Life-size sex dolls based on real pornstars (with recommendations)

Whether you accept it or not, there's at least one celebrity or famous pornstar you wish to share your bed with. The one whose perfect body, voluptuous curves, mouth-watering boobs and sexy ass keeps you awake at night (and your right-arm in full force workout-mode).

You've probably watched the entire library of kinky porn videos available on adult streaming services or jerked off to your favorite Hollywood sex scenes about 100 times by now, that at this point, you'd might be wondering what the next possible step in terms of adult entertainment could possibly be?

Is there something else out there you haven't tried? Something totally new and even more exciting? What about getting a "real" taste of your favorite girls in the adult business? Well, almost as close as the "real thing". The answer is - yes! Yes, there is... because you'll be getting your kicks off thanks to these replica (life-sized) sex dolls over here. Here we are in 2021, finally having the chance to have sex with our favorite celebrities and pornstars thanks to these realistic-looking sex dolls.

The perfect sex toy for Ken? A life-size Barbie-doll to get dirty with...

We've found the perfect solution for you to make all your fantasies come true and take your naughty fantasies to the next level! The future of sex toys (targeting males) are upon us. Ready to learn everything you want to know about the world of sex dolls?

Life-size realistic sex dolls pornstar lookalikes

Forget about plastic and tiny Barbie-dolls, think bigger! Much bigger! Double D's big...

Now you can have all the "fun" in the world with your pornstar-replica for the rest of your life. And nope, I'm not talking about a pornstar replica pussy (also known as a pocket pussy or Fleshlight), Nah... I'm talking about an entire female replica, from top to bottom and everything in-between.

Thanks to the latest technologies, you now have the ability to spend some naughty fun times with a life-sized sex doll looking exactly like your favorite Hollywood actress, celebrity or pornstar. The closest thing to the "real deal", as it gets.

What is a pornstar sex doll?

A pornstar sex doll is a life-sized sex doll resembling a certain pornstar. Her body features and overall appearance are modeled after your favorite pornstar. Pornstar sex dolls are considered as the sexiest and most attractive category among sex dolls – Although life-sized and realistic-looking sex dolls aren't cheap, "they" are the perfect choice for die-hard fans who are obsessed with their favorite naughty girls in the adult business.

Tired of your pussy pocket? Your sex toys no longer satisfying enough? Maybe this is the exact time you might want to "level up" and go for a pornstar or celeb-replica in the shape of a high quality sex doll, of course, complete with all the meat on the right places and "three holes of joy".

Life-size realistic sex dolls pornstar lookalikes

These dolls are made of Silicone or TPE material, which will give you the same sensation you would feel when touching actual human skin, as both materials almost feel exactly identical to human skin. And it's not just the human skin by the way, let's not forget about the best parts of these dolls either - even the love holes feel almost identical to a real (wet and juicy) pussy.

Besides the pussy, there's also a hole in her mouth and for the fans of anal sex - her tight butt likes to welcome your hard rod for some dirty games as well.

Besides the scratch resistance and soft feeling of the "skin", you can also expect a lot of flexibility with these high-class sex dolls. For starters, you can bend the body and legs almost 180 degrees. In other words, you can place these dolls into any sex position you prefer. Hell, you can even try the entire Kamasutra book on these "pleasure dolls", because these dolls are always in the mood for some adventure time and sure don't mind a little bit of experimenting.

With a pornstar sex doll at home, one can satiate all his sexual desires or even romantic moments, for that matter. It's all up to you, as you'll get to decide how you'd want to spend your time with your "new toy". One thing's for sure though, this new toy is always in the mood to get a little down and dirty in the bedroom!

The manufacturing process of pornstar sex dolls

High-end Silicone or TPE pornstar sex dolls are developed by professional manufacturers using advanced tools and attention-to-detail. First, the artist designs and draws a pornstar sex doll. She must have the same bodily features and overall appearance as of the real pornstar – with a slight exaggeration.

Once you've seen some of the results, you'll likely be amazed by the talent, creativity and many hours of hard work the staff at these sex doll manufacturing companies actually put into their "darlings" before being shipped to their satisfied costumers. That's right, these sex dolls are all hand-crafted. Made with love to spread love!

Life-size realistic sex dolls manufacturing ZLove Doll warehouse

Once the design process is fully completed, that new model is then filled with TPE or Silicone mold is used to add the "finishing touch" and premium looks to the sex doll. Extra care is required while trying to make her look as much similar to the real celebrity or porn starlet as possible. A lot of time and hard work goes into crafting these sex dolls, which also explains the prices of these dolls. But in the end, it's all worth it.

