How To Prepare For Your First Time Having Sex?

Your friends will likely talk about their first sex as if they were natural born pornstars, perhaps even show a few spicy clips they've shot on their phone, write articles about it, and in the current day and age, your buddies might even shared their wild moments with the whole wide world on TikTok.

Although the reality may be far from all these wild and steamy stories your friends might tell you or the ones posted anonymously online. Your first time having sex will likely never be perfect and that's fine. But you can always try to make things work as best as possible!

Therefore, we have prepared a checklist on how to make the first time sex as comfortable as possible for both you and your partner, including what to discuss in advance and how to be in the process, how to relax and enjoy the ride. After all, fun and pleasure, should always be the common end goal.

Prepare yourself for first sex - tips

Bare in mind, these are not strict rules, but recommendations so you'll have something to start from. Without further ado, let's dive straight into today's tips (and you'll be prepared when you dive into bed with your partner).

First time sex is like your own personal American Pie moment

Truth is, nobody is "making love" as if they were Seymore Butts himself, instead, people's first sexual experience often looks a bit more like that infamous scene with Jim and Nadia from American Pie in which Jim prematurely ejaculates after a single touch of his hand onto her leg, in more or less a second or two. Don't worry, it happens to the best.

If you are nervous that you'll might end up like Jim from American Pie by only lasting a couple of seconds during your first time? Try to visit some saggy tit tubes or go watch that wild scene from your favorite adult film to rub one out beforehand. Blowing off some steam before "getting down and dirty", might extend the time you'll last between the sheets.

Just like Jim, some of us just tend to get a little bit "too excited" when they are about to share the bed with an attractive and bare naked bombshell, especially the very first time.

To be fair, I probably wouldn't last more than a few seconds with a woman as gorgeous and sexy as actress Shannon Elizabeth (Nadia from American Pie) either. Boy, does she have a fine rack!

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Enough with the foreplay, here are our tips to help you prepare for your first moment of sexual intimacy. By the way, by the term "sex", we not only refer to the actual penetration part of the sex, but also all other arousing practices such as foreplay.

Refresh your knowledge of anatomy

The first sex can bring many discoveries, and it's great if they are not from the field of anatomy. While exploring is fun, a little bit of knowledge on basic biology about her (or his) body, would obviously never hurt.

You don't have to be an expert or anything like that, but doing a bit of research in advance won't hurt at all. For example, info on how the genitals really look like and knowing which parts are considered the most sensitive, as well as where to find other erogenous zones, all of that, definitely is the kind of information that's a big plus to know upfront and will improve your "skills".

Prepare yourself for first sex - erogenous zone

Basically, everything that is happening with her or his body during sexual intercourse, purely from a scientific point of view. For example, did you know the ears, inner thigh or neck are considered erogenous zones as well? Knowing these basics will give you a head start.

Discuss contraception

I get it, you're still a virgin and you've been fantasizing about this steamy "magical moment" for quite a while now, and with all those hormones and testosterone running wild in your body, it's easy to forget to discuss contraception before having sex.

But it's 100% one of the most important steps. A step that should never be skipped so that the first time sex does not end with sexually transmitted diseases or sudden surprise pregnancies. It is necessary to discuss with your partner how you will protect yourself and who buys contraception. Same with lubrication, which is also recommended, by the way, not just during the first time.

If one of you does not have test results for STIs (the main ones are mycoplasma, gonorrhea, Trichomonas, chlamydia), it's highly recommended to use condoms. Besides penetration, some experts even recommend using condoms during oral sex.

Speaking of which, if you're afraid to get yourself into an awkward moment such as stumbling upon a familiar face when buying condoms at your local store, an alternative option is to purchase condoms online. In fact, we even have condoms available in our own webshop.

Prepare yourself for first sex - condoms

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Imagine your partner finally being ready to make that first move in the bedroom, and you're pretty much only a few minutes away from finally losing your virginity, just to have that steamy moment together go to waste because, well, you didn't have a condom at hand. Now that would be quite a shame, wouldn't it? Luckily, these situations can be easily avoided.

