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There's really nothing better than being able to interact with your favorite pornstars. These are women that you watch have sex and share their most intimate moments. You can't blame someone for wanting to be able to say "hello" after watching some hot blonde or brunette go to town on herself with a Hitachi.

Sexting on Arousr

That's why it's such a good thing that so many of these pornstars are on social media. I mean, have you seen the size of our blockchain based pornstar database? Adult film stars sure love to interact with their fans using all the popular social media channels.

You get to hear from them no matter what they happen to be doing. They can share their pictures and videos while they're going crazy on themselves and you can tell them just how much fun it is to watch.

Pornstars love to share their orgasms

No pornstar is ever happy when she has to cum on her own. It's just not a good time when you can't share it with someone else. They can spend all day and night with their favorite toys and not get the same thrill that they get when they send out a single pic of themselves.

Sexting on Arousr

That's exactly why so many of them spend their masturbation time on the social sexting website; There are always people willing to get their pics and videos while they do their thing.

Sext with the girls you want

Remember the popular phrase from the classic 90's Mortal Kombat video games? "Choose your destiny". It's kind of the same when picking that sexy girl (that matches your preferences perfectly) on the Arousr platform.

Sexting on Arousr

You never have to feel like you're just settling for one girl over another. You can see exactly what they look like before you send them your first message. Every girl on the site has a profile pic up and there's a very good reason for that. They want to be the girl that you sext with. If they can get you interested with a picture, they're definitely going to do it. It's never a guessing game when you get a whole group of horny women trying to get you to watch them play with themselves.

Sext the way that you want to sext

There are no restrictions when it comes to interacting with your pornstar. You can do all of the same things that you'd be doing with any sexting buddy or so called "friend with benefits".

This one just happens to be a professional sex expert. If you just want to spend your time typing back and forth, then you can do it all you want. You're always going to get a response from her and you never have to sit there and wait for it. Horny girls like this are always working their fingers, either on their keyboards or under their panties.

Talk it out

Of course, some girls are more interested in hearing what you have to say in person. For those girls, you can just pick up your phone and talk to them directly. You'll be able to hear every moan that escapes their lips while they drive their bodies right the edge of an orgasm.

You can see which porn stars have their phones on and ready to get a call from you. Just make sure you have plenty to say to them. They're probably going to be too busy trying not to scream in your ear.

Go cam 2 cam

If you want the best of the best, then you’re going to have to go cam 2 cam. Just recently we've shared how horny things can get when going for a private video chat on Skype. The same thing can be said about the great and real spicy webcam option available on the Arousr website.

You can pick any girl with her cam logo highlighted and get a show that you're never going to be able to forget. Pornstars love to play for live audiences and that's exactly what you get to be.

She'll do anything that you want and you can show her everything that she's doing to you. It's a way of having sex with a horny pornstar that you just don't come across too often.

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