How To Win Over A Beautiful Babe Online?

How often have you gotten off to someone in a hot video or while enjoy your daily lewd photos shared by your favorite adult models on social media, while wishing that you could be the one making them feel good, or even better – that you would be the one to wake up next to that stunning babe in the morning? It's a fantasy that many guys have, but it's rare that anything ever comes of it.

But maybe, with a bit of luck, knowledge of the DO's and DONT's and by learning a certain skill-set, you could actually be that lucky guy which manages to make a difference.

Most men believe such a woman is unattainable because of her looks or what she does for a living. However, just because a beautiful woman receives pleasure online for the world to see, that doesn't mean you have zero chance with her. Consider these tips and see if you can't get her to notice you. They may not get you in her bed, but a bit of recognition from someone so desirable is still something.

The following seven steps will help, improve your chances and get you one step closer in succeeding your final goal - winning over that beautiful babe online (or on social media). Let's get started, shall we?

1. Support Her Work

How to win over a beautiful babe online or on social media

The best way and easiest way to start with is by showing your support for her fantastic (and highly erotic) works. Sites like Only Fans have seen a lot of interest recently as performers seek ways to earn an income away from the professional studios. In fact, the list of all pornstars on OnlyFans has grown exponentially in just a few years time.

The great thing about these platforms is that they allow you to tip and message the people you're subscribed to and thus, allowing you to get a bit more up-close and personal with your favorite performers in the adult film industry.

So, if you want an online star to notice you, you might need to flash the cash a little. She may be extremely grateful for the tip, or she might be indifferent – it depends on who she is. Just make sure that when you message her, you play it cool and talk to her the right way.

One thing we do have to mention, if you come on too strong (too quickly), you'll probably be written off as an obsessed fan. Famous porn starlets and Instagram-models probably receive dozens of messages from fans on daily base, so keep it cool, be patient and show her the respect she deserves.

It's kinda like being Stan, you know; rapper Eminem's number one biggest fan. Remember that guy? Well, our advice is simple - don't be like Stan.

2. Ask A Professional

How to win over a beautiful babe online or on social media

If you're not entirely sure how to conduct yourself with a woman who performs online for a living, it might be worth asking for some professional help. We're not talking about seeing a therapist – you should hire an escort.

These women are often incredibly beautiful and are used to receiving advances from men. Sexual acts might not be in their job description, but they can give you an idea of how to act around a performer, so you stand out in a good way. With any luck, their advice will ensure that the message you send to the woman you're enamoured by won't get ignored.

On top of all this, you get to spend time with a gorgeous woman whose job it is to help you have a good time. If you're looking for Perth escorts, you'll find a stunning selection of beauties advertised at Escorts AU.

One of them could give you the night of your dreams and help get you one step closer to connecting with your favourite performer.

3. Practice Makes Perfect (Online Hook-ups And Sex Dating)

Feeling uncomfortable with the idea of escorts and much rather try to improve your skills between the bedsheets with an ''amateur'' instead? In other words – simply looking to improve your sex skills by getting laid as often as you can with one or even multiple like-minded women looking for a wild night and a piece of late-night kinky fun? You're in luck!

Again, thanks to this modern age of the internet, that's as easy as shopping on the Amazon webshop. Pick a girl from any of the available ads on any the mentioned online (sex) dating platforms below, start chatting and eventually – schedule a hook-up date (and get laid).

But where to start you'd might ask? First of all, we must warn you for the many so called ''hook-up sex dating'' scam websites out there, so be sure to stick with one of the few listed below.

These adult hook-up websites below, all have a great reputation, have been around for over a decade and have a really large and active user base. Which means, there's plenty of fish in the sea. Ready to cast your fishing rod and catch yourself a nice little ''appetite''?

Hook-up Dating Site 1: Adult Friend Finder

One of the oldest hook-up websites for adults, and still one of the best you'll find on the internet. Easy to use, simple navigation and many like-minded people ready to get ''into action''. Ready for a dirty little adventure with one of the many babes looking to satisfy their sexual cravings and desires? With millions of users (100% real verified users and from all around the globe) currently active on the Adult Friend Finder website, it's time to for a hook-up in order to start ''leveling-up'' your ''love-making'' skills.

