Starter's Kit For A Cam Model: What To Own

When you decide to do live sex video streaming for a living, you may wonder whether you have the right body, right age (you need to be above 18), or right sexual preferences. In reality, these are the least important points to consider, since people want to see all kinds of bodies and all kinds of sex. So that's one great confidence booster that you get from camming – you are loveable and sexy just the way you look.

Starters Kit for a Cam Model: What to Own

But to start camming, you need the minimum set of equipment that we will call ‘a starter's kit'. Without it, you are likely to lose customers and fail in competition against better equipped models that have the right lighting, camera and outfits to make their clients excited and ready to tip like crazy.

So, when people say that you need to make ‘zero investment' into this job, they tell incomplete truth, to put it mildly. You need to buy some equipment if you plan to earn decent money. But the costs are rather modest, since good tech can be purchased today for rather low price, and all you buy is yours, so you can use it for other purposes or sell it after/if you quit your camming career.

Computer or even better, a laptop

Without a computer there is no camming. Simple as that.

All you do is related to websites, Internet, chatting and so on, so without a reliable computer there is no model (little drab secret of camming). PC is inconvenient because you have to sit or stand near it all the time, which limits the things you can do on camera. Laptop is much better, since you can carry it with you, position it on a bed near you, or place on a bedside table to chat with clients while you do the show.

Standalone Web camera for streaming live sex video

Laptop cameras are by default weaker than an average standalone camera. Besides, such separate cameras can be placed anywhere and configured to provide the angle of viewing you find the most flattering. High resolution videos are a sign of a professional model, remember it. Models recommend Logitech stuff as a good option, but you can choose anything that suits your valet.

Good Microphone

Voice chatting is an integral part of a really horny live sex video, so do not lose the chance to enhance your virtual desirability. Pick a separate mike like you pick a camera, plug it into the laptop and voila – your clients now can hear the slightest whisper of pleasure you make while camming.

Fast Internet Connection

This is a must. Slow connection or interruptions will make customers irritated and bored, so they will migrate to other accounts in search of better video quality. Have good wi-fi or, better, wired Internet and check with the provider that your connection speed is minimum 5 or 10 Mb. And do not forget to pay for the Internet – you do not want the connection blackout exactly when you are doing a particularly successful show and both you and a customer are on a verge of explosive synchronic orgasm. This is a thing good for telling friends as a kind of joke but very bad for business.

Good Lighting Fixtures

A good camera is great, but even the best camera's or webcams need a decent amount of light to output a good image quality. So for doing really cool and alluring live sex video you need good lighting that you can move around the room and focus on spots that you want your customers to see clearly. Some good moderately priced mono-lights on stands and photography lighting kits are a solution to this issue. Pick the kits that are easy to manage and position for a non-professional.

Lingerie and Sexy Costumes

If you plan to be more than a model with college girl style, you will need sexy lingerie and maybe come costumes, if your clients are into it. Pick the cool lace lingerie that underscores your natural assets or boosts them (like push up bra) and ask clients what costumes like Playboy bunny or a sexy nurse they would like you to wear. Then buy them and use in your shows. Be creative and entertain your customers and loyal fans.


Yes, at least a minimal set of toys is necessary. There is a wide array of vibrators, dildos, BDSM-like stuff that are cool on screen and make you clients horny and stone hard right when they see them. Pick the toys that you are comfortable with, and venture into new areas if you feel ready (you are not bound to do everything that is requested of you). Always buy some lube that goes with these kinds of toys, since silicon dildos need water-based lube, and so on.

Practice, reflect on your experience and feelings, find what works best for you and how to match it with clients' tastes, and you'll become a successful model really fast.

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