The Most Sexy Stripping Nurses Cosplayed By Famous Pornstars

In desperate need of a naked nurse to come and check on your vital signs? Or better yet, to "cum and check" and see whether your dick is getting enough attention lately or if he's still "strong" enough these days? In that case, this top 10 featuring the sexiest pornstars dressed as a nurse while stripping nude on your desktop PC, might be exactly what you've been looking for!

And if it turns out there's indeed "something" or that one "special part of your body" ain't working like it should, these horny stripping nurses will sure fix that "little problem" for ya very quickly. You'll be having an instant boner in no-time, mark my words.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

If there's something strange in the neighbourhood, it's pretty obvious "who you gonna call", right? Yup, that'll be the Ghostbusters, in case you somehow hadn't figured that out yet. But which adult film stars are you gonna call when you're in need of a hot naked nurse?

iStripper brings the strip club to your very own computer screen

With the whole covid situation, visiting a strip club isn't that easy nowadays. But there's a solution!

We did all the boring research part for you guys and found out that there are quite a few famous porn starlets that you'll get to enjoy in an amazing "nurse themed" stripper show, thanks to the free downloadable iStripper software.

Ready to "examine" which girls in porn did a cosplay nurse theme striptease for iStripper?

We've compiled a list for you which include the most sexiest nurses you've ever seen. Including total hotties and wild babes such Katya Clover, Viola Bailey, Eva Elfie, Josephine Jackson and many more!

With these naked nurses below, you'll be in "good hands" and " good care". Trust me, forget about pills, this list is exactly the "cure" you've been looking for!

Tight porn starlet Lily Adams stripping & swinging her spectacular booty in nurse-themed lingerie

With her young, sweet smile and hot teen looks, pornstar Lily Adams might make you believe she's quite the innocent girl. Guess what? Far from it! If there's one thing Lily likes to do... It's getting nasty! Lily is also a huge fan of anal sex. Told you she's a naughty one.

But as soon as she puts on any of her lingerie, or in today's case, her nurse outfit, you immediately can tell she's a wild babe. The best part is yet to come... And that's watching her take her outfit off!

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

No need to visit the strip club when nurse Lily Adams over here, will bring the strip club right into your own home instead. Just make sure it doesn't catch fire as things might heat up very quickly.

Ain't she one of the hottest nurses you've ever seen? Find all of Lily Adams' social media links right here.

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In need of some real big melons? Viola is here to take care of you...

I sure hope you can handle a bunch of really big-sized and perfectly crafted round boobies, because we're about to showcases 4 gigantic size (fap-worthy) pairs in a row, kicking things off with Viola Bailey.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

If I'll ever find myself in a situation such as a medical emergency, I can only wish for a hot big titted nurse like Viola Bailey coming to the rescue. I imagine myself how it would be like to see Viola Bailey running towards me, with her first aid kit in hand, and of course completely in Pamela Anderson (Baywatch) style, so that I'll get to watch and enjoy those fine hooters bounce up and down in slow-motion... Yummy!

While that probably might never actually happen, thankfully, we all do get to watch and enjoy the beautiful ex-pornstar Viola Bailey slowly undressing from her hot nurse outfit and in the end, finally revealing one of the greatest tits in the history of the adult film industry. The perfect 10 titties? Viola has them, and she doesn't mind flaunting them in any of her striptease shows either. Thank god for that! I mean, sharing is caring after all, right?

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Watch nurse Viola Bailey's free stripper show

But wait, there's more! What if I told you, you'll be able to jerk off to two extremely horny nurses, kissing, playing with each others breasts while slowly taking off each others clothing... All of that right in front of you, directly on your computer's taskbar? Now that sounds pretty damn hot to me!

These two naughty busty cuties sure love to "examine" each other. And I get it, better safe then sorry. Personally, I wouldn't mind having to examine these two girls very thoroughly. "Let me feel and check those boobs, honey"...

Viola has recorded multiple striptease shows for the iStripper app, besides her previous striptease while cosplaying a busty nurse, this time she decided to get a little dirty together with one of her BFF's and look-a-like; Merry Pie. And yes, both are dressed as nurses in this strip show too. And yes, both have fantastic knockers. How about that?

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Watch nurses Viola Bailey & Merry Pie examine each other

Busty blonde naughty teen nurse Eva Elfie

She's cute looking, has massive tits, she's blonde, into cosplay and gaming and the best part of her personality? She sure as hell loves to get all nasty in terms of sex (no surprisingly that she became a pornstar) and well, that sounds exactly what the doctor has ordered!

It's time for you guys to "cum and meet" the lovely, 20 years young, stripping nurse Eva Elfie.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Now you go ahead and tell me with a straight face, you wouldn't want to watch Eva Elfie over here sensually strip nude on your computer screen. I dare you. Fuck it, I double dare you! Trust me, watching this cutiepie play with her titties is just pure lust for the eye. And man, she really puts on an explosive show and totally delivers in terms of eye candy.

Well, go ahead. You can download the iStripper app for Windows, Linux and Mac computers, free of charge. Eva looks equally hot while stripped down bare naked compared to still rocking that arousing nurse outfit of hers. Thanks to Eva, I now know Moscow is the place where the hottest "nurses" are seem to be born.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

If you'd like to follow pornstar Eva Elfie on her social media channels as well, we'd suggest you'll add her on Snapchat or follow her premium fanclub at FanCentro.

One thing's for sure though, with Eva Elfie, you're always "under the proper care". You'll just need to have a little faith in the almighty healing nursery powers fuelled by gigantic juicy juggs, of which "virtual desktop stripper" Eva over here, obviously is a proud owner of.