You know what they say, right? Practice makes perfect, so go for it!

Hook-up at Adult Friend Finder

Hook-up Dating Site 2: Ashley Madison

While the main target audience of Ashley Madison are people currently in a relationship which are looking to start an affair, however, that doesn't mean you currently have to be in a relationship right now in order to sign up and schedule a hook-up on the Ashley Madison website. Quite the opposite!

Even as a ''single'' person, Ashley Madison is one of your best options simply because of the huge amount of active users and the fact that their website became such a trusted brand over the years. Getting laid and getting more sexual experience has never been so easy thanks to websites like this one right here.

Hook-up at Ashley Madison

4. Show Her Love on Social Media

How to win over a beautiful babe online or on social media

Taking things slow might not sound that appealing, especially if you've liked someone for a long time. However, it may be worth biding your time so that you enter her radar naturally.

The best way to do this is to follow her on social media and then like, share, and comment on her posts. You don't have to do this for every post, nor should you sit there for hours going through everything she's ever posted. She might notice you in her notifications, but she'll probably be a little freaked out.

Instead, be natural but consistent, ensuring that what you comment is supportive and respectful. As long as you know how not to be a creep online, she should notice you eventually.

5. Educate Yourself (Sex Guides And Books)

How to win over a beautiful babe online or on social media

Alternatively, you could dive into some good books which go a bit more in-depth and provide more helpful details in terms of how to ''get lucky with the ladies''. Such type of educational books which explain how to seduce a woman might actually contain that one little secret trick that simply always works, and well, before you'll know it, you might actually rock her world in just a snap of the fingers.

Oh, and let's not forget about the famous Kamasutra book. It's like the holy bible among all possible sex positions. A perfect book if you're looking to learn as much sex positions as possible, with the end-goal to surprise a woman by treating her on something new, something she hasn't experienced before, which is of course, always a great way to get someone excited, all wet and turned on!

Besides that, surprising your date or "friend with benefits" with your Kamasutra-knowledge also makes you look kinda "cool" for having so much knowledge and might even make her believe that you're some sort of ''Sex God'' haha. Ladies and gentlemen, THE Kamasutra, it is!

6. If Dirty Talk Gets Her In The Mood (Learn To Master Sexting)

If dirty talk really seems to be here ''thing'' and really knocks her socks off and you don't have any experience with sexting (yet), you'd might want to get some experience with sexting first, before you start showing off your skills with that ''woman of your dreams'' you're so desperately trying to seduce and win over.

Luckily for you, considering all the modern-day technology available today, there's are a lot of different possibilities online to get some more experience with sexting and develop your own skills in the art of dirty talk. It's actually''harder'' as it may sound, especially when you've never done''it'' before. So, getting some experience and a little bit of experimenting beforehand is probably a good idea.

What better way to get some experience with dirty talk (through sexting) by putting in some real-life practice and experience, right? Go get a little dirty with various naughty girls you can connect with online and start dirty talking right away. Not sure how or where to start? We've got you covered!

There are many online platforms which will help you meet ladies which are looking to get dirty using either text messaging (SMS) or using one of the many available instant messaging apps on your smartphone such as Kik, WhatsApp or the popular Snapchat app.

Below, you'll find our top pick suggestions for online platforms which will help you find horny amateur babes to start sexting with, based on the app of your choice.

ArousR - Meet hot amateurs and start texting (using SMS messages)

ArousR might be a bit more of a newer online platform, but it surely is taking over by storm for those that are looking to meet horny people to start texting with. ArousR is also great if you prefer texting using the old-school ways - using the SMS features on your phone. Which means, you don't even need a fancy smartphone to get started since even an old Nokia 3310 comes with SMS functionality.

Alternatively, you can start texting and sexting directly on their own website. Simply sign up for a free account and you can get started right away (as you'll receive 100 free credits right away as soon as you've created your ArousR account). See a total hottie you're feeling heavily attracted to? What are you waiting for? Drop her a message and start turning each other on by picking the right naughty words!

Start Texting @

SnapSext – Texting, sexting and trade nudes directly inside your browser

Another platform with similar functionality would be SnapSext. However, SnapSext is a better option for those that prefer enjoying some spicy visual content to get in the mood. Besides texting, you'll also get to trade and share nude photos or clips. In other words - true sexting, instead of just texting. You'll be amazed by the amount of steaming hot bombshells all looking to satisfy their sexual urges through sexting you'll find on the SnapSext website. From blondes to brunettes or redheads, go discover and explore their website for yourself!

