The Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and you know what that means, right? Another one of those yearly and super boring family reunion Christmas parties at grandma's place, yuk! The thing is - those Christmas parties don't have to be boring at all.

The secret sauce? It ain't about the falling snow, all the colorful lights, nor the Christmas tree, instead, the real secret is all about getting the "right" Christmas presents... the rancier, the more fun and wilder the party is going to be. And well, just like Andrew WK - We love fun! Don't we all?

In other words - these fun, sexy and naughty Christmas gifts below will guaranteed result in an unforgettable Christmas party. The type of party that goes down in the history books. Or well, in this case more like the family photo album, but you know what I mean.

10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

It might be cold during the winter days but this year's Christmas party is about to get a whole lot hotter! From kinky party games, penis-shaped products for good old fashioned shits and giggles, all the way up to erotic entertainment for her, him and couples.

Ready to find out what products can be found on Santa's naughty shopping list? Let's go get this party started!

Penis ring toss games are the latest trend of 2021

In case board games aren't really popular within the family, what about some other activities to keep everybody busy and entertained during Christmas weekend with the family?

If you thought those classic ring toss games from back in the day were only targeted at kids, you were seriously wrong! This prehistoric game could even mean tons of fun for adults too, you just happen to be owning "the right version". And if you don't? Surprise, surprise... We just happen to have that "right version" in stock, as we speak.

Penis pecker ring toss games - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

No clue why, but believe it or not, we currently have 8 different types of penis-shaped ring toss games in stock at our web store.

Man, eight different versions? Wow, I personally wasn't even aware that "pecker ring toss" was even a "thing" to begin with, let alone know this has even "grown" to become such a hit recently.

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To make things worse, for the "hardcore" ring toss players among us that would love to take things to the next level this year, we even have a variant of this product in which the players need to wear a strap-on dildo... wait for it... on top of their forehead. Well, how about that, ha? That's one way to celebrate Christmas at your grand parents' house this winter!

Penis pecker ring toss game, the strap-on forehead version - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

This game right here called Dick Dead Hoopla, might actually be a bit "too hardcore" for my taste as of now, so I think I'll just start off with one of the regular versions as a good practice first.

Feel free to give it a try though, after all those years, you'd might even end up discovering that you've been having some hidden talents burried deep down inside of you after all. You never know as it sure wouldn't be the first Christmas miracle that went down in the history books.

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All the kinky things couples do behind the Christmas tree

Instead of material things, perhaps this year you'd like to do things differently. This year, you might actually be planning on giving your true lover a real special treat behind the Christmas tree during the upcoming holidays weekend with the whole family? I'm talking about the oral kind of treat.

You go girl! Good for you... Heck, probably even a lot better for him too. Just promise me one thing though, please make sure you use all safety percussions, ok?

blowjob mints, secret blowjobs behind the christmas tree - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

With these tasty "blowjob mints", that special treat you gave to your boyfriend behind the Christmas tree will remain a secret forever.

Well, unless of course, your dirty uncle turns out to have one of those WIFI connected security camera's hanging all around the house, but hey, fuck it, otherwise you'll be fine and your family members won't suspect a thing. On top of that, these mints also leave you with a real fresh taste in your mouth and give you an amazing breath. That also counts for something, right?

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Tuggie, the ugly Christmas sweater replacement for your pecker (kinda)

So you thought it would be fun to buy every family member one of those ugly Christmas sweaters, ha? Those will surely put a smile on everyone's face, right? Yeah sure! Well, perhaps a decade ago, maybe.

Ugly Christmas sweaters? Really? Come on man, how corny! If you really want to surprise your family during the traditional Christmas dinner, I suggest you surprise them by wearing "Tuggie", the sock that keeps your dick warm during the cold winter nights.

Tuggie, christmas sock for your penis - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

Why not? I mean, it's not like there's a dresscode for the party anyway. Besides that, Tuggie is one size fits all and at least "it" won't catch a cold, so I'd say - go for it!

Perhaps you'll even end up starting a brand new trend, who knows? So come on - this Christmas it's about time for you to show some "balls"... Jingle all the way, baby.

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The missing piece for your Christmas tree (decoration)

So you've spend hours and hours decorating the Christmas tree, making sure it looks as good as possible, all warm and fuzzy, plenty of sparkling lights, a bunch of balls hanging on its twigs, but yet, somehow there still seems to be missing one final ingredient and you just can't seem to put your finger on it on what's that final missing piece to the puzzle.

If so, we've got good news for you! I think we know exactly what's missing in your Christmas tree. Let me put it this way, it ain't one of those fancy colorful toppers...

Funny sperm Christmas tree decoration - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

I'd bet it's this cute little buddy that's makes your Christmas tree feel whole again.

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The perfect Christmas gift for grandma? These dirty bookmarks signets will surely come in handy...

