How to Find the Perfect Cam Girl on Instagram

For cam girls trying to make a living baring all online, they need a platform to advertise on and entice potential clients. With the rise of social media, that's not a problem in 2021. One of the most popular social media sites to find the perfect cam girls on is Instagram.

If you're not aware, Instagram allows users to post photos and videos to their followers to engage with. Community guidelines for Instagram are heavily against explicit material being shown, so you must note that it's not an alternative to your adult cam site. However, cam site giants will flaunt their rosters online, and pictures will often contain links to the models' page.

How to find and discover cam girls on Instagram

Throughout the last year, with lockdowns across the globe, the live cam industry has grown massively - so you shouldn't have any issue finding someone to make a virtual sexual connection with.

If you're simply just looking to find some hot porn starlets to follow on Instagram, I'd suggest you'll have a look at our pornstars on Instagram guide or go with the cream of the crop by following some of the most popular babes in porn on our top 100 most popular pornstars on Instagram list.

However, if you rather want to find out how to find your perfect matching cam girl by leveraging the Instagram platform, carry on reading.

1 - Follow the Hashtag

When users post to Instagram, they can add hashtags to their posts - you can use popular #hashtags to search for your perfect cam model. For example, if you hit up the search bar and enter "#cammodels" you will be presented with pictures from every single photo that has been posted with that tag.

How to find and discover cam girls on Instagram - Hashtags

You can browse through at your leisure and find the accounts of your new favourite model, then you'll be able to follow their viewing schedule.

This isn't a bad way to search for the perfect cam girls and you might get lucky, but it's not the same as searching through an external website where you can filter the results. That being said, as Instagram is a public entity, you might find yourself feeling more connected with your model of choice.

2 - Search for the Giants

You've probably heard of some of the most popular cam sites, including notorious entries from the likes of Babestation - who once dominated TV channel pay per views and now offer a wide range of cam girls online. If you search for Babestation through Instagram, you will find their social media page where they have advertised some of their most popular models (as seen on

A lot of the cam sites you will find work together through separate entities. For example, you can find sexstation chat on Instagram, which displays different models and has a slightly different feel. However, when you head over to their website, there are a lot of external links to Babestation.

If you're looking for a directory with hundreds of cam models that you can access for free, find through Instagram, and view their shows at no extra cost, then try searching for MyFreeCams on Instagram. There are thousands of hashtags and links to cam model sites.

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3 - Directories

For some reason, there are a lot of hashtag directories out there on the internet. There, you will be able to search for keywords, like "camgirl", and it will collate all of the most popular used hashtags related to that term into one place. All you have to do is click on the link and find your perfect cam girl.

As well as hashtag directories, you can find adult model directories that allow you to browse through thousands of models, with access to their social media sites and relevant cam sites...

Such as our very own website, where you're reading this article right now. ;)

For starters, you can click here to browse through our entire (blockchain-based) pornstar directory (and find all of their social media handles), but you can also filter all adult models by clicking on some of the different categories such as MILFs, petite, inked, busty or Asian pornstars. You can find all the categories on right side and at the very bottom of our website.

Swipe pornstars on social media

Feeling lazy? You might even find your perfect cam girl match by swiping through all pornstars listed on our website.

This method of searching through Instagram is more fruitful as you get to browse by category and filter out the results. The ability to see pictures of the models before navigating to a social media site is another benefit.

4 - OnlyFans

These days, Instagram and OnlyFans are used in conjunction with each other. OnlyFans is a social media site where users pay to subscribe to user' pages (content wall). Through Instagram, you can find models that use OnlyFans to engage with users. Although OnlyFans isn't strictly a cam site, it does allow users to chat one on one and gives the possibility to tip for a more personal experience and get access to exclusive photo and video content.

As OnlyFans is home to countless sex cam workers, just look at the big list of pornstars on OnlyFans, a lot of them use traditional cam sites as well, so you can keep your eye out for something more personal.


Instagram is home to a range of cam models and you could find the perfect cam model for you just by utilising some basic search tactics. Find your favourite cam site and follow their Instagram page - they will likely post pictures of their models with links to their pages. Search through popular hashtags for some jumbled results for any picture tagged, or you could opt for using one of the many online directories. Alternatively, travel down the route of OnlyFans and have access to your favourite model's ‘not suitable for Instagram' photos. Remember that all of these models are real people and to treat them with respect, but have fun and be entertained along the way.

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Enjoy folks and good luck on your treasure hunt on Instagram!

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