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The legendary Playboy Magazine, founded by Hugh Hefner, has sparked quite the controversies over its long life-span. From Hugh's own Playboy Mansion, the many celebrity scandals and shockers to all the sexy Playmates that have been featured over the years... And now, you'll get to own a digital copy of the entire history of Playboy! That's a whole lot of boobies!

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The history of Playboy - the world's most iconic men's magazine

Like with all great things in this world, the legendary Playboy was born from a series of unexpected events in Hugh Hefner's life. He decided to leave his copywriter job at Esquire in order to launch his own magazine and propel it to stardom.

Although he had only $1000 in his pocket, Hefner chose Marilyn Monroe for the first cover of Playboy in 1953, demonstrating his impeccable talent for selecting the most beautiful of girls that would make him millions.

Monroe's photo, on the other hand, was taken from the John Baumgarth Calendar Company, and Hefner thought the perfect title for it would be "Sweetheart of the Month." He was right - everything about this bubbly blonde was as sweet as the sweetest candy.

In just a few weeks, the whole run of over 50,000 copies was sold out.

By the 1980s, established actresses and performers such as Drew Barrymore and Madonna exposed their naked bodies to Playboy's photographers. The vixens used Playboy as a method to make a name for themselves. Something about this magazine turned nudity into a form of art that captivated the audience, thus becoming one of the most popular ways of self-advertising.

Fun fact: The famous Baywatch star and the starlet above all starlets, Pamela Anderson, has been featured in 13 Playboy Magazine issues. I guess the blonde bombshell truly "sells"...

Ravishing lifestyle and heavenly Bunnies

Hefner not only mastered marketing, magazine editing, and photo selection, but he also lived a lifestyle that matched Playboy's concept. Hefner's signature look, which included slippers and a black-tie jacket, as well as bunny ears and tails for the ladies, became as famous as the magazine itself.

The magazine's logo was inspired by the Bunny costumes worn by its founder's female dates. Today, that logo is instantly-recognizable and has become an unmistakable association with Playboy.

Did you know that the bunny in the logo is actually male? Arthur Paul, the magazine's art director and the logo creator disclosed the interesting fact.

Download the entire history of Playboy Magazine - Vintage Issues

While Playboy is best known for its centerfolds, it also launched the careers of several well-known artists, including Jack Kerouac and James Baldwin. Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, and Mariah Carey have all appeared on Playboy.

Stars of the twenty-first century, such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Azealia Banks, couldn't pass up the opportunity to appear in the prestigious male magazine.

Although Hugh Hefner died in his mansion in 2017, the glossy pages of Playboy are his legacy, ensuring him a place among the legends. And thanks to this deal we have in store for you today, you'll have the chance to get a digital version of Playboy's entire history... If that doesn't make you feel like a pimp for one day”, probably even almost as much as a pimp like the man, the myth, the legend himself – aka Hugh f'n Hefner.

What's included in this massive (digital) Playboy Magazine bundle?

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  • High Quality International Issues From Different Parts Of The World
  • Playboy Magazine was published in multiple countries, all having their own unique issues and celebrities which posed nude in front of the camera-lens.

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