The best pornstar newcomers of the year nominees (at the 2020 SpankBank Awards)

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

Tired of seeing the same old girls in porn over and over again? Don't worry, as you're about to meet the latest and most talented stars in the business! With the annual SpankBank awards (2020 edition) just around the corner, it's time for us to vote for "the best newcummer of the year"... Time for some fresh faces in the porn industry!

If there's something we as porn fans surely love, it's seeing brand new girls going wild on our smart phone, tablet or desktop screen (or any other device we'd like to refer to as "our personal fap machines"). Just a small warning up front, it's about to get a little hot in here in a second! ;)

Stop! Voting time!

My parents always thought me all about the importance of voting, because it might be the only opportunity to make your voice heard... So you'd might as wel grab it, right? Just like these sexy nominees (on today's list) would all love to grab you by your balls as soon as they'll get the opportunity! Born to be wild? These nominated girls sure are!

Sure, picking just one favorite hot babe out of seven highly talented dirty girls (that all love to drain your balls) can be quite a difficult task. But then again, nobody said life in porn was easy, right? It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

Like always, the annual SpankBank Awards are brought to you by (Internet Adult Film Database) and Gabriel Lan (one of the writers for

Who's going to become the official best "newcummer" at this year's edition of the SpankBank Awards?

It's going to be one hell of a tough call this year, as this year's nominees all are really talented and growing in popularity amongst fans rapidly. In other words, every single one of these "newcummers" kinda deserve the title. But... Who's actually on the list of nominees this year, you'd might ask? We're about to find out in a second!

From spicy redheads (Lacy Lennon and Maitland Ward) to the BBC lovin' blonde cutie; Natalia Queen! Here are all the nominated (best) new girls in the adult film industry!

Nominee number #1 - The rising adult film starlet; Kyler Quinn

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

I believe that the (in 1998 born) pornstar Kyler Quinn doesn't even need an introduction... I mean, she's that cutie with that delicious booty, and she's taking over the business by storm. You've probably jerked off quite some times to this fresh face in the industry (just admit it hihi).

There's probably a big chance Kyler might even end up winning this damn title, as pretty much all of Kyler's hot content offers pure eye candy (and perfect wank-material).

Want a little bonus trivia? Kyler's younger sister; Kacey Quinn is also a pornstar. Now I get it, I know exactly what your perverted mind is thinking right now; have these naughty sisters ever done porn together? Ha, busted! I guess that one famous quote is really true after all; "Perverted minds think alike".

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#2 - The gorgeous spicy redhead; Lacy Lennon

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

If there's one hottie on this list of nominees, that can easily get your cock hard under a second, it's probably the spicy, (ginger) beauty queen and full-time dirty girl; Lacy Lennon!

Lacy Lennon shot her very first porn scene in 2018, and thanks to her bright blue sparkling eyes, great nude body and her dark red hair, Lacy Lennon became one of those new girls in the business, that's very hard to miss. And well, the army of fans she has gathered during her short career so far, are pretty much proof of that.

Can't get enough of these hot-blooded, fiery redhead ladies that love to flaunt "it" all? Lucky you, because we've got plenty of red haired vixens in our database. And while we're at it, I'd also like to recommend Lacy's best work, which in my opinion, are the faptastic VR porn scenes starring Lacy at WankzVR (link below).

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#3 - That Blonde Brat? The one and only (fresh face in the adult film industry) Mackenzie Moss!

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

"Spiegler Girl" Mackenzie Moss aka @ThatBlondeBrat is yet another amazing newcomer in the adult business. Seductive, sexy, petite and a healthy appetite for large dicks filling her tight holes... Now that sounds like the ultimate dream girl to me!

The (in 1994 born) stunning (and petite) blonde girl over here, made her first steps in the world of adult entertainment around the end of 2018. And well, that day a star was born. And quite a wild star, if you'd ask me! She already has done over 100 amazing porn scenes for some of the biggest adult film studios such as; Reality Kings, Naughty America, (her most hardcore scenes for) Evil Angel, Team Skeet, (lesbian scenes for) Girlfriends Films, Brazzers, Twisty’s, Mofos and many more.

Note to self:: Stop masturbating for once, and go do your job! Go and add "that blonde brat" to our blockchain database ASAP!

Update: We've added Mackenzie Moss to our database! Click here for all her social media links.

#4 - Celeb turned full time dirty girl, the busty redhead; Maitland Ward

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

The red vixen Maitland Ward has a big chance of winning this title, in our humble opinion. Why? She's got the looks, she's got the personality, she has a really sexy and cute smile and let's not forget about those epic gigantic melons (36D cup) of Ms Ward!

Some of you readers might even recognize this big titted celebrity beauty from her past as a famous actress on Boy Meets World and the best TV series in history; The Bold and the Beautiful. Ok, that last part was a lie. But ladies and gentlemen, that's right, this rising porn starlet is one of those famous babes babes that turned pornstar.

Besides shooting scenes for some big industry players such as Brazzers, Maitland Ward also likes the treat her fans on some hot live webcam action at Camsoda. Watched any of her shows lately? No? You're missing out, for sure! Watching Maitland playing with her juicy titties on webcam is something you'll simply have to experience yourself!

By the way, Maitland Ward is also pretty much the only nominated babe on this list, that actually has some real fine curves. Being a curvy beauty that also happens to have huge hooters, that's definitely worth a few extra bonus points in my book!

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#5 - Tight and petite? Meet the nominated teen porn sensation; Melody Marks

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

Don't you just love it when a totally innocent looking, girl next door type of chick turns out to be a real dirty babe? I have to admit, I only found out about the cute Melody Marks over here just a few weeks ago, while I was writing an article on all pornstars on TikTok.

