Collection of the most funny pornstar tweets

Who would have thought girls in the adult film industry would be so funny? It's almost like the exact opposite of Amy Schumer, a comedian that isn't funny. But now we've got pornstars that ain't comedians but are truly funny. Well, atleast if you like a little dirty humor. Twitter really is a fascinating thing. It gives us the opportunity to read people's mind in under 280 characters. Time to find out all the things we'll get to learn from reading these tweets written by some of the hottest pornstars in history. Let's get into action!

That moment you realize you've been in porn too long...

That akward moment when...

That's definately a sign you've been in the business for a bit too long. Spitting on hot dogs is not yet really accepted in 2019. Well, maybe it becomes a 'thing' in the future...

Asian pornstar Asa Akira shares her to-do list for today... I bet your normal groceries list feels really boring right now, doesn't it?

Pornstars and thoughts on food...

Have you always wondered what adult actresses think about food? What do they like to eat? Do they watch what they eat to keep in shape? Does Valentina Nappi only eat spaghetti? Or does she love a good old fashioned hamburger just as much as I do? So many questions still left unanswered, so let's find out!

Some serious food for thought here...

Lexi Belle doesn't eat banana's in the hotel lobby anymore.

Come on guys, don't let a beautiful Polish babe like Misha Cross hanging... The poor girl is hungry for nothing!

Don't worry, we've all been young and naive at some point in our lives.

One happy family?

Ok, time for something serious!

Have you noticed this weird trend lately? When you're surfing for porn on one of your favorite tube websites, everyone seems to be family related to everyone... atleast that's true, if we have to believe these porn video titles. For some odd reason all of the sudden either steph sisters, steph dads or steph brothers always seem to get involved. And everybody is pretty much banging everybody like one big happy horny family.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed this weird (fake) incest trend in porn scenes these days. If we all think it's weird... Why do we do it anyway? That's the question!

In case you're still looking for a great porn movie title... Dana Vespoli might help you out.

A special 'Fathers Day' message from our beloved and naughty pornstar princess; Riley Reid.

Some more random brain farts

Nina Hartley is old school and wants non of that millenial bullcrap.

The best life hack ever?

Wait? What? She eats that filthy french mustard now? Unfollow!

Guys, we need to talk... This thing right here needs to stop, ok?

Samantha Bentley's smile when she's taking a selfie (and makes fun of the protestors) is just priceless!

Just when you thought you're life was weird... Pornstars need to ruin that moment for you!

Damn, Tegan Tate really sure seems to be hardcore these days!

That funny moment when Sasha Grey goes to her dentist...

Do pornstars like it up the butt?

What's a good porn movie these days when it ain't got anal sex in it, right? Pornstars love to put thing up the butt. Myth or fact?

Who said trying to impress Lisa Tiffian was going to be an easy thing? You go girl! Amateurs these days....

The busty blonde Bree Olson is a true party-pooper...

Somebody call the Myth Busters, this sounds like a really great experiment to me!

Speaking of myths... I never knew women would poop and fart too?

Aaawh... Don't worry Asa, we think you're beautiful and we love you anyway! But we also love your butt... a lot!

That's all folks!

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