Tired of hearing how grandma always forgets what page she was at last time while she's reading her favorite books such as her precious Bible or her favorite novels like Emmanuelle, like every single damn time, time and time again?

You can't really blame her, she's getting older, we get it. But there's a fix, as we've got the perfect solution to that problem, and even better - it also makes up for quite a great gift, especially since Christmas is right around the corner, which makes it one of those perfect little items to give during the holiday season and light up granny's heart. After all, the old lady ain't no ball and chain.

You are probably thinking right now - Yeah, but what is it exactly?

Penis bookmarks signets - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

I'm talking about pecker-shaped bookmarks signets obviously!

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Gift bags or wrapping paper with penis prints (never gets old)

In case you've just stumbled upon this article right after you've just did all your Christmas presents shopping, don't worry about it, we've still got you covered as well. I mean, every gift deserves to be wrapped up and be presented as nice or special as possible. It shows that you really care.

In that case, does wrapping paper or gift bags covered with penises sound "special" enough for you?

Penis print gift bag and wrapping paper - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

Studies have shown that "Willy jokes" always bring out the most purest form of joy possible around the table during the family Christmas dinner. Who can argue with science, right?

Ok, I've just made that up. But still though, dicks are a cheap way to make people giggle, and we like cheap, so that's an easy win and a no-brainer... Gifts wrapped in dicks, it is!

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Alternatively, these pecker printed bags are also perfect to carry around your bottle of wine and boy, what would a Christmas dinner be without a good bottle of wine (or two hihi), right?

Penis print wine bottle bag - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

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Honey, why is there a dildo sitting underneath the Christmas tree?

Good old fashioned hidden object games are one way to keep both grandma and those annoying kids of yours entertained simultaneously. In other words - a double win. The problem is however, after playing "Where's Waldo" (known as "Where's Wally?" outside of the US) ever since its debut back in 1987, the whole Where's Wally thing got a little old, to be honest.

Don't get me wrong here, just because it feels old or repetitive, doesn't mean the concept has gotten bad. Rather, it's more like this classic game could use a little refreshment of some sorts... Guess what? We've found exactly just that.

Where's Dildo, adult Waldo parody 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

Forget about that boring old dork in his famous red-and-white-striped shirt for once, because this year, to save me from tears to save me from boredom, there will be a dildo hiding behind the Christmas tree... Ho, Ho, Ho!

Seriously though, this scavenger hunt game involving a dildo as a replacement for Waldo, definitely is the type of party game that will result in one of those truly epic fun nights with your buddies. Let's face it, inviting a dildo to the party usually brings a whole lot of fun to the table, doesn't it?

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Erotic card games, the oldest trick in the book for guaranteed fun

Don't fix what isn't broken, meaning, sometimes you don't need to look for something new. One such thing, for example, are good old fashioned playing card games.

Not just during Christmas by the way, in fact, no matter what the occasion of the party might be, a night playing a game of cards with friends will always "do the trick".

Playing erotic card games 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

If you currently don't happen to have a box of playing cards laying around at the house right now, we'd suggest you'd pick a set of playing cards which feature a bunch of sizzling hot babes or a pair of juicy knockers printed on top.

Why go with those dull, boring, classic white play cards if you can have a pair of cards featuring a bunch of totally hot pornstars instead? Now I'm not the smartest peanut in the turd but I know enough to know.

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The 12 Sex Games of Christmas (for couples)

For the experimental kinky couples among us that are planning to stay at home this year during Christmas, why don't you two get a little intimate together? What about getting a little down and dirty by starting a XXXMas party of your own, just the two of you?

We've also found the ultimate adult party game you could purchase and start playing with your partner.

12 ways to make the holidays a little naughtier! Spice up the nights with games like: Oooh Santa Baby, Please Go Down for Christmas, Rudolph the Romantic Sex Slave, and more!

12 Adult Sex Games of Christmas - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

A naughty game for couples like this one over here will make sure you two love birds will be having a "white Christmas" this year, whether or not there's actually snow falling from the sky, if you know what I mean.

This product offers a fun and experimental way to discover new, erotic and exciting things in the bedroom, and well, that sounds to me like a great way to be spending your time during the holidays... Reaching plenty of orgasms, that is.

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Crack Me Up (Surprise Gift Bag)

Last but not least, can't decide what presents to buy for your loved ones? Perhaps you simply prefer to get surprised?

Getting a Christmas gift without knowing what's "inside the box", can be pretty exciting too, you know. In all fairness, I have no clue what's inside this Crack Me Up gift bag either, but it shows a cartoon featuring a guy flashing his bare naked ass so it must be quality stuff, right?

Crack me up (surprise gift bag) - 10 Best, Fun, Sexy & Naughty Christmas Gifts (for an epic party)

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With these gifts, you're going to be sure you and your loved ones are going to have a real blast this Holidays season. Merry Christmas y'll!

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