Follow Eva Elfie's Snap or on FanCentro
Watch nurse Eva Elfie free stripper show

Eva Elfie as playable character in free erotic game "Booty Calls"

A small little bonus, just recently, the erotic video game publisher Nutaku announced they've added Eva Elfie as the second playable (real life pornstar) character to their adult dating simulator & puzzle game named Booty Calls.

Now that's one way to make sure the game is offering enough sexiness for the player to enjoy. The first to join the Booty Calls cast was the asian pornstar and all-round anal lovin' freak Asa Akira.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Coolest part about the Booty Calls game, besides being highly entertaining and addictive, it's also entirely free to play on the Nutaku website (for both mobile and PC).

Play adult game Booty Calls for free

Stella Cox is the kind of nurse who also provides viewing pleasure to your cock

And from the previous massive tits, we jump straight into the next holy pair. These sweet fun bags are brought to you by porn starlet Stella Cox.

Got hurt somewhere? Like anywhere on your body? Don't worry, Stella's coming to your aid and will make sure she'll be soothing all of your pain. Thanks to her mesmerizing boobs, that'll be an easy task!

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Damn girl! Just look at Stella Cox go as she sensually moves that fine tight & half naked body of hers. Just wait until she takes it all off. You'll be in for a real treat!

The hottest nurse on the block? That might as well be Stella Cox over here, as she's born for her "special nursing job". She loves stripping nude and taking care of your dick by providing all the eye candy your "little buddy" is craving for.

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Czech pornstar Alexis Crystal is here to "measure" your vital signs

Another nurse you shouldn't be missing out on and this one's coming from the Czech Republic. Alexis Crystal made quite a name for herself in the past few years, since starting her porn career at the age of 18. She has worked for some of the largest names in the adult business. And yes, that also includes getting naked for the iStripper software.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

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Watch nurse Alexis Crystal's free stripper show

Katya Clover, the perfect "virtual stripper" that turned her stripteases into art

Sexy, a fantastic slim body and always ready to take off her clothes, whenever a patient (like you) is in need of any form of primary care. Don't underestimate the healing powers of pure eye candy.

And man, Katya really takes her job as a virtual desktop stripper very seriously, as she pretty much turned her stripteases into an art-form. Resulting in pure lust for the eye.

Well, what did you expect otherwise? I mean, with that tight, petite, marvellous body like Ms Clover has, it's going to be hard to hide your boner.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Want more? Check out Katya Clover's official website. Tons of Katya's private hot candids and footage to be discovered on her personal site.

Watch Katya Clover's free stripper show

One of England's hottest MILFs is "cumming" to your rescue

Now don't worry, yes, I'm talking to all the perverts in the United Kingdom right now, as we've got you covered as well!

What if you're living in the UK and you're in desperate need for some sexual attention from a steaming hot nurse? Now hold on, take a deep breath, don't worry, no need to call the sex clinic right away, as the iStripper app will bring the sex clinic right to your very own computer screen.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

We've been a huge fan of the British blonde bombshell over here as we've featured her in many other blog posts before. We've picked Georgie Lyall for our list of most sexy busty blonde pornstars on Snapchat, and you'll find the lovely Georgie Lyall over here, on our top 15 hottest British pornstars list as well.

You can't go wrong with this stunner! The best news is, you'll be recovering in no time, all thanks to famous British milf pornstar Georgie Lyall and her eye catching (striptease) performance.

Watch MILF nurse Georgie Lyall's free striptease show

Sybil A over here, will be your sweet nurse

Sybil A can make any man melt thanks to her sweet looks. She has the kind of healing power that'll seduce you within a blink of an eye. Her shows? They're almost mesmerizing.

Don't just take my word for it, go find out yourself. Your only a single click away from a fap-tastic show of adult entertainment.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

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Watch the gorgeous nurse Sybil A strip nude

Josephine Jackson is here to offer you her "helping hand"

Ok, this one doesn't really count since pornstar Josephine Jackson never did a stripper show while wearing nursing lingerie. However, she does have many other extremely arousing virtual strip shows available. And with an incredible hot curvy body, plump big booty and amazing huge melons like that, she still deserves a spot on this list. I mean, she pretty much has the perfect female body.

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Watching Josephine reveal her curvy body while playing with her big melons, is just such a huge turn on. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show (and her heavenly body).

Watch the gorgeous nurse Sybil A strip nude

Interactive porn game starring naughty nurse Josephine Jackson

Good news for those with a nurse fetish, while Josephine Jackson might not have done a nurse themed strip show, she did do an interactive porn scene while cosplaying a cock-hungry, wet and totally horny nurse. She sure loves to take care of that cock!

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

The great thing about interactive porn games is that you are the one in charge! You'll get to decide how you'd like to see this steaming hot story unfold. That also includes sex positions!

Feel like titty-fucking the amazing huge breasts of the horny nurse Josephine Jackson? More a fan of blowjobs or just skip the foreplay and rather fuck her from behind right away? It's up to you!

Most sexy stripping nurses cosplayed by famous pornstars

Play time! Mouth or tits, what's it going to be? Think you can handle an interactive porn game starring the beautiful Josephine over here?

Josephine Jackson in interactive porn game

Getting started with iStripper

Want to see some of the hottest girls in the adult film industry give some of the most amazing stripteases on your computer's taskbar? You don't need to be a geek to enjoy any of these shows! iStripper makes it all happen, and it is easy as pie to set it all up. It only takes a few clicks and that's it!

1 - Download and install the free iStripper app. (it's free)
2 - Pick any of the many different themed shows or browse by model name.
3 - Simply click on the striptease show you'd like to watch.
4 - Enjoy your show!

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database or check out our full list of pornstars on iStripper. Want to learn more about interactive porn? Here's your chance to go on a virtual sex date with your favorite pornstars.

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