Examine your body

It's okay to worry about how you look in poses and certain angles in which you haven't seen yourself or rather don't like to see yourself. To reduce the degree of obscurity, you can, in a private setting, examine yourself in the mirror, examine the dimples and bumps with your hands, and feel what kind of touch is pleasant. If you know what makes you feel good, you should definitely share that with your partner.

Your partner can't feel nor experience what you are feeling or what provides you with the maximum amount of pleasure and therefore, can only guess which things you truly enjoy the most and make your head spin. In the end, sharing your personal soft spots with your partner will result in more pleasure (and orgasms) for you both, now that sounds like a great "happy ending" to me.

Talk to your partner

Talking about sex always starts with awkwardness. It's like that "one talk" about the birds and the bees with your parents, no matter how awkward it might be, it will happen at some point.

The same thing can be said about that first awkward talk about having sex together with your brand new girlfriend or boyfriend. Sooner or later it will likely happen.

It's a lot less awkward when you realize that you're on the same boat, because most likely, your partner feels the same way about it as you.

Offer to discuss what is important for both of you during sex, what you want and what you prefer not to do, and how you two will be communicating in the process. Someone will be able to directly say what he does not like, and someone will need a stop word so that the playfulness does not disappear. Such a conversation through embarrassment will set the partners on the same wavelength.

Talk to yourself

Or rather ask yourself if you are truly ready. Ask yourself if this truly is the right moment and is he or she the right person. No need to rush things or feel pressured into having sex because you think you have to. Because you don't.

Sex is not the best tool for tying a person or to get laid just so you'll get to impress your friends. It's completely normal to disagree if you feel pressure from your partner. Don't press yourself and remember that "no" can be said at any time, both before sex, during and after.

Do not rush

Study each other's bodies as much as necessary. Create an atmosphere: kiss, flirt, touch - there's no need to rush. Anything that does not succeed the first time will succeed in the next. Both male and female bodies take time to prepare, so take your time with foreplay.

Use lubricant

Even if you are aroused and natural lubrication appears, add more, it will not be superfluous. Water generously - the more lubricant, the easier it will be to insert the penis, fingers, toy, or whatever you are inserting.

Prepare yourself for first sex - lubricants

Don't feel comfortable getting lubricants at some local store nearby? You can also order lubricants online. Bare in mind that Latex condoms, which are most commonly sold in stores and pharmacies, are more suitable for water-based lubricants.


A message usually is another good way to start things off with. Besides being a nice experience, it might also help to take away the nerves or to get your partner in the mood for some action between the bed sheets.

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Start to massage her, lightly and gently touch her, because the sensors on the delicate skin, with light touches, send scattered, tingling and teasing signals to your partner's brain. As a result her sensations will become aggravated, which often leads to your partner feeling excitement and getting aroused.

  • During the massage, be sure to massage her feet, pay special attention to the place under the bend of the thumbs on both legs, do not press too hard, this place is very tender.
  • It is better to start with lightly warming up the entire foot with your palms, then pay attention to each scrupulous finger and massage this magic point for a couple of minutes, pressing it with a force equal to pressing a tight button of some intercom.
  • Massage gently but sensually.

One last tip on massages, some of the massage oil products are multi-functional, and can also be used as lube during sex. Purchasing such a product might save you a few extra bucks.

Reduce your expectations

Keep in mind that something will likely go "wrong". But what is the meaning of the word wrong during sex? In such case, it's only something what you consider to go wrong, but often just means - it won't be perfect like you've seen in all those Hollywood blockbusters.

Let's face it, there will likely be flopping sounds, numb legs, air coming out of different places, restrained giggles might be a bit embarrassing, but that doesn't mean that the sex is "going wrong". In fact, this is natural for any sex, even for the most experienced sex "experts" on the planet.

Your first time sex will perhaps not be that "wow moment" you've expected. You might even end up thinking: "Is that all?". Any experience (as long as you agree to it) is normal.

First time sex is just the beginning of the adventure and remember sex is never going to be perfect, nor does it have to be. It's about sharing an intimate moment of joy and pleasure together and overall, just to have fun and share a good time.

You know what they say, right? Practice makes perfect! Meaning, eventually, you're probably be able to locate and learn all of her soft spots and be able to truly rock her world.

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