How I learned to cook by watching pornstar cooking videos on Youtube

Spicy recipes and spicy meals, brought to you by the "spicy" models from the adult film industry. That's right, for those, including myself, who happen to be lacking some serious cooking-skills, I'm about to share my secret on how I managed to learn how to cook myself a decent meal.

The solution is simple - by watching "pornstar cooking videos" on the Youtube streaming service.

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Don't be embarrassed about having no clue on how to cook even a basic meal, we've all been there. Just a few weeks ago, I was at that very same point. I couldn't stay focused on watching those regular cooking videos on Youtube either, the key is to stick to watching porn starlet clips instead.

Having to choose between watching Jamie Oliver or a bunch of attractive (and cleavage-revealing) naughty babes from the adult film industry cooking fancy meals on-camera instead, isn't exactly the "hardest" choice to begin with, right?

Since I've recently moved out of my mom's basement, at age 39, and after cooking myself some sweet and juicy hamburgers for the past seven months or so, I felt like it was time for a change. I remember sitting on the couch once, staring at my television with my glazy eyes, watching some random guy smack a bunch of green leaves and stuff on top of his burger. No clue where he got that odd idea from but I guess it looked kinda healthy, so I decided to start experimenting with that a bit at first. I mean, bunnies have been eating the exact same food for years and they always seem to have survived. I figured, it couldn't be that bad.

Soon after, I felt I was ready to "level up", however, I needed someone to teach me all the tips and tricks. For some "strange reason", I happened to stumble upon a video on Youtube in which porn starlet Eva Lovia reveals her pokies her secret cooking recipes.

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube

Watch Eva Lovia's cooking tips on Youtube

Because Eva Lovia's video was clearly a bit too much of an "expert level" for my taste due to all the "distractions" (her pokies were being featured on-screen for pretty much the entire time, making her cooking lessons really hard to follow, kinda like playing Dark Souls on hard mode), so I continued to search for alternatives, hoping to discover even more clips of pornstars cooking meals on Youtube, especially a bit more beginners-friendly type of cooking videos, and guess what? There are plenty of porn starlets that love to record and share their adventures in the kitchen with their fans.

From gangbang princess to kitchen princess, ready for the results we've found? Meet the pornstars that love to cook on Youtube! Best part of it all - you'll get to enjoy both plenty of eye-candy while also be learning how to cook at the same time, entirely free of charge.

Table of Contents [Pornstars and Recipes]

Time to bring in the meat! Chicken wings with Moriah M

If your only kitchen experience so far basically is shaggin' your ex girlfriend on the kitchen table or baking an egg every once and a while, this chicken wings recipe (brought to you by Moriah Mills) might be the perfect beginners-friendly recipe to get started with our unofficial, but highly educational "pornstar cooking course". Trust me, you'll be ready to leave your mom's basement in no-time.

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube - Chicken wings Moriah M

Time to bring in a little bit of meat, shall we? Oh wait, you might wanna skip the "little" part here, because this video is literally packed with the juiciest meat you're likely going to find on the entire Youtube platform. As soon as you click the play button, there will be meat in all corners of the camera shots. And I'm not just talking about the massive rack of the lovely (retired pornstar) Moriah Mills, don't get me wrong, those titties are as sweet as it gets but man, those chicken wings sure look like some real fine juicy meat as well.

Finger-licking good? Only one way to find out.

Eventually, you'll find out that it cooking can even be fun. After some practice (probably a few months or so), your meals might actually start to taste quite decent too... depending on the amount of beers consumed during the cooking session, of course.

Even more spicy chicken wings with Ariel Rebel

Speaking of chicken wings and other spicy things - here's yet another adult film star that loves show off the more spicy side of her personality on Youtube and yes, that also includes chicken wings while flaunting plenty of skin. Meet the tight and petite adult model - Ariel Rebel.

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube - Ariel Rebel

Now don't let her adult film industry alias scare you off or anything, it's only for the show. I mean, how can a sexy babe that loves to make Taco's, spicy chicken wings and likes to have wild sex a lot ever be a rebel? Sounds more like the perfect dream wife, if you'd ask me.

Ariel Rebel appears regurlarly on the Chef Pat Youtube channel as the kitchen assistant. Even though she's labeled as "the assistant", it's pretty obvious that Ariel Rebel actually is the one that's stealing the show by providing all the eye-candy. Best part of the Chef Pat Youtube show? Ariel Rebel's clothing picks (or lack thereof), which may vary between all sorts of bikini's and arousing lingerie.

Cooking shrimps with the cutest girl in porn - Alison Rey

Had to rub one out beforehand as soon as Alison Rey appeared on my screen (by watching Alison jumping up and down a hard cock at premium adult sites such as, before I was able to focus enough and start following Alison Rey's cooking lessions on Youtube. Can you blame me, really? Allison looks as cute as an adorable puppy, but at the same time can be like the naughtiest chick of 'em all.

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube - Alison Rey cooks shrimps

So? What's for dinner today, Alison?

That would be shrimps. Even though it might look like a big leap going from frying a few hamburgers to cooking yourself a full plate of shrimps, but fear not, thanks to Alison Rey over here, learning to cook has become quite a joy and she will guide you through all of it, step by step. Ronald McDonald, go eat your heart out!

This video is produced by the Sin Kitchen channel on Youtube. Sin Kitchen produced a total of 39 cooking videos, starring some of finest ladies from the porn business, which got released during a 4 year time span. Sadly, they haven't been posting any new content for the past year or so.

For reasons unknown, their channel always stayed heavily underrated and always remained quite the hidden gem. Even after a few years, the Sin Kitchen channel currently only has 3.7K followers, which is surprisingly low considering all the porn starlets they managed to get in front of the camera-lens! Porn starlets such as Ana Deville, Nickey Huntsman, Odette Delacroix, Sophia Jade, Angelina Chung, Jenna Foxx and of course, the lovely Alison Rey, among a few other pornstars.