Pornstar and celebrity sex doll recommendations

Let us present to you, some of the best and sexiest pornstar and celebrity sex doll lookalikes which you'll be able to get delivered right at your doorstep (yes, these dolls are shipped to you just like you would order a product from any other online web shop) with just a few clicks with your mouse or keyboard. Basically, you're only a click away from becoming the proud new owner of your very own life-sized porn doll.

Since we don't have the budget to "try" these dolls all out ourselves, (you know, porn sales aren't what they've used to be) so instead, we decided to reach out to one of the largest manufacturers on the marketm the China-based company - ZLoveDoll. We've contacted them to ask if they would help us out by sharing their top recommendations with our loyal readers, and luckily, they were kindly enough to help us out.

ZLove Doll Warehouse - sex doll manufacturers

With hundreds of employees ranging from sculptors, R&D engineers to make-up artists, owning multiple warehouses around the world (China, US, Japan) and many years experience crafting the highest quality sex dolls out there - the company behind can be considered true sex doll market leaders, if not - THE number one experts currently on the market.

Without further ado, let's find out which porn starlets or celebrities have their own sex doll-lookalike. Time to dive a little deeper into the world of "famous" sex dolls and have a look at some of the expert's recommendations.

Pornstar Madison Ivy's sex doll

Ask any porn-lover about his top 5 dream girls, chances are very likely that you'll be hearing the name of Madison Ivy. This beautiful stoner lady with a fantastic big rack, has been in the industry for almost a decade now and has won the hearts of thousands and thousands of adult film fans worldwide – and to be honest, it's hard not to get aroused or fall in love with this bombshell MILF who's been starring in more than 227+ adult films.

Her skinny body, mixed with sexy curves, medium waist, and sweet round booty are what every guy wants in a romantic partner, right? In that case, I guess this pornstar right here, coming all the way from the land of the "Bratwurst" und "Lederhosen", makes pretty much the perfect candidate, right? To get the answer, you'll need to invite the Madison Ivy-replica (sex) doll to your house and put "her" to the test yourself.

Pornstar Madison Ivy life-size sex doll replica

This Madison Ivy sex doll is a perfect replica of the real Madison Ivy. You're bound to be filled with excitement once you'll open your precious package as soon as it arrives. We tried searching on Youtube for any of those famous "Unboxing" video I've been hearing all the cool kids in town talk about, but sadly, we weren't able to find any unboxing videos involving these type of toys, hihi.

But we can assume, it must feel as if your dream girl has finally arrived to turn your own home into your personal little "Heaven on Earth" or maybe more like a sinners club house, for that matter.

Since all these products are hand-made, that also means you can customize your order by requesting special features or changes you'd like to be made to your newly adopted doll. Think of minor changes such as; eye color, hairstyle, areola color, areola size, etc.

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The big booty pop-sensation Jennifer Lopez has her own replica doll

From Jenny on the block to Jenny riding your cock. It's hard to believe that there's anyone out there in this world that wouldn't enjoy spending an evening with a total bombshell like the famous pop-star Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo. Being a global pop icon, Lopez has been the apple of the eyes of millions of people worldwide, especially as soon as she started to wiggle her fantastic big bubbly booty on the television screen.

If you have ever thought of doing anything kinky with J-Lo over here, then you're in real luck, because this Jennifer Lopez sex doll will turn all your wildest fantasies, wet dreams and naughty fantasies into reality.

Celebrity Jennifer Lopez life-size sex doll replica

Having long and sexy brunette hair, one of the finest asses on the planet, nice pair of tits, and a voluptuous body, this perfectly shaped celebrity doll based on Jennifer Lopez' appearances and looks, is guaranteed to make you go nuts while banging the one and only J-Lo. If you're a true fan of Jennifer Lopez, this sex doll can fulfil all those dirty things you've been visualizing for over two decades or so.

Once you're sharing your bedroom with Jennifer Lopez over here, I'm sure you'll know what to do next, right? Let's get loud, of course...

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Meet the sex doll lookalike of porn veteran - Laura Angel

Yet another totally hot chick is Laura Angel, the type of naughty girl most of us avid porn-fans will likely know from her many wild sex videos (mostly shot between 1995 and 2005). Or maybe you even remember this horny babe from starring in the classic adult CD-ROM game "Ibiza Babewatch" (released in 2000 by Redfire Software).

She is ranked among the most beautiful women in the world and is quite the pornstar veteran considering she's been active for over a decade getting dirty in front of the camera-lens for our own entertainment. This lustful lady sure has graced the porn industry for many years, and as a result, Laura managed to grow a huge audience. This Laura Angel sex doll is for everyone who aspires to live life to the fullest, or more like - wildest, especially with a sex doll that looks like Laura Angel...