Start Sexting @

7. Picking The Right Messaging Apps for 2021 (To Learn How To Sext)

Picking one of the most used (or most popular) chat applications available in 2021 makes learning how to start sexting (the right way) just so much easier. Take Snapchat for example - that's arguably the number one pick in terms of smartphone app usage and popularity among those that love to sext with other like-minded individuals.

Pornstars on Snapchat

The main reasons for their popularity is because Snapchat adds additional features on top of the regular messaging functions. When you use Snapchat, you'll have the options to send messages (similar to regular SMS texting on your phone), including self-destructing messages (after an * period of seconds), as well as the ability to trade spicy selfies, lewd, nudes or recorded videos and even live-streaming.

A great platform to discover both amateurs as well as adult models and pornstars to add and follow on Snapchat would be FanCentro.

It's a subscription based platform, meaning, simply browse through all available female users on their website, pick an attractive woman (which also offers the one on one messaging option) and subscribe for a monthly fee. Now, you'll simply gain access to her premium Snapchat account and it's time to get some ''fun'' by enjoying her daily nude candids or videos and by starting messaging.

Add naughty girls on Snapchat (via Fancentro)

Ready to put your dirty talk-skills up to the test by interacting on Snapchat with famous models from the adult film industry? In such case, just stick to Fancentro instead. We've even compiled a full list of all pornstars on Fancentro right here on our website in case you're interested.

Amateur Babes on Snapchat

Want to start following amateur women on Snapchat? Here's a few good places to start your search.

Fancentro isn't the only platform which allows you to meet girls to sext with using Snapchat. For example, if you'd like to get down and dirty with amateur women aka the girl next door (instead of real pornstars), your best picks would be TeddysXP or the just recently launched website


You'd might be wondering right now - "What if I don't use Snapchat? Can I also use WhatsApp for sexting purposes?"

Don't worry because - Yes, you can! There are plenty other popular mainstream apps (and Snapchat alternatives) you could make use of to develop and become better at seducing women by picking the right words.

Prefer WhatsApp (over Tinder, Kik or Snapchat) as your number one personal favorite instant messaging app or chat-software? In that case, you're probably interested in checking out, a platform which features plenty of sexy girls who also offer the option for private chats using WhatsApp (for a monthly, weekly or even yearly fee).

OnlyFans alternative


More of a Skype-person? Or simply prefer live video chats a lot more in comparison to trading textual messages? To all those Skype-users, we'd suggest you'd check out

SkyPrivate is a website which connects you (the visitor) with hundreds of horny chicks looking for a piece of action live on webcam using Skype's video chat functions. What makes this website and its online platform different in comparison to regular sex webcam websites, is the fact that it's a private, secure and a one on one webcam chat, instead of having to share the live chat room with thousand other horny guys simultaneously (and all trying hard to grab the attention of the webcam model).

A private video call using Skype simply offers a much more personal and horny experience overall, because it allows you and the webcam model to learn all about each other's kinks. Find her soft spot and enjoy watching her orgams live on webcam! Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth article on SkyPrivate right here or find out if your favorite porn starlet is available on Skype.

By the way, the Skype software is free to download and install and is also available on your laptop or desktop computer, instead of being limited to mobile phone only.


Followed all steps? Great, which means you're all set and ready to go because these tips will significantly increase your chances trying and win over the woman of your (wet) dreams, that one babe you've been following online and admiring for ages and ages by now...

By the way, these tips and tricks will even improve your chances to "get lucky" (aka getting laid) with women in general.

In terms of winning over an adult model online (your secret crush), there's simply no foolproof way to win a performer's heart because every woman you'll watch, chat, follow or meet online (and in real-life, for that matter) is different.

Winning - blowjob Charlie Sheen meme

However, if you give these suggestions a try and remember that they're first and foremost a human being, treat them with respect and manage to find their soft spots which allow you to arouse and seduce them, you could get lucky this time around. ;)

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try browsing all the pornstars listed in our database!

List of all pornstars on social media