Besides shrimps, you can also watch this naughty little porn princess kitchen-princess cook a whole bunch of other stuff too, ranging from "healthy a$$ pancakes" to cookie crackers and much more.

Or, you could always stick to the regular recipe - watching Alison's deep-throat skills or her juicy pussy getting pounded in her most kinky scenes at Pure Taboo. And trust me, kinky it sure gets!

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Vegan grilled cheese with tomato soup starring Yhivi

Remember this petite stunner from a few years back? That's got to be the anal-lovin' porn starlet Yhivi and her gorgeous smile, who sadly enough, left the adult business way too soon in my humble opinion. If I had to compare Yhivi over here to any kind of pie, I would definitely say she's a true cutie pie... *Ba Dum Tss*

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube - Yhivi vegan food

Fingers crossed, maybe she'll make a comeback one day. Of course, after she's done cooking all of her finest meals on Youtube. Oh well, luckily for us, we still get to masturbate to all those classic Yhivi (anal) sex scenes occasionally. This tiny chick was always in the mood for a hard ass pounding.

So what has Yhivi been cooking lately now that she has left the business for a few years now? Vegan Grilled Cheese With Tomato Soup, is what today's menu has to offer!

Is it just me or? I sure ain't no Jamie Oliver or anything like that, yet somehow, it seems to me like as if she has forgotten to put in some of the important main ingredients for this recipe right here? Can't put my finger on it...

Oh wait! Where's the meat at?

Prior to her retirement from the porn industry, Yhivi never had any problems with taking on large chunks of rock hard meat. Aah wait... now I finally understand what made her quit the business - try swallowing a hard cock as a vegan, when you refuse to put any meat in your mouth. I might not be the smartest peanut in the turd, but I can count to potato too, you know.

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Anna Bell Peaks & Kayden Kross share their chocolate secrets

Now before we dive straight into every women's favorite type of food, that would be chocolate, of course... we'd like to start with a few tips from Kayden Kross which might come in "handy" in case you were planning to have a little bit of fun with chocolate yourself at your own home as well.

Pornstar Kayden Kross cooking tips on Youtube

Watch Kayden Kross' cooking tips on Youtube

"Have sex before eating chocolate fruit crepes", now that sounds like some great advice to me, got that one noted! Dear readers, also make sure to share this particular advice with your wife! You spread the word, and if you're lucky, she'll spread her legs. ;)

Thanks for sharing all of your kitchen-wisedom, oh mighty goddess and adult film legend - Kayden Kross.

And we move on from the blonde bomshell Kayden Kross and the all-natural teen cutie Yhivi to the bad-ass chick and tattooed pornstar, the one and only - Anna Bell Peaks. Just like food, pornstars seem to come in all sorts of different tastes and flavors too. There truly is a Jack for every Jill, hooray!

Oh well, how do you prefer your chocolate? With cleavage, please...

Cooking videos with pornstars on Youtube - Anna Bell Peaks

You're in luck as this sexy little cooking video starring the inked stunner Anne Bell Peaks is a must watch for you. Let's face it - who doesn't like the taste of chocolate? Not to mention looking at the cleavage revealing camera-angles in which Anna Bell Peaks likes to tease her audience with throughout this Youtube video. If your girlfriend starts asking questions why you're watching this video, just tell her it's for educational purposes only.

Cooking with a cock-teaser such as Anna Bell Peaks over here, makes learning how to cook a whole lot more exciting, to say the least.

Sasha Grey is a real streaming kitchen-princess

Who remembers Sasha Grey and that fantastic tight ass of hers? Hard to forget a hottie like Sasha Grey over here, right? Even though she's been retired from the adult business for quite some years now, however, back in the day, she was one of the biggest stars in the business... and a wild one too.

pornstar Sasha Grey loves to cook live on stream

Sasha Grey has been making the transition to mainstream acting, as well as actively streaming on platforms such as Twitch and Youtube. One thing she loves to broadcast live are her cooking sessions - from French toast to Russian or Mexican food, spinach, squid, eggnog and cookies, you name it. Sasha tries it all. I guess she's just one of those type of chicks that simply likes to put everything in her mouth. ;)

You can watch a ton of Sasha Grey's cooking videos entirely for free on Youtube. Well, I would say - watch and learn. And watching this sexy babe is always a joy, no matter what she does on camera anyway.

That being said, I can really recommend her previous adult scenes such as her really hot girl-on-girl videos at, especially if you prefer watching Sasha Grey eat pussy instead of actual home-cooked meals, hihi.

Bonus Videos

  • Pornstars Dava Foxx & Jessie Rogers always seem to forget to put on a pair of jeans while cooking.
  • Why even wear any clothing at all underneath your apron? According to the red vixen Maitland Ward, that's all overrated. Free those boobies!

We'll end this article with the famous, busty, English pornstar Sophie Dee and the totally hot and highly popular social media influencer Alyssa Avonne having a pizza party for three... Yes, you're invited too, pal!

Pornstar Sophie Dee and social media star Alyssa Lavonne cooking pizza on Youtube

Watch Pizza Party video on Youtube

You're ready to cook your own meals!

If you've followed all the steps, studied all the videos above, you should finally be able to cook your own meals. Which means, you've finally earned your - "Mom, I'm getting the F out of the basement certificate".

To reward you guys for all your effort and hard work, the blood, sweat and tears, here's your well-earned diploma. Be sure to print your certificate to impress all of your buddies, but don't forget to ask Mom permission to use the printer first, ok?

Print Certificate

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