumRocket will land? All the way to the moon or do you think it will blast off straight to Uranus?

Ready to MARSturbate to yet another spicy and decentralized NFT market?

Remember how I mentioned that the entire crypto-space and market feels like it's the Wild West-era all over again? Well, you know how things work in crypto, right? As soon as a crypto-project is deemed successful, it won't take long before dozens and dozens cheap and shameless rip-offs will arise (due to the fact, most of all cryptocurrencies being open source projects).

In fact, it's already here. Damn, that's probably even quicker than I usually last when shaggin' a hot babe doggystyle... Oh well!

CumRocket and Cummies - Pornstar NFT - Marsturbate new crypto token

There's yet another brand new NFT market platform called "Marsturbate"... as in - going to mars... the logo even features a hand and a rocket.

2021 will go down in history as the year in which turds got turned into gold by a new wave of (digital) investors. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing yet. I mean, for fucks sake, this is getting ridiculous... How many fap-rockets are we going to send into space these days?

For those that are interested in the Marsturbate token, check out

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