12 Best Ahegao Girls To Cam And Chat With On Skype (2022)

Good news for all Ahegao fans which are on Skype! Did you know that the most tantalizing of Ahegao faces are waiting for you on Skype? Here is a list of the Ahegao chicks that can't wait to log on to their Skype account to turn their cameras on and have a little naughty chat with you.

Ready to meet 12 of the finest naughty girls that have mastered their skills to show off their best Ahegao facial expressions? Well, you'd better be!

Hot Ahegao Girls want to cam and chat on Skype

But before we start listing your future Skype waifus or anime GF's, let's kick things off with a short bit of history on the term Ahegao, for those that are new to this whole phenomenon which originated from anime and in the recent years, became quite a mainstream hit due to the growing popularity of anime and hentai in general and as well due to the likes of famous chicks such as Belle Delphine and various others online "influencers".

What does the term Ahegao exactly mean? And what's all the fuzz about?

What is Ahegao, you might be wondering? The term is closely related to Anime and Hentai Manga, standing to describe a face with a tongue sticking out. Have you ever seen the face on social media? Sure you have!

Ahegao face exudes erotica without any nudity involved, turning it into a phenomenon that has flooded the internet. Some folks don't stop on the tongue - they cross their eyes and make funny faces, resembling the well-known Hentai chicks that pant and drool while getting pounded. The facial expression that resembles pure pleasure.

If we are to believe the words of Khursten Santos, an expert of the Manga field (and we are), the Ahegao is nothing else but a face of a person that is orgasming. Namely, a person, usually female, is so overwhelmed by the final fulfilment of carnal desires that it sticks her tongue out and cums like crazy.

The cumtastic tale revolves around gals who enjoy sex and admit it without shame, embracing the Ahegao face with pride.

The orgasmic facial expression known as Ahegao has gotten so popular over the years, that it has become a highly often used #hashtag on its own, widely used by many models on various different platforms and apps online.

That's right, somehow along the way, Ahegao found its way from manga to mainstream social media, adult webcam websites, and now even instant messaging apps such as Skype.

At the end of the day, the fetish is not offensive and can be posted anywhere on the internet. So why not? The Skype ladies from our list surely embrace it! Hey ho, let's go, time to get those tits out... Or I guess in today's case, that would be more like, time to stick your tongue out!

Ahegao girl Sucking Doll wants to have some fun on Skype

This doll looks like she came straight from a Disney movie! Looking like a fairy with her blue eyes and blonde hair, the frail-looking nymphet could easily fool you. Despite her angelic face, the firecracker turns the coldest Russian winter into a sizzling paradise.

Sucking Doll - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

SuckingDoll is a master of deepthroating, eye-crossing, and booty shaking. Hurry up to meet her and see every nook and cranny of her bomb body through a Skype camera, not to mention - her best Ahegao facial expressions.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago hottie ''Sucking Doll'' (on Skype)

Ahegao girl Anjanayuii looking for a cam chat on Skype

Welcum to the cosplay paradise! Not only is Anjanayuii a cutie pie, but also a master of kinky disguise.

Anjanayuii - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

Surrounded by girly hearts, this stunner shakes her booty until you get vertigo. Cheerleader of Pikachu, unicorn, or dinosaur - you name it! This nymphet crushes taboos with her lovely feet, slaying Skype with her fantastic feminine assets. What are you waiting for? Go premium and delve into the perversion realm where orgasms are guaranteed.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago addict ''Anjanayuii'' (on Skype)

Ahegao girl Toffeeemmy is waiting for you Skype call

Imagine the combination of Ahegao and dildo sucking! That's exactly what you'll get with this sultry kitten. As her divine toes curl with passion, this fresh-faced siren will stuff her mouth with toys till her dazzling eyes tear up.

Toffeeemmy - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

ToffeeEmmy enjoys kinky roleplay and bondage games, proving the saying that love is blindfolded (close enough). Big pussy lips will go slippery wet for your eyes only, and huge buns with the earthquake potential will become all yours. Enjoy!

Start a webcam chat with Aheago addict ''Toffeeemmy'' (on Skype)

Dare to join the sexy Ahegao girl Khloe Decker in the chat?

his showstopper is the embodiment of a perfect woman - a set of divine tits, puffy lips, and a pussy that craves sex 24/7. Her delish tushy squeezes into lacy panties before the show, and black stockings further spice things up.

Khloe Decker - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

She squirms and sticks her divine tongue out as her probing fingers explore every pore of her figure. Ravishing and open-minded, Khloe promises a world of fun for everyone who desires quality fapping material.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago hottie ''Khloe Decker'' (on Skype)

Kinky cosplayer and Ahegao babe Candystart will leave you satisfied every single time

This beauty whispers naughty things in English, with a strong Spanish accent, tantalizing every pore in your pervy body. The sizzling redhead throws shows that are not for the faint of heart. Candystart melts on your tongue as the sweetest toffee, giving you a boner of a lifetime.