But man, finding out about the teen pornstar Melody Marks (and of course, after doing a ton of "research" with my pants down) sure was an amazing discovery! It feels like discovering a treasure... a sexy little gem! My dick 100% agrees on that, since "he" is currently nodding at me, as we speak (while still having a little tear of joy in his eye).

Without a doubt, this cutiepie has a degree in "fucking and sucking", don't believe me? Just check out any of her hot porn scenes on Pornhub, and you'll see what I mean... Melody is a great pick for this list of best newcummers in porn!

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#6 - Pornstar Naomi Swann for the win?

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

Shame on me. With 10 years experience working in the adult entertainment industry and even running this pornstar database website, somehow, in some strange way, this is the first time I hear about pornstar; Naomi Swann... The galaxy works in mysterious ways! Or maybe I'm just getting a little bit sloppy lately.

Either way, that's really bad on my part. I'll add Ms Swann to our database as soon as possible, I promise.

And of course, I'll be checking out some of her most recent scenes, wish me luck (from looking at her spicy candids, I'll going to need that). Let's call it; research time! Oh yeah... Wank marathon, here we cum (I my job).

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#7 - There ain't such thing as "too big" for the small blonde pornstar Natalia Queen

best pornstar newcomers of 2020 (nominees spankbank awards)

There ain't such thing as "too big" for the tiny blonde pornstar Natalia Queen (born in 2000 and made her porn debut at the age of 18).

She might be fun-sized herself, but man, Natalia sure loves 'em big. And big being an understatement! That's why her pornstar name "Natalia Queen" really fits her just perfect, as sooner or later, Natalia is going to be the true (next) queen of porn! And well, winning this award would be the first big step in becoming the queen of porn, don't you think?

We've already mentioned this cute, but super naughty (cock-worshipping) goddess in plenty of previous blog posts, including being our number one pick for our personal favorite pornstar list of; the cutest teen pornstars you should follow on Snapchat.

Pornstar Natalia Queen BBC blowjob on her Snapchat premium account

Even if Natalia doesn't win the prestigious "Best Newcummer" award, she's always going to be a real winner. Watching this small chick taking care of a hard rod with her tongue and mouth with so much passion, simply is amazing to watch... Fap-worthy? Totally!

Natalia Queen = satisfaction guaranteed. Consider checking out her private snap on FanCentro, that's exactly the place where you can find all her dirty selfshot sex tapes! From what I've learned on her Snapchat account, Natalia sure seems to be living a really wild and horny lifestyle. She really knows how to "take care of a cock", Natalia Queen is like a skilled Jedi when it comes down to giving head or a nice handjob.

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And the award goes to....

These we're all the nominees in the category "best pornstar newcummer" at the upcoming 2020 edition of the SpankBank Awards. So, who's your pick? Which of these talented naughty gals deserves that prestigious title, in your opinion?

Our pick? Man, this hard... Kinda like my penis while writing this article and starring at those sexy photos above! Yummy!

Our personal pick? Our guess? And the winner is...

We simply can't just pick only one babe this year. These hot beauties listed above (one by one), truly all are amazingly talented and a joy to watch in action (and probably all going to be big future industry names).

However, if I really do have to make a wild guess, I'd say my personal bet is either one of these three babes is going to win the big prize;

  • Natalia Queen
  • Maitland Ward (and her perfect shaped juicy juggs)
  • Kyler Quinn

That's just based on my own experience and the well known (100% medical accurate) math formula: amount of fap * (time 'till cum + amount of jizz) : angle of boner = "The law of Fap", also known as the scientifically acknowledged "Wank Rank" calculation.

But hey, that still doesn't say much, as these three adult film actresses are just my own personal picks. To be honest, I really wouldn't know, it could be any one of these sexy babes listed above. I guess we'll just have to be a bit more patient, as time will tell.

What about all the other SpankBank (2020) award categories?

2020 spankbank award categories

For those not familiar with the SpankBank Awards, here's a little quote from the IAFD website;

"The Spank Bank Awards were founded on the idea of giving recognition to the performers in the adult industry who may (or may not) receive the accolades they so richly deserve from some of the other awards shows through the utilization of a plethora of irreverent, all inclusive, good-natured fun categories."

We'll be having a close look at some of the other award categories in another blog post, real soon. But here's a sneak preview of some of the other prestigious awards of the 2020 SpankBank Awards;

  • Airtight Angel of the Year
  • Three Kielbasas in a Corridor (that's three dicks up the butt, in case you'd wonder...)
  • Cock Worshipper of the Year (best whore knees title)
  • ATOGM Girl of the Year (ass to other girl's mouth)
  • Doctoral Degree in Dildology (I don't make this up)
  • Hardest Working Ho in Ho Biz
  • Cumfartist of the Year
  • My (Wet) Dream Girl
  • Naughty Babysitter of the Year
  • Royal Majesty of the Stripper Pole
  • Asian Empress of the Year

There are dozens of other award titles to be won at the upcoming SpankBank Awards.

There's even an award for "Masturbator of the Year". I think we can all agree on the fact, that I should obviously be the one to win that award, right? You all go vote for me next year, ok? Spread the love!

For more info, be sure to check out the Twitter hashtag #spankbankawards20, and start following both @iafdcom and @Gabriel_Lan on Twitter for more information about the SpankBank Awards and the latest news or details.

Oh and fuck it, (cheap plug incoming!) while you're at it, you might as well start following us on Twitter as well (if you aren't already). You can find us on Twitter at @socialmediapor1.

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