All young brand new pornstars born in 2001

Ready to discover all the young, sexy and brand new pornstars (born in 2001)? These are all the fresh 18 year old, barely legal, new faces in the adult film industry (and you'll be loving these naughty teen babes for sure).

Our favorite new pornstars born in 2001 (Staff picks)

Time for some staff picks. In other words; time to highlight some of our personal favorite 18 year old porn babes. The 2001 born girls listed below all seem to have a very bright future in the adult film industry ahead of them. You can do it, girls! Show us that you're the next big thing!

Lulu Chu

Let's kick things off with the lovely, 18 years young, tiny & petite asian girl Lulu Chu. While she migh look like a typical innocent cute asian teen with pigtails, this little babe over here is far from innocent as she sure as hell loves to fuck on camera.

Once Lulu Chu sees a hard cock in front of her eyes, this Chinese babe only has one thing on her mind... Grab that dick by the hand and stick it up every hole of her hot teenie body.

With her tiny body (145 cm or 4'9"), small 32B cup size boobies that fit her small body perfectly, Lulu Chu makes the perfect wank material for guys that love teen (or asian teen) porn. Go watch some of Lulu's incredibly hot porn scenes at Pornhub for free.

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Dixie Lynn

The next big thing in porn when it comes down to teen blondes? I'd bet you've been looking for the fresh face in porn; Dixie Lynn.

What would you expect from a teen pornstar? A petite body? A cute face? A sexy smile? A nice handful of tits? Dixie Lynn matches all those criteria! Dixie is one of those porn newbies, that is extremely talented and besides that... Dixie also knows how to give the perfect blowjob! Watching her sucking a dick is like pure eye candy!

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Kylie Rocket

Give it up for the 18 year old (born March 1, 2001) fresh face in the adult film industry; Kylie Rocket. Well, Kylie Rocket over here can come over at my place at any time to play with my own rocket... ;)

Ain't she a total hottie with a curvy body (with a sweet juicy teen booty) and young sexy face like that? I've seen her riding and griding on top in a few scenes, this babe is a real cowboy. If you like 'em young, you'd better watch some horny scenes starring this barely legal pornstar over here... Kylie will make your rocket cum for sure!

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Hazel Moore

Hazel Moore is one of those new girls in porn where you'll need to keep an eye out on. Hazel has the looks and she's willing to go as hardcore as needed. And yes, that also means, this young naughty teen has no problem with opening up her asshole in front of the camera lens.

Hazel Moore's anal debut is here!
There's just something special about doing something for the very first time. Well, watching a 18 year old total hot babe getting her tight asshole fucked for the first time is probably one of the hottest things you can ask for. Guess what? Hazel Moore's anal debut is here, thanks to adult film studio Evil Angel.

Ready to watch and enjoy Hazel Moore getting butt fucked in all possible sex positions?

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Alicia Williams

Pornstar newbie Alicia Williams was born on January 1, 2001... So she barely belongs on this list. But hey, January 1 still counts, right?

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Ximena Cruz

If we had to name of girl on this list (of pornstars born in 2001) with the best pair of boobs, we'd pick Ximena Cruz over here... That's for sure.

While most young pornstars on this list are all very skinny and petite, there are many men out there that prefer girls with a little extra meat. Well, your lucky, because Ximena Cruz is one of those brand new chubby chicks in porn.

While Ximena Cruz, mostly does VR porn, you can still find plenty of hot (and free) regular porn scenes starring Ximena Cruz on Pornhub.

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Ashley Red

It's easy to fall in love with this thicc blonde Ashley Red thanks to her sexy titties and lovely big smile. Did I mention Ashley Red has an amazing big booty as well? An ass like that is meant to be fucked, right? Hell yeah, the young teen babe Ashley Red loves anal sex!

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Aubree Ice

Our second young rising teen star on today's list that was born on January 1, 2001... And she's also the second hot asian babe on our list. I'm talking about the kinky asian pornstar Aubree Ice.

Just 19 years young, but already lots of experience when it comes down to hardcore fuckin' and suckin'. Think this little youngster can only handle one hard dick at once? Think again, this fresh face in the adult film industry loves to get gangbanged by multiple guys at the same time... This asian pussy looks simply addicted to hard cock which makes her quite the rising porn starlett.

Without a doubt, Aubree Ice is going to be the new asian porn sensation! Asa Akira, eat your heart out!

We love to watch this wild one fuck on camera... And by the looks of it, she's enjoying every bit of it as well!

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Jeni Angel

Another porn newbie on this list and the very first ebony (black) beauty to join the team of pornstars born in 2001. Time to meet the naughty 18 year old (born March 28, 2001) Jeni Angel aka Jennifer Angel. With her hot body and D cup size boobs, she's quite the lust for the eyes. Ready for some chocolate love?

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Adora Black

Just 18 years young, but her body, especially her busty titties seem to be all "grown up" from the looks of it. Adora was born on 22 May 2001. The combination of her adorable cute face and her sexy busty juggs makes her quite the fresh new wank-material. What are you waiting for? Go check out some of Adora Black's hot porn videos.

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Mabel May

The ultimate teen looks and body? That award should go to the cute, braces wearing barely legal pornstar; Mabel May. This tiny and petite young blonde was born on 2 May 2001. If teen porn is your thing, you'll be loving Mabel May over here. What about some jizz on those braces?

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Ashley Red (Birthday: 23 Jan 2001)

Teen pornstar ASHLEY RED

Hazel Moore (Birthday: 1 Jan 2001)
Teen pornstar HAZEL MOORE

Lulu Chu (Birthday: 14 Jan 2001)
Teen pornstar LULU CHU

Dixie Lynn (Birthday: 23 Apr 2001)
Teen pornstar DIXIE LYNN

Lucy Laistner (Birthday: 11 Jun 2001)
Teen pornstar LUCY LAISTNER

Natalie Hadek (Birthday: 2 Jan 2001)
Teen pornstar NATALIE HADEK

Melody Foxx (Birthday: 29 Jul 2001)
Teen pornstar MELODY FOXX

Samantha Reigns (Birthday: 8 Jun 2001)

Clara Trinity (Birthday: 20 Aug 2001)
Teen pornstar CLARA TRINITY

Mila Monet (Birthday: 19 May 2001)
Teen pornstar MILA MONET

Nina Diaz (Birthday: 15 Jun 2001)
Teen pornstar NINA DIAZ

Braylin Bailey (Birthday: 19 May 2001)
Teen pornstar BRAYLIN BAILEY

Alyssa (Birthday: 26 Apr 2001)
Teen pornstar ALYSSA

Layla Belle (Birthday: 13 Feb 2001)
Teen pornstar LAYLA BELLE

Julie Jess (Birthday: 19 Sep 2001)
Teen pornstar JULIE JESS

Amber Moore (Birthday: June 2001)
Teen pornstar AMBER MOORE

Honey Hayes (Birthday: 17 Jan 2001)
Teen pornstar HONEY HAYES

Alex Kane (Birthday: 5 Jul 2001)
Teen pornstar ALEX KANE

Lily Starfire (Birthday: 9 Aug 2001)
Teen pornstar LILY STARFIRE

Gaby Ortega (Birthday: 18 Jul 2001)
Teen pornstar GABY ORTEGA

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