Pornstar Laura Angel life-size sex doll replica

Her delightful appearances and mouth-watering features will put your emotions on fire and your cock rock-hard while pointing straight to the sky. Laura can't wait to taste that big chunk of meat of yours and demands you to satisfy all her fuck-holes. Don't forget to play and squeeze her huge heavenly hooters too. And yes, she's begging for it every single night. Hell, if you'll be nice, you'd might even get to cum twice. ;)

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Share your bed with the busty Italian pornstar and beauty queen - Valentina Nappi

Curvy and busty, Valentina Nappi is always up for bringing the most seductive feelings in you. You may get a "hard time" handling this doll as she loves to get rough and prefers anal pleasures over vaginal sex. Her impeccable body features and a captivating smile on her face can make any man wish to "get into action" with her.

She is among the current most best-selling sex dolls according to the ZLoveDoll company. Yup, this Italian porn goddess and her replica dolls truly are in high demand. Think you can handle squeezing and playing with those fantastic massive knockers of Ms Nappi over here?

And while you're busy and entertaining yourself by playing with those sweet melons of hers, Valentina will probably be seducing you even more with those gorgeous eyes and that cute and mesmerizing smile on her face.

Pornstar Valentina Nappi life-size sex doll replica

If you thought Valentina's webcam shows or adult films were hot enough already, wait until you've played with this replica doll for a few minutes, this doll will turn you into one wild and horny cave-man!

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Who needs Barbie when you can get a life-sized lookalike doll of the Hollywood star Jessica Alba?

Tagged as one of the most-desirable women walking around on this planet, that being said, sadly though, she's also one of those world famous (and extremely attractive) actresses that prefers keeping her clothes on in front of the camera-lens, unlike most of her Hollywood colleagues.

We've also got good news for you guys. We just found out that the tight and petite celebrity Jessica Alba also happens to have her own lookalike. A version of herself, which in fact, does actually like to take off her clothes and strip bare naked for your eyes to enjoy. Meet the Jessica Alba sex doll!

Celebrity Jessica Alba life-size sex doll replica

Jessica Alba will always greet you with a smile on her face and let you feel and enjoy her mind-blowing features. Her slim and curvaceous body and perfectly-shaped boobs (quite a few cup sizes larger compared to real life hihi) yearn for real grace from her owner. She likes to get dirty because she knows you can handle it. Jessica turns into a beast as soon as the cameras are being turned off.

Fancy a private party with Jessica Alba? That's a date you'll never forget.

Celebrity Jessica Alba lookalike sex doll
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Are there any more different types and varieties in sex dolls on the market?

Yes, there are. In fact, there's a huge variety in different types of dolls, starting with the materials of which these dolls are made, as well as the size (height) of the dolls and their appearance.

Whether your attracted to women with small boobs or believe boobies can never be considered "too big", there's a Jack for every Jill out there in terms of dolls matching your personal preferences.

Different kind of Sex Dolls with various looks

Besides the sex dolls we've mentioned earlier, which are lookalikes of porn starlets and celebrities, there are plenty other genres or types available on the sex doll market. Let's say you've got a soft spot for hentai or anime-girls, there are many dolls available which copy the typical Japanese manga or anime looks, and even replicate characters from popular manga series. More of a comic kinda guy? Marvel and DC fan? Yes, you're in for a real treat too with cosplay-based pleasure dolls such as comic book characters (Wonder Woman, for example), maids and police officers, video game characters (D.Va from Overwatch), fantasy characters (Elfs etc) and many more.

In other words - doesn't matter if you prefer blondes or brunettes, like 'em thicc or petite, white, black or asian, skinny or muscular, there's always one that fits your exact needs. Even if that doll isn't all 100% perfect just yet, you can always request modifications to be made when you place your order and essentially, get your own "girl of your dreams".


So what do you think? 2021 going to be the year of the rise of the sex doll? These kind of realistic sex toys sure seem to be growing in popularity year after year, and for good reason - it simply doesn't get any better. Considering the whole Covid-19 disaster is making real-life hookups almost near impossible these days, these sex dolls are currently pretty much the best replacement and ultimate sex toy for men available online.

So, what are you waiting for? Go custom-order yourself a life-sized sex doll and have a replica of your dream woman right at your doorsteps. Not quite ready for life-size fun, rather start a bit smaller? Maybe you'd like to check out our list of all pornstars that have their own Fleshligh sex toy first.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed on our database.

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