Candystart - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

As squirting toys coat her honeypot with juices, she'll go into a full Ahegao mode, slobbering all over the place. Give her a Skype call and treat yourself with the unforgettable experience.

Start a webcam chat with anime girlfriend ''Candystart'' (on Skype)

Ahegao beauty Alice Jensen wants to chat on Skype

Mouth-watering Colombiana cumming your way! Waves of pleasure will crash against your boner as you beg for more.

Alice Jensen - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

If you play your cards right, this kitten will happily turn into a submissive slave that obeys your every command. Inked belle with piercings radiates pure lust while undressing, saving the ass-shaking sessions for ultimate seduction. Dare to see her collection of fuck toys that stretch, fuck, vibrate and shake, making the hottie cum hard and wild.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago hottie ''Alice Jensen'' (on Skype)

Total cutie Amber Ramirez can't wait to show you her naked body annd best Ahegao facial expressions

Forget about mundane chores and let your body and soul get their share of pleasure. Barely legal, with all the right junk in all the right place, Amber Ramirez proves that teen pussies can't stop aching for sex.

Amber Ramirez - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

Fetish-packed shows she throws on SkyPrivate touch the hottest niche like BDSM, anal gape, nipple worship. Instead of shying away, the dark-haired princess uses her feminine assets to blow the audiences' kinky socks off, turning them into her eternal fans.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago addict ''Amber Ramirez'' (on Skype)

Ahegao girl Daynara Lee invites you for a webcam chat on Skype

This gamer chick will push every button on your joystick. Tattooed and stunning, her body is petite, spiced with a pair of firm titties that love attention.

Although still a beginner, being all fairly new to stripping live in front of the webcam-lens, this cosplay fan hops into all kinds of kinky attires to please the perviest of fans.

Daynara Lee - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

Entertain her, confess a couple of dirty secrets, and her Ahegao face will stare at you through the cam. Compliment her ukulele-playing skills, and she'll reciprocate with mind-blowing nudity.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago camgirl ''Daynara Lee'' (on Skype)

Cam girl Cecilia will proof to you why she's a true Ahegao expert

Cecilia, a European goddess boasting flawless skin, hot tattoos, and dirty imagination, openly admits her addiction to masturbation. After sticking her fingers deep inside her box, she'll lick them clean like a hungry pussycat. With pigtails or in stockings, this teen proves she was destined for naughty stardom.

Cecilia - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

Cecilia loves reading your comments and often prepares surprises for those who admire her. Try your luck with this sensational performer.

Start a webcam chat with waifu ''Cecilia'' (on Skype)

Petite ero-cosplayer, cam girl and Ahegao-fan Xlittlecandy want to get freaky with you Skype

As cute as candy, this Russian coquette is a huge fan of Anime. Madoka Magica is her favorite character in whose shoes XlittlecandyX feels that only the sky's the limit. Recognizable for her loud moans and intense orgasms, this young smasher fucks her way up to the very top of the adult industry.

Xlittlecandy - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

Cosplay model gone wild? That's XlittleCandyX over here for ya! Help her unleash the goddess within and witness the hottest Anime-inspired shows you've ever seen.

Start a webcam chat with Aheago lover ''Xlittlecandy'' (on Skype)

Goddess Sara Clover also turns out to be quite the Ahegao fan

Don't you dare skip this eye candy! As her puffy lips send bubbles of love towards you, you'll fall in love with her petite figure and tattooed thighs. Stripping and masturbating give Sara a thrill of the rush, especially when someone is watching.

Sara Clover - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

This fetish slice of heaven is packed with juicy toes, butt cheeks turning red from spanking, and deepthroating actions that almost make her gag. Give this Ahegao chick a call ASAP!

Start a webcam chat with Aheago camgirl ''Sara Clover'' (on Skype)

Latina cosplayer and curvy stunner Anastasya Cooper loves to stick her tongue out for you

Curvy body, big tushy, flawless skin, and a sassy personality - you guessed it right, this bomb is a Latina.

Anastasya Cooper - Best naughty Ahegao girls to cam and chat with on Skype

With a huge personality and even a bigger sex appetite, this dark-haired goddess screams for you while her nipples get twisted and pinched, and her twat gets destroyed by huge fuck toys. Despite her toys being the size of a massive dick, Anastasya COoper handles it in a bat of her fake eyelashes, sealing the deal with her squirting orgasms (complete with Ahegao-face). This vixen is waiting for you so better give her a call on Skype right now!

Start a webcam chat with Aheago camgirl ''Anastasya Cooper'' (on Skype)

That's enough eye-rolling, tongue and spit for today, but anyway, one thing is guaranteed - you can't go wrong with any of the naughty anime and Ahegao lovin' cam babes listed above. Go schedule a Skype date with the waifu of your dreams and prepare yourself for some real fun and kinky times in the Skype chat.

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